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Your species needs to learn its place, Shepard.
— Saren Arterius

Saren Arterius was a turian rogue Specter and agent of the Reapers. Originally a zealous protector of intergalactic stability, Saren became indocternated by the Reapers.

Like most turians, Saren joined the turian military at the age of 15 and first saw action in the First Contact War, known as the Relay 314 Incident to the turians, where he gained a distasted for humanity. Four years later, Saren joined the Specters and became the youngest of his species to do so.

After a raid on a mercenary group called the Grim Skulls, Saren discovered Sovereign and learned of the faith of many civilizations that came before. Hoping that through serving the Reapers he could prove the worth of organic life and showing that some life should be spared, he aided them in their mission. The longer he served under Sovereign, however, the more his own will was replaced with that of the Reapers. At somepoint the geth began to worship Sovereign as their god and Saren as his prophet. The aserian matriach Benezia approached Saren, hoping to show him a better path, but was ultimately indocternated herslef.

Saren was almost successful in his goal of allowing the Reapers to make the jump from deep space to the Citadel, the capital of galactic civilization, but was ultimately killed by Commander Shepard and his team, paving the way for the Alliance navy to join up with the other galactic forces and destroying Sovereign.

Battle vs. High Prophet of Regret (by JWarrior89)[]

Saren Arterius, acting on orders from the Reaper known as Sovereign, has landed on Installation 05 with a small detachment of Geth. His mission is to kill the Prophet of Regret, the leader of the Covenant forces on the ring world. With the death of their leader, the Covenant forces should lose heart, resulting in them submitting to the Reapers. The combined forces of Covenant and Geth will then overwhelm the human forces on the ring and claim it for the Reapers.

Somewhere on the ring is a large temple-like structure. Located in a large chamber in the center is the Prophet of Regret, sitting on his Gravity Throne and guarded by two Grunts and two Sangheili Honor Guardsmen. According to reports, a number of filthy humans have landed on the sacred ring. In addition, the word is that the Demon is with them. The Prophet of Regret feels a tinge of fear; those reinforcements had better get there soon.

Suddenly, in the distance, the Prophet can hear the faint sound of blaster fire.

"He's here! The Demon is here!" a Grunt squeals in terror.

"Prepare yourselves, my soldiers!" The Prophet commands, as the sounds of battle draw closer, "Guard your Prophet with your lives! Today the Demon shall fall, and you shall earn your place in the Great - !"

He is cut off as an explosion rocks the room, blowing a hole in the ceiling. The Prophet of Regret and his troops look up; Saren descends into the chamber on a glider, armed with an assault rifle. A second later, two Geth Troopers and two Geth Rocket Troopers enter the room through the door, weapons drawn.

"You're not the Demon!" The Prophet roars, "Who are you!?"

"My name is Saren," Saren responds, "I serve as an agent for the Reapers."

"Reapers? What nonsense is this!?" the Prophet asks.

"Nonsense? Hardly." Saren scoffs, "I am on a mission to save lives. And to do that," he aims his rifle at the Prophet, "you have to die."

With a roar, one of the Honor Guardsmen opens fire with his plasma rifle. Saren's shields absorb the first few hits, and he manuvers his glider to avoid the remaining shots. The Geth scatter, opening fire on the Covenant. A Geth Rocket Trooper fires a rocket at one of the Grunts, blowing him away in a shower of blood.

One of the Honor Guardsmen sees this, takes aim with his carbine, and hits the Rocket Trooper right in his flashlight eye.

The Prophet's remaining Grunt charges his plasma pistol and fires a shot at one of the Geth Troopers. However, the Geth avoids the shot and opens fire with his Geth Pulse Rifle, filling the Grunt full of holes.

One of the Honor Guardsmen is engaged in a firefight with the other Geth Trooper. Suddenly, he is surrounded by a glowing blue light and rises into the air; Saren has hit him with his Lift biotic power. Taking advantage of this, the other Geth Rocket Trooper aims and fires, blasting the Elite right out of the air.

The Rocket Trooper and one of the Geth Troopers move forward; suddenly, a loud blast is heard, and the two Geth are obliterated in a flash of light. The Prophet of Regret laughs, his hand resting on the controls for the Gravity Cannons attached to his throne.

Saren swoops in front of the Prophet and fires a pair of rockets from his glider. The Prophet, however, uses his throne to teleport out of the way, appearing behind Saren. Saren's rockets, however, continue on their course, blowing up the Prophet's remaining Honor Guardsman.

Saren quickly turns his glider around as the Prophet charges his gravity cannons again. He fires, but Saren easily manuvers to the side, opening fire with his assault rifle. The Prophet's shields protect him, and he charges his cannons again. He fires, but Saren again avoids the blasts, continuing to fire. Finally, the Prophet's shields drop. Saren fires another pair of rockets from his glider; the explosion destroys the Gravity Throne and sends the Prophet of Regret crashing to the floor.

