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This is John Connor. If you're listening to this, you are the resistance.
— John Connor

The Resistance is one of the main factions in the Terminator franchise. The Resistance repesents the last bastion of the human military in the War of the Machines, in which either Skynet or Legion (depending on the timeline) wiped out most of humanity. In most timelines, they are lead by John Connor.

After Skynet became sentient and recognized humanity as a threat to its existence, it hacked into the network systems of the world's nuclear powers and turned their nuclear arsenal against them in an even what came to be known as Judgement Day. The remnants of military organizations and civilian militias began to band together under the leadership of John and took up arms against Skynet in a last-ditch effort to save the surviving humans. Having stolen time travel technology from Skynet, the Resistance often send agents and captured terminators back in time to protect their members from Skynet and make certain that Judgement Day never happens. How sucessful the Resistance is in the War of the Machines tends to vary from timeline to timeline, as both it and Skynet frequently change the past.

In one timeline, Skynet was destroyed before it came online, though John was still assassinated by a T-800. Instead, it was the AI known as Legion who initiated Judgement Day, with Dani Ramos leading the Resistance.

Battle vs. Colonial Marines (by Deathblade 100)[]



The battle starts with a Humvee with five Resistance fighters. Four of them dismount and enter a rundown building. One carries an RPG-7 rocket launcher. The other three carry their M4 Carbines and one also has a sawn off Remington 870 with him as well. At the same time, four Colonial Marines enter the same building. One has an M240 Incinerator Unit. The other three carry their M41A Pulse Rifles and one has his Ithaca M37.

One of the Marines pulls out his Motion Tracker to detect any movement. The Motion Tracker picks up the Resistance fighters as they close in. The Marines quickly get into position. A Resistance guerrilla enters the room and, after spotting a Marine, opens fire with his M4 Carbine. The Colonial Marine drops from several bullet wounds.Green A Marine fires his Pulse Rifle at the Guerrilla, killing him.Brown A shot from an RPG-7 quickly cut the Marine's joy short.Green

A Marine quickly pursues the RPG Resistance fighter down a corridor with his M240 Incinerator Unit. The Resistance fighter turns a corner only to realize it's a dead end. The Marine stands back and fires a jet of fire at the Resistance fighter, roasting him.Brown As the Marine walked back from the burning corpse, a blast from a shotgun caught him in the back of the head.Green As the Resistance fighter stepped out of the shadows, a shot from an Ithaca M37 hit him in the heart.Brown

The Marine leader and the Resistance leader started firing their shotguns at each other. The Marine's shotgun quickly ran out of ammunition. As the Resistance leader reloads his shotgun, the Marine picks up a dropped Pulse Rifle and braces it against his hip. The Resistance fighter looks up just as the Marine fires the Underbarrel Grenade Launcher at the Guerilla.Brown

The Marine raises his Pulse Rifle and yells "Oorah!" in victory.

Winner: USCM

Expert's Opinion[]

The Marines won due to overwhelming technological weaponry and experience with fighting enemies worse than Terminators. To see the original votes, battle, and weapons, click here.

Battle vs. 2nd Mass (by So-Pro Warrior)[]

  • The Resistance:Darkredx20 450px-UH-1Y
  • 2nd Mass: Bluex20 300px-thumbnail

Outskirts of the Naval Base, Norfolk

"Well, I would say that those Skitters didin't know what hit them." Colonel Dan Weaver says.

The two leaders of the 2nd Mass, Tom Mason, and Dan Weaver along with eighteen of their men and a Humvee, made their way along the road back to the Naval Base. Word came from the scouts that there was a small Skitter outpost not that far away from the base and the two decided to take a small team to take it out so it wouldn't be a problem when the time for their assault on Washington came.

"You could say that again. Good thing we brought the Humvee along, we definitely needed the extra firepower. Didn't expect there to be that many Skitters at an outpost." Tom says.

"They might've been trying to build up a small force there to launch an attack on us when we were least expecting it. Thin our numbers down a bit." Weaver replies.

"Well, whatever they were doing there. Won't be a problem to us anymore." Tom says.

Meanwhile, in the Terminator Universe...

An unidentifiable city... A massive explosion rocked out from a giant building. In the ruins of the city, John Connor, Barnes, along with their eighteen remaining men from the raid on the Skynet building rushed away from the building until they felt that they were at a safe distance. "Alright, that takes care of whatever they were working on in that building." John Connor says. 

