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SCP-076-2 has nothing but contempt for human beings and will kill them on sight. No communication is to be attempted with the subject.
— SCP-076-2's psychological profile

SCP-076-2, also known as Subject Able, is a superhuman swordsman feutured on the SCP Wiki. He posses superhuman physicality and the ability to manifest bladed weapons. This, combined with his bloodlust and his ability to reappear in SCP-076-1 (a black coffin) when killed has earned him the Keter object class, which is only given to the biggest threats known by the Foundation.

Much of SCP-076-2's early history is unknown. In the 1800s SCP-078-1 was discovered by British archeologists in Mongolia. All members of the expedition were subsequently killed on the return voyage home by an unknown cause. SCP-076 was later discovered by one of the societies that merged into the Global Occult Coalition (GOC). A few years after its retrieval, SCP-076 activated and escaped.

After a three year long manhunt, the SCP Foundation finally managed to contain SCP-076-2 and brought him into custody. Deciding to weaponize SCP-076-2, the Foundation created Mobile Task Force (MTF) Omega-7, nicknamed Pandora's Box, a Mobile Task Force made up out of Foundation operatives hand picked by SCP-076-2 himself and other humanoid anomalies that were willing to cooperate.

SCP-076-2 became restless in between missions, however, and during one violent episode deactivated the explosive collar meant to control him and went on a rampage, slaughtering multiple Foundation personnel. Desperate to prevent SCP-076-2 from escaping the site staff detonated the on-site nuclear warhead, destroying the base and killing everything within, including SCP-076-2, though SCP-076-1 remained intact. After this incident, MTF Omega-7 was dissolved.

Battle vs. The Last Dragonborn (by Aaron Siegel)[]


WINNER: The Dragonborn

Expert's Opinion[]

While 076 may have an advantage in his vast skill and experience with any bladed weapon, the Dragonborn had one ace up his/her sleeve that won this battle: The Thu'um. The sheer variety of abilities that the Thu'um gives the Dragonborn is too much for the Sumerian warrior to take in, namely the Dragon Form and Summon Dragon shouts.

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Battle vs. EMIYA (by Appelmonkey)[]

“Tell me what you see, Anderson,” Able asked of his operative, who was scanning Mobile Task Force Omega-7's targets through a pair of binoculars. “Three humanoid figures, sir,” Anderson replied. “Two males, who appear to be engaged in combat, one dressed in red and one in blue, and a female who’s observing them. The red male appears to be protecting her.”

“Can you identify any anomalous properties on the female?”

“Negative, sir. She has displayed nothing unusual so far. She’s just standing there, really.”

Able ceased the dialogue and continued to view the spectacle that was taking place on Fuyu High School’s football field from the cover of the nearby grove. Even from far away, the prowess of the two warriors was made obvious to Able by the constant flashes of light and the clashing of steel. With every movement the two fighters made, he felt the lust for battle burning inside of him glow brighter. But as the Foundation’s protocols dictated, much time would be spent ascertaining the anomalies’ capabilities before they would receive the order to move in. It was not that Able couldn’t see the wisdom in observing his future opponents, far from it, but he couldn’t help but feel like a caged lion, staring through the bars at a juicy piece of flesh. If only he could be free of that cursed collar.

“Hold on, there’s someone else,” reported Anderson, snapping Able’s attention away from his train of thought. “Another male. Probably a student by the looks of it. He’s running from one of the auxiliary buildings towards the main one. The blue one is going after him-”

Able had heard enough. Anderson didn’t have a chance to finish before the immortal sprinted away, his superhuman speed leaving his task force in the dust. A civilian made for a perfect excuse. The Foundation might complain afterward, but they wouldn't activate his collar for the crime of saving a life.

Able opened his hands as he rapidly approached the school and a void-black axe spontaneously appeared in his grip. Just as the blue anomaly was about to dash through the school’s front doors to pursue the boy, Able came up behind him and, before he could react, cleaved his head right off his shoulders in a single stroke. The anomaly’s head and body dissolved into thin air before they hit the ground. Able clicked his tongue in annoyance after seeing his target go down so disappointingly fast. What a shame, Able thought to himself before he turned around and came face-to-face with the red-clad anomaly. He was unusually tall, and though he was clearly Japanese, he possessed tanned skin, white hair, and a pair of cold, grey eyes that were narrowed in an intense glare. He held a curved blade in each hand, ready to receive Able’s attack.

“Archer!” shouted a voice from behind the anomaly. The female whom Able had been told of earlier came running down the stairs that led up to the track just as Able swung his weapon, only to have his attack parried and receive a quick kick to the stomach for his trouble, sending the Sumerian warrior sliding backward, his heels digging into the ground until he came to a halt. Able grinned, feeling a new fire within his chest. He discarded his axe, which promptly vanished from reality, and allowed a pair of longswords to manifest in his hands before charging back towards his enemy.

