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Hey, you're that little shit priest's guy aren't you? His... witness or whatever. You must be exhausted. Let's take a break, huh, buddy? The old two martini lunch, have a little confab. Blah, blah, blah, blah...
— Richard Trager

Richard "Rick" Trager is an antagonist in Outlast. He is an insane Variant who experiments on patients in order to gain more knowledge about biology.

Prior to him becoming a patient at the adylum, Trager was actually the head of business development for Mount Massive, and an executive of research development at Murkoff. While interacting with a couple of police officers who were investigating HR complaints, he spikes one of the officer’s drinks, but is quickly caught and forced to drink the spiked liquid. After another struggle with the police, and the knowledge that he forced himself on one of his workers revealed, Trager was submitted as a patient to Mount Massive Asylum.

Battle vs. Roy Burns (by Pygmy Hippo2)[]

Male Ward, Mount Massive Asylum Roy Burns woke up in a wheelchair, his hockey mask was off but his Jason mask was still attached. He heard screaming as a bed squeaked with the familiar sound of metal puncturing it. Roy tore his way out of the straps before finding a machete on the surgical tray and his mask. The door was opened and Rick Trager entered with his "medical" shears. "Oh, hey buddy! I was just about to ask you what's with that weird thing on your head."

Burns walked towards Rick and swung but the man closed his shears around the opposing blade. "Not much of a talker, eh? I'm OK with that. Less noise to disturb the other patients." Trager punched the paramedic in the face, making him stumble backwards, before whacking the machete out of his hands. The surgeon smirked before he opened his shears but was surprised by the sudden appearance of a bright light that made him cover his eyes.

"What the hell is that light?!" Roy's road flare had given him enough time to pick up his machete again and he sent the shears flying out of Rick's hands. Trager immediately shoved Burns into the wall and right into a urinal as he picked up a meat cleaver. The blade cut to the bone in the paramedic's shoulder and he sliced upwards in defense. The surgeon had a small gash but he still reeled back in pain as his foe left the room. "Now buddy, there's no escaping me."

Roy found his garden shears sticking out of a man's corpse in another room after he exited the vents. "Buddy!" Rick slashed with his shears in an attempt to cut through Burns' neck but he dodged and stabbed his foe in the shoulder. Trager yelled in pain but ignored it and sliced the paramedic's belly open. Instead of dying, he instead stabbed the surgeon in the leg, sending him crashing onto his knees. Desperate to avoid his death, the "medical" shears stabbed forwards and Jason Voorhees' imposter dropped the garden shears.

From the heavy bleeding coming from Roy's previous wound, Rick could tell he hit his foe's kidney. As he chuckled, he got back up before cutting Burns' left hand in half with a snip. "You look like you're in a lot of pain, buddy! Let me help you with that." The paramedic lunged forwards with a machete in his right hand but Trager sidestepped and opened the "medical" shears before closing them around his foe's neck. Roy Burns' headless body fell to the ground as his head rolled on the floor before the surgeon stopped it.

"Can't feel pain if you're dead." Rick Trager chuckled as he limped away to the room where the dumbwaiter was.

Winner:Rick Trager

Expert’s Opinion[]

In this duel between homicidal medical personell, Roy Burns had the edge in weapons with his extremely lethal machete and somewhat useful road flare. However, Tick Trager's "medical" shears were a devastating primary weapon and his strength, speed, and experience enabled him to decapitate his durable opponent.

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Battle vs. Alfred Drevis (by Jackythejack)[]

The Mount Massive Asylum stood atop the hill in a dark and rather stormy night. While on the outside it seemed wild and hectic, on the inside it was even more so. Little did those on the outside know, there was an outbreak commencing inside of the Asylum. Inmates were wreacking havoc, killing guards and each other without any sort of biases. Mount Massive was becoming a bloody mess, and in the middle of this mess there was a..."doctor's" ward... 

The doctor's quarters was as bloody and violent as the rest of the asylum. There was hardly anything that would really differentiate it than how surprisingly neat it was. Freshly killed victims were sprawled out on hospital beds, some of them with their abdomens cut open, others with their heads cut off, and some with just a giant bloody mess, their life force splattered all over the ground. It would have been a deadly kind of quiet if it wasn't for the fact that you could hear whimpering coming from a specific room int he doctor's quarters. A room that served as the doctor's little play place. 

