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There’s a brotherhood between us. And if you’re not willing to give up everything, you’ve already lost.

At Coronado, California, the members of Bandito Platoon, SEAL Team Seven are at home. Lieutenant Rorke confides to Chief Dave that his wife is pregnant. The sailors spend time with their families at the beach, then together at the Coronado docks; the next day, they deploy to the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6) in the South Pacific, where they are briefed on the events in Costa Rica. The CIA believes that the agents were targeted for investigating a connection between Abu Shabal and Christo. The SEAL team is ordered to extract Morales.

The seven Navy SEALs insert into the jungle via another HALO jump and hold position outside the compound all night. At dawn, Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen are inserted down the river from the compound on-board Special Operations Craft—Riverine and deploy a drone that identifies the guards and a large group of enemies camped down the road. The SEALs approach the compound, hear Morales being tortured, and decide to enter the compound early. Rorke and Weimy, the team sniper, provide cover for the other five, led by Dave, who conduct room-clearing, engaging several enemy guards. One SEAL is shot in the eye, blinding him and knocking him unconscious. The SEALs extract Morales, escaping with her and recovering a cell phone full of the information she had gathered. However, the gunfight alerts the enemy quick reaction force down the road, who drive toward the camp. The SEALs commandeer an enemy truck and exfiltrate. The hot pursuit forces them to revert to a tertiary extraction point, where the SURC boats and SWCCs meet them and shoot up the enemy trucks and soldiers.

(From Wikipedia about Film Act of Valor)

Battle vs. Task Force 141 (by So-Pro Warrior)[]

Location: Coronado, California...

United States Naval Base...

"So General Shepherd. What can I help you with?" The Navy Admiral asks as he sits behind his desk, before him General Shepherd, an officer in the United States Army who commands the U.S. Army Rangers.

"I recently heard about the success of your bases SEAL Team Seven. They managed to stop a terrorist threat from entering into the United States, is that correct?" Shepherd asks

"Well General, I don't know how it is that you came by this information. But yes that is correct. However while the mission was a success, we did lose one of our own." The Navy Admiral says in a saddened tone

"My condolences to the soldiers family. I suppose you have already had a replacement called in?" Shepherd asks

"Two replacements yes. They both arrived just a couple days ago. One for the SEAL we lost and one to take over an injured SEALs spot since he lost one of his eyes." The Navy Admiral replies 

"So your SEAL team should be back up to full strength correct? Seven SEALs?" Shepherd asks

"Yes...why are you asking me these questions General? Does it have to do with the reason why you're here?" The Admiral asks

"As a matter of fact it does. You see Admiral, I'm the Commander for a multination special operations group. Perhaps you may of heard about it? Task Force 141. It's a group made up of the best that many nations special forces have to offer. We're on a top secret mission right now and...well to put it simple due to a recent...operation we've fallen short some men." Shepherd says

"So you're here looking for potential recruits. And my boys are just the kind of soldiers you're looking for." The Admiral says putting things together.

"That's correct Admiral. I don't need the entire team, just those who have the right set of skills we're looking for. Obviously though they're your boys so I'm just here to ask for your permission to cordially invite them to a training facility in the UK where some of my boys from the 141 are training right now. I want to test the SEALs against some of my own to see who has the skill sets we need to be a member of the 141. I don't want to take any of your boys away forcefully, that's why I'm asking you personally to see if YOU would allow one or a even a few of your men to become...something more." Shepherd asks

Hearing this, the Admiral leans forward on his desk putting his hands together and begins thinking about the General's proposition.

A Few Days Later...

The skies over the United Kingdom....