To the girl, Rin Tohsaka, it all happened in a flash. Her head was still spinning from witnessing the appearance of a new Servant, Lancer’s sudden demise, and the battle with Archer all in rapid succession. She already had a taste of what it was like to see two Servants locked in a heated battle, and here she was served yet another reminder. Unlike Lancer, however, the newcomer wasted no time on mocking or curses; he simply kept moving, making rapid, wide slashes with his pitch-black blades like a man possessed. From the ragged robes that loosely hung around his frame, the dark tattoos that covered his body, and that eager, bloodlusted grin on his face, she was certain that he was a Berserker-class Servant, and a powerful one as well.

Her gaze turned toward the school’s main building. She considered the possibility that the boy she saw might be Berserker’s Master. Even if it was just suspicion, she decided it would be wise to follow him and find out for sure. She called out her Servant’s name again. “I’m going to follow the boy. Make sure you hold Berserker back!”

“Don’t let me stop you,” Archer replied coldly as he leaned to the side to dodge a downward swing from Able as his Master ran off. Archer spun, slashing both his blades at Able’s neck, who swiftly ducked and dropped his blades before pouncing at his foe, the force knocking him to the ground and his swords out of his grasp. Able straddled Archer’s chest, pinning him to the ground as he rained several dozen blows in a matter of a second onto his foe’s face. Each blow created a small shock wave that shook the ground but failed to cause any injury to Archer. Frustrated, Able raised his fist before once again lowering it onto Archer with a bloodcurdling scream, a dagger manifesting on his grip mid-swing.

Archer’s hands shot up, grabbing Able’s wrist, stopping the blade mere inches from his face. He swiftly folowed it up with a blow to the side of the Sumerian’s head, sending him flying into a supply shed. The impact shattered the brick wall, causing the shed to collapse on top of the Berserker and bringing up a cloud of dust. Archer got off the ground as fast as he could and took a leap backwards before summoning a bow to his hands and pulling the string back, an arrow manifesting as the string became taught. Just as he loosed the arrow into the cloud of dust, Able leapt out of the rubble, a giant two-handed blade in his grasp that a normal human wouldn’t even be able to pick up, let alone swing.

Archer once again pulled back the string and launched a torrent of arrows at the enraged swordsman. Arrow after arrow was swatted out of the air as Able moved in for one final attack, proving to be surprisingly nimble with the sword despite its size. Despite Able’s efforts, one of the arrows managed to hit him right in the chest, but he kept going. Another embedded itself into his shoulder, and a second hit his thigh, yet he still kept going. Only when a pair of arrows pinned his foot to the floor did his charge finally come to an end. Still carried by his momentum, Able rolled onto the floor, the arrows snapping off, before coming to a halt.

The warrior tried to lift himself off the floor, using his blade as a crutch. His head snapped up at the sound of pulsing energy and he saw the bowman aiming a projectile at him that more closely resembled a drill than it did an arrow, glowing with a brilliant, multicoloured light. A cocky smirk pulled on the corners of Archer’s lips.

“It’s over.”

He released the string, sending the projectile flying toward his defeated foe. In his last moments, Able smiled.

“It was a glorious fight…”

The arrow exploded, reducing Able’s body to a fine, pink mist.

Archer sighed and lowered his bow. He had to spend far more mana in the last two fights than cared to, and it had no doubt put a strain on Rin as well. After dissolving the bow, he turned to the main school building just in time to see his Master rushing back. A worried look painted her features, which soon disappeared as she noticed that her Servant was no longer engaged in battle. Her run slowed to a walk as she finally came to a halt next to him.

“Did you deal with the boy?” Archer asked.

“I did,” Rin replied. “Turned out he wasn’t a Master, after all, just a normal student. I put him asleep and erased his memory. He should be fine.” She looked relieved, though Archer sensed that it wasn’t just because she saved a random life. He did not comment on it.

“I killed Berserker, but something feels off.” He turned to the body of his fallen foe only to see that what little remained hadn’t turned to dust.

“Th-that can’t be rightl” Rin said. “A Servant’s physical form completely dissolves upon death there should be nothing left. Something is off.”

Archer paused and scanned their surroundings, but even with his enhanced eyesight, he found nothing. Still, he didn’t feel at ease. “We should retreat for now, and gather our bearings.” Rin nodded and Archer’s physical form dissappeared. Rin thought that she should feel relief, maybe even have pride in Archer’s accomplishments, but she had neither.

If Berserker, or whatever it was, wasn’t a Servant, then what was it? Did it act on its own accord? Then how? If it was a Servant, his Master was still out there, likely still scheming from the shadows. As she left the school premises, she banished these thoughts from her mind. She might not know what might happen next, but whatever secrets lay dormant in Fuyuki, she was determined to expose them. She was the head of the Tohsaka family, after all and she would win the Grail War, no matter what.  


