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An intelligence agency that "fears" intelligence? Historically, not awesome.
Tony Stark on SHIELD

The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division (S.H.I.E.L.D.) is a U.S. government agency. Howard Stark was a founding member. Nick Fury is the current executive head of the SHIELD Agents have included Phil Coulson, Natasha Romanoff, Jasper Sitwell, Clint Barton, and Maria Hill.

When Loki stole the Tesseract and escaped along with several enslaved SHIELD personnel, Director Fury reactivated the Avengers Initiative to counter the threat. Agent Romanoff was sent to bring in Dr. Banner, Agent Coulson was sent to retrieve Tony Stark, and Fury himself approached Steve Rogers, all in the hope that together these individuals might combine their respective talents to help with the problem of Loki and the missing Tesseract.

SHIELD assisted Rogers in his capture of Loki, and then provided a prison on the helicarrier once Loki had been apprehended. It transpired that Loki had intended to be ca, tured however, a ruse to sow the seeds of discord throughout the ranks of the forces assembled against him. His mind-controlled agents later attacked the helicarrier to free him, heavily damaging it in the process. The attack became a bitter defeat for SHIELD, although Fury turned one of its defining losses into the motivational push that Stark and Rogers needed. In short order the remaining heroes set off in pursuit of Loki, and began referring to themselves as the Avengers.

During the Chitauri invasion in Manhattan, the World Security Council ordered the deployment of nuclear missile to the city in the hope of stopping the invasion. Two planes launched to carry out this directive, but Fury managed to prevent one from taking off, and then Iron Man intercepted missile from the other.

After the Avengers' victory and departure, SHIELD continued its normal military activities.

(From the Marvel Wiki)

Battle vs. NEST and UNIT (by So-Pro Warrior)[]

N.E.S.T.: Greyx15

U.N.I.T.: Redx15

S.H.I.E.L.D.: Bluex15

The SHIELD transport lands on the ground and Nick Fury and the 14 SHIELD Agents with him exit the transport and head to the crash site of the Dalek saucer. At the crash site Alan Mace along with 14 UNIT soldiers have secured the area and are searching for signs of Dalek survivors and while Mace and 10 UNIT soldiers stay outside the other 4 secure the inside of the ship and find no survivors and prepare to set explosives to the ship. However outside of the ship and near a large pile of rubble Nick Fury and the agents of SHIELD get to cover and spot the Dalek saucer along with UNIT soldiers guarding it.

"So we aren't the only ones looking for the tech on this ship wonder who they are?" Fury says

"They could by HYDRA agents sir just disguised so they aren't recognized." A SHIELD Agent says.

"Maybe alright get the men into position and get ready to engage them." Fury says

The SHIELD Agents get into positions and take aim with their M4A1 Carbines, AKM's, and SIG SG 552's and Fury takes aim with his M4A1 and on Fury's orders the SHIELD Agents open fire on the UNIT soldiers. Mace and the UNIT soldiers quickly turn to see Nick Fury and the SHIELD agents and Mace quickly yells "GET TO COVER CONTACT!" the UNIT soldiers and Mace quickly take cover but one UNIT soldier is riddles with bullets and dies instantlyRed. Mace takes out his SIG P226 and fires back at Nick Fury and the Agents of SHIELD while the other UNIT soldiers including the ones inside the ship who quickly run out and into cover return fire with their M4A1 Carbines, Heckler and Koch G36's, and Olympic Arms K23B's. Mace takes aim with his SIG and fires at a SHIELD Agent and scores a hit on the Agent's headBlue. Unknown to both SHIELD and UNIT nearby a team of NEST soldiers lead by William Lennox have entered the area and hear the gunfight between SHIELD and UNIT.