Saren lands his glider and slowly approaches the Prophet, who opens fire with his plasma pistol. Saren's shields, however, easily shrug off the shots. Reaching the Prophet, he kicks the pistol out of his hands, places his foot firmly on his chest, and aims his assault rifle at his face.

"Your species needs to learn its place." he says.

"I am a Prophet!" The Prophet of Regret growls, "One who is destined to lead the faithful on the Great Journey!"

"Ah yes, I've heard of this so-called Great Journey," Saren chuckles, "Truly a beautiful self-dillusion you've instilled among your Covenant."

"Blasphemer!" the Prophet yells.

"I am anything BUT a blasphemer," Saren replies, "your teachings would accomplish nothing but the deaths of every being in the galaxy. My way is the only way anyone will survive."

"You - !" the Prophet begins, but is cut off as Saren unloads a barrage of assault rifle fire into his face.

Saren takes his foot off the Prophet's corpse and turns to his remaining Geth Trooper.

"Get the others," he says, "set the charges. Level this place."

As the Geth moves off to carry out its instructions, Saren activates his communicator.

"Matirarch Benezia," he says.

"I read you, Saren." she responds.

"The Prophet is dead," Saren says, "bring in the rest of our forces."

"Very well." Benezia replies.

"This was a major victory," Saren grins, "we're one step closer to claiming this ring."

"And one step closer to the return of the Reapers." Benezia says.

Winner: Saren

Expert's Opinion[]

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Battle vs. Mael Radec (by So-Pro Warrior)[]

Hovering over the planet Helghan...

The Reaper Sovereign along with a entire Geth Fleet stands ready as Geth Forces invade Helghan below. Inside Sovereign Saren Arterius waits impatiently for the Geth Forces to capture Helghan when Matriarch Benezia walks in.

"What's taking those damm Synthetics so long?" Saren says

"Unfortunetly sir these Helghast are putting up quite a huge fight then expected especially with their "primative" technology." Benezia says

"The last clue to the Conduit is on this planet and these foolish natives are making me loose precious time." Saren says

"We have captured a Helghast soldier as a prisoner and we were able to get the name of the man in charge of the defense." Benezia says

"What's his name?" Saren asks

"His name is Colonel Mael Radec a well respected Leader who has lead the forces of Helghan and who's strategies always repel an invasion force and cause a lot of casualties." Benezia says

"Then it's simple take out his Mael Radec and these fools will fall. Get me 4 shock troopers." Saren says

"Yes sir." Benezia says and walks off.

In Pyrrhus City on Helghan...

"Sir we have been able to keep the enemy force from advancing to far in we have them still pinned at the beachhead." A Helghast Elite Shock Trooper says

"Excellent we'll repel these fools just like all of the others who have invaded before them." Mael Radec said

Just then something strange catches the attention of Radec when he notices a Geth Transport ship flying towards their position.


The other Helghast Elite Shock Troopers grab their StA-52 Assault Rifles and get ready for combat.

"Where's the Arc Tower fire that dropship out of the Air NOW!" Radec says

A nearby Arc Tower fires at the Geth Dropship but only hits the engine and the Geth Dropship falls onto the ground and lands in front of Radec and his men. Radec takes out his StA-18 Pistol and aims at the Geth Dropship and waits for signs of movement.

"You two go check it out." Radec says to two of his men.

Two Elite Shock Troopers move in on the Geth Dropship and while one checks the front the other goes to the back and looks around and notices the body of a Geth Shock Trooper. He kicks the body over to make sure it's dead.

"All clear over here!" The two Helghast say

Just then the Geth Shock Trooper awakens, grabs the nearby Katana Shotgun and just as the Helghast soldier turns the Geth fires a blows a hole into the Helghast troopers bodyDarkred. The other Elite Shock Trooper starts to run back towards Radec and the other Helghast troopers, Radec orders his men into cover just as Saren kicks open a hatch so he and the other Geth Shock Troopers can get out. The other Geth Shock Trooper charges out of cover and fires his Katana at the Helghast but the Helghast are out of range and the retreating Helghast turns around and fires at the Geth Shock Trooper and riddles the synthetic full of leadBlue. Saren gets up and then uses his Biotics to lift the Helghast Shock Trooper into the air

"Wha..Hey wha.. what's going ON HELP ME SOMEBODY!" The Helghast Elite Shock Trooper yells in fear

