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A 12-gauge shotgun. I don't have a permit for it and cutting it down like this is also illegal. Any other questions?
— Ryouko Tanbou on her weapon of choice

Ryoko Tanbo is one of the point of view characters of the visual novel Saya no Uta. She is a young psychiatrist at Tokyo University Hospital who had made it her mission to stop the alien Saya from turning humanity into her species after investegating the disappearance of Dr. Ougai.

Ryoko had only recently gotten her MD when she met Fuminori Sakisaka, a medical student at the university who was referred to her after he was in a car accident. Ryoko could see no damage, however, she suspected something was off. Little did she know, there was substantial brain damage which, while in no way affecting his mental capacity, caused Fuminori to see humans as monsters and everything as covered in blood and gore. Meanwhile, Tanbou was also conducting an independent investigation of the strange disappearance of Dr. Ougai and the disappearance of several infants in the university hospital.

The two case would become linked when she and Fuminori's friend, Kouji Tonoo discovered the shocking secret behind the disappearance of one of their friends, Oumi Takahata. It turned out, Fuminori was in contact with an extradimensional alien that Dr. Ougai had brought into this world and named Saya. Finding out that Fuminori was working with Saya to turn humanity into Saya's species she began to hunt the duo down.

Ryoko's ultimate fate depends on the decisions made by the player. She either survives if Fuminori is cured of his condition or Saya succeeds in turning the human race into her species (getting slowly turned as well) or dies from a wound inflicted by Fuminori, but not before killing Saya.

Battle vs. Herbert West (by SPARTAN 119)[]

For the past few months, ever since that American, Doctor West, took a job at the hospital, bodies had disappeared from the morgue in the night, with no records of them being transferred to a funeral home or the coroner's office. After investigating along with Kouji, who had previously assisted her in her decidedly unofficial investigation of Dr. Ougai, she discovered that every time a body had disappeared, West had been at the hospital, with his car parked near the loading dock of the morgue, and sure enough, he was here today as well.

As soon as Ryoko Tanbo entered the side entrance of the hospital that was her workplace, with accomplice Kouji Tonoo close in tow, she immediately knew something was amiss. The lights on this floor were out, and the hospital was deserted. Even at the current time of 1:32 AM, there should have been a night staff on duty- hospitals never slept, after all, the injured or ill could arrive at any time. The morgue was hardly the most frequented area in the hospital, but even then, there should at least be a few technicians and medical examiner on duty.

"It's too quiet, and the lights should never be off", Ryoko commented, "Even if we lose power, we've got a double-redundant backup generator system. Stay sharp, we still don't know what we are dealing with here".

"Do you think it's something like... you know, like that... thing... with Fuminori?", Kouji asked.

"I can't rule it out", Ryoko said as she turned on her flashlight, "hopefully West is just selling off the bodies to medical schools as cadavers or something, I can't help but shake the feeling there's something more to this..."

The two walked down the darkened corridors of the basement of the hospital for a few minutes, not encountering a single soul, as they approached a a T-junction. Ryoko made a motion for Kouji to wait at just short of the junction. "On the count of the three, you check left, I'll the right", Ryoko whispered, "1...2...3!"

At that moment, Ryouko drew her sawed-off shotgun and turned right, and saw... nothing, just an empty corridor leading into the main supply storage and loading dock. From behind, however, she heard an inhuman roar, followed by two shots from Kouji's revolver. Turning on the spot, her flashlight illuminated a bloodied figure, appearing to be sporting multiple stab wounds in the chest and neck, attempting to bite and claw at Kouji's neck, with Kouji struggling to repel it.

Ryoko immediately pressed the barrel of her shotgun right up against the figure's face and pulled the trigger. The reanimated corpse was returned to death as most of its brain was blown out the back of its skull.

"Are you all right?", Ryoko called out to Kouji, as she helped him push the body off of him.

"I think so", Kouji said, "I think it's safe to say we know what West is doing with those bodies."

"If we see any more of them, aim for the head.", Ryouko replied as she reloaded her shotgun, "They seem to be able to resists shots to the body. Let's get moving. The sooner we put an end to this, the better".

Ryoko and Kouji slowly advanced down the corridor, with weapons at the ready, before again standing on either side of the doorway to the morgue, with weapons at the ready. View through the small window on the morgue door, it was immediately clear that this was the only room on this floor that was light.

On the other side of the door, West injected another dead body, a the victim of a car accident that had their stomach gruesomely turn open by a piece of jagged metal, with his resurrection serum. At once, the body began moving, but like the others, it showed no sense of its past self- the doctor had created only one more mindless zombie. "Damn... still not fresh enough!", West cursed as the door burst open and Ryoko and Kouji entered with guns in hand.