Within the play place there was a tiled floor, stained with dry and fresh blood alike, an old and rusty sink, used for the doctor to wash his hands after surgery, and in the middle of the room, there was an old wooden chair with a little girl stuck in it. Her wrists were cuffed to the arms of the chair. Her eyes were closed and she was whimpering softly. Her cries, however, would fall on the deaf ears of a doctor who was currently grabbing his main surgical tool. 

"Now, I'll be honest with you, it's not often than I get to operate on a child," the man began as he tested his scissors to make sure they were in working condition. He chuckled. "Well, I don't often have the chance to practice on a female, let alone a little girl. This is quite the rare opportunity. Now, be a good girl and open her eyes." 

The girl didn't budge and stayed mostly silent, eyes closed and only a small whimper exisitng her being. The doctor grabbed her face forcefully and squeezed hard on her cheeks, causing her to cry out in pain at the man's surprisingly strong grip. "I said open them!" 

The girl whimpered and opened her eyes. A deep blue gateway to her soul, which the doctor took his time to examine. He chuckled and patted her on the cheek. "That's a good girl. Now, before the surgery really begins, remind me to thank your idiotic father. If that man didn't come here for some "volunteers" as I've heard, I wouldn't have had such a wonderful opportunity. I really hope he's still alive. I would love to kill him personally." 

"F-Father, help!" Aya cried out with a hoarse tone in her voice. The doctor growled and delivered a smack against her cheek. She let out another yelp of pain and a sob, her head hanging down once more as tears fell into her lap. 

"Shut up! Your daddy isn't going to be coming for you, girly." He grinned and placed his scissor blades around her small, smooth fingers. So tiny, so delicate. "Now, I wonder how much pain a child could take before they pass out. I must research this right away!" 

"Aya!" A voice called out from somwhere else in the doctor's quarters. Trager's eyes widened only slightly and he glanced towards the doorway. A vicious grin came across his face as he turned to stare at Aya once more. 

"Well, it seemed I was wrong about your father. Looks like he's come to try and save you after all." He let out a scraggly, sinister chuckle as he moved towards the door. "Well, I'll be sure to keep him in one piece, so you can say goodbye to him before you go. Be back soon, love." 

He then exited his play room and shut the door behind him. He could hear the girl's screams come from the other side of the door, but it wasn't like the father was going to be around long enough to hear them. He smiled and walked through his own makeshift medical ward. It shouldn't be hard to find him. The idiot kept shouting out his beloved Aya's name. What a fool... 

It didn't take long to find it at all. Only a minute of walking and Trager had found Dr. Drevis examining one of the dead bodies on an operating table. There was a look of sheer disgust across his face as he examined the body. Trager chuckled and stepped forward, clicking his scissors to make an ear piercing scrapping sound. Rusty scissors don't make the best noise. 

"Ah, Dr. Drevis. I was hoping I'd find you. Oh, can I call you Alfred?" He smiled at the man in the most polite way he could muster. For a psychopath, he always thought of himself as charming. 

Dr. Drevis' eyes looked towards the fake doctor and it seemed like a gleam went across the lens of his glasses. He became steel faced. "How do you know my name? Where is Aya?" 

"Oh, when I got out of my cell I decided to take a look at some of the current events. I'm always up to date with my news, as any good doctor should be. A visiting doctor looking for cadavers and live test subjects for research was something that most certainly caught my eye. And as for your little girl Aya..." 

Trager glanced back the way he came and let out a laugh. He stared down the hallway for a moment before turning back to face Alfred, who still had a steely look on his face. "Well, let's just say that she's going to be having a very good time very soon." 

"'re a disgusting man..." Alfred muttered as he moved his gaze from the doctor to the corpse that he was standing over. "To kidnap my threaten her...violate the human image..." 

"Oh, does it make you upset? Are you all sad now? Are you going to cry? Well, maybe save the waterworks for your daughter. I plan on bringing you to her before I kill the both of you. It's only right to unite a daughter with her-"

His sentence was cut short, however, when Alfred pulled something rather shocking from his labcoat. As if having it stored there for safe keeping, Alfred reached into his labcoat and pulled out a chainsaw. She wielded it with one hand, grabbed the cord, and yanked on it with all his might. 

The chainsaw roared to life, and Trager took a small step back, if only due to the fact that he was very, very surprise. He regained his composure quickly and took a step forward. He smiled. "Some toy you have there, Alfred! Think you know how to use it?" 