"Alright men it looks like we have unkown hostiles at that crash site and sounds like they aren't friendly so we need to be careful got it." William Lennox says

"Yes sir!" The NEST soldiers say

The NEST soldiers get into cover near the crash site and see the firefight going on between UNIT and SHIELD and Lennox gets his men into position and tells them to wait for his signal to open fire. Lennox takes aim with his Bushmaster ACR while the rest of the soldiers around him take aim with their M4A1 Variants and SCAR's. Lennox fires a shot at one of the UNIT soldiers and manages to strike him through the back of his headRed. The other NEST soldiers open fire and a NEST soldier with a M4A1 manages to strike a SHIELD Agent with a couple of rounds to the torsoBlue. Mace has some of the UNIT soldiers to focus their attention on the NEST team and Nick Fury does the same with his SHIELD agents. A UNIT soldier fires at a NEST soldier with his G36 and manges to score a headshot to the NEST soldier but a SHIELD Agent fires his AKM and manages to down another NEST soldierGreyGrey. All three special forces soldiers continue to exchange fire at one and other which continues on for a long time.

Time: 5:05PM

The fight between the three special forces soldiers has been going on for 10 minutes and UNIT is the first to make a move.

"Sir we are surrounded on all sides this is not a good position we have enemy forces on both our front and rear flanks we need to pull out of this area." A UNIT soldier says

"MEN we need to split up to divide their forces the 6 of you will come with me you men will head in the opposite direction." Mace says

"Yes Sir!" The UNIT soldiers reply

Mace and the UNIT soldiers all start running into the two opposite directions however one of the UNIT soldiers with Mace doesn't make it and is shot as he is running awayRed. Both Fury and Lennox order their men to also split up to look for the two groups of soldiers. Lennox and Fury take 6 of their men with them and head in the same direction as Mace while their other soldiers head the other way.

On one side on the city of London...

The six UNIT soldiers enter a warehouse and while two of them secure the front the other UNIT soldiers head out to secure the rest of the house. Unknown to them is that NEST had already entered from the back of the warehouse however both teams don't know of each others presence. At the front of the house the two UNIT soldiers keep an eye out for signs of the other two Special Forces teams. Just then a bullets start hitting the walls near the windows where the two UNIT soldiers are and they both get to cover. One of the UNIT soldiers sees where the shots came from and directs the other UNIT soldier to the position and they both open up at the location. At the location are the six SHIELD agents who continue to fire at the UNIT soldiers at the front of the Warehouse. One of the UNIT soldiers grabs the Stinger missile from the other UNIT soldiers back and takes aim at the location of the SHIELD agents location and fires. The missile travels to the location and while four of the SHIELD agents escape the blast two of them are not lucky and while one gets blown backBluethe other gets blown upBlue. A SHIELD agent gets up from his cover grabs the RPG from his dead allies back and fires at the location of the UNIT soldiers. The RPG impacts on one of the windows and kills the UNIT soldier at the windowRed. The other UNIT soldier gets injured tries to get up but finds his leg torn in half because of the shrapenel and grabs his Olympic Arms K23B and waits for the SHIELD agents. Meanwhile on the other side of the warehouse the other four UNIT soldiers hear the commotion and decide to send one of their men back to investigate on the others. However as soon as the UNIT soldier exits the room that he and the other soldiers were in he is greeted with shots to the back by the NEST soldiersRed. The UNIT soldiers hear the shots and one of them takes aim at the door and then one of the NEST soldiers tries to enter the room but is met with a bullet to the headGrey. The NEST team stack up at the door and the NEST soldier in the lead pops out with his SCAR-L and fires at the UNIT soldiers and while firing signals the NEST soldier in the back to get to the other side of the door. The NEST soldier quickly runs to the other side of the door and both NEST soldiers open fire on the UNIT soldiers and manage to kill one of the UNIT soldiersRed. Meanwhile back at the front of the warehouse the SHIELD agents make their move on the building and as the leader enters the building the UNIT soldier that survived the RPG fires his K23B and kills the lead SHIELD agent but is put down by the other SHIELD agents that enterBlueRed. Back at the back of the warehouse another NEST soldier tries to get to the other side of the door but a UNIT soldier manages to hit the NEST soldier in the leg, the NEST soldier on the other side helps the injured NEST soldier to the other side and puts him against the wall until the others can help him. The NEST soldiers decide to storm into the room to handle the last two UNIT soldiers and they charge in and mange to kill both of the UNIT soldiers but two of their men are also killedRedRedGreyGrey. The remaining two NEST soldiers secure the room meanwhile outside the injured NEST soldier hears footsteps and takes out his Glock 17 and as soon as he sees a SHIELD agent he fires at the SHIELD agent and kills himBlueanother tries to enter but is also shot dead by the NEST soldierBluethe other two SHIELD agents enter and fire their SIG and AKM at the injured NEST soldier and kill himGrey. The other two NEST soldiers take up position and one SHIELD agent enters the room but his shot dead by the two NEST soldiersBluethe other enters and manges to kill one of the NEST soldiers but the last NEST soldier shoots the SHIELD agent dead with his ACRGreyBlue. The NEST soldier gets out from cover and exits the room, he heads to the front and finds the two dead UNIT soldiers and after securing the front area tries to contack Lennox through radio but finds himslef unable to and decides to go look for Lennox's team.