Saren takes out his HWMA Master Assault Rifle and fires on the levitating Helghast trooper and kills himDarkred. Radec finishes reloading his StA-18 pistol and pops out of cover takes aim at a Geth Shock Troopers head and fires at the Geth and manages to score a headshotBlue. Saren orders his Geth forward and casts a Barrier using his Biotics to protect him as the Geth move forward Radec orders his men to retreat and fires of a burst of rounds at Saren but Saren's Barrier protects him. As the Geth move forward unknown to them one of the Helghast stayed behined and gets his LS13 Shotgun ready as one of the Geth get close enough The Helghast jumps out and blows the head off of the Geth but not before Saren takes out his HMWP Basic Pistol and puts two rounds in the Helghast trooper one in the head and another in the stomachBlueDarkred. Saren and the last Geth keep moving forward until Saren orders the Geth to stop and Saren then looks to his right puts up his Pistol and fires it three times and a Elite Shock Trooper Helghast falls down deadDarkredhowever Radec jumps out of cover and tosses a Teslite grenade at Saren and the Geth and quickly gets back into cover. Saren dives for cover and barely dodges the grenade but the grenade kills the Geth Shock TrooperBlue. Saren pops out of cover and fires off a couple of rounds at Radec's location but Radec is able to dodge the shots and fires off a couple of rounds from his pistol but runs out and goes for his modified StA-3 LMG and pops out of cover and opens up on Saren's position, Saren runs to better cover but his Barrier and Kinetic Barrier take the brute force of the LMG and are destroyed. Saren blind fires at Radec with his pistol till he finds out he only has one thermal clip left and so charges up, pops out of cover and uses his Biotics to push Radec back with a large force and Radec is sent flying and gets impaled on a sticking out pole. Radec begins to cough up blood on the inside of his helmet and begins to lose his sight as he begins to die. Radec raises his LMG with what's left of his strength in an attempt to kill Saren but Saren simply pushes the gun up and puts his pistol on the chin of Radec and says

"You're a fool for thinking you could stop the return of the Reapers." Saren says

"I have no idea what the Hell you are talking about but your...(cough) a fool for thinking you can take Helghan...(cough)" Radec says

"Your people are in my way and no one will stop me or the return of the Reapers" Saren says

Sarne then pulls the trigger of his pistol and ends Mael Radec's lifeDarkredSaren then raises his hand and yells in victory.

Winner:Saren Arterius

Expert's Opinion[]

While Mael Radec had the majority of X-Factors he only dominated in the ones that involved leadership, and tactics including health and discipline. Saren dominated in the important ones like training, combat experience, and intelligence, and had the much more better long range weapons. In the end Saren while he was not healthy in mental ways you just cannot forget that this guy almost brought about the end of the galaxy he was trained from a much more younger age, he had more years of frontline combat experience, he was cunning in many ways he just had more years of everything and for being mentally unhealthy sure was close to bringning about the end of the galaxy.

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Battle vs. Kai Leng (by So-Pro Warrior)[]

Darkness...that's all that there was. Nothing could be seen or heard, just an eerie silence was all that there was. All of a sudden, from out of nowhere a white light appeared. It began to grow intensely...bigger and brighter until finally it engulfed all the darkness. 

The man gasps, out of breath as his eyes fly wide open and he begins taking back air into his lungs breathing heavily and quickly, not knowing what was going on. The man looks from side to side, he is inside a human-sized capsule, the glass window that keeps him in, clouded by the coldness that the man felt from inside the capsule as he can see his breath, that was how cold it was. 

"Sir, he's awake." A muffled male voice could be heard from outside.

"Alright, he's stabalizing. It seems to be working. Start opening the capsule." Another voice is heard. 

The capsule hisses to life as smoke comes from the inside and flows out through the cracks of the capsules containment window. The window slowly opens upwards as two men dressed in medical garment are seen through the smoke. 

"Sir, you okay?" 

The man inside the capsule reaches out, his arm grabbing the throat of the doctor's as the rest of the medical team in the room back off in fright. 

"What's going on?! Where am I?!" The man from the capsule questions. 

"Do not worry...Kai Leng." A familiar voice calls out to the best Assassin of the Cerberus organization as Kai Leng, almost naked had it not been for the patient garb over his body turns around at the main door to the room.

"You are in the hands of friends." The Illusive Man says as he walks forward from the doorway, his cigarette in hand as always as smoke comes from the end of it. 

"Sir?" Kai Leng says in shock and confusement.

"What...what happened?" Kai Leng asks.

"You were killed Kai Leng. Killed by Commander Shepard." The Illusive Man says.

Upon hearing that, Kai Leng then does remember...he remembers how he was about to kill Commander Shepard when he quickly got out of his seat and broke his Monomolecular Blade with his fist before than activating his Omni-Blade and driving it into his side.

"That was for son of a bitch!"

That was the last thing he heard before...he died.

"I...died? But...if I...then how am I--" 

"All will be explained in good time my friend. For now though, you should get dressed. I've already prepared some...familiar armor and weapons for you." The Illusive Man says as he moves aside and a Cerberus Phantom pushes a cart into the room. On top of it, Kai Leng's armor and a new Monomolecular Blade.