"You there! Radio in the chopper! Tell them we're ready for pickup." Barnes orders a soldier to do as he complies and begins radioing in the choppers that would pick them up.

"What were the machines working on back there? It didn't look good." Barnes says to Connor.

"If what we got from that other base was right, that machine back there could've been some kind of time travel machine or something. Prototype, it looks like they're trying to build a machine to travel back in time." Connor replies.

"You think that's possible?" Barnes asks.

"I have a feeling, sooner or later, it will be." Connor says knowing full well that sooner or later Skynet was going to build a time machine and send a Terminator back to the past to try and kill his mother. 

"Well, at least these Plasma AKMS are turning out to be great weapons. Just wish we could mass produce more of them." Barnes says as he looks over his modified plasma AKMS. 

"Let's be glad we were able to at least get something like that, and we'll have a few more to come." John says.

Inside the new destroyed Skynet building...

A large machine is seen in the middle of a large room, the room now laying in ruins due to the attack. Just then, a console comes online as commands seem to begin appearing on the screen, seeming to activate the machine as it a loud humming nose comes from it and a bright blue ball of light appears in the middle of it. The light then explodes outwards and seems to collapse in on itself, the machine dying down as if nothing happened. 

Back in the Falling Skies Universe...

"Now I can see why Cochise and the Volm like using these fancy guns of theirs. I still prefer my old one but since something was wrong with it when I tried using it this morning, couldn't exactly wait for it to be fixed and luckily he had an extra one lying around." Weaver says as he marvels at the Volm augmented M16A2. 

All of a sudden a loud crack of thunder above the group makes everyone stop in their tracks and look up, "Was that thunder?" Weaver asks.

"Can't be, there's barely any clouds in the sky." Tom replies. 

All of a sudden, Tom and the members of the 2nd Mass find themselves surrounded by a blue bubble of light all around them, electricity seeming to be on it but not coming off of it. "What the hell is this Tom?" Weaver questions.

"Everyone run!" Tom yells not wanting to take chances on what was around them as the group attempt to run but vanish in a flash of bright blue light. 

Back in the Terminator Universe...

"Venom's inbound!" A Resistance soldier yells out as off in the distance, a large group of UH-1Y Venoms fly towards the Resistance survivors. 

As John and the rest of the Resistance members wait for the helicopters to land, out of nowhere a bright flash of blue light appears far down the street from their location, blinding the Resistance fighters as electricity shoots out from the light, the electricity striking all but one of the helicopters as the remaining Venom's pilot pulls away from the light, the other Venom's crash into buildings or onto the streets and explode taking out the pilots and gunners on them. As the light dies down, Connor, Barnes and the rest of their men open their eyes and look at where the light was, in its place was a group of people who looked like they didn't know what was going on. 

"Um...Tom. Where are we?" Weaver asks.

"I have no idea Dan." Tom replies. 

"Did those people come out from that light?" Barnes questions.

"I think they did." Connor replies.

"Think they're Terminators in disguise. That looked like something no human should've come out of alive." Barnes says. 

"We're about to find out. HEY!" John yells out to the strangers, catching their attentions as Tom and the members of the 2nd Mass turn towards Connor and his Resistance fighters. 

"Identify yourselves!" Connor yells. 

"I'm Tom Mason! We're members of the 2nd Mass! Perhaps you've heard of us?" Tom yells back. 

"No, not really!" John yells back. 

"Who are you guys?" Tom questions.

"I'm John Connor, perhaps you've heard of me?" John asks.

"Not really. Are we supposed to have heard of you?" Dan questions. "I'm not liking these people one bit John. Should we take them out?" Barnes asks.

"Hold your fire all of you. We don't know if they're the enemy." John says. 

"Where are we? Last we remember we were on our way back to a Naval Base in Norfolk after we took out a Skitter Outpost?" Tom asks.

"Skitters? What are those supposed to be? New Skynet robots?" John yells at Tom.

"Skynet? What's Skynet?" Tom questions. 

"They're Terminator's John, they have to be, they're trying to act dumb by not knowing what Skynet is, they must've come from that machine. Open fire!" Barnes yells at the soldiers.