Meanwhile on the other side of the city...

Mace and his five remaining UNIT soldiers are moving through the ruins of the city of London until Mace orders his men to hold up and get into position. They see before them Nick Fury and his six SHIELD agents and on Mace's orders open fire on the SHIELD personel and as the SHIELD agents head for cover two of them are killed in the openBlueBlue. Fury and the last four of his SHIELD agents return fire on Mace and his UNIT soldiers and one of the SHIELD agents with his M4A1 Carbine manage to hit one of the UNIT soldiers in the headRed. As the UNIT soldiers continue to fire on the SHIELD agents another UNIT soldier gets hit in the back and falls down deadRed. Mace turns around to see Lennox and his six NEST soldiers and directs two of his UNIT soldiers to the back and fires at the NEST soldiers and manages to strike one of the NEST soldiers in the head with his M4A1 CarbineGrey. Lennox orders one of the NEST soldiers to take out the AT4 and fire at the UNIT soldiers position. The NEST soldier takes the AT4 off of his back and takes aim at the UNIT soldiers position and fires. However the UNIT soldiers warns Mace and the other UNIT soldier and all four duck down in time for the rocket to pass over and heads to the SHIELD agents position. The rocket explodes on the ground and as Fury and two of his agents survive the two near to the explosion are blown back with a bunch of shrapenel into them and dieBlueBlue. One of the SHIELD agents fire at the NEST soldier with the AT4 and hits him with four rounds to the chestGrey. The UNIT soldier gets back up and kills another NEST soldier as the soldier tries to drag the dead NEST soldier to safetyGreyand then Mace orders the UNIT soldiers to fire the Stinger Missile at the NEST soldier and as the UNIT soldier stands up and hands over the Stinger to the other UNIT soldier he is shot dead with bullets from both NEST soldiers and SHIELD agents and diesRed. The other UNIT soldier fires his Stinger missile at the NEST soldiers, Lennox yells "INCOMING!" and while him and another NEST soldier dodge the blast the other NEST soldiers aren't as lucky and die as the explosion blows them backGreyGrey. Lennox gets back up and fires his ACR at the UNIT soldiers and manges to kill them both with a bullet to the chest and then to the headRedRedand tries to fire at Mace but finds himself out of ammo and takes out his Glock 17 and helps his NEST soldier up and start running to Mace's position. Fury and his last SHIELD agent se this and decide to start running to Mace's position as well but Mace sees this and first fires and kills the SHIELD agentBlue, then turns around and fires at the NEST soldier next to LennoxGrey. He turns around and tries to fire at Fury but soon finds out that his SIG P226 is out of ammo and so as he tries to reload both Nick Fury and William Lennox fire their Glocks at Mace and in all put 10 rounds into him before they have to reloadRed(All UNIT soldiers are Dead). Both Lennox and Fury both reload at the same time and finish reloading at the same time and fire one bullet at each other but both have the same idea and slide to cover and thus dodge the shots. Both pop out every now and then trying to kill one another however Fury pops out and fires his Glock 19 at Lenox but as he does jumps out of cover and ducks down behind the cover Lennox is behind and as he pops out Fury grabs his hand and pulls him over the cover. Hetries to fire his Glock 19 but Lennox kicks Fury in the face and flips Fury over him and both Fury and Lennox get up and get ready for Hand-to-Hand combat. Lennox is the first to throw a punch but Fury blocks it and punches Lennox in the stomach, Lennox stumbles back and throws a kick at Fury who ducks down and kicks Lennox in the stomach. Lennox tackles Fury to the ground and begins to punch him repeatedly in the face until Fury uses his feet as leverage to get Lennox off of him. Lennox lands right next to his Glock 17 and grabs it but as he points it at Fury he sees that Fury had already grabbed his Glock 19. However as Fury is about to fire Fury hears a sound behind him and turns around to see the surviving NEST soldier who fires his M4A1 Carbine and hits Fury in the shoulder but finds himself out of ammo which gives Fury time to fire at the NEST soldier who falls down with 2 bullets in his chest. Fury then hears the click of a gun and knows that Lennox is pointing his Glock 17 at his head, Lennox pulls the trigger and puts a bullet through Fury's head. The director of SHIELD falls down deadBlue(All SHIELD agents are dead). Lennox sighs in relief and goes over and finds the NEST soldier alive and helps him up, the two survivng NEST members yell in victory and then Lennox gets on the radio and calls for pickup.

