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Sam I am!
— Sam Stone

Not much is known about Sam's early life. Some stories describe him as being very charitable - helping blind people across the street, shopping for elderly people and repairing broken toys for children. Others claim that he stole apples from his neighbour's yard, painted bomb logos on fresh facades and even freed animals from the Zoo.

However, there are some things that are known for certain. As far as anyone can remember, and even in the earliest known pictures of him, Sam is always seen wearing blue jeans, red sneakers and a white shirt with the Serious Bomb logo on it; He has always had a passion for cooking; He was the vocalist for the songs of the dance duo - "Villi Manilli", consisting of Groovy Gregory and Dancing Denzell, whom Sam described as "the coolest people [he] had ever met"; And he had always dreamed of being a lone hero that will save the planet.

Sam's only known family includes his sister - Serious Sammy, and his long-lost twin brother - Mental Mate. Sam's parents had lost Mate in the mall, when they were just babies. Mate was then adopted by TV producer Maaron Telling. Sam and Mate had never known of each other, growing up. However, sharing Sam's passion for cooking, Mate had started up his own cooking show, which is how Sam first discovered Mate. They eventually met up, and became inseparable, trying to catch up on their lost childhood. Sam also had a girlfriend, named Yollanda Youth who he met at a Zagreb Night Club, which Sam frequently visited. The two started a relationship, which was the subject of much media attention.

Eventually Sam joined the military and was eventually promoted to the rank of Captain. While in the Military, at some point he was implanted with His NETRICSA unit, NETRICSA being a standard-issue device for all soldiers.

(From Serious Sam Wiki)