"Give it up, West, it's over!", Ryoko called out to the main standing over the autopsy table.

"Ahh.. Doctor Tanbo! I thought you might come meddling. I cannot allow you to stand in the way of science any longer, though I dare say you will be exactly the subjects I need!" At that moment, West drew his weapon, an M1911 pistol, out of his coat and ducked behind the autopsy table, firing two hastily-aimed shots, both of which missed, before sprinting out of the morgue through the second door on the west side of the room.

As West fled, the body on the table rose from the dead. The something unexpected happened, even for someone facing a zombie. As Ryoko took aim with her shotgun, the zombie shot its guts across the room, the intestines tangling tightly around Ryouko's neck and right arm, knocking her shotgun out of her hand. As the monster's intestines spun around her like a constricting snake, Ryoko used her free hand to throw a small metal canister at the zombie.

"Shoot... the... canister...", Ryouko struggled to speak.

Taking action immediately, Kouji raised his revolver and fired twice at the canister. The first shot missed, however, the second caused the canister to explode in a cloud of what looked like white smoke. As the canister burst, the zombie was doused in liquid nitrogen and collapsed before as it's body was flash frozen, shattering as it hit the floor.

"Dr. Tanbou!", Kouji shouted to Ryoko.

"I'm fine", Ryoko replied, "Keep moving, but be careful, I knowing that bastard, I suspect he has a few more tricks up his sleeve".

Ryouko and Tonoo ran after Dr. West, quickly reaching the western loading dock, which was mostly used by trucks from the coroner's office to deliver bodies. As they opened the door, they were greeted by three more gunshots. This time, two of these shots struck home, one hitting Kouji in the shoulder. Kouji retreated around a corner and clutched on the wound.

"Stay in cover and keep pressure on the wound, I'll handle this", Ryoko said.

About twenty meters away, Herbert West stood in a coroner's van, as along with one of his undead creations. "Kill them!", West ordered the zombie, however, it did not move.

"I said, ki...", West said, but his command was interupted by the reanimated figure turning towards him and lunging at him. The reanimated man, who had realized that West was the one responsible for his post-mortem torment, attacked the mad doctor, clawing and biting at his neck and face, trying to rip open his throat with his bare hands.

West's shouts of pain were interrupted by the roar of a shotgun blast, as his undead victim-turned-attacker's head was struck at point black range, killing them instantly. Ryoko then pushed the body aside and looked down at the mortally wounded doctor.

"You should have chosen your friends more wisely, Dr. West", Ryoko said, before she discharged the second barrel of her shotgun, finish West off with a shot to the head. Ryoko then placed her shotgun back into the shoulder holster beneath her trenchcoat, before turning her back on the scene of carnage, walking over to provide assistance to Kouji, offering her shoulder and leading him back through the basement, upstairs to the admission desk. After all, if you had to be shot, a hospital was probably the best place for it to happen.

WINNER: Ryoko Tanbo

Expert's Opinion[]

Ryouko won this battle thanks to both her own capabilities and her allies. First off, she is more mentally stable than West, and has experience pertinent to investigating and engaging in combat with a psychopath with inhuman horrors as allies. Her sawed-off shotgun would prove more effective in the close quarters in the interior of a building, and her liquid nitrogen canister could prove useful to instantly kill one of West's Reanimators. Secondly, Ryoko's ally, Kouji Tonoo, is a normal human, which, while lacking in the durability and raw physical strength of West's undead minions, is more intelligent and can do more damage at a distance with his firearm, and will be far more reliable, as West's reanimators may betray him if they revert to their base instincts or remember that he is the one who killed them.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Xenomorph (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Ryouko Tanbou climbed down a rope into the well at Dr. Ougai's cabin and turned on her flashlight, revealing the hidden entrance to Ougai's underground laboratory. Ryouko kicked down the large wooden door, causing it to fall with a dull "thud".

The interior of the lab was filled with medical and scientific supplies and equipment, centered around a large operating table, which seemed to have been damaged in a unusual manner, as though partially dissolved by a powerful acid. On one end of the room was a fumehood with several containers filled with noxious chemicals inside.

In addition to the scientific equipment, there were other more mysterious artifacts, some Ryouko did not know the function of. The walls were scrawled with writing in a mysterious language, and there were shelves full of books, some one complex theoretical physics, while others were in no way scientific or medical- books on UFOs, the paranomal, aliens, etc.