Winner: NEST

Expert's Opinion[]

This Battle was the closes I've had but in the end NEST won this Battle. This was due to the fact of their good balance of both Weapons and X-Factors. In the end while both UNIT and SHIELD had faced powerful foes it came down on the fact that both of those two team had to rely on help most of the time where NEST had become more powerful after their first encounter with the Decepticons. They didn't need as much help as before as thanks to the Autobots for the upgrading of their weapons, their training which helped them a lot, and the tactics they used in the field to combat their foes. They dominated in the majority of X-Factors, and had the weapon ranges of Close Range, and Long Rang #3 on their side.

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Battle vs. Strategic Defense Coalition (by WraithOfWaffle)[]

SHIELD: White Black x5

SDC: Yellow Red x5

International Waters, SHIELD Helicarrier, 2016

The purr of dozens of engines fill the hallways of a high-tech aircraft, giving the otherwise silent corridors some sort of backround noise. The clicking of a pair of boots accompany the purrs, dullingly impacting the ground as their rapid pace becomes more and more frequent. A woman, dark hair and in uniform, makes her way down the hall with a tablet in hand and beads of sweat forming on her face. Her heart beats with worry, a first on the job in a long time for her but she has no time for that. She reaches her destination, the main hub of the vessel she stands in known as the Helicarrier, with a man in a trench coat standing in the middle with his arms behind his back.

"Hill, how bad is it?" Fury says looking on outside the windows of the hub.

"Fury, intel shows no survivors."

Director Nicholas Fury looks down for a moment, trying to get a grasp of the situation at hand. This may not hold the weight of New York, but those are still innocent people, soldiers wanting to help their country, dead.

"How about the package?"

"As far as we know, the cargo is still there. Exactly where it was before, somehow it wasn't even damaged in the explosion."

Fury looks back at her, his eye meeting hers for a moment. He thinks of a gameplan, who knows who could get their hands on this. HYDRA, Hammer Industries, hell maybe even another alien race who he'll have to meet again. He shouldn't have ordered that technology, that power to be sent to such a populated area. He should've let SHIELD handle it but he let the Army handle it, as an act of good faith of course after all of the shit he's had to put them through.

"Hill, I want a party of five men to go to Guam and extract that cargo back over here."

"Sure, I'll have five of our best ready to go." Hill turns around to gather the troops to go on this expedition.

"Wait." Fury turns her around and grabs her attention. "I want in."

Maria Hill looks back at the Director with a look of confusion. "Fury, you know I can't let you do that."

Fury assures "Look, I've been in this game a long time. I'm not as young as I was but I can still go... and I owe it to myself and the people who died holding that thing for us. I let them die and if I do too, well so be it." Fury walks off into the halls but Maria stops him like he did her.

"I've known you for too long, and I've trusted you for the same amount of time. Look, I know you want to feel right by doing this but it's risky. As much as I want to turn you away from this, I know I can't. I'll make sure you have the best people on the job. Just be careful, we wouldn't want you dying on us."