A Lockheed C-130 Hercules flies over the United Kingdom, its destination a training facility in Credenhill. Onboard the members of SEAL Team Seven sit in their seats waiting to reach their destination. Among the SEALs are those of the team who stopped a terrorist threat to the US including their new/current team leader Chief Dave, the teams sniper Weimy, the teams comms man Ray, Sonny, Ajay, and with them are the teams two replacements for the fallen Rorke and the wounded Mikey. They hadn't talked to them much, it was always like that for replacements, they would arrive to replace someone who was killed or wounded and wouldn't get that much attention since to the others they were replacing their brothers in arms, people who they had been with and fought alongside longer. It was up to the replacements themselves to pretty much get the others to warm up to them like that, one of the replacements was named John Locket an expert in the demolition field, the other replacement was Ray Sharps who had a knack for being an excellent sniper's spotter.

"Hey Chief! Any idea why the Admiral sent us all the way to the UK?" Sonny asks

"No idea Sonny. He just said we were going to a training facility up in a place called Credenhill. It's a training facility for Britain's SAS so we might be going there to train alongside them or somthing. Who knows he didn't tell me a lot." Chief Dave replies

"Think he's keeping something from us?" Ray asks

"It's probably not somthing bad. I'm sure if he is he has his reasons." Ajay says

"Think we're going on a joint op with the SAS? That could be why we're going over there." Sharps suggests

"If it was an operation the Admiral would've told us. He wouldn't of left us in the dark like that for a mission." Dave says

"So what do you think we're going over there for?" Locket asks

"Who know Locket. Who knows..." Dave says

SAS Training Facility, Credenhill UK...

The C-130 touches down on the airstrip and comes to a halt. The ramp lowers down as the SEALs exit from the plane. Looking around the SEALs see British troops going about their buisness as some are in marching lines, some are in their P.T. gear jogging, mechanics taking a look at vehicles, a few just walking and talking amongst themselves and a few vehicles drive about.

"Oi! You yanks SEAL Team Seven?" A British Officer calls out to the SEALs as he walks up to them.

"Yeah, that'd be us." Dave replies

"We've been told to expect ya. The person you'd be looking for is in building twelve. Just look next to the doors on the buildings to see the numbers, can't miss them. Better be on your way." The British Officer suggests as he walks away.

"Alright, you heard him boys. Don't want to keep whoever wants us waiting." Dave says to the others as they pick up their belongings and begin walking towards the row of buildings.

After walking for a few minutes looking for building twelve, the SEALs finally come across building twelve. As they walk up to it the large hangar door begins to slowly open up as from out of the door, General Shepherd walks out. Seeing the General's rank the SEALs quickly stand at attention and salute the General.

"At ease Gentleman." Shepherd says which is what the SEALs do.

"General Shepherd." Shepherd says as he extends his left arm outwards.

"Chief Dave." Dave replies as he shakes the General's hand.

"Welcome to the United Kingdom SEALs. I suppose you're wondering why you're all here?" Shepherd says

"Well sure, our Admiral was a bit...vague on the purpose for us being here sir. Did you have something to do with that?" Dave asks the General.

"I may of had my hand in why you and your SEALs are here Chief Dave. I heard about your team's recent mission, and you have my condolences for your...fallen brother in arm..." Shepherd says

Hearing this brings back some of the memories of Rorke, as well as what his face looked like when he was dead; Dave however quickly shakes those thoughts from his head.

"...But let's just say that your actions have garnered my interests of you and your team. You see Chief, not only am I the Commander for the United States Army Rangers, but I also happened to have been picked to be the Commander of a very...special, group of warrior. (Gestures towards the slightly opened door as he and the SEALs walk towards it) gentlemen...I'd like to introduce you to, Task Force 141." Shepherd says as the door opens a bit more then revealing a built up training room as in the middle is a building built of wood most likely to simulate some kind of situation, and near the group a set of television screens.

Walking over to the screens the SEALs then take notice of the sounds of gunfire coming from the wooden building and upon looking at the television screens see a group of soldiers in there practicing what looks like a breach and clear situation with dummy enemies and civilians involved.