The fatherly doctor took a few slow, shambling steps towards the mad doctor from Mount Massive. He was practically slumping as he moved forward, holding onto the chainsaw as it grumbled, hungry for flesh to dig into. "I know how to use it." 

Then Alfredy charged forward. The psychotic father would rush forward in a surprising burst of speed as he ran towards Trager. The mad doctor chuckled and swung the giant pair of scissors towards the doctor in an attempt to hit him. Alfred intercepted with his chainsaw and began to push Trager, trying to knock him off balance. 

Unfortunately, Trager proved to be the stronger doctor as he was casually holding back the Drevis family head. He let out an amused chuckle and pushed Drevis away from him before stepping forward and kicking him in the gut. "Pathetic." 

Drevis stumbled back, hand still firmly gripping his chainsaw, and let out a grunt of frustration. He looked Trager over, trying to figure out where exactly he should hit. For an efficient kill, you'd have to hit the neck. With a chainsaw, you'd stab him through the chest. To limit mobility, hit him in the calf and cut it down the middle. He could do this. 

He charged forward once more, and Trager was prepared for it this time. Trager had stepped out of the way of Drevis' charge and, with the doctor running past him, he slashed his scissors in the general direction of the doctor. He was able to knick the doctor in the side, but based off the small rips in the man's cloth, he barely did any damage. That wasn't going to cut it. he needed an opening, but that chainsaw was going to be dangerous. 

Alfred quickly adjusted himself, putting a hand to his damaged side and looking at his palm to make sure that he wasn't badly cut. Nothing that he couldn't just walk off. He rushed forward again and swung his chainsaw in a wide arc. Trager intercepted. Sparks flew and illuminated the dimly lit area in the autopsy room, shining light on both of the doctor's faces. There was something primal in both of their eyes as they engaged in their fight to the finish. 

Trager, again, was able to overpower Drevis and push him away, and this time he wasn't going to let him recover. He ran forward and, instead of using hit admittedly unwieldy scissors, he grabbed a cleaver off one of the nearby autopsy tables and lunged foward. 

He swiped towards the man, and the serrated balde of the cleaver got stuck in the man's clothes and his chest. Drevis cried out in pain and stumbled back once more. Trager stepped forward and kicked him in the stomach with enough force to knock him right onto his rear and have him drop his chainsaw, which shut off upon impact with the ground.

Trager grinned at his downed opponent as he dropped his cleaver and went for his scissors once more. He aimed them at the doctor's neck, one single point pressing against the doctor's trachea. Drevis held his breath as he stared at the violent murderer. 

"Now, how about we have a little fun, then?" The doctor moved the scissors away from Drevis neck and forcefully grabbed one of the doctor's arms. He pulled it towards him and placed it in between the spread out scissor blades. He grinned and slwoly began to push the two blades together, causing them to cut into Drevis' arms. 

The mad father cried out in pain as the doctor from Mount Massive continued to push and push on the handles of his scissors, causing the blades to pierce deeper and deeper into generally undamaged flesh. The doctor was giving a sickening grin which would reveal even more sickening, poorly kept teeth. He was going to make this last a long time. 

Or, he would have, if there wasn't something that had suddenly pounced onto his back, causing him to let go of his scissors and have them fall to the ground. He stumbled away from the doctor as he grabbed whatever had latched onto his neck. He felt a stabbing sensation in his shoulder and he cried out in pain. 

After a panicked backpedal, Trager slammed his back into the wall. He heard something seem to crack and the weight on his back give way. He took a few steps forward and turned around to see what had been serving as a thorn in his side, only to see that it was...a doll? It had to be a doll. It was too small to be an adult but far too developed to be a child. 

The doll's head was put at a 90 degree angle, like it's neck had been completely destroyed. The doll placed both hands on its head and, with a sickening crack, put it's head back in place. Trager examined the doll with an intrigued expression before chuckling. "Well, now I've seen everything. I can't wait to be disecting you." 

Trager pulled the scalpel that had been stabbed into his shoulder out and moved towards the doll, who was simply standing there and staring at Trager with big, unblinking eyes. The doll closed it's eyes and seemed like it was going to accept its faith. Well, Trager could accept that. 

Trager roughly grab the doll and lifted it up into the air. He then took the scalpel and began madly stabbing the doll. Honestly, against his common sense, he had expected blood to come out of the doll, since it seemed like it had been living, but nothing came out except for this odd chemical that was inside it. It didn't stop him from continuously stabbing it, however. The doll let out a mad shriek of pain that could likely be heard throughout the entirety of the doctor's ward. 