Fury nods at her, walking deeper into the Helicarrier.


Beijing, The People's Republic of China, The Office of the Premier

"So... Premier Chen... have you considered the proposal my men and I have given you?" Tian Zhao sits in his fatigues, glass of pricey alcohol in hands. Behind him at the door are two well dressed soldiers, stern looks and the eyes of killers on their faces. Zhao eyeballs the beverage, the ball of ice sitting in the middle of the brown elixir before making eye contact with the most powerful man in the PRC.

"It's risky. We don't want a full on crisis on our hands here and not just from them, but everyone else! We already faced that with the drone incident and on top of that have you seen the people they have? Gods with hammers, giant green monsters, super soldiers." The balding Chinese premier tried to reason with the stubborn general, but he wouldn't budge.

"So let's make our own. Let's get a scientist, irradiate him, and call him Radioactive Man." Zhao retorted, still holding the glass in his hand.

"Very funny. But my point remains, if we were to trespass on American military soil and steal whatever the hell your people want, we would basically be declaring war on them. I don't care if one of your soldiers could fight the Avengers with an empty rifle, my point remains. I refuse to sign off on any of this and if you even consider going to Guam, I'll have you executed." Chen looks back at Zhao, who takes a deep swig of the drink he was generously gifted.

"Premier, you have nothing to worry about. My men and I are going to go in and out, not even making a peep. Intel shows their use of camoflauge in their aircraft... well the SDC has been experienting with similar tech. I assure you, you have little reason to worry about the Americans finding out about our presence and where we go."

"But then they'll see their property is gone. They'll launch and investigation and it'll lead right back to us."

"And about that. We also have a way to bring it onto Chinese land without any of the Americans finding out." Zhao takes out his phone and opens a picture of a fishing ship. "That right there is going to be how we get this resource into the country. We'll package it and have a ship sail into a dock in Guangzhou, where our people will send it into a lab in the country side, deep in the land where no Westerner will find it."

Chen sweats uncertainty, he can either risk a war with a country he's already on cold feet with or let that same country take a resource that may prove valuable. He probably doesn't even know what it does, it could be energy, a weapon, but he'd rather have it in his hands than the West's.

"Alright, Zhao. Send a small party to Guam to extract the cargo and cover up the tracks by any means necessary. Be out by evening." Chen looks at Zhao and his troops, who give a nod before leaving the office.


Guam, McKinley Military Base, 1900 Hours

The stone-sized raindrops of Tropical Storm Iris collide with the ground with the sound of a thud, claps of thunder littering the island. Besides the smell of rain and foliage, lies the smell of gasoline and smoke, rising to the sky even days after the explosion that took hundreds of lives here.

Emerging from the forest are five armed and geared American soldiers, holding high caliber rifles and machine guns, all on guard for any threat. Fury pulls out a pair of binoculars and finds the payload, radiating a bright, almost heavenly light a dilapidated aircraft hanger. He then stores his binoculars back into his coat pocket and produces a scanner, beeping in the direction of the hanger.

"There it is. Four of you on me." Fury commands. "Collins, be on lookout for any tangos." Fury's party minus the sniper pushes toward the airbase.

Meanwhile, Tian Zhao and five of his own have risen from the forest, covered in faux leaves as a form of camouflage. All but one shed their cloaks of foliage and reveal their armaments of weaponry including rifles, pistols, and an SMAW anti-vehicle weapon. Zhao points to a blasted out hole, presumably where their payload was.

"That is what we're here for. You." He points to the sniper, "Stay here. I want two of you scoping out the perimeter in case anyone has come here before us." Zhao and two of his men are going to the blast zone as a pair have began their sweep around the gate. The sniper remains, blending in the surroundings of his new nest.

"This way, move it." Fury and his men have picked up their pace and finally reached the ruinous hanger, the pitters of the rain hitting above them. The glow they saw from the outside leaks from an impromptu doorway. Fury's tracker begins beeping furiously, as he carefully yet quickly grabs and closes the briefcase before the cocking of a pistol and several rifles are heard opposite of the SHIELD agents.

