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You know, after hearing that thing's screams, and the screams of my men, I don't think I want to put a face to what I heard. No.
— Former commander of retrieval team Zulu 9-A after being offered a drawing of SCP-096's face

SCP-096, nicknamed the Shy Guy, is a monster feutured on the SCP Wiki. It is Euclid-class entity of unknown origins contained by the SCP Foundation that kills anyone who has seen its face, wether is be in person or a photograph, though artistic depections do not trigger the same reaction. SCP-096 resembles a human being without pigmentation and body hair, and a severely distorted bone structure, with its arms being elongated at 1.5 meters (5 feet) each, and being able to open its jaw up to four times than a regular human.

At somepoint, SCP-096 was discovered in an unspecified mountain range and captured and contained by the SCP Foundation. Because of its ability to track down anyone who saw its face, Foundation researcher Dr. Daniel "Dan" feared what might happen should a picture of SCP-096 be showed on the news or be uploaded to the internet and came to believe that the risks to keep the creature alive heavily outweight the benifits. After failing the O5 Council, the ruling body of the Foundation, to terminate SCP-096, Dr. Dan and his second-in-command, Dr. Oleksei, staged a containment breach of the monster to prove their point, which cost the lives of several civilians and Foundation personnel in what came to be known as Incident 096-1-A. The plan worked to convince the O5 Council, but they would soon learn of Dr. Dan's involvement. Although they allowed Dr. Dan to spearhead the project to kill SCP-096, they also sentenced that he would be executed should he ever successfully terminate the Shy Guy.

SCP-096 has never shown any signs of a higher brain function, and it is considered by all means non-sapient by Foundation researchers. Normally, SCP-096 is in a docile state, slowly pacing around while crying to itself However, this changes immediately when its face is viewed. SCP-096 becomes hostile to whoever saw its face and sprints towards the observer with inhuman speeds, ignoring any obstacles, and violently attacks them until there is nothing left of the victim. Thus far, the Foundation has failed to inflict any meaningful damage on the creature as it ignores pain and bloodloss and its skeleton seems to be impervious to damage.

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