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I am the lost son of the land that you have pillaged! I am here to reclaim it, for my people, for my father, for my birthright!
— Samurai Jack to Aku

Samurai Jack, somtimes adressed as The Samurai or simply Jack, is the protagonist of the cartoon series of the same name. He is a time-displaced samurai who during a duel with the shapeshifting demon Aku was sent into the future. Trapped in the future where Aku ruled with an iron fist, Jack journeyed to find a way to return to get back to past and prevent the demon from ever rising to power.

The child who later would take on the alias of Jack was a Japanese prince who was raised in feudal Japan and the son of The Emperor, who sealed Aku away years before his son's birth. When Jack was eight, Aku escaped his seal and the Emperor failed to defeat him a second time. As was planned, Jack and his mother, the Empress, fled Japan and went into hiding.

During his exile, Jack was trained by various masters who prepared him to continue his father’s mission. When he came of age, Jack was presented with a magic sword by the Empress, which the Emperor once used to seal Aku. Armed with the sword, Jack returned to Japan and battled Aku. Just before the final blow could be struck, Aku flung Jack into the future, where he ruled the world.

Trapped in the future, Jack began to look for a way back to the past and adopted his moniker from a slang word a group of youths called him. Although he helped many on his quest, Jack would consistently fail to find a way back home. This eventually drove him into depression as Aku destroyed the last time portal during one of their encounters and caused him to lose his sword. For over 50 years, Jack would continue to aid the residents of the future but had grown tired and cynical, though he did not age thanks to Aku's magic. During this time, Jack would grow to Ashi, the sole survivor of the Daughters of Aku, a group of assassins who were the demon's offspring. Although both started hostile, they eventually grew close and started a relationship.

Jack eventually managed to travel back to the past with Ashi's aid and slay Aku. But with the future altered, Aishi faded away from existence. Although saddened by the loss of his love, Jack once again had hope for the future.

Battle vs. Wolverine (Logan) (by BeastMan14)[]

“You think they love you, Logan?!?” Victor, holding the gaping stump where his arm used to be, limped to the top of the hill, a bloodied Wolverine following him. Wolverine wiped blood and sweat from his eyes as he pursued his oldest foe. Victor had thought he could sneak into the school for one last showdown, but Logan had smelled him coming a mile away. But something was…off. His wounds weren’t healing as fast, and he was getting tired. He never got tired. He started thinking dumb, and now he’s practically gutted Victor.

Panting and bleeding, Victor stopped at the top of the hill and fell to his knees. “You’re just a murderer to ‘em! A freak they brought in out of pity!” Wolverine stopped at the top of the hill and looked down at Victor, who had turned his back to watch the sunrise. After all these years, they were finally done. “You’re just a monster like me, Logan. Honestly, look at me and tell me what you’ve done.” Wolverine paused to stare at the sun, then raised his claws and looked at Victor, who stared up at him, eyes full of hate. “I’ve done enough, Creed.” He brought his claws down and-

Logan’s eyes snapped open and he was overwhelmed by the smell of death. He retched and staggered to his feet, groaning when he saw the wound in his gut. He took in a moment to breath in his surroundings, and saw that he was standing in a small cabin with at least a dozen shredded corpses sprawled all over the floor. It all came back to him at once. The bastard that zapped him outside of the bar, told him to hunt some samurai to get home, and dumped him in the woods in the middle of goddamn winter. But where the hell did these guys come from? He crouched down and looked at the nearest corpse. Logan had cut him clean in half, at least he thought he did, and he looked…green?

Now he remembered. He’d found a whole platoon of these frog-looking guys camped out by this cabin. “Oi! Target practice ‘fore we keel da samurai!” One growled, and then they all came at him. Somehow he managed to carve his way into the cabin, and he must’ve passed out after killing the last of them. He limped to the front door and opened it to see countless corpses, disemboweled, impaled on tree branches, and hacked to death with their own swords. Logan hadn’t fought that hard since…Victor and his cronies attacked the mansion. The day everything went bad.

Logan shook the memory out of his head. He was an idiot for thinking about that now. He needed to get out of here. But where was here? He looked down at the wounds on his stomach and legs to see them…slowly…patching themselves up. Those were gonna be a pain in the ass, especially in this weather. Suddenly, a scent popped up. It wasn’t strong, but something about it drove him to start walking. Something told him he needed to follow it if he wanted to get home.


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