Sometime Later...

Kai Leng, in his full, familiar battle gear walks up a walkway into a circular room with a large view of what appears to be a city before the Illusive Man. 

"Much has happened since you're death. Even though it wasn't that long ago." The Illusive Man says after taking a breathe of smoke and then exhaling it. 

Kai Leng steps beside his leader and upon getting a better view of what is before him and the Illusive Man, stares with a confused look, "Is this..."

"The Citadel. That's correct." The Illusive Man says as he then takes another breathe of smoke.

"But, how?" Kai Leng asks.

"We were able to take control of the Citadel with help from out...newfound allies." The Illusive Man says.

"New allies?"

All of a sudden a Cerberus scientist appeared from behind Kai Leng, walking past him the scientist then turned towards Kai Leng, "That is correct."

Kai Leng took a closer look at the scientist, his eyes were completely devoid of any kind of feeling, he just stood there, a blank look on his face looking towards Kai Leng. Kai Leng could tell what was wrong with the man and knew only one race that could do such a thing.

"The Reapers?" Kai Leng said.

"Correct. The Reapers are our new allies in the war against Shepard. After all, not much is left of our organization. So if we were to continue our fight against the Commander we would need powerful allies to combat him and his friends. That...and the Reapers themselves came to us, asking for help." The Illusive Man says.

"Help? The Reapers came to us for help? What could possibly have them frightened enough to ask for our help?" Kai Leng questioned.

"It seems that the Commander and his friends have come across something. Something that can and will change the tides against the Reapers, especially if it succeeds." The Illusive Man says.

"What? But...I thought the Crucible was the only thing that could defeat the Reapers?" Kai Leng says.

"So did I. But it seems that our Reaper friends have a little secret history. Something that happened 50,000 years ago during their last attack on the galaxy." The Illusive Man says.

"Really? And what would that be? Unless they didn't tell you sir." Kai Leng says.

The Illusive Man takes another breathe of smoke, "Ever heard of the...Multiverse theory Kai Leng?"


"The Multiverse theory." The Illusive Man says as he turns around towards Kai Leng.

"Never heard of it." Kai Leng replies.

"The theory goes...that our universe is just one of an infinite number of universes. All of them different from each other in one way or another. There could be some, similarities but for the most part, every universe is far different from one another. Different races, different planets...different everything. And all of them, separated from one another." The Illusive Man says.

"So, the Reapers traveled to another universe?" Kai Leng asked.

"Not just one, but across the multiverse itself. It seems that they were able to do so thanks to this human-like race from another universe. They were able to harness their technology and thus begun traversing the multiverse, bringing their destruction to all of the other alternate universes. However, something happened and the Reapers found themselves forced back to this very universe. It seems however, that they were able to retain the ability to travel across the Multiverse, although they weren't able to use it." The Illusive Man says.

"What does any of this have to do with their problem and coming to us for help?" Kai Leng questions.

"It seems, that they picked up a familiar energy signature coming from a planet that was close to where our former base was. They tried to go to the planet, but it seems that there's some form of energy that's keeping them from getting near the planet. However, they were able to send in a pod with some Husks on it to the planet, most of them were somehow killed as soon as they hit the planet, all except for one little swarmer which made its way to a hidden cave system which the Commander and his friends had arrived in. It managed to listen in on their entire conversation with the projection of a woman from this ancient civilization before it also died of unknown causes. Supposedly, this woman told the Commander of her plan, to have the Commander and his friends travel across the Multiverse, gathering together the heroes and armies of good from across the alternate universes." The Illusive Man says.

"So, the Reapers are afraid of these "heroes" and these armies of good?" Kai Leng asks.

"That's correct. Think about it, the Reapers have the races of our galaxy hanging by a thread of survival. If the Commander however, gathers all of these heroes and armies of good, then the Reapers could find themselves outnumbered and outgunned. And it wouldn't be long until the Commander and his newfound allies are able to secure the Crucible and use it to destroy the Reapers. Which is why the Reapers are asking us for for help, and it's because of this new alliance that I have the means of bringing the dead back to life. Like you." The Illusive Man says.

"So...Reaper technology brought be back to the living." Kai Leng says as he looks at his hands as while he finally knows that Reaper technology is behind his reborn he still feels the same as before.

"Yes, and its by this means that we're going to begin rebuilding our numbers so that we can help the Reapers. You see, what they plan on doing is that now they have the means of traveling across the Multiverse again, they plan on going to these other universes, and then they will begin destroying these universes as well as their armies thus making them unable to give much aid to Shepard and his allies here. Meanwhile for us, we're to deal with the heroes of these universes." The Illusive Man says.

