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I will stop him with your help, one way or another. It is up to you to decide how that help will be given.
— Shigeru Matsui on why he killed his comrades

SCP-4007 is the SCP Foundation designation for the "Pingfang 5", a group of five anomalous individuals in the service of the Imperial Japanese Army's infamous Unit 731, an experimental chemical and biological warfare unit infamous for human experimentation during World War II.

SCP-4007 was intended as a stealth infiltration and special forces unit for use in highly dangerous operations in enemy territory which could act alone or as a unit. Operatives of SCP-4007 served in all theaters during the Second Sino-Japanese War and Second World War but were mostly deployed in China against Chinese Republican forces. In 1945, the members of the unit were initially recalled for the defence of the Home Islands, however, soon after they were re-deployed around the remains of Japanese Empire in a pentagon formation to seal away a highly dangerous creature which was presumably also created by Unit 731 to act as a weapon of war.

One of their members, Shigeru Matsui (SCP-4007-3), the creature would escape regardless of their efforts and that it would be better to release it before it breaks free, hoping that the nations of the world can defeat it rather than waiting for it to escape. Using his ability to manipulate memories, Matsui tricked the SCP Foundation into killing his former comrades so he could steal the anomalous organs that give them their powers which were needed to maintain the seal. So far, Teruo Nishimura (SCP-4007-5) is the only other member to survive. The SCP Foundation eventually became aware that Matsui was manipulating them and began to look for ways to replace the fallen Pingfang 5 members while keeping him from using his abilities on them.

Battle vs. SCP-5700 (by SPARTAN 119)[]

SCP-4007: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

SCP-5700: Green Green Green Green Green Green

Off the coast of northern California, July 20th, 1942, about 7:00 PM

The Imperial Japanese Navy submarine I-16 rose from beneath the waves off a remote part are off the coast of northern California, with a mission to strike back the American mainland itself. After the disastrous defeat at the Battle of Midway a month earlier, it had become apparent to some in Japanese high command that Yamamoto's prediction of only being able to guarantee six months of victories before the "sleeping giant" of America was coming true. The strike at Pearl Harbor could not guarantee them victory in the "quick war" they had gambled upon, but perhaps what lay within this submarine could.

Within the payload of the submarine was a not a simple torpedo or mine, but rather a secret Imperial Japanese Army unit. Under normal circumstances, given the interservice rivalry between the IJN and IJA, such an operation would seem unlikely, it was said that the orders for this operation came straight from the top, from Admiral Yamamoto and even General Tojo himself. For the five men transported in the submarine were no ordinary soldiers. They were known as the "Pingfang 5", each member of which was said to possess some paranormal ability. This same unit would be known to the SCP Foundation as SCP-4007. While each member had been deployed separately thus far, now they were sent to infiltrate the US, their abilities said to allow them to move unseen amongst the American populace, and carry out their attacks. Their orders were to acquire transport to the San Francisco Bay area and attack a series of strategic targets- ports, airfields, military bases, and weapons factories, as well as destroy any targets of opportunity.

The submarine unloaded the men into a small inflatable raft, who then rowed to shore as the I-16 disappeared beneath the waves. As they reached the shore, the commander of the unit, Lt. Mitsuo Kitano climbed out of the raft, followed by the other four. "Nishimura, Ida, move out and recon the area. Be back in 15 minutes and report on possible locations to secure transports. Honda and Matsui, stay with me."

"Yes, sir", Corporal Joichiro Ida replied. As the soldiers walked up from the shore, in the pine forest covering the shoreline, however, they were spotted by two people, a pair of local hunters.

As the IJA soldiers has not yet secured a disguise, and the hunters were too far away for Ida's cognitohazard to be any use, the hunters immediately raised their rifles and yelled, "It's the damn Japs!"

One of the hunters fired a Winchester Model 8 semi-automatic rifle at the nearest of the Pingfang 5. The bullet struck him right in the forehead.... and yet instead of killing him, the bullet bounced off as though it had struck the turret face of the battleship Yamato. The hunter never realized they he had shot a superhuman with bulletproof skin.

Private Takashi Honda responded to the gunshot with a burst of fire from his Type 99 light machine gun, while Private Matsui, who remained unseen thanks to his powers, fired his Arisaka. Both of the two hunters collapsed to the ground.

"Move out immediately, clear the area!", Lieutenant Kitano orders, sure that the sound of gunfire would attract the attention of the police or local military forces. As they retreated through the woods, however, the Pingfang 5 caught the attention of a group of six men- five of them were dressed somewhat like the hunters they had killed, but one looked almost of like an Indian from an American movie. Deciding that it was better not to have any witnesses, Kitano gave the order to eliminate them.

The six men known as SCP-5700 to the Foundation had by reunited by chance in the town just to the north. What they did not expect that would meet another group of men with powers similar to their own. As soon as the strange foreign soldiers they had just encountered raised their weapons, Carter Brooke unleashed his powers of geokinesis. A great of slab of stone erupted from the ground in front of all five of them. A hail of bullets bounced off the suddenly summoned stone.

"Just like old times, then", Harry said as he readied his Winchester rifle and fired two shots at Lieutenant Kitano. The gunshots missed, causing the anomalous IJA Lieutenant to retaliate by summoning a bolt of lightning down on the group of men known as SCP-5700. The bolt struck a large pine tree, setting it ablaze, before the charge jumped to the man nearest to the tree. Hotah, the Sioux man that had fought alongside the others over 60 years previously, was instantly electrocuted, the shock stopping his heart. Green

"Hotah!", Harry yelled, "Damn you all!", as he opened up with his Winchester, however, the two bullets he fired connected with Honda's chest, and bounced off his bulletproof skin.