"No wait!" John yells but is ignored as Barnes and the rest of the Resistance fighters open fire with their guns on the 2nd Mass soldiers. Barnes immediately takes out one of the 2nd Mass members with his Plasma AKMSBlue, "What the hell? Take cover!" Weaver yells as the members of the 2nd Mass rush for cover and begin returning fire. The 2nd Mass member on the Dual DShK quickly takes aim and opens fire on the Resistance soldiers, forcing many of them into cover as Connor in anger but forced to survive gets into cover and begins firing back with his HK416. 

Weaver pops out from behind his cover and fires his Volm augmented M16A2 taking out a Resistance soldier behind a pile of rubbleDarkred. A fellow Resistance soldier who was using a nearby doorway for cover, seeing his friends death, pops out of cover and attempts to take out Weaver, the gunner on the Humvee though seees sees this and quickly turns the DShK on him, firing a barrage of 12.7x108mm rounds at the Resistance fire and eventually filling him full of holes as the Resistance fighter falls to the ground deadDarkred. After having circled back around, the pilots and gunners of the Venom spot Connor and the others in a firefight with humans down below. The pilots position the Venom so that the left door gunner has a shot at the 2nd Mass members from their rear as the gunner immediately opens fire, his bullets hitting all around their position as some even hit the Humvee, alerting Tom and the others to its prescense. A 2nd Mass member who was using the back of the Humvee for cover runs out as the M60D rounds hit all around him, however he is soon struck immeidately two times in the back and sent flailing forward to the ground deadBlue. "Take out that chopper!" Weaver yells as the gunner turns his attention on the Venom and returns fire, another 2nd Mass member appears with an RPG, takes aim, and fires. 

The shot travels right through the opening of the Venom as the other gunner grabs a G36C and taking aim fires at the 2nd Mass members. One of his bullets manage to hit the RPG wielding 2nd Mass member through the right leg, causing the man to cry out in pain and fall to the ground.

"Everyone split up! Find cover! Get indoors and out of sight of that chopper! You guys, try to take it out!" Mason orders to the group and to the Humvee driver and gunner. The remaining 2nd Mass members split off, Tom grabs the wounded man as seven other members go with him and the wounded into one building, and the other eight go with Weaver into a nearby alleyway. The Humvee driver fires up the engines and begins driving down the remains of the street as the gunner fires at the helicopter. 

"They're splitting off! Eight of you with me! Barnes take the others and go after that other group!" Connor orders as he then begins signalling the Venom to go after the Humvee, the pilot understands and flies off after the Humvee. 


Weaver and his group come out of the other end of the alleyway, opposite of them, Barnes and his group come out through the back door of a building. Weaver spots them and fires his Volm augmented M16A2 taking out two Resistance fighters as they exit the doorDarkredDarkred. Barnes returns fire along with the other Resistance fighters, one of the fighters armed with a G36C hits one of the 2nd Mass fighters in the headBlue. Another 2nd Mass fighter with a Colt M4A1 sees his comrade die and immediately shoots the Resistance fighter who killed him, only to then be killeed by another Resistance member with a G36CDarkredBlue. "We're too exposed out here. Into that building quickly!" Weaver orders as he and the 2nd Mass fighters rush towards a nearby building, Barnes managing to take out one of the fighters as he gets up from coverBlue. One of the 2nd Mass fighters ram into the door, knocking it down as Weaver and the remaining five 2nd Mass fighters with him enter. 

"Quickly, after them!" Barnes orders. 

With Tom's Group...

"Clear a table!" Tom yells as one of the fighters rush over to a wooden table and sweeps all of the crap on it off to the floor. Two of the fighters who were carrying the wounded man place him on the table as the medic of the group rushes over and attempts to take care of him. The other fighters set up positions to keep a lookout for John and his Resistance fighters. As the medic tries to stop the bleeding, he notices blood on the man's back and looks to see that he had also been hit two times in the lower back. The medic looks at Tom with saddened eyes, knowing that with what he had there was no way he was going to be able to save him, and it was at that moment the man died from too much blood lossBlue. Tom and the others become saddened over the death of their friend, "What do we do now Tom?"

"We need to fight these guys off. Once we take care of them, we link up with Weaver and the others and if they need it, help them. I have a idea." Tom says. 

With John's Group...

John and his group slowly move down a hallway, keeping their wits about as they try and locate where these people were. All of a sudden, at the end of the hallway, Tom pops out from around the corner, "Cover!" Connor yells as he dives into cover just as Tom fires, managing to take out one of the Resistance fighters who was unable to get into cover in timeDarkred.  As some of the Resistance fighters return fire, Tom turns and runs away as some of the bullets hit the corner wall. "Let's get him!" One of the Resistance fighters yell as he and three others run with him after Tom. John however sensed something was up, "Wait!" but his yell is ignored as he and the other two chase after the others. 