Fuyuki Mission Update

Mobile Task Force Omega-7 (“Pandora’s Box”) has returned to Foundation Site-██, ██████ Prefecture, Japan. While trying to track and capture the anomaly responsible for the anomalous energy readings found in Fuyu High School, they encountered four humanoid anomalies. One of these anomalies was neutralized by SCP-076-2. Its body disappeared shortly after expiring, therefore an autopsy is not possible. Investigation into the identity of the remaining three humanoids is ongoing.

After rematerializing inside and being released from SCP-076-1, SCP-076-2 was asked to explain its reasoning behind choosing to attack the anomaly. 076-2 stated that “when possible, battle is to be partaken in and not watched from the sidelines.” SCP-076-2 then requested for MTF Omega-7 to continue their operation in Fuyuki.

O5 approval for this request is currently pending.

A Necessary DFederal Epilogue[]

“Can you remind me why he’s with us?” Lancer asked, jabbing a thumb over his shoulder in Gilgamesh’s direction. Before either Shirou or Archer could answer, the King of Heroes himself spoke up. “I have a name and a title, mongrel. And you may refer to me with either one,” Gilgamesh snapped. “But to answer your inquiry, I want to see Saber in a cute maid outfit. Her humiliation will be truly something to savor.”

“Are you sure we can’t get rid of him?” Shirou whispered to Archer.

“I’m afraid not,” Archer whispered back. “I’m not sure how he even knows about this. The best we can do is just hope that he doesn’t cause too many problems, or that he gets kicked out if he does.”

Soon enough the group arrived at their destination, a building painted in bright pink with white accents and a sign on the front reading The Candy Apple complete with a chibi-style drawing of an anthropomorphic apple dressed in a maid outfit who smiled at the viewer. A little bell rang as the quartet entered, alerting the staff to their arrival. Immediately, a brown-haired server dressed in a form-fitting uniform rushed over to the group and greeted them with a polite bow. “Welcome to our humble café,” she said before raising her head to meet their gaze. “I am Takako Sugiura. How may I be of service?”

“We’re looking for Arturia Pendragon. Is she on duty?” Archer asked.

“Arturia?” Takako adjusted her glasses in a moment of contemplation before answering.“I believe she is, though she is currently serving other customers. I can send her your way once she is done.”

“That’d be much appreciated.”

“Then, please, allow me to take you to your seat.”

While Takako guided the group to their table, Lancer took a moment to scan his surroundings, and more importantly, sneak a peek at all the maids. Though most of them blended together, a few stood out in the crowd. A petite girl with a pointy white hat with what seemed like tentacles for hair, a woman wearing a pink uniform and a matching mask, and a blonde who almost seemed to constantly blush and dreamily cup her cheek while muttering something to herself which seemed to earn her a few strange looks from the patrons and fellow maids. “This place isn’t half bad,” Lancer mused.

“Yeah, it seems really nice,” Shirou agreed, before seating himself at the table that Takako appointed to them. With another bow, the maid left. “I just hope Saber is doing okay. She didn’t seem too thrilled about having to work here.”

“I’m sure she’s fine. If she can dodge Gae Bolg, she can handle a couple of perverts.”

“Yeah,” Shirou sighed, smiling a little bit. “I guess you’re right.”

As if on cue, a familiar voice spoke up in a somber tone, drawing the group’s attention towards it. “Welcome to the Candy Apple. How can I be of service?” There she stood, Saber herself dressed in a little blue maid outfit, politely bowing her head. As she straightened herself, the King of Knights averted her gaze from the group and rubbed at her arm, clearly embarrassed. They all knew what to expect but to see someone like Saber in such an outfit had Shirou, Archer, and Lancer at a loss for words.

“Saber are you--?” Before he could finish Shirou was interrupted by Gilgamesh’s laughter. “Not bad at all, Saber,” he said. “You look adorable.” Saber visibly cringed but swiftly regained her composure. “Thank you.”

“Thank you…?”

“Thank you, sir.”

Gilgamesh’s grin grew. “That’s better. Now fetch me a smoothie. In fact. I am feeling generous today.” With a snap of his fingers, the king summoned a bar of gold from the Gate of Babylon and held it aloft. “Smoothies for everyone!” The café erupted with cheers, though Gilgamesh’s companions didn’t share their fellow patron’s enthusiasm.

“He’s such a piece of shit,” Archer and Lancer muttered in unison. Saber sighed and gave another bow. “As you wish.”

Unbeknownst to most, Appel and Leo were watching the events from the far left corner of the room, the former occasionally taking a bite from a muffin. “So now that Saber has a shitty job you won’t force her to become a prostitute, right?” asked Appel.

