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At the end of the day, I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. If that makes me an outlaw, so be it. I’ve been called worse.
— Robin Hood

Robin of Loxley, better known as Robin Hood is the legendary green-clad outlaw and leader of the Merry Men. Because of his tendency to rob the rich and give to the poor, Robin became a symbol for the lower class people of medieval Britain.

In some stories Robin Hood was a crusader while in others he was a Yeoman, either way Robin finds his possessions being taken by the Sheriff of Nottingham who is assisting Prince John in taking over England while Richard the Lionheart, who Robin is still loyal too, is off leading the Crusade. In order to combat the injustice done to the people of England, Robin creates a band of outlaws called the Merry Men.

In most versions of the story, Robin defeats the Sheriff of Nottingham, has his possesions and titles restored, marries his love interest Maid Marian and sees Richard the Lionheart return to Britain to depose his tyrannical brother.

Battle vs. Odysseus (by CuchulainSetanta)[]

On an island somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, Odysseus and his man have landed to gather supplies for their long voyage home. Finishing up, Odysseus monitors his crew as they pack up, when suddenly, an arrow flies over Odysseus' head, striking one of the sailors in the throat. Odysseus looks to see where the arrow came from, seeing Robin Hood on a nearby cliff top. Robin grins and doffs his cap to the warrior-king, as more Merry Men come out of hiding to raid the supplies.

Odysseus heads after Robin, anxious to take out the leader of these strange bandits. Heading into the woods, Odysseus notches his great bow and cautiously searches for Robin. Robin silently appears on a tree limb and takes aim with his longbow, but Odysseus, noticing the lack of animal noise, senses something amiss. He hits the ground just as Robin fires another shot, then fires on Robin, striking him in the leg.

Robin falls out of the tree, painfully pulling the arrow out of his leg. Odysseus hurls a javelin, but Robin rolls out of the way before it hits. Jumping back on his feet, he pulls out his quarterstaff, while Odysseus unveils his axe. Charging, Odysseus is hit in the chin by the staff, but recovers in time to block another blow. Odysseus swings again, cleaving the quarterstaff in two.

Angered, Robin tackles the warrior-king and draws his dagger, prepared to finish off Odysseus. He tries to stab Odysseus in the head, but he moves aside before it hits. Odysseus regains his bearings and shoves the outlaw off, drawing his sword in the process. Robin also draws his sword, and the two clash once again. However, with his shorter blade, Odysseus manages to make it through Robin's defenses, stabbing him through the heart.

Making his way back to his men, Odysseus finds they too have triumphed over the Merry Men. Taking stock of his losses, Odysseus sets out once more.

Winner: Odysseus

Expert's Opinion[]

Like in the previous mythology match, Hercules vs. Cuchulain, the deciding factor seemed to be that, while Robin Hood is used to fighting more mundane opponents, Odysseus is able to hold his own against monsters and other fantastic threats, meaning he had more experience.

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Battle vs. William the Conqueror (by MilenHD)[]

At a road in England leading at village in Nottinggamshire,William the Conqueror and 4 Norman knights are coming to get rid of the problematic thieves.As they crossed the opened gates of the village,one of the people who turned saw the king and bowed down along with many more around him.As William dismounted his horse and told them to get up.As the people rosed up,William showed a sheet of paper showing Robin's face and had spoken: "Citezens of Nottinggam,I had come here as a good king to stop the problematic thief and his gang,if you know were they are,tell me and I will go and erase them.

One of the villagers said:

"Your majesty,the thieves are hiding in the west side of the village"

Hearing this,William pulled his sword and ordered his soldiers to get west.Just there Robin with his gang memebers:Little John,Will Scarlett,Friar Tuck and a new recruit to his gang were sitting and thinking about their next attack against the Sheriff,but little did they know that they had been spottted by the Norman king and his troops.William ordered his knights to fire their crossbows and they killed the new recruit by piercing his skull.



As Robin and his band got up,they aimed the bows,and killed one of the Normans and the other Normans retreated behind one of the houses.



Robin told his group to split in two and catch the Normans off-guard.As William and the Normans saw that their enemies had tricked them,he gave an order to find but stay together as Will and Friar were stalking them,Will fired an arrow,which missed it's target and one of the Normans,decided to go and check what happening,only to get his face demolished by the hatchet.



As they heard his dying scream,the Normans and William assaulted the thieves with their axes and swords.First Friar chest got pierced by William's broadsword,while Will was unable with his hatchet to stand against the dane axe of the Norman,which decapitated him.



Robin and John were moving slowly,but after they approached closer,they saw Will and Friar butchered,John aimed his bow and fired an arrow,killing one of the Normans.



William and his last Norman attacked Robin and Little John,and John pulled his quarterstaff and he managed to smack and knock down the Norman,but William attacked him with his sword,breaking the staff in half and Little John pulled his broadsword,while Robin tried to kill the Norman with his own sword,the Norman escaped with his long seax and stabbed John in the throat.



Than William and his last soldier charged at Robin Hood,while Robin was holding his sword,he swung it and killed the Norman,than he turned his attention toward William,who had his sword and shield ready.