"And since the Commander and his friends are going to be somehow traveling to these other universes. We will have the chance to take them out as well." Kai Leng says.

"Correct. Though, I have a feeling that these other heroes won't be as easy to take down as the Commander and his friends. Which is why...I'm going to be bringing back to life...certain people." The Illusive Man says.

This gains Kai Leng's curiosity upon hearing this, "What do you mean by...certain people? Sir?" Kai Leng asks.

"I'm going to be bringing back to life two people that can be of great help to us on our mission. Not only to destroy the heroes and Shepard, but when we turn against the Reapers in the end and take control of them." The Illusive Man says.

"Hm, that's good to hear sir. Who are these two?" Kai Leng asks.

"One of them is really close to being brought back to life. Though, we are still unsure if the Reapers technology works 100%. Which is why we need you and our soon to be new ally to...fight against each other, to see if you and him both retain your strengths and abilities." The Illusive man says.

"Of course sir. Who is this man?" Kai Leng asks.

In a different room...

"It can't be...sir...are you really--"

"Yes, Kai Leng. I am. Don't worry the Reapers also gave us the means of controlling people who we deem untrustworthy. Besides, he gave the Commander a run for his money when he fought against him. While in normal circumstances I would never want to be seen alongside this...alien. If we're to defeat the Commander and all these heroes, we will need his skills." The Illusive man says as he and Kai Leng stare before them at a pod which contains inside of it...the former Turian Spectre Saren Arterius.

"Sir, we're getting vitals from the Turian. He will awaken soon." A Cerberus scientist says to the Illusive Man.

"Good, we need to get this pod to the simulation room. Kai Leng, prepare yourself for combat. After all...this was the best Spectre the Citadel had before Shepard." The Illusive Man says.

Darkness...that's all that there was. Nothing could be seen or heard, just an eerie silence was all that there was. All of a sudden, from out of nowhere a white light appeared. It began to grow intensely...bigger and brighter until finally it engulfed all the darkness.

Saren opened his eyes, his face was covered in cold sweat as his eyes darted all around trying to find out what was going on and where he was. He was inside some kind of capsule from what he could tell, one that was really cold. Just then the capsule let out a hiss as it began slowly opening up, confusing Saren as he hadn't moved at all to have hit some kind of motion sensor. Saren raises himself from the capsule and looked around, he was in some kind of large and open metallic room. He noticed a console to his left but saw no one manning it, Saren carefully lifted his feet from out of the console and onto the ground. The feeling in his feet came back as he pushed himself up, having to hold himself up as his legs struggled for a bit to keep him up, still not back up to full strength. Saren let go of the capsule, now able to stand without struggle as he took a step forward and for a moment almost lost his feelings again but recovered. It wasn't long until Saren regained fully the strength in his legs, the Turian looked around the room not recognizing the place. He looked towards the only doorway that led in and most likely out of the room, he noticed a table next to the door and on it were his pistol and assault rifle. Saren walked over to the table and picked up his weapons, double checking them to make sure they were in perfect condition.

Saren walked out the door and found himself in the middle of a forest. It was night time, there seemed to be torches however that hanged on many trees, lighting the forest up through the night. Saren turned around to find that the room he was in was just a really small hut.

"What's going on? Last thing I remember was..." however before he could finish his thinking he had the strange sense that he was being watched as he turned his head slightly and looked out of the corner of his left eye to see if he could see anyone behind him. Not a single living soul was seen, but Saren knew that not all things could be seen with the naked eye...his senses weren't off, he was being watched by someone. But who it was, he did not know. Saren began walking off into the forest, keeping his weapons holstered as to not give whoever or whatever was watching him a hint that he was on to them. From behind a darkened tree, Kai Leng de-cloaked himself as he looked at the Turian Spectre who had awakened.

"How exactly are you controlling him sir?" Kai Leng asks.

"I'm not controlling him Kai Leng. Merely, I was able to rewrite some of his memory. In a way, I am controlling him, but not to the extent where he's a mindless drone. I changed the part of his memory with his final battle with Shepard. Instead of breaking free from Sovereigns control, what he will remember is not believing Shepard's words and fighting against the Commander to stop him from ruining "his" plans. The Illusive Man says.

Kai Leng could tell from Saren's movements that he was thinking about the last thing he remembered. Just like him. Kai Leng needed to make sure that Saren's mind had been changed to what the Illusive Man said he changed it too, if it worked then he was to keep him alive. If not...then they would need to put Saren back down, which might not be such an easy task considering who he was formerly. Kai Leng re-activated his cloak and began to move after Saren. Kai Leng quietly moved through the forest, trying to re-locate Saren as he appeared to have walked a bit farther then Kai Leng expected.

"Where'd he go?" Kai Leng wonders.