Eventually, the doll fell limp in Trager's arms, and the mad doctor smiled as he dropped it onto the ground. He let out a sigh. "Well, that was quite the stress relief, actually. Now, I do believe we were-"


Trager heard the sound of a chainsaw roaring to life a second too late. He turned around just in time to see the doctor stab into his abdomen. The chain ripped through his flesh and caused blood to splatter everywhere. The doctor screamed out in pain as he grabbed the doctor and tried to get him to stop, but as the chainsaw was ran through him horizontally, he found his upper body strength leaving him. Too much blood loss or something. He didn't know and he didn't fucking care. 

""  The doctor tried to think of an insult, or some sort of profanity to shout at the doctor as his final words, but before he could think of anything, he ran out of the energy to talk...or even thing. The chainsaw cut through him completely and two halves of the doctor fell to the ground. His arms moved around weakly in an attempt to reach out towards the doctor, but eventually, his whole body went limp and he fell silent. 

Dr. Drevis was panting by the time the doctor had expired. Blood had been splattered everywhere. HIs face, his glasses, his labcoat, the autopsy room as a whole. It was like some horror movie. Oh, what the hell, this whole experience was like a horror movie. 

For a moment, Drevis had forgotten what he was doing, just staring at the body that he had mutilated. Such a shame...but that wasn't something he could worry about now. He had his daughter to go and save. 

"Aya! Aya, where are you!?" He ran off further into the medical ward, where he would eventually find his daughter strapped to a chair. He freed her, they embraced, and slowly but surely crawled their way out of that hellhole. 

They wouldn't tell anyone about their time in Mount Massive Asylum, and they chose not to speak of it when they finally went back home, but Alfred was still worried that the experience traumatized his daughter and damaged her in a way that he would be unable to fix. This would be...problematic, for his plans...

Experts's Opinion[]

The expert's believed that, while Trager clearly took it in physicality and the two were very close weaponwise, Alfred's medical knowledge, the help given to him by his doll, and his straight to the point method of killing when compared to Trager's longer and more torturous methods had net him the win this time. 

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Battle vs. Harry Warden (by Jackythejack)[]

A man drunkenly stumbled down the streets, a bottle held tight in his hand. With every violent sway, some of the bottle's contents spilled out onto the ground. The man didn't seem to care, though, as he continued on his merry and hardly sober way. He threw his head back as he took a swig from the bottle. The rapid motion made his vision blur, and make him terribly dizzy. He retched, bringing his head back and leaning against the wall of an abandoned building.

He felt like he was going to hurl. The bitter taste in his mouth was one he associated with bile. His cheeks puffed up, and he made another retching sound. He took a few deep breaths, ans he leaned away from the wall. Steady...steady...

He couldn't hold it in. The contents of his stomach poured out onto the concrete sidewalk. He gagged and sputtered, leaning tiredly against the wall. His little accident was barely illuminated by a nearby streetlamp. it was disgusting, and that faint putrid smell wafted up towards him. Ugh, he had even gotten some on his shoes. He stumbled away from the wall.

"Having trouble with the booze, are we?" A posh sounding voice. Not British, but...fuck, might as well be. The man turned to the source of the noise, practically falling backwards. The speaker, some tall lanky man barely in the streetlight's beam, stepped forward and gently grabbed his shoulder. "Woah, hey, easy there. I'd call you a lightweight but...I think we both know you didn't just have two bottles of the stuff."

He chuckled, and the drunk man awkwardly laughed along with him. Even in his drunken stupor, he seemed cautious of the less than appealing looking man. The stranger tightened his grip on the drunk's shoulder, almost to a painful degree. "Richard Trager's the name, son. I'm a doctor, actually. Think you can allow me to take you home? For your own safety, of course."

"Bwa?" he exhaled, a look of confusion on his face. His breath smelled of alcohol and vomit; a truly rancid sensation that wafted into Trager's nose, causing him to cringe. "Uh, yeah, sure."

"Good, good. Now, just relax..." he gently loosened his grip on the man's shoulder, and the man seemed to loosen up further. Trager grabbed his head and slammed it into the wall. The man crumbled into the puddle of his own vomit like a bag of bricks. "And let the doctor do his job..."


Happy Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentine's Day...


