The SIG Sauer P220 features a family of pistols based upon the design of the P220. The pistols of this series are semi-autmoatic and fires the 9x19 Parabellum, .45 ACP, and .30 Luger. The series is currently manufactured by Sauer & Sohn and is released from Eckernförde, Germany. The weapon is recoil operated and has a magazine capacity of 7, 9 ,or 10 rounds. There is also a version which uses a double-stack magazine capable of holding 15, 16, 17, or 20 rounds. The pistol was designed to replace the ex-Swiss standard firearm, the SIG P210. Currently, the pistol family is being used by 18 different countries, in dozens of different military and law-enforcement departments. The weapons series has been in service since 1975.


  • P220 Rail
  • P220 Carry
  • P220 Compact
  • P220 Combat
  • P220 ST
  • P220 Classic 22
  • P225/P6
  • P245
  • P226
  • P226 SL Sport II
  • P226 Beavertail
  • P228
  • P229
  • P229 E2
  • P229 Sport
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