"Task Force 141? Never heard of them." Dave says

"To put it simple Chief, the Task Force is the best special forces unit in the world. Why you ask? Because it's made up of the best the special forces of multiple countries has to offer." Shepherd says

"Wait a minute. You're saying this Task Force is made up of men from different countries special forces?" Dave asks

"That's correct. The best of the best. That's why you and your men are here." Shepherd says

"You want to test me and my men to see if we're qualified to join your Task Force." Dave says

"That's correct Chief. I must apologize ahead of time, but I'm only looking for the best of the best, so that means that many of you might not make it into the Task Force. We're facing a dangerous threat Chief, one much more bigger than the terrorist you took down. This threat is not only a danger to the U.S. but to the entire world. That's why I'll only recruit the best of the best." Shepherd says

"General Shepherd." A voice calls out from behind Shepherd who turns around and along with the SEALs sees the group of men who were in the simulation building walking towards them.

"Ah just who we were waiting for. Chief Dave these here are just a few of my best men from the Task Force. I'd like to introduce you to John "Soap" MacTavish he was picked up from the British SAS." Shepherd says as then Dave and Soap shake hands.

"What the hell kind of name is Soap?" Ajay whispers to Sonny who shrugs his shoulder at the question

"Pleased to meet you." Dave says

"Pleasure's all mine. The General told us about your mission, I have hopes to work alongside you and your men. I just hope it's not as different teams but as one team." Soap says

"It sounds like you and your boys get yourselves into a lot more dirtier situations." Dave says humorously "Yeah you could say that. I'd like you to meet some of my men, the one with the mask here is Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley..."

"Howdy boys." Ghost says with a english accent

"Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson..." Soap says as Roach just nods his head at the SEALs

""Chemo" here is from Canada's Joint Task Force 2..."

"Pleasure to meet you gentlemen." Chemo says

""Meat" here is from Australia's SAS..."

"G'day mates." Meat says

"And then we have ourselves here two boys from your home's US Army Rangers. "Rocket" and "Scarecrow"." Soap finishes

"Glad to see some boys from our home here." Rocket says

"Hope you guys make it. We could use some more American ass kickers around here." Scarecrow says sarcastically

"Hey, we Australians can kick some ass too when trouble comes knocking at our door!" Meat replies humorously

"Yeah when you have yourselves a Kangaroo to do the kicking." Chemo says

"Well it's glad to meet you fellas. These here are my boys, Weimy, Ray, Sonny, Ajay Locket and Sharps." Dave says introducing his men.

"Weimey? What the hell kind of name is that?" Chemo says

"The name of the world's best sniper that's who." Weimy says

"Actually if anyone's the best damn sniper in the world, that title belongs to Soap here." Ghost says

"Alright that's enough out of you Ghost. I'm good and I bet Weimey is good himself. This isn't a competition." Soap says

"I can tell you men will get along just fine." Shepherd says

"So Shepherd, how are we going to test these boys to see if they got what it takes to be among us?" Soap asks

"Well Soap, I'm glad you asked. You see, for this qualification I've decided to do things a bit different today." Shepherd says as he walks past the two team's leaders garnering the interest of both teams as they turn towards him

"Usually the way we did things was just by your actions Chief. You and your men definitely showed that with your previous mission that you're all capable. However, to see if you really do belong in the Task Force...among the best of the best. This time, I suggest a competition." Shepherd says

"Competition? What did you have in mind General?" Soap asks

"What it literally means Soap. Tomorrow morning, both teams will pack their weapons and gear like you're going on a mission and then two helicopters will take both teams to their starting position and then...well to put it simple a littler squad vs squad battle." Shepherd says

"So a battle simulation." Ghost says

"Yes. Don't worry, you're live rounds will be replaced with simunition rounds. Simple as this, tomorrow's test will be to see if all of SEAL Team Seven has what it takes to be in the Task Force, or if only a few will be able to make it." Shepherd says

"Sounds good to me. I'm up for a little action." Dave says agreeing with the General

"Sounds better than just watching them go through different situations." Soap agrees as well

"Then it sounds like we're all in agreement. For the rest of the day you men are free to do what you want. Whether you want to prepare yourselves for the battle tomorrow by going down to the shooting range or getting together with your friends to go through this building's simulation training...It's all up to you. For tomorrow morning, I want all of you men up by 0600, the birds leave by 0630. Once both teams arrive at their respective locations, a green flare will be fired up to signal both teams to begin the fight. Once the final member of one of the teams is down, a red flare will be shot up to signify the ending of the battle. Then...well I think you know what will come afterwards. SEALs, Task Force, good luck. Have a good day and a good night's rest." Shepherd says as he walks out of the building.

