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They are proud and willful, but they are true-hearted, generous in thought and deed; bold but not cruel; wise but unlearned, writing no books but singing many songs, after the manner of the children of Men before the Dark Years.

The Rohirrim are the cavalry type of army, settling in the land of Rohan, named after them. It is grassland that lies north of its ally Gondor and north-west of Mordor, the realm of the Uruk-hai, which is their enemy. The Rohirrim fight to protect their king and kingdom, and played a big role in the war of the ring, where they, along with the armies of Gondor, and other armies of men defeated the Uruk-Hai.

It is inhabited by the Rohirrim, a people of herdsmen and farmers who are well-known for their horses and cavalry. The armies of Rohan were almost exclusively horsemen, divided into irregular units termed éoreds (Old English for cavalry, troops) which could include up to 2,000 riders. Rohan's armies were more of a very well-trained militia called upon in times of war, with the actual standing army relatively small. They are described as armed with long spears, swords, axes, light helms, round wooden shield, and mail armour.

Battle vs. Dothraki Warrior (TV Series) (by 123chaseyoung)[]


Dothraki: RedRedRedRedRed

Five rohirrim were riding through a dusty plain when suddenly, arrows started to fly out. When they looked back, a group of five dothraki, burst out from a hill screaming and shooting arrows. A rohirrim was hit in the spine by an arrow, falling off his horse dead. Blue Stuck in a tight dangerous spot, the rest of the rohirrim turned around and formed a line as arrows flew. Two lance-wielding rohirrim rushed first, screaming death as they aimed their polearms. Another two sword-wielding horse lords followed behind.

The proud dothraki stood their ground and met their foes with their own swords. A whirlwind of death ensued, as lance pierced bodies, swords clashed. A lance plunged itself through a dothraki, pinning him like a banner. Red As the dothraki squad broke, a rohirrim managed to caught up to one. The dothraki threw a lasso and managed to entangle his horse, but quickly let go the moment the rohirrim slashed back. Narrowly missing his hands getting chopped off, the dothraki unsheathed his sword and managed to slice at the rohirrim chest. Unfortunately, the latter's plate armor protected him. The rohirrim countered with a thrust which the dothraki parried. But as the dothraki tried to slash back, the rohirrim pulled his sword back, creating a great slice to his neck. Red

The remaining dothraki rode for their lives as the rohirrim pursued. Their lack of armor managed to put a large distance. Feeling safe, the dothraki twisted their bodies, performing a parthian shot, showering the pursuing rohirrim with arrows. A rohirrim was instantly hit in the face, making yell in pain, before he inevitably fell to the ground dead. Blue Three arrows pinned themselves on another rohirrim, his armor proving useless against them, and he too fell down dead. Blue Another one got his horse shot in the face, and he stumbled on the round before the body of his horse crushed him. Blue Unfortunately, the latter's plate armor protected him. The rohirrim countered with a thrust which the dothraki parried. But as the dothraki tried to slash back, the rohirrim pulled his sword back, creating a great slice to his neck. (0)Only one remaining rohirrim remained, and as he watched his comrades fell dead, fear filled him, forcing him to turn around in retreat. It was the rohirrim this time who gave chase.

The lightly armored dothraki quickly caught up to him, their arrows tagging the rohirrim's horse in the liver. As the horse lord fell and tumbled, the dothraki came bearing down on him with swords. Their cornered foe, brave to the last, fought with vigor, using his lance as a pike. An overly-confident rohirrim was skewered by the lance in the gut, making him bleed fast, killing him. Red Before the rohirrim can pull his sword though, a noose tightened around his neck. He was then pulled away as the heathen dragged him through the plain with his lasso. But the rohirrim managed to draw his sword and cut the rope before he could be dragged to a slow death. The dothraki looked back and got enraged. And so he turned around and drew his own sword towards the rohirrim.

