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Having overwhelming power is... boring as hell.
— Saitama

Saitama (サイタマ), known to the public as Caped Baldy (ハゲマント, Hagemanto), is the main protagonist of the webcomic One-Punch Man and its manga and anime adaptations. A superhero who has become so strong that he can defeat any villain in a single punch, Saitama becomes bored from a lack of challenge. Nonetheless, Saitama still posses a heroic instinct and will gladly aid anyone in need.

Saitama was once an ordinary unemployed man who decided on a whim to save a child from an attacking monster. Feeling excitement for the first time in his life, Saitama decided to train to become a superhero to chase that rush. Despite only doing standard hero training, Saitama ended up becoming the physically strongest human on Earth by far thanks to the superpower to physcally develop his body at a superhuman pace. After years of being a vigilante and effortlessly defeating countless villains and monsters, Saitama became bored.

Saitama's power was witnessed by Genos, a fellow superhero, whom Saitama reluctantly took on as a student. Saitama and Genos decided to join the Hero Association and become officially registered heroes. While Genos's power earned him instant placement in the highest tier of heroes, S-Class, Saitama placed in C-Class thanks to his poor performance on the written examination.

Despite his many victories, Saitama went mostly unknown to the public, even after he was the one to slay Boros, an intergalactic alien conqueror. However, he managed to form friendships with many heroes through various circumstances as the threats of monsters and villains escalated and eventually managed to reach B-Class.

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