"Well then, what are we waiting for boys. Time to get to work." Dave says to his men.

"Same goes for you lads. Let's go." Soap says

For the rest of the day, both the SEALs and Task Force Members do what they need to prepare themselves for the fight agaisnt each other tomorrow. Practicing down at the shooting range, going through the building for training simulation, cleaning their weapons, replacing their live bullets for simunition's. Whatever needs to be done for the battle that begins tomorrow.


Task Force:BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

The Next Morning...

In the Forest surrounding Credenhill's training Facility... Two Chinook Helicopters fly side by side as they fly overhead of the forest that surrounds the British SAS's training facility at Credenhill. After flying far enough over the forest the two then split off into opposite directions. On one Helicopter, the SEALs of SEAL Team Seven ready their equipment as the sniper Weimy puts on his Ghillie Suit and readies his TAC20, everyone else meanwhile is armed with an Colt M4A1 with SIG Sauer P226's as their backup pistols. Sharps meanwhile had with him in his hand a small handheld surveillance device as lying on the floor in front of him was a Raven UAV that he would deploy on command, Locket meanwhile carried with him as his primary weapon a M249 and on his back was a M72 LAW. The LAW had been loaded with a non-lethal explosive round which would still explode but would spray someone full of green colored paint making them know that they were still "dead".

Meanwhile in the other Chinook the members of Task Force 141 also readied their equipment. Soap pulled up the hood of his Ghillie Suit as his face was covered in paint camoflauge and in his hands was a Mk 14. Meat had in his lap a PKP and on his back a AT4 while the rest of the members of the Task Force were armed with ACR's with Roach's having a Heartbeat Sensor on it with everyone having as a backup pistol a Heckler and Koch USP.

"Alright we're approaching the LZ!" The Pilot of both Chinooks called back to the men as both SEAL and Task Force leaders Dave and Soap relayed it to the others just in case.

The men of both Special forces teams stood up with their weapons at the ready as then they could feel the landing gear of the Chinook coming into contact with the ground. The ramps lowered as then both teams ran out of the helicopters and took up positions around the ramp going into crouched down positions with their weapons aimed outwards. As the team leaders exited from the Chinooks the ramps began closing as then both helicopters took off back to the base. Both SEALs and Task Force members wait steadily at their location, staying in their position keeping an eye out as the sounds of the helicopters rotor blades echoed away and all that was left was the morning sounds of birds and crickets chirping as there still remained some mist reducing some visibility for both groups. Once everything looked cleared, and both teams see and hear the green flare in the air both Soap and Dave motion to their men to move forward.


For at least twenty minutes, both teams slowly made their way through the forest the leaves rustiling quietly under their boots as the men made sure not to step on any branches or risk giving away their position. Dave scanned through the trees with his Holographic sight but saw nothing, the mist had cleaned up more giving the SEALs a bit more visibility than before, but the same also applied to the Task Force members. Feeling like the Task Force could be very close to them and both teams just don't know it yet, Dave looks around trying to see if he can spot any kind of terrain usage and then takes notice of a high point to the their 4 o'clock. Dave puts up a fist signaling his men to stop and crouch down as he does so as well.

"Weimy, Sharps!" Dave whisper yells to his sniper and spotter. 

Dave then points two fingers to his eyes signaling he's spotted something and then points at the high point to their rear as both Weimy and Sharps look and see what their Chief is signaling at. Weimy and Sharps look back at Chief Dave and nod their heads in acknowledgement as they quickly and quietly move off towards the high point to prep some sniper support just in case. Dave then signals the rest of his men to start moving forward again. 