As Kai Leng walked past a tree, a mass effect field surrounded his invisible body and began damaging him, he had been hit by a Biotic Warp as the Warp tore through his kinetic barriers and caused his tactical cloak to malfunction as he soon found himself de-cloaking. Kai Leng backed up against the tree due to the pain that the warp was causing him, the warp ended soon after as he began catching his breath and grinded his teeth together in anger and pain.

"So, I was being followed. The only kind of people I know who would have tactical cloaks are either petty thieves...or...well trained and well equipped assassins." Saren says as he emerged from the brush to Kai Leng's left.

"Now, if you were just a thief, perhaps I would've spared your life. Though...that armor of yours, as well as the insignia of the Human Terrorist Organization Cerberus...means that I need to end your life." Saren says to Kai Leng.

Kai Leng acts quickly as he aims his Palm Blaster and fires at Saren, Saren ducks to his left dodging the shot as the shot hits the trunk of the tree that was behind Saren sending wooden shrapnel flying. Saren pulls out his pistol and taking aim at Kai Leng returns fire at Kai Leng who quickly gets off from the tree and rolls behind a fallen thick tree trunk for cover, the high-velocity rounds of the pistol impacting into the tree but not having enough power to go through it entirely. Kai Leng attempts to activate his tactical cloak, but finds it still damaged from the Biotic warp and unable to activate it. With his primary means of getting the jump of Saren gone, Kai Leng knows that he will have to face the former Spectre face to face. Kai Leng pops up from behind the tree trunk and fires at Saren, the shots impacting around him with only three actually hitting the Turian as his barriers flash from the damage. Saren spots a large boulder to his right and rushes behind it as he then fires his pistol blindly at Kai Leng the shots flying all around him.

Firing off another round Saren then finds his pistol overheated as he pulls his arm back down, Kai Leng noticing it takes this as an opportunity as he vaults over the tree trunk and rushes towards Saren's position, Saren however pops up from behind the boulder with his Biotics powered up and casts a Throw on Kai Leng who is engulfed in a mass effect field and sent flying back into the downed tree trunk. Saren puts away his pistol and pulls out his assault rifle as he takes aim at Kai Leng, Kai Leng sees the assault rifle and acting quickly puts up a spherical barrier around himself just as Saren starts firing. The rounds bounce harmlessly off the barrier as Saren continues firing stopping just before it completely overheats like his pistol. Kai Leng gets rid of the barrier and quickly pulls himself over the tree trunk to the other side as he then gets back up to his feet and runs off towards the forest, Saren attempts to hit him with another warp but misses Kai Leng as the warp hits and destroys the trunk of a tree sending the tree crashing to the ground which obscures Kai Leng from Saren's view.

Saren powers down his Biotics as he finds both of his guns cooled down, Saren then begins giving chase after Kai Leng as he runs in the same direction as Kai Leng, maneuvering himself through the forest as he dodges trees and jumps over large boulders and slides over downed tree trunks.


For the next few minutes...Saren cautiously walks through the forest, scanning through the trees, keeping his eyes out for the Cerberus assassin also from time to time looking up at the branches to see if he might try an assault from above. Coming out into a clearing, Saren stopped in his tracks as he found himself looking at a village of stone-built buildings, most of them two stories tall, three small huts and then one temple-looking and sized building in the middle. Saren had a feeling that Kai Leng was most likely inside one of these buildings as he then made his way towards the temple. Walking into the temple, Saren found the inside to be very largely open, large chunks of the ceiling seemed to have broken off and fell to the ground, tall pillars stood on either side of the middle walkway.

As he continued walking through the temple, he heard something off to his left and turned towards the pillar from where the noise came from. Just then an arc of electrical energy flies through the pillar at hits Saren sending him flying back into another pillar as it causes heavy damage to his barriers, Saren falls to the ground as he looks up to see Kai Leng come charging at him from behind the pillar, his monomolecular blade covered in the same electrical energy that hit Saren as Kai Leng then tries to hit the Spectre with another Electric slash. Saren acts quickly however and dives far to his right to avoid the electrical energy that is fired at him from Kai Leng's blade. Saren stands back up and aiming his assault rifle fires at Kai Leng managing to hit him with most of the shots he fires as Kai Leng's barriers flash from the damage they're taking, Kai Leng however continues charging at Saren as he then jumps at Saren and delivers a jumping spin hook kick, kicking the assault rifle out of Saren's hands 

Kai Leng aims his Palm Blaster straight at Saren's head who grabs the arm with his right hand. The two both stand completely still as a small wind blows through the temple, Kai Leng grins, assured of his victory as there's no possible way for Saren to dodge his Palm Blaster at point blank. However, Kai Leng soon finds himself confused as he notices Saren give off a small smirk himself. Before he can even think about why he's smirking, pain surges through his arm as he notices his palm blaster arm shooting out electricity and sparks as it then let's out a small explosion, one that's not big enough to blow off his entire arm but still hurt like hell as Saren let's go and Kai Leng staggers backwards holding his arm as he yells out in pain. Kai Leng looks down at his arm as he then notices the light on his palm blaster die down, Saren had cast Sabotage on his Palm Blaster thus rendering it useless just like his tactical cloak.