The rohirrim expected himself to brace upon a charge, but was surprised to see the dothraki dove away from his horse, lunging towards him. The rohirrim caught him and tossed him away. The dothraki rolled back to his feet and made a swipe to the rohirrim's chest, but the armor of the latter stopped the attack. Before the screamer can follow up, he was decapitated by the rohirrim with his longsword. Red The rohirrim roared in victory.

Winner: Rohirrim

Expert's Opinion[]

The rohirrim won because his armor and experience was too much. The dothraki's tactics did not help him counter the advantages that the rohirrim has (besides the bow). Experts believed that while the dothraki are horse archers, they lacked the sophistication and steppe strategy that made mongols and other real-life horse archers formidable.

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Battle vs. Greil Mercenaries (by Facetheslayer)[]

Rohirrim: Red Red Red Red

Greil Mercenaries: Blue Blue Blue Blue

The Simulation starts, as the Greil Mercenaries are just finished with defeating a force of Bengion soldiers. After the bloody battle, four Mercenaries are left standing, as all of a sudden, they hear the infamous horn of Helm hammerhand. Four Rohan Soldiers are sent as the cavalry, led by Eomer, all on horseback. Ike and a Greil Mercenary with a steel bow get on horseback, as the other two mercs stay on the ground...

One of the Greil mercs open a tome, and reads it aloud, casting ElThunder, right onto the front of a sword weilding Rohirrim's horse, killing it, and sending the rider topplign over, as his back breaks and he is dead within minutes. Red (3-4)The Greil Merc on horseback, who weilds the Steel Bow aims it at the archer of the Rohirrim, and fires, however, the Rohirrim archer managed to bend otu of the way, however, he fell off his horse. As the Greil archer is not pay ing attention, the Rohirrim archer stood up, and extended his bow, as he fired an arrow into the eye socket of the Greil archer. Blue (3-3)

Before the Rohirrim archer could celebrate, though, he was struck with a lightning bolt, from the Greil Mercenary thunder mage. Red (2-3) However, as soon as the last two Rohirrim closed the distance, one of the Rohirrim punctured the heart of the thunder mage with his Spontoon spear. Blue (2-2) The other mercenary ran back, and armed himself with a steel poleax, and narrowly avoided the tip of the spear. On a roundabout while on the horse,the Rohirrim with the spear was dismounted, from a strike with the Steel Poleax. With one more blow from the weapon, while he was downed, he was defeated. Red (1-2) The other mercenary ran towards his leader to aid him in battle.

Eomer and Ike met in battle, both swinging their swords at each other on horseback. Eomer managed to use his lasso, and snare Ike's right arm, which thrown him off his horse, and caused him to hit the ground hard. As Eomer ran, trying to drag Ike off, a steel poleax struck his horse, killing it, and causing the Rohirrim leader to fall off. The Greil Merc tried to chop him again, however, Eomer rolled out of the way in time. He drawn his sword, and was fending the poleax weilder off, until he did a powerful slash to the unprotected neck of teh Greil mercenary. Blue (1-1)

Ike had gotten to his feet, and found his sword, Ragnell. He yelled and charged at Eomer, as their blades clashed. Eomer kicked him back, and tried an overhead swing, however, it was deflected again by Ike. Ike went for a horizontal clash, however, Eomer swung his blade to clash. Eomer went fro a vertical hit again, however, Ike does a quick horizontal slash across the body of Eomer, and spins behind him, and punctured his armor with a stab. Eomer coughs blood, as Ike pushed his blade in further, before pulling it back out. Red (0-1) Ike then frustratedly thrusts his sword into the ground, and collapsed to his knes and gave out a yell of victory, and agony, for his friends were vanquished.

Winner: Greil Mercenaries

Expert's Opinion[]

The Griel Mercenaries weaponry was especially effective against the Cavalry of the Rohirrim army.

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The Riders of Rohan were given a longbow as one of their weapons, despite never using one.