Dracula. Die now, and leave this world! You'll never belong here.
— Richter Belmont

Richter Belmont is a descendant of Simon Belmont and renowned vampire hunter . He has a strong sense of justice and unwavering will. Every generation of the Belmont Clanhas produced tougher, more dedicated vampire hunters — yet Richter stands above all others. Brandishing the legendary sacred whip which so many of his predecessors wielded, this hot-headed youth pushed Dracula to the brink.

When Dracula, resurrected by evil humans, sacrificed a young virgin female's blood and life, he commanded his forces to kidnap Richter's girlfriend, Annette and villagers, Maria Renard, Tera, and Iris. Richter, obligated to battle the dark lord in every incarnation, single-handedly slayed the Count's massive army, including Shaft, and arrived in time to save the women — proving to himself that he was worthy of his vampire-hunting destiny.

Battle vs. Aragorn (by Death'sapprentice77)

Richter Belmont walks away from Dracula's Castle as it crumbles in the distance. He stops at a church and comes back fully healed from his battle with the vampire. He continues walking through a dark woods and spots Aragorn. He perceives him as a threat and throws 2 knives at him. The knives miss and land in the tree next to Aragorn. He retaliates and fires an arrow which hits Richter in the shoulder.

The vampire hunter scowls as he pulls the arrow from the wound he then throws more knives at him and the two exchange fire not one projectile hitting each other. Richter jumps up in a tree and throws more knives at Aragorn this time hitting the ranger in the shoulder. Aragorn winces and fires a flaming arrow at the tree Richter is standing in which bursts into flames. Richter leaps out of the tree and draws his whip. Aragorn removes the knife from his shoulder and unsheathes Anduril and the two begin exchanging blows, not retaining any damage.

Richter back flips and throws his cross boomerang at Aragorn who deflects it with ease. Aragorn charges and presses the attack and cuts Richter across the belly. Running out of options Richter unleashes Crash Cross. Running out of options Aragorn makes a run for it but trips and begins sliding forward toward the deadly blue flames. Thinking fast Aragorn fires an arrow hitting the vampire hunter in the shin causing him to lose concentration. The Ranger runs off to retrieve his sword but Richter wraps his whip around Aragorn's leg and tips him. He tries to whip him again but Aragorn rolls out of the way and draws his dagger and stabs it into Richter's thigh.

Taking advantage of the vampire hunter being in excruciating pain and retrieves his sword. Richter is enraged and takes the dagger out of his leg and limps toward the ranger. He whips at Aragorn wrapping the whip around the blade of Anduril. He pulls and sends Aragorn's face into his fist. The vampire hunter tries to whip him again but the ranger recovers from the blow, deflects Vampire Killer and thrusts Anduril through Richter's chest. Aragorn removes the blade from Richter and Richter falls over face first, dead. Aragorn sheathes his blade and walks off.


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