Weimey and Sharps work their way up to the high point staying prone just in case the Task Force's sniper and spotter are out there. Their Ghillie suits working well to keep them well camoflauged in the dirt, as Weimy sets up his sniper, Sharps grabs the Raven UAV and then as Weimy scans through the area in front of them with his scope keeping an eye out Sharps stands up and then looking for a clearing in the tree tops throws the Raven UAV as it takes off into the sky. Sharps quickly gets back down and takes out a small laptop from his backpack and powering it up reveals it to be the surveillance cam and controls for the UAV.

"This is SEAL five to SEAL one we have the bird in the air, repeat our bird is in the air over." Sharps says over the team's comm.

"Roger that SEAL five. You and SEAL three keep your eyes peeled out." Dave replies

Weimy spots the Chief and his fellow SEALs and makes sure to keep sight of the area around them just in case the Task Force set up any kind of ambush around them. Sharps meanwhile keeps his eyes on the screen of the controller for the UAV as he so far has trouble spotting any signs of the Task Force members through the trees.

"Any luck yet Sharps?" Weimey asks without taking his eyes off the scope

"Nothing yet. Really hard to get a bead on anyone through the tree top though. especially ones this thick." Sharps replies 

As he continues monitoring the screen, just for a small second he gets a blue square on the screen signaling that the UAV picked up movement, "I got a blip. Just for a second but I got something." Sharps relays to Weimy

"How far away from the guys?" Weimy asks 

"Left side of them, at least 30 meters and perhaps closing on them." Sharps says 

Just then the screen goes static, "We just lost our eyes in the sky." Sharps says as he closes the laptop and placing it away prones back down.

"Get word out to the Chief and others." Weimey says 

"Roger that." Sharps replies 

Meanwhile from some distance away, Soap looks through his scope and seeing that he managed to destroy the Raven UAV lowers his sniper and then heads off.


"Chief we just lost our eyes in the sky. Last word was that we got tangos coming from our left flank, 30 meters and closing." Ray relays to Chief Dave.

"Roger that Ray. Thanks for the word, alright everyone let's get setup. Set up an ambush for those guys. Locket get that SAW set up, everyone else positions." Dave orders. 

Task Force 141's team...

While Soap stayed to the rear of the group to provide sniper support when the need arised, Ghost took charge of the rest of the team as the six TF soldiers slowly made their way in a single filed line through the forest. Roach walked behind Ghost, his heartbeat sensor out and cotinuing the scan the area in front of where the gun was pointed in an outward arc. As the group continued walking through the forest, Roach got a faint dot on his radar ahead of the group, hearing this everyone stopped in their tracks.

"Looks like our SEAL friends are just up ahead. Alright everyone, spread out and continue moving forward." Ghost orders as everyone follows the orders and as they spread out get their weapons ready and continue moving forward. 

As the Task Force members continue moving forward, Roach notices the dot on his heartbeat sensor getting a bit more closer with each step taken. Soon, the Task Force members find themselves overlooking a sloped hill before them, the Task Force members look out to see if they can spot the SEAL members but don't see them anywhere. Roach looks at his heartbeat sensor as it then picks up five heartbeats spread out before him and the rest of his members...not moving.

"Wait a second..." Ghost quietly says.

Just then a gunshot rings out as the Task Force member Rocket to his left flinches from being hit, as then three more shots are heard and the Task Force soldier flinches even more backing up a few inches before finally falling backwardsBlue.

"Ambush!!!" Ghost yells as he, Roach and the other Task Force members begin firing down the slope just as the rest of the SEAL team pops up from their hiding spots and begins firing back as well.

Soap, hearing the shots fired and seeing one of his comrades go down, quickly hides behind a tree and looks down the scope of his rifle to see if perhaps the SEALs sniper could be providing fire from somewhere. Roach sidesteps as he moves towards the cover of a large rock, firing his ACR as he does so which proves helpful as he manages to shoot down one of the SEALsGreen.

