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In my ideal nation, there would exist no one as weak as you!
— Rolento

Rolento F. Schugerg, more commonly called by his first name, is a character in the Final Fight and Street Fighter series. Rolento is former member of a group of special forces called the Red Berets. He aims to create a perfect military utopia (with himself as the superior leader, of course) where anyone can live happily and carve their own lives. Rolento can be referred as "twisted" but not truly evil, like M. Bison. Having fought in countless wars, notably the Vietnam War, Rolento is an expert in guerilla tactics, psychological warfare and weaponry such as knives and grenades, making him a dangerous ace-on-sleeve opponent.

Battle vs. Stryker (Alternate) (by Snigel)[]

No battle was written.

Winner: Kurtis Stryker

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