The four Resistance fighters run into a room with their weapons raised, they notice a dead body of one of the fake humans and look at each other with a confused look. All of a sudden Tom and the other 2nd Mass fighters pop out from cover and fire their guns, taking out the four Resistance fighters before they have a chance to reactDarkredDarkredDarkredDarkred. Two of the 2nd Mass fighters move out from their cover and walk over to the Resistance fighters to see if they're down, out of nowhere bullets travel through the wall taking out the two fighters while Tom and the others get back into coverBlueBlue. A Resistance fighter walks into the room with his UMP-9 raised, a 2nd Mass fighter pops out in front of him but the Resistance fighter is quicker on the trigger and fills him full of holes before he can, however another 2nd Mass fighter to his left pops out and fires his MP5A3 taking out the Resistance fighterBlueDarkred. John and his remaining two men rush past the door as the 2nd Mass fighter yells, "They're on the run!" and chases after them. 

Tom and the others get out from their cover and quickly rush after him, the 2nd Mass fighter turns the corner only to be shot by Connor in the head by his HK416Blue. Connor and his men turn and start running away as Tom and his last three men turn the corner and see their dead comrade, seeing Connor and his group running Tom and the others pursue. 


The Humvee driver makes his way through the ruined streets, trying to avoid hitting rubble that might turn the vehicle over. The gunner continues to fire at the Venom overhead as the Venom continues to fly swinging left and right to avoid the shots while the gunners fire off at the vehicle every chance they get. The driver tries to figure out which way to turn as he soon finds himself coming up on a roadblock ahead, the driver takes a tough left and floors it out of the chopper's sight due to a tall building in the pilot's view. The pilot turns the the helicopter, only to find the Humvee gone. The pilot and and gunners are confused by this as a Humvee couldn't just disappear into thin air. One of the gunner's continue surveying the area to try and spot the Humvee, when he then notices what looks like a tunnel just in front of the helicopter. The gunner looks at the tunnel and squints his eyes trying to see if he can spot something, when the Humvee drives out of the tunnel and the gunner fires up straight at the still helicopter. The helicopter is hit many times as even the gunner looking at the tunnel is hit in the chest and falls backwards into the chopper dead, the Humvee gunner continues to fire as the Venom pilot attempts to escape but bullets soon damage the rotors, causing smoke to come from them as the pilot then loses control and begins to spin out to the city below. The pilot attempts to pull up but finds it impossible as the Venom then crashes into a building, causing much damage to it as then the already weakened building collapses right on top of it450px-UH-1Y.

The Humvee driver and gunner both sigh in relief now that the Venom is down. As the gunner looks to his right, he notices something in one of the building's windows. All of a sudden a rocket is fired from the window and travels right towards the Humvee, the gunner staring in horror as the rocket impacts and causes the Humvee to explode, killing both the gunner and driver instantly300px-thumbnail

Connor and his two men who were the fight outside spotted the Humvee as they saw it take down their chopper. Luckily one of the men had an AT4 on him and used it to destroy the Humvee. The Resistance fighter tossed the one-use launcher aside, as then a 2nd Mass fighter appeared and fired his M4A1, taking out the Resistance fighter as Connor and the other dove into coverDarkred. Connor popped out and fired his gun, taking out the 2nd Mass fighter as another came out from around the corner but was also shot dead by ConnorBlueBlue. Connor finds his gun out of ammo and tossing the gun away goes for his pistol, the other 2nd Mass fighter appears with his gun raised and aimed at Connor, the other Resistance fighter charges in and grabs the gun as the two begin wrestling for it. Tom appears and attempts to fire his gun, the Norinco jams however and Tom tosses it aside as he pulls out his pistol, the 2nd Mass fighter turns him and the Resistance fighter around as the Resistance fighter's back is now facing Tom, allowing him to fire his pistol into the fighter's back and take him outDarkred. As the fighter falls to the ground and Tom looks at his comrade, the 2nd Mass fighter is then shot in the head by JohnBlue. "NOOOO!!!" Tom yells as he fires at Connor who rolls through a nearby doorway to avoid the shots and get out of the room. Tom immediately gives chase. 

Back with Weaver's team...