"Sonny's down!" Ajay yells. 

"Keep hitting them hard!" Dave replies.

Locket fires his SAW all along the tree line the Task Force soldiers are, the bullets hitting the ground, trees, rocks or just missing their target barely or entirely. Meat seats up his PKP on a sticking up root which proves stable and even enough for his bipod as he begins firing the LMG down on the SEALs. Meanwhile from his sniper position, Weimey takes careful aim the the Task Force member manning the Light Machine Gun as he aims at his head, "Nightey night." Weimey says as he pulls the trigger sending the round hitting Meat directly in the forehead.

"Ah fuck." Meat says as he goes downBlue.

Soap manages to catch sight of where the shot came from as he begins scanning the high ground, attempting to locate where the sniper actually is. 

"Scarecrow! Grab the gun!" Ghost orders as Scarerow drops his ACR and rushing over, slides towards the PKP and pulling back on the bolt begins firing the gun.

"Come on now, where are you, you bugger?" Soap says to himself as he then notices something through his scope.

"Hello now...what do we have here?" Soap questions as he takes aim at the strange thing and then fires a shot, the shot impacting in the ground in front of the thing to see if it would make movement.

As Weimey is about to take out the second Task Force member, a shot impacts the ground in front of him catching him and Sharps off guard as they flinch a bit.

"Fuck! Sniper!" Sharps says.

"Where?" Weimey asks.

"Treeline, few meters behind the rest of the Task Force soldiers." Sharps replies as Weimey turns his sniper in the direction.

Soap however sees this movement through his scope, "Got ya now." Soap then pulls the trigger as the round impacts into Weimey's forehead, "Goddamit I'm hit." Weimey says in disgrace as he then lies on the groundGreen.

Sharps seeing this, quickly grabs the sniper and picks it up as he rushes away to find a new hiding spot. 

"Locket, get the LAW on their gunner!" Dave orders. 

Locket complies as he ducks behind the rock he is using for cover and takes his LAW out, extending it as he then pops out of cover and aims the LAW at the Task Force member. Scarecrow however sees him and quickly turns the PKP on him as Locket is hit multiple times making him fall backwards just as he fires the LAW as the round travels up into the airGreen

Seeing this, Dave quickly leans over his cover and aiming at Scarecrow fires a couple of rounds of his M4A1 managing to hit him as the Task Force member slowly slides to the groundBlue.

"Chemo! Grab that launcher! Everyone pull back!" Ghost orders as the three remaining Task Force members fall back into the forest. 

"Ajay! Ray! Let's move it!" Dave orders as the three SEALs get out of their cover and begin moving after them, Ray deciding to grab the SAW just in case. 

As the three Task Force members retreat, they happen to pass by the tree Soap is hiding behind but fail to notice him, unlike his comrades Soap notices them running as he then slowly peeks out from behind the tree to see the three SEALs just as they reach the top of the slope and continue after the others. Soap quickly gets back behind the tree and feeling like the SEAL spotter won't be far behind decides to wait for him as he remains still and quiet just as the other SEALs run past the tree he's behind.

Running deeper into the forest, the TF memeber come across an abandoned two story cabin.

"Let's hold up in there. Roach, Chemo bottom floor, I got the top. Chemo, keep that launcher ready." Ghost says.

"You got it." Chemo replies as the three rush inside the building. 

A few minutes later, the rest of the SEALs arrive as they spot the cabin.

"Think they're holed up in their Chief?" Ray asks.

"Possibly." Dave replies. 

Just then from one of the bottom floor windows, the group see a rocket fired through as it flies towards them, "Down!" Dave yells as the three SEALs drop to the ground as the rocket flies overhead of them and impacts into a tree far behind them.

"Damn shot could've taken our heads clean off! Where's he aiming!?" Ajay questions.

Ray is the first to get up as he starts firing the SAW at the window where the shot came from riddling the window and the wooden wall around it with at least fifty simunation rounds as Dave and Ajay also stand back up and fire like crazy at the window as soon all three stop firing.

