Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon.
— Rorschach

Rorschach, real name Walter Joseph Kovacs, was the son of Sylvia Kovacs, a prostitute, and an unknown father only known to Kovacs as "Charlie". His mother was frequently abusive and condescending towards him. He was eventually moved out of his mother's care and brought to the Lillian Charlton Home for Problem Children in New Jersey, where he rapidly seemed to improve, excelling at scholastics as well as gymnastics and amateur boxing.

When he became sixteen Kocacs left the Charlton home and took a job as a garment worker in a dress shop. There her found a certain dress fabric that shifts black paterns depennding on heat that he would later fashion into the mask he wears as Rorschach. Kovacs eventually disillusioned with the underlying apathy that he saw as inherent in most people when he read about the murder of Kitty Genovese and the unresponsiveness of her neighbors. Inspired by Genovese's murder, Kovacs returned home, made a mask out of the fabric and began fighting crime as the vigilante Rorschach.

Roschach would leave left criminals alive, but bloodied, after investigating the kidnapping of a young girl named Blair Roche this changed however. Rorschach discovered that the kidnapper, Gerald Grice, had killed the girl and had fed her remains to his dogs. This caused Rorschach to suffer from a psychotic breakdown and killed the dogs with a meat cleaver. When Grice returned to his sack, Rorschach handcuffed him to a stove, poured kerosene around, he then placed a hacksaw near Grice telling him that the only way to escape the fire would be to cut his own hand off.

When the Keene Act was passed in 1977 to outlaw vigilantes, Rorschach responded by killing a wanted serial rapist and leaving his body outside a police station with a note saying "Never!". By 1985 Rorschach was the only masked vigilante left that wasn't sponsered by the US goverment.

Rorschach shows great skill in hand-to-hand combat using a mix of boxing and improvised combat. He's also a skilled detective having tracked down numerous crinimals. Usually Rorschach doesn't use guns, but will when ones avilible to him, when not he usually fights with anything he can get his hands on or his own two hands.

Battle vs. Punisher (comics) (by CuchulainSetanta)

Punisher is on the third floor of a building under construction, setting up his M60 to overlook the ground floor. Rorschach enters, and Punisher takes aim at his target. As he is about to fire, Rorschach sees the moonlight glint off the gun, and dodges just as Punisher opens fire. He runs into a covered stairwell, and heads up just as Punisher's gun jams. Punisher curses and takes out his M4A1 before heading down to the second floor to finish the job.

Rorschach warily walks through the girders, but fails to see Punisher watching him from behind a pile of sandbags. The vigilante readies his garrote, and, as Rorschach walks in front of the bags, jumps out and pulls the garrote around Rorschach's neck. Rorschach struggles with his attacker, but can't pull the garrote away. He desperately grabs his grapple gun, and quickly fires it into Punisher's chest. The grappling hook lodges in Punisher's body armor, and causes him to drop the garrote. He tries to pull the hook out, and looks up to see that Rorschach has brought out a can of hairspray and a match. Rorschach sprays Punisher with his makeshift flamethrower, distracting him long enough to flee. Punisher beats out the remaining flames and heads after him.

Rorschach heads up to the third floor, and grabs a power saw off a sawhorse as he hears Punisher coming up behind him. Punisher opens fire with his M4A1, but Rorschach dodges the bullets as he starts up the saw. He charges Punisher and takes a swing, but Punisher blocks it with his gun, then counters with a kick. Rorschach drops the saw, and pulls out his butcher knife. Punisher also pulls out his knife, and the two start exchanging blows. Rorschach starts to get the upper hand, and slashes at Punisher's chest, but the armor holds. Punisher retaliates by slashing Rorschach's own, unarmored chest, before circling behind him and thrusting his knife into Rorschach's neck. He pats Rorschach's cheek a few times to make sure he's dead, wipes the blood off the knife, and leaves.

Winner: Punisher

Expert's Opinion

Rorschach may be terrifying to simple thugs, but a heavily-armed war veteran is another matter entirely. Punisher, on the other hand, is used to taking on equally skilled opponents on a regular basis. One of the voters said it best when they said "training triumphs over hatred."

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Battle vs. Red Skull (comics) (by Wassboss)

Rorsarch is walking though a deserted alleyway. He has heard rumours that a crazed Nazi follower who has been killing innocent people in this very alley. Suddenly he hears the sound of a dustbin being knocked over he pulls out a can of hairspray and holds a lighter ready underneath it. He jumps round the corner but sees only a cat licking at the contents of an overturned dustbin. Little does he know that red skull is hiding behind a doorway. He slowly peaks the barrel of the MG-42 round the side of the door and aims at rorsarch. Rorsarch however sees something glint out of the side of his eye and jumps for cover as a barrage of bullets fly at him.