"Director Fury, what a coincidence seeing you here."

"Fury, what's going on?" Collins asks over the radio.

"General Tian Zhao, what a small world." Fury looks at Zhao and his men as if he is seeing an old friend. "Our governments have just signed a treaty. After the whole drone incident you would think the Chinese wouldn't instigate any further aggression."

"Well technically," Zhao raises his pistol "I'm not here."

"Fury, I have two targets, they're scoping the area looking for us. What is my order?"

"That's a damn shame, because it would be quite the controversy if anyone found out we were here. The two superpowers of the globe fighting over extraterrestrial tech, just imagine if the media knew of this. We both may be FIRED". Fury runs to cover, briefcase in hand as Zhao fires a round into the Director's shoulder.

Collins understood his commander's indirect order and fires his Remington into the head of one of the patrolmen, dropping him in an instant. The other SDC troop storms into cover and demands cover fire from his own sniper.

SDC: Yellow Red x4

An orchestra of gunfire erupts in the wreckage of the airbase, creating a symphony alongside the assault of rain, thunder, and howling winds. Fury makes a beeline for the exit accompanied by two of his troops while the other two open fire behind a destroyed shelf on the two SDC troops and Zhao.

"We must go after him!" Zhao implores at his men. Zhao tries to take pot shots at the Americans when the sniper fires another shot into the ribcage of the man next to him, the wound striking directly into his heart.

SDC: Yellow Red x3

"Zheng, find that damn sniper!" Zhao commands the sniper under his command.

The Chinese sniper relaxes his muscles and scopes the terrain for any anomalies: movements of any sort, flashes out of the ordinary, anything. That's when he saw it, a mysterious shine not unlike one seen of a rival sniper. Zheng lined up his shot took a deep breath, and fired a round of anti-material power to the source of the flash, striking Collins in the eye and leaving nothing but a pink mist surrounding the dense foliage.

SHIELD: White Black x4

The shot rang distinctly despite the current flurry of other noises across the battlefield.

Fury takes out his communication device "Hill, the mission has been compromised. We're gonna need an extraction. We have at least two heavily armed soldiers, a sniper, and General Tian Zhao of the SDC. They found out about the payload and are trying to take it with deadly force."

"Zhao? How the hell did the Chinese find out about this?"

"Now is not the time Maria, I need to get these men out of here!"

"Alright Nick, a helicopter is on its way ETA ten minutes."

Fury opens the communication channel to the men in his party "Extraction on the way, ETA ten minutes. Rendevous on the plateau where we landed."

The two troops who stayed behind to engage with the SDC in the hanger also received these orders. One says "Yes sir, over and out." and motions the other to the exit. But as they ran towards safety, two SDC soldiers open fire with their QBZ rifles.

SHIELD: White Black x2

"Where's Fury?" Zhao questioned the sniper.

"I'm detecting movement 150 meters northeast. Taking a shot." Zheng takes a shot at Fury but the ravaging winds force the bullet to the man on his left, destroying his hip area into a mess of nothing.

SHIELD: White Black x1

Fury looks at the young man as he takes his last breaths and to the other on his right. Desperate for any form of hope, a big, pillbox-shaped fortification caught his attention. He instantly knew the purpose of this structure and motions his man to follow him. Fury and the last remaining SHIELD troop go downstairs into the armory of the base.

Meanwhile, Zhao and his men are still hot on the trail of Fury and his last remaining soldier. Zhao orders one to search the barracks alongside him while another heads down to the armory. The lone SDC soldier searches the barracks, surrounded by rounds of damp uniforms and damaged munitions. There were also a line of black lockers, large enough to hold a man. He opened the first...


The second...


The third...


The soldier looked around in confusion when an American agent put him in a chokehold. He reached for his sidearm and unholstered it, firing rapidly but was quickly halted by Fury, who fired a bullet of his own from his M&P.

SDC: Yellow Red x2

Fury looks down at his smoking gun and realizes a small wound pouring out a steady stream of blood, applying pressure onto it until the last SHIELD agent grabs the Director's arm and applies combat gauze to the wound.