Weaver and his group find themselves in a building with an outside courtyard and three interconnecting hallways around the courtyard. Weaver and the others spot Barnes and his group at the same time that they spot their group and both sides once again begin exchanging fire, as a 2nd Mass and Resistance fighter are both killed in the ensuring gunfireBlueDarkred. "I want you lot to try and flank them through that hallway, go!" Weaver orders to his remaining men as they comply and begin moving down the hallway with Weaver providing surpressing fire. 

"You two with me. You two stay here." Barnes says as he and two of the other Resistance fighters follow him while the other two continue to fire at Weaver. 

The 2nd Mass fighters and Barnes and his Resistance fighters soon meet up in the same hallway, "Lookout!" One of the Resistance fighters yell as he pushes Barnes out of the way and is shot dead by a 2nd Mass fighter with a NorincoDarkred. Barnes looks to see the soldier had a Remington 870 and quickly grabs it. The other Resistance fighter fires his UMP-9 and manages to take out two 2nd Mass fighters, however a 2nd Mass fighter with a Winchester fires and takes out the Resistance fighterBlueBlueDarkred. The two 2nd Mass fighters slowly advance forward, however in the open, Barnes using this as he pops out and fires his Remington managing to take out both fighters before they can react BlueBlue. Weaver fires his gun and manages to take out both Resistance fightersDarkredDarkred. As Weaver lets out a sigh of relief, he hears the sound of a pump-action shotgun behind him as Barnes now stands behind him with his shotgun pointed right at his head. 

"Ah shit." Weaver says as the screen goes black and a shot is heardBlue. A Few Minutes ago...

Tom runs and finds himself back outside as he begins looking around for John Connor, his pistol kept up and his finger ready to pull the trigger. Behind him, John appears from behind a pile of rubble by the door and slowly works his way towards Tom from behind, Tom however seems to sense this and turns around, firing his pistol and managing to hit John in his shoulder as Connor dives to his left and fires his pistol into Tom's right leg. Tom yells out in pain and falls to the ground, losing his grip on his pistol as Connor gets up and fast walking over kicks the pistol away from him. 

"I'm sorry it ended this way." Connor says as he then fires a shotBlue.  Connor fires a shot only for Tom to then be surrounded by a light and seem to be frozen, the shot rebounding and flying into the building from this. Connor quickly backs up as then before his eyes Tom seems to disappear. 

"What the hell?"

Inside the Skynet building, the machine seems to be powered on again, but for the last time as sparks seem to fly out from the machine and console and both power down. 

Back in the Falling Skies Universe...

"Tom? Hey Tom, you alright?"

Tom opens his eyes as then before him is Weaver.

"Dan?" Tom says,

Back in the Terminator Universe...

Barnes fires his shotgun just as the same light that surrounded Tom, surrounds Weaver and seems to teleport him out of there back to his home universe. 

Back in the Falling Skies Universe...

"Well, looks like you didn't do so well." Weaver says noting the bullet hole in Tom's leg. 

"Yeah...well...I will admit, whoever that guy was, he's good." Tom says as he breathes heavily due to the bullet hole in his leg and the blood seeping out from it. 

Dan quickly goes about tearing off his left arm undershirts sleeve and wrapping it around Tom's leg to stop the bleeding. "Where are the others?" Tom asks. Only for Dan to lower his head in sadness, Tom also lowers his knowing that all of the others with him also died. 

"We should get back to the others and tell them what happened." Tom says,

"Think they'll believe some kind of crazy story like that?" Dan asks.

"It's the truth. But then again, who knows." Tom says as the two begin making their way back to the base.

Back in the Terminator Universe...

Barnes appears beside John, "Where are the others?" Connor asks.

"Dead." Barnes says. 

Connor lowers his head in sadness, "Let's radio in another chopper to come pick us up." John says. Winner: The Resistance

Expert's Opinion[]

The Resistance won this battle due to having the better weapons, logistics, having faced off against a vastly powrful opponent and a better leader. While Tom and Weaver are great men who led the 2nd Mass as well as the rest of Humanity to victory against the Espheni, they had help in the form of the Volm and while the Espheni are definitely difficult opponents, the fact that it only took them five years to defeat them means they aren't really that difficult, especially once they got help. John Connor on the other hand had to lead all of Humanity by himself with no aid from any kind of aliens in a war that took many years to be won meaning that Skynet would be vastly superior opponents compared to the Espheni.

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