Having lost the element of surprise red skull kicks down the door and fires wildly all of his shots missing his opponent. Rorsarch pops up from behind a skip and starts up the lighter. He then presses down on the can lightning the hairspray on fire and sending the flames speeding towards red skull forcing him back and rendering MG useless. Rorsarch runs out of fuel but pulls out another can and gets ready to fire again. Red skull is no one’s fool however and whips out his ray gun and disintegrates the hairspray can. Rorsarch throws the lighter at red skull giving him enough time to run back out of the alleyway. Red skull laughs and gives chase. Rorsarch runs out but in his haste to get away he trips over the over turned dustbin.

Red skull turns the corner and points his gun at rorsarch laughing manically. “You’re pathetic” he says smiling at rorsarch. “Excuse me but do you know the whoa” says a jogger turning at the exit of the alleyway. “You have ruined my gloating” screams red skull and fires disintegrating the poor civilian. “You killed him” says rorsarch a look of horror in his face. “Of course i did” says red skull glaring at him “and you’re next”. “Not on my watch” says rorsarch and pulls out and fires his grapple gun knocking red skull off his feet. He then jumps at him grabbing the ray gun and throwing it away. Red skull punches him in the face and rorsarch stumbles back.

Red skull pulls out his trench knife and lunges at rorsarch who blocks it with his butcher’s knife. They begin to duel but rorsarch gets the upper hand slashing red skull in the leg. He yells in pain and punches rorsarch with the brass knuckles knocking him back. He then tries to slice his neck but rorsarch dodges the attack. He then stabs forward but red skull easily dodges and snaps the blade in half with a powerful punch from the brass knuckles. He then stabs forward but rorsarch grabs the blade and tries to turn it around but red skull twist it free and stabs rorsarch in the hand. Rorsarch kicks red skull in the face and runs into an open doorway looking for a weapon. Red skull laughs and limps after him.

Rorsarch runs into the building and finds himself in a carpenter’s workshop. He hears red skull coming and hides in a storage room. Red skulls turn the corner and sees the storage room door close. He smiles and walks over to the storage room door and reaches for the handle when he hears a noise from behind the door. He steps to the side as rorsarch kicks down the door power saw in hand. He swings at red skulls face but red skull ducks and stabs upwards but rorsarch brings the power saw down knocking it out of his hands. Red skull jumps back as rorsarch swings the power saw wildly around. Suddenly he remembers the dust of death container he has in his pocket. He sets it off and throws it at rorsarch. It hits him in the head and he falls over. He sees the gas seeping out and screams as his head shrinks and turns a nasty shade of crimson.

Meanwhile red skull has escaped from the workshop before the gas went off. He turns and sees rorsarch dead on the ground. He laughs too himself and turns to see a hobo sleeping by a bin. “Ah” he says pulling out his ray gun “Target practise”.

Winner: Red skull

Expert’s Opinion

Red skull won because his weapons were more powerful and more reliable than rorsarch’s.

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Battle vs. Dexter Morgan (by BeastMan14)

Rorschach's Journal: October 13th, 1979 There's another vigilante like me out here, I know it now. The police have been investigating the disappearances of every major serial killer in this city. They're dead. I know it, they don't. I saw someone leave the apartment of Moloch with something over his shoulder. I went in and Moloch was gone. I followed that persons car to their home, and I have them cornered now. Time to end this.

End of entry

Dexters Thoughts...

Rorschach kicks down my door. I know who he is, he just doesn't know me. Good, and he won't get to. I sneak behind him, garrote at the ready, when he whips around and sees me. He kicks me in the chest, sending me crashing into a table. "Your terror ends tonight," Rorschach says, and he grabs a butcher knife. I lunge and tackle him, but he throws me off, prepared for me now. Let it begin now....

