I'm going to kill you, then myself. It's my only choice. This is the only way to free you from Naraku. Forgive me Kohaku.
— Sango
Sango lived in the village of demon slayers with her father, the village leader, and her younger brother Kohaku. The status of her mother was unknown. Her demon cat, Kirara, grew up with the family and became very close to the siblings. They learned to fight well together, and developed a strong bond. Sango was taught from a very young age in the ways of demon slaying, and by the age of 16 was one of the best in her village. She was just 10 when she and her clan were called upon by Kuranosuke Takeda's father to slay a bear demon that was harassing his domain. Her skill caught the eye of the young lord, and he vowed to one day marry her. Sango, unfamiliar to romance, reacted shyly to his advances.

Battle vs Shanoa (by Death'sapprentice77)

Sango is in a dark woods walking all alone. She hears something and throws her Hiraikotsu in the direction of the noise. The weapon misses it's target, which is none other than Shanoa. In retaliation Shanoa fires off two Vol Luminatio burst at Sango. Sango raises her Hiraikotsu in defence and the projectiles bounce harmlessly off. Sango turns around in time to see Shanoa swing at her with Secare.

Sango quickly jumps back but not enough to avoid a small cut on her arm. Sango swings her Hiraikotsu repeatedly at Shanoa only to have them dodged or blocked by the Scutum glyph. Shano does a skillful back flip and lashes out with Hasta but Sango ducks under the attack and attempts to sweep Shanoa's legs with the Hiraikotsu but Shanoa leaps upward avoiding the hit and aims a dive kick straight for Sango.

The demon slayer reacts quickly and rolls out of the way and draws her Wakizashi. The two trade off hits neither gaining so much as a scratch until Sango swings over head and Shanoa blocks with Scutum causing Sango to reel back which Shanoa takes advantage of and kicks the demon slayer and then jumps up attempting to use Vol Luminatio but Sango gives her no such chance and uses her chains to catch Shanoa's legs sending her back down to earth Sango runs to retrieve her Hirakotsu while Shanoa struggles with the chains. Sango again throws her Hiraikotsu at Shanoa who had escaped from the chains but not in time to stop the Hiraikotsu from crashing into her head killing her. Sango catches the weapon, puts it away, and continues her travels, leaving Shanoa's body in a crumpled heap.

Winner: Shanoa

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Battle vs Conan the Barbarian (by MrPacheco101)


Winner: Conan the Barbarian

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