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Hey Bobbi Morse! Barton! As long as yer gonna be an Avenger let 'em know SHIELD trains its troops to be the best!

Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate (SHIELD) is a major global power in the Marvel Universe. While its origins and founding are shrouded in complex myth and legend, involving such famous figures as Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla, much of its "Secret History" has, in fact, remained secret. After World War II was complete, Sergeant Fury was no longer leading his Howling Commandos against the forces of the Nazi Regime, and eventually found himself as a member, becoming SHIELD's top agent and eventually Colonel Fury became it's Commander. SHIELD has served many purposes over the years, whether it be covert strikes to keep the Skrulls or HYDRA from destroying innocent lives, to dealing with cosmic level, universe-destroying threats on a daily basis, and as a result its agents are some of the most highly trained, most versatile, and bravest men and women on the planet.

Recently, SHIELD was disbanded by Norman Osborn and replaced with HAMMER, a similar program with a tighter group of agents with a more vile agenda. HAMMER itself was dissolved when Osborn became completely unhinged and lead an attack on the nation of Asgard, which the United States President explicitly denied him permission to do. Due to the timely intervention of Fury, and the super hero reinforcements of Captain America, HAMMER was defeated, and Captain America was offered the new position of running SHIELD as Commander Rogers.

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