Kai Leng looks back at Saren, anger clearly showing on his face "Alright...I've just about had enough of you. It's time to put an end to this." Kai Leng says as he then activates his shield boost.

"I couldn't agree more." Saren says as he also activates his own shield boost.

Kai Leng charges at Saren, Saren pulls out his pistol and fires at Kai Leng, the shots hitting him but are shrugged off by the increased shield. Kai Leng jump kicks Saren in his chest sending him stumbling back. Saren recovers and tries to aim his pistol at Kai Leng again, but Kai Leng swings his Monomolecular Blade and hits the pistol out of Saren's hand as the pistol slides across the ground a few feet away from the two. Kai Leng swings his blade back towards Saren who ducks under it and charges into Kai Leng grabbing him around the waist, lifting him off the ground and ramming him into a pillar. Kai Leng knees Saren in the stomach several times to get him off of him as Saren finally releases his grip only for Kai Leng to then reverse roundhouse kick Saren in the face sending him twirling around back a few feet as Kai Leng attempts to stab Saren in the back while he's dazed.

Saren however recovers much more quickly then Kai Leng anticipated as he twists to his left to avoid the blade, lifts up his left leg and then throws his foot at the blade slamming it against a large boulder, pinning it against the rock as Kai Leng attempts to pull it free. Saren then jumps off his other foot and swings it into the face of Kai Leng sending him stumbling back as well as causing him to release the grip on his blade. Saren fast walks towards Kai Leng who throws a punch at him, Saren moves aside and grabs his arm as he then attempts to flip him over, Kai Leng however lands perfectly on his feet and throws a back kick into Saren making him let go of his arm. Saren looks back up as Kai Leng jumps up and throws a flying scissors kick at Saren catching his neck in between his legs, Saren however grabs a hold of his legs and then twists around and manages to force Kai Leng's legs to release sending Kai Leng flying to the ground.

Kai Leng looks up at Saren as he then notices Saren activate his Biotics and then throw a kick into his stomach sending him flying up into the air once again as Saren then throws a fist down on Kai Leng hitting him right back into the ground, the Biotics adding more power to his punch as Kai Leng spurts out blood from his mouth. On the ground, Kai Leng spins himself around and sweep kicks Saren off his feet sending him to the ground on his back as Kai Leng then quickly jumps back up to his feet as Saren also manages to recover as he pushes himself back up as well. Kai Leng quickly charges at Saren in an attempt to take him down before he can fully recover. Saren however quickly powers up his Biotics once agan and swings his arm casting a push as he sends Kai Leng flying back once again into a pillar. Kai Leng falls to the ground face forward, pain coruses throughout his body as he attempts to stand back up. Kai Leng pushes up as he looks up, only to find a pistol pointed right at his forehead and Saren the one holding it.

"Cerberus should've sent someone better then you to kill me." Saren says as he pulls the trigger and puts a high-velocity slug in his head as Kai Leng falls back to the ground, his body lifeless.

Saren raises his pistol and looks down on the dead Cerberus assassin. As he is about to turn around, Saren all of a sudden receives a very powerful electric shock as his entire body is engulfed in electricty, Saren screaming out in pain as after a few seconds he then falls to the ground unconscious. From the shadows of the building, a Cerberus Centurion and a squad of troopers and two Guardians appear, all of them with their weapons trained on Saren just in case he's still conscious.

The Centurion walks over and nudges the body with his movement. The Centurion reaches for the comm on the side of his helmet "Sir, he's unconscious."

From the Observation Room...

The Illusive Man watches as he breathes out another puff of smoke "Good. Lock him up." The Illusive Man says as then the two Cerberus scientists in front of him, operating the controls to the holographic room de-activate the simulation, everything returning to normal as the room is now nothing but a massive white cubed shaped room as in the room two troopers pick up Saren and begin to carry him out of the room.

Thirty-Minutes Later...

The Illusive Man stands in another observation room, this one being the other side of a one-way seeing window as on the other side of it is the still unconscious Saren who has been locked up in a small room that is Biotic-proof. The door behind the Illusive Man opens up "Well, I'm a little dissapointed Kai Leng. But, then again when you lasted much longer then what I originally thought." The Illusive Man says as Kai Leng walks in behind him, all bruised up still from the fight.

"It's a good thing that those guns were set to simulation mode. Otherwise, you would've been dead." The Illusive Man says.