Than both warriors clashed with Robin having only sword and William sword & shield combo,he though he will lose,but he grabbed Will's hatchet and smashed it at William's shield and pulling it away from him.Than with his final breath Robin slashed with full force slicing the King's throat.



Seeing he had slayed the Norman Duke,and restored the Anglo-Saxony in England,Robin looked at his dead gang and he falled on his knees and roared in anger,for his lost team-mates.

Expert's Opinion[]

It was no doubt one of the closest battle ever I had in Season 2.While William had better mid range weapon,training and superior tactics,Robin was both good in long and short range category,also William's crossbow might have been more effective in urban scenario,but Robin's mobility,archery and the fact that he had faced similar opponents before helped him to win.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Leonidas I (by Wassboss)[]

King Leonidas is making his way through a dense forest in search of the one they call Robin Hood. He has heard of this warrior who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. He himself has had money stolen by this man and he has come to kill him. However he is not the only one in the forest...

Robin Hood is hidden in a tree. He watches as leonidas walks past, notches an arrow and fires. However leonidas hears the bow strings being pulled and lifts up his shield the arrow bouncing off it. He turns to face his attacker but can’t see through the brush. Another arrow flies out and embeds itself in his arm. Leonidas pulls it out and throws his javelin at the tree.

It does not hit robin but the force at which it was thrown striking the trunk of the tree causes him to fall off his perch. He gets up and fires another arrow but again leonidas’s shield protects him. Robin runs off to find his other weapons with leonidas hot on his trail. He gets to a clearing and picks up his quarterstaff. He swings it a leonidas, but his armour stops the staff doing any damage.

Leonidas pulls out his dory and thrusts it forward scraping robin’s leg. Robin tries to hit him again but leonidas lashes forward with his shield knocking the staff out of his hands. He then tries to stab him with the spear but robin cuts it in half with his sword. Leonidas pulls out his short sword and swings it at robin.

Robin jumps out of the way and thrust forward with his own sword and grazes leonidas’s arm. Leonidas ducks under the blade and thrusts upward stabbing robin in the leg. He screams in pain and kicks leonidas in the head stunning him. He then pulls out his rondel dagger and buckler and duel wielding them. He fast and precise blows overwhelm leonidas and he is left with several gashes in his arms and legs.

Leonidas pushes forward with his shield and rams robin into a tree. He then stabs robin in the head ending his life. He stands up and with a cry of “SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTA” walks off to find help for his wounds.

Winner: King Leonidas

Expert's Opinion[]

King Leonidas won because his armour and shield stopped the arrows from doing damage and once in close range king leonidas dominated the physically weaker Robin Hood.

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The battle was declared unfair for Leonidas because of Robin Hood's superior metallurgy.

Battle vs. Genghis Khan (by Wassboss)[]

BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue: Genghis Khan

GreenGreenGreenGreenGreen: Robin Hood

Genghis and 4 of his body guards are making their way through Sherwood Forrest. They shimmy their horses through the tightly packed pathways and sometimes heavy foliage. As the path widens out a bit, one of the more senior bodyguards slides up besides genghis.

"Excuse me for the intrusion my khan but would be so kind as to remind me why we're not razing this forrest to the  ground and crushing this pathetic excuse for a leader"

Genghis smiles, his men are just as ambitious as he trained them to be. "Well Koloku, this Sheriff, as he likes to call himself, has offered us a very handsome tribute in order for us to be left alone, courtesy of the King. We are heading to meet him now"

Satisfied with his answer Koloku falls back into place and the silent plodding along continues, until their passway is blocked by a fallen tree. The men back up a bit, so the horses have more space to move about in a clearing, before two of the men dismount and attempt to dislodge the tree, but seem to be having little success in doing so.

"My Khan, Is it just me or is it unerving quite for a forrest" Koloku says aloud, scanning the forrest for any signs of an ambush. "You worry too much Koloku" Genghis says, secretly taking note of any possible ambush spots. As he says this, Koloku spots the glimmer of metal and immediatly without even having to think, places himself between the glimmer and his Khan. As he does this a flurry of arrows launch through the air, slamming into koloku and his horse, fataly wounding him. One of the men trying to dislodge the tree is also killed and the other is knocked off his feet but he manages to regain his footing. BlueBlue

The remaining two bodyguards immediatly bunch closer into their leader, drawing their own bows. However nothing happens and the forrest returns to it's silence. "Come out then you Cowards" Genghis shouts "or are you yak penis's to scared to fight like a true warrior". As he utters these last words a band of bandits leap from out of the foliage, weapons drawn and shouting a battle cry. Genghis and his men waste no time on letting loose a volley of arrows, managing to down one of the merry men. Green

A stray arrow fired my Robin Hood manages to hit the horse belonging to one of the mongol troops, downing him and momentarily putting one of the men out of the fight. Genghis and his other bodyguard run out of ammo and draw there respective weapons. Genghis spurs his horse forwards, charging right at the men and launches his Guan Dao out of his hand, hitting one of the merry men in the chest, pinning him to the ground. As he wheels around however his horse is struck in the neck by an arrow and rears up, throwing his rider off and running off into the forrest. Green