Most disturbingly, Dr. Ougai himself lay dead in one corner, a massive wound in his chest, a Smith and Wesson 36 and a box of ammunition was lying next to his body. Also on his person was a notebook, which Ryouko examined.

"After years of experimentation, the wormhole generator has been successfully constructed. In addition, I have managed to locate a world capable of supporting life. Upon starting up the generator, several alien biological entities entered within second. I successfully captured six of the alien entities, remotely deactivating the wormhole generator and leaving them stranded in a this world, in a reinforced metal cage.

The alien species appears to have a hard, black exoskeleton, with sharp claws and a spear-like tail. More remarkably, they possess a unique jaw structure, having a second, smaller jaw within their mouth. I can only speculate on the function of this, though it may be used in handling smaller objects with greater precision than the primary jaw. Judging from their appearance and behavior, they seem to be voracious predators, likely the apex species on their world.

The aliens do not appear to be truly intelligent life forms, however, they seem to have a complicated social structure, though this cannot be fully studied with only six specimens.

I managed to sedate the specimens with narcozine "knockout gas" and put down one of the aliens with a lethal injection. However, all efforts to dissect the creature were foiled by a most remarkable feature of the species- their bodies are contain a powerful acidic substance which leaked out and actually dissolved about half of my operating table. I only barely managed to avoid being burned by the substance. Further examination of the acidic substance was delayed by the fact that it kept burning through my microscope slides, however, after finding a container made from a dense synthetic material containing industrial diamond, I managed to examine the substance and determine it had cells similar to blood cells. I can only assume the acidic substance is in fact alien "blood".

As Ryouko finished reading, she heard something move behind her. She got out the sawed-off shotgun she kept hidden in her coat. As she turned around, she saw something move across the room. She tracked its movements. The beam of her flashlight fell on a creature unlike anything Ryouko had ever seen before standing between the destroyed operating table and a counter with a sink. It looked identical to the creature described in Ougai's journal.

Without thinking twice, Ryouko took aim with her shotgun and pulled the trigger, sending a blast of pellets into the monster. Its acidic blood was released, burning holes in the concrete floor, but the creature kept moving. Ryouko fired off the second barrel. With a second, closer range impact, the alien was perforated with more shot and fell to the floor, its acid blood flowing out and forming a deep hole. (4 Xenomorphs remaining)

A doorway to the right burst open. Ryouko turned just in time to see another Xenomorph charge at her. Ryouko placed her empty shotgun up in front of her, blocking a claw strike and retaliating by pistol whipping the alien with the weapon, knocking it backwards.

Ryouko picked up Ougai's Smith and Wesson and fired off four rounds into the Xenomorph, killing it. (3 Xenomorphs remaining)

Ryouko Tanbou grabbed a the revolver and the ammuntion and prepared to reload, but as she did so, another Xenomorph charged out the door. Ryouko fired the last round in the revolver, which slowed down the alien, but did not stop it.

Ryouko instead ran into a room with metal bars that had been burned through by acid-possibly two of those things fighting. In the back of the cage was a massive machine that Ryouko had never seen before- "Was that the wormhole generator these things came through?!"

Ryouko reloaded her shotgun, closing the barrels just as the Xenomorph she'd been chasing burst in. Ryouko fired, scoring a head shot, killing the monster instantly. (2 Xenomorphs remaining)

After topping off her shotgun and revolver ammo, Ryouko jumped over the puddle of acid left by the Xenomorph and burst into a another sideroom. This one was taken up by a large tank that read "Caution Liquid Nitrogen"

Almost as soon as she entered, Ryouko heard something move behind her. She rolled out the way in time to avoid a lunge by a Xenomorph intent on impaling her on its tail. The Xenomorph kept going and stuck its tail in the liquid nitrogen tank, instantly flash freezing itself. For good measure, Ryouko grabbed a metal pipe lying on the ground and threw it at the frozen alien, shattering it. (1 Xenomorph remaining).

As the Xenomorph shattered, however, Ryouko felt a sharp pain in her chest. She looked down to the see a sharp spear-like Xenomorph tail sticking out of her chest as everything went black. (Ryouko Tanbou killed)

WINNER: Xenomorph

Ryouko Tanbou Kills: 4

Expert's Opinion[]

The experts pointed out the durability and use of team work by the Xenomorphs, as well as their greater numbers. This allowed them to overpower Ryouko even with her firearms. This was added to by the fact that Ryouko is a psychiatrist with no military training.

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Battle was declared unfair due to Ryouko's lack of training and experience, as well as a numbers disadvantage.