"The bullet went in and out and didn't sever any arteries, so you should be fine. Let's get out of here." The soldier assured Fury, finishing up the impromptu diagnosis and making his way to the exit.

"Certainly, but before we do that." Fury looks back on the thing that grabbed his attention as soon as the two of them entered the armory.

Zhao and the SDC soldier hear the gunfire and exit the barracks. "Zheng, what is the status of Fury and the briefcase?"

"I don't have any vis-" Before he could finish his sentence a loud burst is heard before an explosion echoes across the forestland. Zhao sees Fury and the soldier standing on top of the armory, empty RPG in one hand and briefcase in another.

SDC: Yellow Red x1

Zhao and the SDC soldier fire at the armory but Fury and the accompanying SHIELD agent vanish. Zhao grows increasingly frustrated, hoping this would be an easy extraction that would go under the radar but it became so much worse. The troop next to him signals Zhao of a noise, the blades of a helicopter. They look up and see the flashing lights in the distance, persevering through the brutal storm to Fury as his last means of escape. Zhao looks down again in defeat when he hatched a plan, involving the SMAW on the back of the man under his command. They notice the helicopter is heading northeast, which they follow.

Fury and his troop arrive at the extraction point, with the helicopter waiting for them.

"Come on, get on! The winds are getting increasingly unstable! We need to get out!" The pilot urges the remaining survivors onto the aircraft.

Fury looks down on the briefcase, its golden light leaking through the cracks. Fury looks on as he notices Zhao and the man beside him. But the man to Zhao's side seems to be carrying something large on his shoulder. It almost looks like a-

"We're going down!"

"Hold on!"

"Mayday! Mayday!"


Fury awakens to the smell of burning debris and gasoline. What was once the helicopter was now a fiery wreck with the pilot and last SHIELD agent on his side. The briefcase was still in shape though and within a brief crawl. Fury slowly inches towards the item which he has suffered a great deal for until he sees it rise in the hand of General Zhao.

"Well, well, well, Director Fury. This reminds me of the escapades of the Cold War, all the spies, shadow wars, and everything else. My country sent me to the battlefield while yours sent you to the shadows. We were just men and men fought in wars. But now the world has changed, and wars are now fought with gods while men defend themselves with tools. This," Zhao raises his newly-claimed briefcase "is my tool. The tool of my army and of my country." He aims his pistol towards the fallen Director of SHIELD, closing his one eye and accepting his fate, but not before whispering...




Epilogue: A Lab in An Unknown Part of China

"What's this?" The balding Chinese scientist asked as he hunched over an ordinary-looking briefcase. He is surrounded by a group of Chinese soldiers and Tian Zhao, the receiver of the briefcase, in an underground government lab.

"Something unlike anything we've ever seen, if the last 25 years of rumors say anything." Tian Zhao answered.

The scientist begins jittering and forms a light layer of sweat on his forehead "We've ran tests of all sort, and although there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary, how safe is this? If so many have died for this briefcase, then who knows what it-"

"The code is 6-6-6."

The scientist realizes he has no say in this and fidgets the dials for the correct combination, successfully doing so and opening the case. He is greeted by a warm shine of golden light irradiating from the case.

"So? What is it?" Zhao asks.

The scientist just continues looking on, and soon the troops surrounding him follow suit. Suddenly everyone in the room became curious about the briefcase's contents, even Zhao soon fell into temptation and began admiring the beauty the briefcase kept from the world.

They were now a part of the small group of people who've seen the inside of Marsellus Wallace's briefcase.

Expert's Opinion[]

The results of this battle surprised me, given the popularity of SHIELD and their wider range of extraterrestrial and human enemies. But in a straight squad-on-squad scenario, the SDC had this in the bag thanks to their superior experience in this type of combat situation over SHIELD, who are generally more into stealth and espionage. The SDC also took several key X-Factors, including leadership, brutality, and most importantly in a squad fight: loyalty. Dissent within SHIELD has resulted in it crumbling as a force while the SDC remains united, even under an iron fist, they are the victors.

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