The other two bodyguards (the one having dusted himself up from his fall off his horse) also make a dash for the merry men, who stand ready to fight. "I'll deal with the leader over there Robin while you finish off these two" Little John says, getting a nod of approval from the outlaw king. As he runs runs off, Robin draws his longsword, awaiting the charging madmen. His fellow robber attempts to hit one of the charging men with his quaterstaff but misses leaving him wide open to attack. The lead mongol takes advantage of this and stabs him through the thigh with his Guan Dao. The man screams in agony but is soon silenced by a gash to the throat from a sabre. Green

Robin is now left to contend with two enemies but he keeps his calm and raises his sword. Dodging a clumsy initial attack he swerves around to dodge another from the second mongol before raking his sword across his armour, scoring a small gash across the man's ribs, enough to cause him heavy discomfort. He then begins a long period of parrying and deflecting before deflecting one of the men's sword into the helmet of the other, causing disorientation and confusion which he quickly takes advantage of. He hacks into the side of the first mongol, downing him in time to duck under the blow of the other. Drawing his dagger he lunges forward and plunges into the man's neck, taking a step back and finishing off the attack with a swing from the longsword. He then returns to the downed man and presses the sword down through his chest, finishing him off. He then sheathes his dagger and runs over to help Little John. BlueBlue

As genghis pulls himself up, he notices a large man running at him, swinging a large sword. Drawing his own sabre, genghis reacts just in time to block a blow, almost knocking him off his feet from the force. He slowly gets forced back by the power of the blows but quickly realises the pattern and when John uses an ever so predictable swipe, Genghis darts in close and jabs his sword into his sword arm, managing to leave the point of the sword protuding out of the other side of the arm before pulling it out. Little John howls in pain and this gives genghis the oppourtunity to begin cutting into him, leaving cut after cut after cut in the big man's chest. It's not long before he falls, never to rise again. Green

Genghis is about to sheath his sword when an arrow hits him square in the chest, glancing off his armour and knocking him to the ground. As he rises he is lucky to dodge a jumping downward thrust from Robin, thrusting his own sword forward and managing to leave a small gash on his wrist. Robin immediately takes a step back and the two begin circling each other, nervous to be the first to attack.

"You killed my best friend" robin says angrily. 

"It was his own fault, he attacked me and he was not up to par with his fighting skill. I'm suprised the big oaf lasted so long"

Robin lets out a cry of anger and charges, feinting a left thrust before delivering his true attack, a right swipe. Genghis is caught off guard but fortunatly his armour protects him from the blow. He attempts an attack of his own but robin is too quick and parries it, the sword bouncing harmlessly away. This continues in this fashion for quite some time with nethier one being able to get an advantage over the other. By sheer luck however genghis manages to strike a weapon point in robin's sword, breaking a good foot off the weapon. Robin steps back, looking down at his sword before dropping it and drawing his dagger.

"What do you say, a fair fight" he says, daring genghis to a knife fight.

"You have fought well my foe, the least I can do is offer you a fair death" the mongol chief replies, tossing his sword aside and drawing his mongolian knife. The two men charge at each other, colliding and trying to get a good grip on the other. For once genghis's armour works against him and robin is able to get the better hold, stabbing his knife into his opponents shoulder blade. Genghis roars in pain and, in a suprising show of strength, grips Robin by his arm and leg and lifts him up over his head, throwing him to the ground. Robin hits the ground hard and his dagger goes flying out of his hand. He scrambles acorss the ground to get it but genghis is having none of it. Flipping his knife around and grasping tightly by the blade, he draws back his wrist and throws, the knife sailing through the air. Robin reaches for his dagger and as he turns around to face his enemy the dagger slams into his neck and he falls to the ground.

Genghis walks over to his sword and picks it up, walking over to his dying opponent as he desperatly tries to stop the bleeding. "You fought well and as a result you died well. The sky gods will welcome you" he says, raising his sword above his head and plunging it into his chest, ending the reign of Robin of Loxley. Green

Genghis removes his knife from the dead bandit as the sound of hoofbeats sound. A pair of mongol scouts round the corner and seeing their khan hunched over a body, rush to his side.

"Are you okay my lord" one of the scouts enquires.

"I am. However there is an imminent threat from these englishmen and I have decided to refuse the tribute offered by the Sheriff. Weather he sent these bandits to kill me we may never know but I can't take the risk that he didn't. You head back to the main army, tell Khaser and Kachium to prepare the troops for movement, this is war now"

As one of the scouts rushes back to the main army, genghis mounts a nearby horse which was not killed or injured during the fight and looks towards the castle in the distance.

"I am the Flail of God. If you has not committed great sin, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you" 

Winner: Genghis Khan

Expert's Opinion[]

Genghis won because of his superior leadership skills and his better tactical mind. His armour also played a big factor and moreover Robin and his Men's lack of it turned out to be his downfall as it gave him less protection against the supeior close range weaponry of genghis and his men. 

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The battle was declared invalid because Genghis Khan was given a guandao, a weapon he never used.