"I'd be surprised if that didn't get anyone. Alright, Ray stay out here and keep that door covered, but keep eyes out on those windows as well. Ajay, with me into the building." Dave says.

"Got it. Hey Chief, got another mag. I'm out." Ajay asks.

Chief reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a mag for Ajay as he tosses it to him, the SEAL then reloading his M4A1, "Last one. Make it count." Dave says as the two SEALs start moving towards the building with Ray setting up the SAWs tripond on a large rock.


Sharps, noticing that his team had gone on ahead after the remaining Task Force members runs as fast as he can after the group.

"Hope the rest of the guys are doing alright." Sharps says to himself as he then feels the impacts of three simunation rounds hitting his back forcing him to stop in place.

"Ah shit!" Sharps yells in anger at having of left his guard down so easily.

"They're doing better than you just did." Soap says to the SEAL spotter with his USP pulled out.

Inside the Cabin...

Dave places his M4A1 away as he then pulls out his SIG Sauer P226 and slowly opens the door. The two SEALs check to find the entrance hallway cleared, the two exchange glances as they then slowly walk into the building. The boards underneath their feet, creaking from the weight of the two due to all of their gear. Dave points at his eyes and then the right side room, signaling to Ajay to check that place out to which Ajay nods too as he walks into the right side room and Dave checks the left side room. 

Ajay walks into what appears to be the living room as he can see a massive couch and two small ones surrounding a table with an old TV set up before the funiture. Ajay spots the window where the shot came from and peers over the couches to see the body of the Task Force member ChemoBlue. Meanwhile from the dinning room behind Ajay, unbeknowst to him, Roach slowly and quietly walks out of it, his heartbeat sensor turned off and closed as to not draw attention as he takes aim at the SEAL. As Ajay is about to walk out of the room to report to the Chief, he happens to look at the screen of the TV as he then spots Roach's reflection as the Task Force member is behind him. 

Acting quickly, Ajay side jumps behind the couch just as Roach opens fire, Ajay planting himself against the ground as Roach's rounds fly into the wall and through the couch sending feathers from the couch and its pillows flying into the air. Just then Dave appears at the doorway with his pistol at the ready and fires a few rounds into the silent Task Force memeber downing him as Roach falls to the groundBlue

"Ajay, you alright?" Dave asks.

"I'm fine Chief." Ajay says as he jumps up from in front of the couch covered with feathers from the couch. 


Back outside the Cabin...

Ray keeps his eyes out at the windows of the cabin, having of heard the gunshots happen just a few seconds ago, hoping that his teammates were alright. Meanwhile, sneaking up to the SEAL from behind was Soap, having of taken his Ghillie Suit off, since he didn't need it anymore. Soap slowly pulls his USP up and aims it at the back of the SEAL, when all of a sudden, he accidentally steps on and snaps a twig. Soap looks down to see the twig as he then looks back up to see Ray swing aroudn and aim the LMG at him, acting quickly, Soap quickly roundhouse kicks the gun out of Rays hands as he then attempts to fire his pistol, only for Ray to straight kick him in the chest sending him falling to his back. Ray charges the Task Force member, however Soap uses the momentum of his fall to roll backwards as he recovers into a knelt down position and fires a few rounds into Ray forcing him downGreen.

Back in the Cabin...

Ajay takes point as he and Dave walk up the stairs to the second floor. Finding themselves in another hallway, the two decide to do the same plan, check the first two rooms on each side. As soon as they arrive at the top, the two split off towards the doors leading to the rooms. As they both arrive at the doorways to the respective rooms they are going to search, Ghost appears down the hallway from another room and fires his ACR managing to take down AjayGreen. Dave returns fire with his pistol forcing Ghost back into the doorway as he then backs away from the door and rams it down just as Ghost blind fires with some of the bullets hitting the wall behind where the Chief once stood. 