Honestly, was it even Valentine's Day? Axel couldn't remember. He felt wrong in the head, more than usual at least. He couldn't remember anything, and he felt disoriented. In his head he could hear...screams. Faint, but they were definitely screaming. he was definitely holding a deadly weapon. He was definitely the cause of those screams. God, what was happening?

He stumbled down the street, feeling like a drunkard in his own right. It didn't help that he had this miner's mask on. It was restricting his breathing, but he didn't want to take it off, like he had some kind of attachment to it. As he walked, he used the giant pickax he had in his hands as support. Without it, he would have absolutely fallen over. He was slowly starting to come to his senses, but that didn't mean he knew what was happening.

Suddenly, a scream. Not a strange, faint scream in his head. It was a real, honest to god scream. It would have made a sane man's blood curdle, but it did not fall on sane ears. Axel slowly turned to the source. What little light was provided was reflecting off of the lenses of his mask. Feeling more like himself again, he moved forward. His steps were, at first, slow and sluggish, before eventually picking up pace. He shortly after broke out into a full sprint. He didn't know what was taking control of him. He just knew he had to get there.


"Oh, keep the screaming down, will you? You're making my ears hurt." Trager rolled his eyes as he pulled his shears away. He had just cut off the man's ring finger. A slow, painful process. He screamed the whole way through. At the very least, the drunk had sobered up considerably. He seemed to be of pretty sound mind now. "On the bright side, this is a hell of a way to wake yourself up, eh?" He said with a chuckle. He gently poked at the man's cheek with his shears, causing him to whimper and shudder.

"Now, let's see that other hand, huh? Can't have them be uneven, right?" The man was tied down to a chair, and as Trager prepared to cut off his other finger, he slammed his foot down on his arm so that it wouldn't move as much. He placed the digit between the shear blades, began to press down...

There was suddenly a banging at the door of his warehouse-turned-"infirmary". The small metal door buckled just silghtly, but stayed on its hinges. It sounded like someone was trying to kick the door open. Trager let out a curse under his breath. "I'm not done with you yet."

He began his slow walk towards the warehouse door, walking past a couple piles of blood and gore, and some messy, makeshift operating tables. As he moved closer to the door, the banging and loud thuds seemed to grow louder, and more violent. It was starting to piss him off, quite frankly. He grabbed a cleaver off the nearby operating table. "Alright, alright! Quiet down, huh? You're going to wake the whole fucking neighborhood."

Just as he was only a few feet from the door, it finally bust open. Trager's warehouse wasn't filled ith much light, but the light it did have illuminated on a man dressed in full miner's gear, and wielding a heavy looking pickax. The newcomer stared at Trager through those lifeless lens. Trager was immediately put on edge, and stepped back as he brought his cleaver up, opting to drop his shears in the meantime.

"Oh, alright. Figures that one of you crazies would follow me all the way out here..." He mostly muttered that part, but Axel definitely heard it. "Well, how about this. You leave me alone, and we can act like this never-"

"H-Help!" The restrained man shouted, breaking the tension that hung in the air.

"Shut u-"

Trager didn't finish his sentence. Axel stepped forward, swinging his pickax, aiming to kill and to kill quickly.

Trager just barely moved out of the way, watching as the pickaxe embedded itself into the ground. He looked at Axel, who was struggling to pull his weapon free. He cracked his neck. "Well, so much for being civil." He stepped forward and pushed his foot against Axel's chest, causing him to let go of his pickaxe and stumble back.

Almost frantically, Axel pulled a bowie knife out of his pocket, and brandished it towards Trager. The doctor chukled softly, before waving his giant pair of scissors at the man. "You really think something like that can stand up to this?"

Axel lunged forward and slashed at Trager's extended arm. Trager pulled his arm back and took a quick step backwards. "Cheeky," he muttered before stabbing his scissors forward. Axel sidestepped it and slashed at Trager's exposed side.

Trager cried out in pain as his torso was slashed. Blood slowly leaked out of the open wound, and Axel moved to slash at his front. While he still was able to leave a nasty cut across Trager's chest, Trager more or less powered through it, and pushed Axel off balance. Trager threw a fist at Axel's face, knocking him right off his feet and onto the ground.

"Yeah, doesn't feel good, doesn it?" Standing over the miner, Trager raised his pair of scissors into the air. "This is gonna hurt a lot more!"