As the sound of gunshots and exploding grenades filled the air on both sides, Corporal Joichiro Ida's powers were useless, as no one could hear his voice. Instead, he fired at the enemy with his sidearm, a Shanxi Mauser he had acquired while infiltrating Chinese Republican forces. As he fired the fourth shot in the magazine, however, something much larger than a bullet flew through the air... a boulder about two feet in diameter...

The projectile thrown by Carter Brooke's geokinesis landed on top of Corporal Ida, reducing his head to a bloody pulp, before bouncing across the battlefield like a Napoleonic-era cannon ball. Darkred Honda and Kitano both had to roll out of the way, only narrowly evading the massive projectile.

As Kitano got up after dodging the flying rock, suddenly, everything went black. As the sun got lower in the western sky, the shadows lengthened, creating the perfect environment for Peter O'Brien's powers of umbrakinesis.

With the battlefield shrouded in darkness, O'Brien struck, readying the Sioux knife he was given from one of the tribe when he fought alongside them decades ago. O'Brien crept up on Lieutenant Kitano, unaware of his presence, and lunged the at IJA officer.

Kitano, however, heard O'Brien moving and moved to evade at the last minute. Instead of plunging into his chest, the blade met his arm. Kitano let out a shout of pain, but retained enough composure to step backwards, away from the source of the attack, and use his powers to summon a bolt of lighting.

The umbrakinetic power of that O'Brien held could create darkness dense enough to make torches and even flashlights useless, but a bolt of lightning emitted far more light than any flashlight. For a split second, Kitano could see a dark silhouette a few meters from him preparing to strike. Kitano fired his Nambu pistol several times into the sillhouette, causing Peter O'Brien to collapse in pain.

To make matters worse, at that moment, the moon began to rise as the day transitioned into night. O'Brien's skin luminesced with in the moon light, making his plainly visible. Kitano walked over to his wounded adversary and drew his shin-gunto sword and run O'Brien through with the blade. Green

A few hundred meters away, Harry Yount had moved through the darkness and seized the Model 8 semi-automatic rifle from the hunters SCP-4007 had killed before they encountered SCP-5700. Then he had been stunned for a few seconds as the lightning bolt summoned by Kitano had overloaded his electrosensory abilities. As the headache subsided, he saw a most unexpected face: Peter O'Brien. He had been certain a moment ago that Peter had been killed in battle.

"Peter...", Harry said, "Thank God you're..."

As Harry spoke, "Peter" drew a handgun similar to the ones used by the enemy, and fired three times into Harry Yount's chest. The man he thought was his comrade was actually Teruo Nishimura, the shapeshifter of the unit. Harry was not quite finished yet, however. He raised the semi-automatic rifle he had recently acquired and fired repeatedly, putting seven bullets into the imposter. Mortally wounded, Nishimura was unable to maintain his transformation, and returned to his normal appearance, as both Yount and Nishimura collapsed from blood loss. Darkred Green

"Harry!", Carter Brooke yelled at the loss of his friend, "I'll kill you all!"

In a furious rage, Carter tapped into all of his power, disturbing a local fault line and causing a sudden earthquake. The earth trembled violently as fissures appeared in the earth and blocks of earth were thrust upward or downward. All three of the surviving members of SCP-4700 were thrown to the ground by the tremors. Then, a fissure opened right under the roots of a massive Douglas Fir, The tree fell, landing right on top of Private Honda. Even his bulletproof skin could not save him from tons of wood falling directly on top of him. Darkred

As the tremors finally subsided, Carter levitated a massive boulder, preparing to crush anyone who survived the earthquake. At that moment, however, a single gunshot rang out, going right through the side of his head and killing Carter instantly. The rock he levitated fell to the ground with a crash and shattered into several pieces. Carter never realized that Private Shiguru Matsui, hidden from perception by his powers, had a clear shot right into his head. Green

As the roar of the shaking ground and the crashing of fallen trees went silent, the calm was immediately broken by the chattering of machine gun fire. A figure identical to Private Takashi Honda stood about 30 meters away, firing away with a Type 99 light machine gun. The burst of fire narrowly missed Kitano, who dove to the ground. It was immediately clear that this was not Honda, after all, how could it be, Kitano had seen him die.

As Sean Novak, in the guise of one of the fallen enemy, prepared to fire another burst from the machine gun, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. Looking down, he saw a bayonet protruding from his chest. While he had imitated Honda's appearance, he had not copied his anomalous durability.

"Kisama wa Honda ja nai", Private Matsui said as the enemy shapeshifter fell to his knees.


Little did the two surviving IJA know, an enemy with the same powers lay hidden in the forest. The companion of Yount's known only as "Eric" had retreated, realizing that he had a rival with his own power. He could not take on the enemy force alone. He would gain the support of the US military, and whatever anomalous warfare units they had- after all, if the Japanese had one, surely the US did.

As he retreated, Eric mused on his situation, on irony that he now sought to fight for the government he opposed. "This war was not my war, but they made it my war. They will die for their crimes, So says I."

Meanwhile, back in the forest, Kitano spoke to Matsui, "This setback changes nothing. We will complete our mission, or we will die with honor for the emperor", as they prepared to secure transport and continue their mission.


Expert's Opinion[]

SCP-4007 won this clash of the SCPs thanks mostly to their superior training, combat experience, and in particularly, weapons, possessing more advanced firearms with a far higher rate of fire than those possessed by SCP-5700. Another factor was the more useful abilities in Kitano's electrokinesis and Ida's mind control.

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