"My apologies sir, for failing," Kai Leng says.

"No need to worry. It looks like both yours and Saren's skills are still intact, that's good. You should probably go see the Doctor and get fixed up. Should also have the engineers repair your armor." The Illusive Man says.

"Are you sure you'll be safe sir?" Kai Leng asks.

"I'll be fine." The Illusive Man says calmly as he breathes in smoke from his cigarette and then blows it out.

Kai Leng bows his head in respect and walks out of the room. As the door closes, Saren's body twitches a bit as he begins waking out. Dazed once again due to the static shock he received. Saren stands up and notices the room he's in, he looks at the window but for him he sees only his reflection, however he is no fool to what it is.

"I can tell that's a one way-window. Who are you?" Saren questions.

"You may have heard of me. I'm the leader of Cerberus."

"The Illusive Man. That's what everyone calls you." Saren says.

"Yes, that is correct." The Illusive Man says from the room as he has the interrogation rooms speakers on.

"I can see you didn't kill me. In seems that you had already planted some kind of electrical chip on me that went off as soon as I killed your assassin. Or...did I kill him?" Saren says.

"Luckily, you did not. I had your guns set to simulation mode. My assassin is just fine." The Illusive Man says.

" brought me back to life. Why is that?" Saren asks.

"Because, you're someone that could help me...and in the end...I can help you." The Illusive Man says.

"Is that so? How can you help me? And why would I want to help you?" Saren questions.

"I can help you get back at those who caused your death in the first place. Especially, Commander Shepard. A common enemy of ours. Don't you remember? The Commander ruined your plan, he killed you before you could complete your mission." The Illusive Man says.

Saren then tries to think back to the last battle with Shepard...however...everything seemed fuzzy, the only things he could recollect was Shepard and his team arriving, the two speaking to each other and then Shepard pulling out his pistol and shooting as his eyes shoot back open.

"As for why you can help me. It's because of who you used to be. The best Spectre, that the Citadel Council USED to have. Before Shepard took it for himself." The Illusive Man says.

"But last time I checked. Cerberus was pro-human, all of the other races you could care less about. You want to have control over all of the other races while Humanity becomes the dominate race." Saren says.

"True...however. Circumstances have...persuaded me to include you at the most as our ONLY alien ally." The Illusive Man says.

"And what are these circumstances?" Saren asks.

The Illusive Man then goes on to explain to him all about how the Reapers have returned, how Cerberus wants to take control of them and how Shepard and his friends have gathered the armies of the galaxy together...and how they have begun traversing the Multiverse all in an effort to gather together all of the heroes and armies of good so that they stand a better chance against the Reapers and can reclaim the Crucible and use it to destroy them.

"I see. So, where do I come in on this?" Saren asks.

"You've met my top assassin. Kai Leng. I want you, him other friend of ours who should be brought back to life soon. To travel across the Multiverse and to work on taking out ALL of the heroes. That way, Shepard and his friends won't have any heroes to recruit. And if possible, take out the Commander himself. Completing either one...or both will allow us to be victorious in this war." The Illusive Man says.

"And why would I want to help you control the Reapers?" Saren asks.

"Because, not only will you get revenge on the Council and Shepard. You will also be allowed to live, and I give you whatever you want. An entire universe? Riches and slaves? Whatever you want." The Illusive Man says.

"And if I refuse?" Saren asks.

"Then...I will activate that chip's secondary function...and blow your entire head off." The Illusive Man says.


The door to a room opens up as the Illusive Man, Kai Leng AND Saren Arterius walk in.

"Sir, why are you bringing me back to this place?" Kai Leng asks remembering this as being the room where he first awoke.

"Because, it's time for the two of you to meet the final member of your group." The Illusive Man says.

"Final member?" Saren asks.

The three walk to a capsule in the middle of the room, Kai Leng wipes away the fog on the capsule revealing the face of...Shepard? Seeing this takes both the assassin and former Spectre back.

"What trickery is this! Why is he here!?" Saren questions.

"Do not worry, both of you. This is not the real Commander Shepard. Rather, this a clone of him. One that is very...very evil. He tried to take everything the Commander had very recently, almost succeeded too. He will be a very, very good ally in our fight." The Illusive Man says.

Winner: Saren Arterius

Expert's Opinion[]

Saren Arterius swept through this battle with no problem at all. Saren had the better weapons, skills and abilities that easily outmatched anything Kai Leng had to offer. Before Shepard came into the picture, Saren was the best Citadel Spectre the Council had ever had and nothing and no one could stop him, to become a Citadel Spectre means you needed to be really REALLY good in anything and everything. He was intelligent, he was cunning and he was capable. And what made him even more dangerous was his ruthlessness in combat, he was someone you did not want to mess with and in the end with his skills that's why he was able to best Cerberus' best assassin.

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