He slammed his weapon down into Axel's shoulder, stabbing about an inch of the blade into his skin. Axel let out a loud cry of pain, as Trager began to slowly twist the pair of blades. "Yes, that's right, scream more!" Axel swiped his knife at Trager's legs, but the doctor quickly kicked it out of his grip, and the knife skidded across the floor. "We won't be needing any of that, will we? Now, stay still. I have to get something."

Leaving his weapon inside Axel's shoulder, Trager moved towards his "operating table". On the table, there as a single cleaver, dried with blood from previous victims. His drunken victim, who had been watching the two killers struggle, was still trying desperately to get out of his seat.

"I'll get to you later," he said with a smirk, gently gliding the edge of the blade along the man's neck. He didn't press down, though, so the man wasn't cut, but he could certainly feel how cold the blade was. As he did this, however, the man was focusing on something else. Something...behind him.

Trager didn't waste time, and slammed his body backwards. He rammed backwards into a recovering Axel, who stumbled back and almost lost his footing. Trager spun around and swung his cleaver, just barely missing Axel's head. "You just don't know when to quit, do you?" He asked with an annoyed tone. "I'm going to enjoy making you scream."

Axel swiped his knife forward, and also just barely avoided Trager. Neither seemed to be able to hit their target. At least, not without playing it safe. One of them had to risk their safety to land a hit. The first one to be so reckless was Trager, who powered through Axel's attempts at intimidation, and slammed his fist into his face once more. Axel stumbled back, letting out a cry of pain behind his gas mask.

"Yes, that's it! Keep screaming!" Trager punched Axel in the face once more, harder this time. Trager could just feel his nose shattering under his punch. Axel was on the ropes, and he knew it. One more powerful punch, and Axel was flat on the ground, his knife falling out of his hand. Trager grinned wickedly before kneeling down next to Axel. He grabbed Axel's arm and forced it still, while also forcing him to open his hand.

"I'm gonna enjoy this." With one quick strike, he slammed his cleaver down onto Axel's thumb, chopping right through it. Axel screamed out in pain as blood poured out of the hole in his hand. Trager let out a manic laugh as he pressed the blade against Axel's palm, slowly rocking it back and forth and forming a large gash on Axel's hand. "Get used to this. You're going to be feeling pain for the next couple of hours!"

As he laughed to himself, he heard what sounded like something...scooting against the floor. That got him out of his manic weirdness, and he glanced towards the source of the noise. It was the drunk he had gotten tied up. He began to move his chair, towards Axel's knife. "What are you-"

The drunk flicked at the knife with his foot, sending it skittering across the floor and back towards Axel. Axel and Trager glanced at each other for a moment, before they both lunged for the knife. Trager let go of Axel's hand, and Axel used this as an opportunity to push against Trager as hard as he could. Trager was knocked off balance, and almost fell over. This gave Axel just enough time to grab the knife, and stab it towards Trager.

The blade sunk into Trager's flesh, and he let out a loud, pained scream. Axel didn't give him much time to recover, and began to stab into Trager reapeatedly, hitting his torso, his arms, and even his neck. After a few more stabs, to the point where Trager was beginning to look more like swiss cheese than an actual peron, Axel finally pushed the mad doctor off of him. Trager fell to the ground limply, not even breathing.

Axel pushed himself up to his feet, his head spinning. He glanced to the drunken captive, eyes wide and full of fear. Axel could barely think straight, and could barely stand due to all the adrenaline. Despite this, he knew what he wanted to do. He moved towards the man, and slowly, deliberately, cut through his restraints.

The man, shaking as he stood up, stared into Axel's eyes for a few seconds. Whatever he saw must have scared him, because he broke out into a sprint shortly after, and left the warehouse. Once the man left, Axel stumbled to the wall, and sat down against it, looking up at the ceiling. He just needed a moment to relax, and get his head straight...

Expert's Opinion[]

While Trager was the stronger of the two, the experts believed that Axel had the better weaponry, and the better killing mindset. Trager is very obsessed with torturing and making his murders last a long time. Axel was much more likely to go for the kill, making him a far more likely victor in this confrontation.

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Battle vs. Yoon Gwi-nam (by Battlefan237)[]


Winner : Yoon Gwi-nam

Experts's Opinion[]

Although Trager is smarter, he is simply no match for the physically superior Gwi-nam. In addition, Rick's tendency to toy with his victims backfires here, since doing so here will only further anger Gwi-nam.

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