Rorschach lunged forward, and drove his fist into Dexters gut. Dexter grabbed it, and with all his strength, flipped him over. Rorschach scrambled for his butcher knife, but Dexter wrapped his garrote around his throat. In a mad struggle, Rorschach hacked blindly with the knife and hit Dexter in the arm, causing him to loosen his grip. Rorschach tossed Dexter off him and pulled out his can of hairspray. As he ran to where Dexter was laying, he fired his Colt, sending Rorschach scrambling for cover. Dexter pulled himself up, and began to look for his attacker, when suddenly, a hook slammed into the picture next to him, and it was ripped off the wall, slamming into his head. Dexter fell to his knees, holding his head, when Rorschach came out of the shadows and let loose with the hairspray and lighter. Dexter, back on fire, dashed for the bathroom. He quickly turned on the shower and leaped in, when Rorschach kicked down the door. Suddenly, he heard a click and saw Dexter with his Heckler and Koch, soaking wet. Dexter fired hitting Rorschach in the shoulder and sending him tumbling out the window. He hit the ground hard, and then he came up with a plan when he saw Dexters shed. Dexter gathered his surgical equipment and prepared a plan of how to dispose of Rorschach's corpse. He walked down the stairs and went outside, only to see that there was no body. Suddenly, Dexter heard the sound of a powersaw going off and turned around just as Rorschach sawed into his arm. Rorschach kicked Dexter to the ground as he screamed in pain, then drove the butcher knife into Dexters chest, killing him. Rorschach limped off into the night, victorious.

Winner: Rorschach

Expert's Opinion

While Dexter had more reliable weaponry, many of it required the element of surprise or a bound victim. Rorscach was a more prepared for melee opponent at the end of the day.

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Battle vs. James Earl Cash (by Pygmy Hippo 2)

J.E.C. & Sons Construction Site

It had been a long time since James Earl Cash had killed Lionel Starkweather. Somehow he managed to avoid police detection and opened up his own business afterwards. But now it was midnight and the only thing he had to do now was shut off the lights. James moved to the power box but noticed a man standing by it, clad in a trench coat and fedora with an ink blot mask.

Cash knew who this was, the vigilante Rorschach. "Listen, I'm done killing people. I just want to make some honest money now. I don't want any trouble." "Dogs like you don't deserve second chances. They get put down." Walter drew his Grapple Gun and fired at James who just barely dodged the shot and ran off to his truck. Rorschach retracted the hook before chasing after the Star.

"Damn it, I didn't load this before." Cash sighed as he set the double-barrel shotgun down and instead picked up the Nailgun. Walter grunted in pain as a nail hit his shoulder before he took cover behind a brick wall. The Star took the opportunity to load his shotgun before leaving the truck and fired at the other side of the hit nothing.

Before he could react Rorschach had grabbed him from behind and wrestled the shotgun out of his hands before kicking him away. James pulled out his Nailgun but that was grabbed as well. Walter tackled him to the ground before raising his meat cleaver high but got stabbed in the side with Cash's hunting knife. The vigilante grunted in pain as James pushed him off him and ran for his shotgun.

The Star had barely grabbed it when he felt a surge of pain that was burning hot. In fact, it was fire from Rorschach's Hairspray Flamethrower. Cash could barely get a single shot off to end the stream, most of the pellets missing but some hit Walter's already wounded shoulder, causing him to drop the Flamethrower. James rolled around in agony before the flames went out and immediately smacked the vigilante with the shotgun when he tried to hack him up with the meat cleaver again.

Cash was in a panic now, he hadn't been in this kind of situation in a long time but he wasn't going to let Rorschach kill him. He entered the half-finished building and went up the stairs to find a Chainsaw. "So that's where you've been." The Star chuckled before hiding in a dark room and he listened for Walter's approach. Sure enough, he walked past the room and he didn't notice him.

James snuck up on the vigilante before turning the Chainsaw on to which he turned around and fired the Grapple Gun. The hook bounced off the blade and the wire was cut with Rorschach's only option being to block the strike with the Grapple Gun. It was cut in half but it gave Walter enough time to punch Cash in the face, making him stumble backwards before he tackled him again.

The two brutal heroes fell out of the window and the vigilante slammed his meat cleaver onto the Star's arm, forcing him to let go of the chainsaw. Rorschach saw a nearby Circular Saw and turned it on. "Men go to prison. Dogs get put down!" But before Walter could bring the Circular Saw down, he lost an eye to a nail. As he yelled in pain, James pulled the meat cleaver out of his arm and dropped the Nailgun.

Cash used his good arm to hold the Chainsaw and slashed the vigilante's stomach open, forcing him to his knees. "Just do it, dog." The Star obliged and shoved it through the top of Rorschach's head, turning his mask red and black. After a couple seconds of this, James Earl Cash finally let the body and the Chainsaw drop to the floor before he collapsed as sirens closed in.

Winner:James Earl Cash

Expert's Opinion

While Rorschach was an excellent hand-to-hand fighter who was capable of using the environment as well as James Earl Cash, he just lacked a lot of edges. James had the far more practical arsenal, was a master of stealth, and had just as great experience as Walter.