“Maybe,” Leo replied. Appel could not see it, but he was sure Leo was giving an enigmatic grin behind his mask. He sighed and took another bite out of his muffin. “You do know that she will have her heartbroken when I bring Rin to the city, right?”

“I know,” Appel replied mid-chew. “But that can be fixed.”

“Implying you will actually do anything.” Appel frowned but didn’t bother to reply, throwing the last bit of muffin into his mouth instead. “I’ll be off now. Duty calls,” Leo announced and faded into thin air.

“Have fun,” Appel muttered. He lingered for another moment to observe Saber for a little longer. She gets paid enough to afford for the basic necessities, which should keep her in a stable position. And since he owned the café she wouldn’t get fired unless he authorized it. Still, now that he made such a big point of protecting her it was almost certain that the other Users would try to mess with her. It was ironic, really. He sighed and soon disappeared as well. He had preparations to make.

Expert's Opinion[]

Though SCP-076-2 was more physically capable and experienced than EMIYA, the Archer-class Servant ultimately came on top thanks to his versatile tracing and reinforcement magic that allowed him to create and modify whatever weapon he needed. The fact that he had the bow, the only long ranged weapon in the match, and was more tactically minded than the berserker-like 076-2 gave him even more of an edge needed to trump his physically stronger foe. What solidified his victory however was his Noble Phantasm, Unlimited Blade Works, which complimented his already powerful tracing magic.

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Elden Ring Classes Royale (by Battlefan237)[]


Expert's Opinion[]


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Combatants: Azrael, Beast, Billy Butcher, Fubuki, Jolyne Cujoh, Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, Miyamoto Musashi (Baki), Orlando, SCP-076-2, Solaire of Astora

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Lucy (by SPARTAN 119)[]

The diclonius known as Lucy stepped over the mangled body of a soldier she had killed moments ago. This soldier was much like the others that had come for her, but she noticed he had a different insignia than the JSDF and SAT soldiers she had faced previously.

This man's insignia featured a circle with three rectangular points protruding from the circle in a triangular pattern. Within this was a smaller circle, with three arrows originating just below the three rectangular points going into the center of the circle. Below that, was a phrase in English: "SCP Foundation: Secure, Contain, Protect". Below that was another phrase: Mobile Task Force Omega-7.

Suddenly, Lucy heard a whooshing sound over her head, and turned to see an oversized chakram had embedded itself right into a brick wall. Lucy turned to face a man of apparently Middle-Eastern origin, with tattoos of mysterious symbols all over his body, wielding a second chakram.

Lucy summoned her vectors and seized four MP5s from the fallen soldiers, and turned them towards her mysterious adversary, pulling all four triggers at once. The first few bullets pierced the man's body, one going straight between his eyes. Lucy thought she had one...

But she had not. SCP-076 started running, staying one step ahead of Lucy's aim, throwing the second chakram, which the diclonius evaded. Lucy expended all 120 bullets in the four magazines. Save for first few, which hit to little effect, Able had evaded all of them.

Furiously, Lucy threw all four of the empty guns at hundreds of meters per second with her vectors. One of them was cut down by Able, who drew a katana seemingly out of no where, while the other smashed holes into a brick wall.

Able then lunged at Lucy with his katana, making a downward diagonal slash. However, Lucy evaded, slamming her vectors on the ground, pushing her off, jumping into the roof of a three story building.

Several bricks impacted like cannonballs, knocking SCP-076 flat on his back, before he was pinned to the street by a flying piece of rebar, which impaled him through the chest. Lucy than used her vectors to seem to "hover" downwards, standing on top of her downed adversary.

Lucy then used her vectors to slice off Able's right arm, which held the katana. The blade dissipated as soon as it left his grip. Able, however, was not finished yet. He pulled the piece of rebar out of his own chest and struck Lucy in the chest with it, knocking her several feet away.

The Lucy got back up as "Able" summoned a five-foot bardiche with a two-foot microvibrating edge blade. Amazingly, Able was able to wield this massive weapon one-handed. Lucy used all of her vector to pick up a small car and throw it at Able.

As the flying vehicle flew at him, Able swung his bardiche, the massive axe chopping the car clean in two. The two halves kept going, smashing more holes into the brick wall behind him as SCP-076 lunged in for the kill.

Lucy brought up her vectors to block the attack, but to her terror, the massive blade went right through them. Lucy then met the fact of so many of her victims, sliced clean in half by Able's blade. Still, for a split second, she remained concious. The last thing she saw was Able bringing down his great axe onto her head. Then the diclonius queen knew no more.


Expert's Opinion[]

SCP-076 won this battle, albeit with injury because of his far greater combat experience against anomalous beings such as Lucy. This, along with his inhuman durability and strength gave him the edge he needed to win this battle.

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The battle has been declared unfair for SCP-076-2 because he has nothing to counter Lucy's vectors.