Ghost reloads his ACR as he then moves out of his cover and starts heading towards the room Dave dived into. Dave hides beside the doorway, waiting for Ghost to enter the room, Ghost appears at the doorway and slowly walks in. As his gun is halfway in the room, Dave makes his move, grabbing Ghosts arm as he then elbows the Task Force member in the stomach and forces him to drop the assault rifle as he then kicks it sending it sliding across the floor to the other side of the room. Dave then flips Ghost over his shoulder onto his back, Ghost retaliates throwing a kick into Dave's chest, sending him stumbling back. Ghost jumps up onto his feet just as Dave recovers and attempts to fire his pistol. Ghost reverse roundhouse kicks the pistol out of his hand as it flies into the wall. Ghost throws a hook punch but Dave blocks it and throws his own hook nailing Ghost across the jaw as Ghost then throws a roundhouse kick only for Dave to catch his leg as Ghost surprises Dave by then throwing up his other leg and kicking him across the face from the other side forcing Dave to release him as he falls back a few feet and Ghost falls to the ground.

As Ghost recovers back to his feet, Dave tackles right into Ghost, slamming him against the back wall as he releases Ghost and backs up a little, Ghost falls forward to the ground. As Ghost attempts to get back up, he soon finds the barrel of a SIG Sauer P226 aimed right at his forehead.

"Hmmm. Not bad mate. Too bad though you forgot to check in with your friend outside to see if he was alright." Ghost says.

"What?" Dave says confused just as three simunation rounds impact into his backGreen

"Game over." Soap says as he aims his pistol at the Chief from behind.

Knowing that he had just been "killed" and the rest of his squad was most likely also "dead", Dave let out a sigh of defeat as he then extended his hand out and helped Ghost to his feet. Soap holsters his pistol and walks over to the two as Dave shakes Ghosts hand. Dave turns around as he and Soap also exchange a handshake.

"Did quite well out there Chief. Even almost had Ghost there for a moment." Soap says.

"Yeah, no kidding there. But try to remember next time to not go too all out." Ghost says as he rubs his back in pain and then his jaw.

"Hehe, sorry about that. Got a little carried away there at the end." Dave says.

"No need to apologize. Won't be doing that to the enemy now would ya." Soap says.

"Of course not. Heck, if he was the enemy I would've finished him off there at the beginning." Dave says confidently.

"Oh really now? I'd like to have seen that." Ghost says.

The three walk out of the cabin outside as before them is the rest of their teammates who had gathered up together along with General Shepherd.

"Well done gentlemen. I'd say this match was pretty close." Shepherd says.

"You could say that sir." Soap agrees.

"Now then...where was I? Oh yes. Which of you SEALs here are going to joining the 141. all did quite well out there, however...there was only one of you that I saw standing out the most amongst all of you. This man, shows the right qualities it takes to be a member of this elite Task Force. Courage, Skill, and a tactical mind. Congratulations Chief Dave. Welcome to the 141." Shepherd says.

Hearing this surprises the Chief as for the rest of his men, hearing this they begin cheering for their friend who had just made it into something really big. 

"Excuse me sir?" Dave asks.

"You heard me Chief. I need a man like you in the 141." Shepherd says.

"Hey Chief! Don't sweat about us man. It's alright." Sonny says.

"Yeah man, we can still hangout when we're back home." Ajay says.

"You boys sure about this?" Dave asks.

He gets mixed responses from his friends/teammates, all of them though saying that he should do it.

"Alright then...General Shepherd. I'll be glad, to join Task Force 141." Dave says.

Winner:Task Force 141!

Expert's Opinion[]

In the end, Task Force 141 won this battle due to having the better weapons, and the better training. The SEALs are good yes, however with the Task Force being composed of Special Forces from nearly every country, the SEALs in a way had many more enemies to face as they had to face off against soldiers who were once SAS, US Army Rangers or any other Special Forces from around the world. This allowed for a multitue of different trainings and hand-to-hand fighting styles to be factored into this fight, thus making things too difficult for the SEALs to pull out a win.

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