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If you want to kill someone, you should be prepared to die yourself!
— Rena Ryuguu

Rena Ryūgū (竜宮 レナ, Ryūgū Rena) was a Hinamizawa resident who moved to Ibaraki in her childhood and was driven into a frenzy by her mother divorcing her father, vandalizing her school and attacking other students before she was put in a hospital and started scratching at her neck because she believed she had maggots.

Therapy couldn't get rid of her belief in Oyashiro-sama who she claimed saved her but after returning to the village, she joined a club and was happy playing games with her friends. But when her father got a new lover and she discovered her plot with her actual boyfriend, she took matters into her own hands and murdered the Yakuza couple before her friends helped her hide the bodies. Unfortunately Miyo gave her a notebook which she started believing in and eventually held her school hostage over the theory in it before Keiichi Maebara snapped her out of her madness.

This was ultimately just one of the many timelines of Higurashi where she has gone through everything from getting killed by Keiichi or the Yamainu to defeating the latter and Miyo Takano alongside her friends and several crazed villagers with the former.

Battle vs. Kusaka Tatsuhiko (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Rena Ryuguu crept towards an apparently abandoned house on the outskirts of Tokyo. The building was supposed to be abandoned, but the locals claimed they heard screams coming from it. Rena had decided that she was going to investigate for herself, just in case there was someone dangerous inside, Rena brought a nata, a large, machete-like tool with her.

Rena opened the door to the house slowly. Immediately, her nose was assaulted by the stench of formaldehyde. Rena turned to corner, into the first room coming off from the hall. Rena let out a scream as she saw it, a macabre composite of parts from several different bodies, a severed female head, sown onto a separate torso, with two arms, but only one leg, all apparently from separate corpse. From the smell, they seemed to have been injected with formaldehyde as a preservative.

Suddenly, Rena heard footsteps behind her, as a male voice said, "You see that, Yui? The final piece came right to us!"

Rena knew at once this had to be the man responsible. Rena swung her nata in a half-circle as she turned on to spot to face a man in a white shirt, with a grey vest and a red tie, who jumped backwards to dodge the attack.

Kusaka raised a hatchet and swung it at Rena, who blocked the blow with her nata, then retaliated, the end of the blade cutting through Tatsuhiko's shirt and vest, a leaving a red blood stain where it had hit.

Rena's attack, however, has only barely cut through Kusaka's skin. Kusaka winced in pain, but was still able to dodge Rena's follow-up attack, a downward chopping attack. Kusaka made a horizontal swing with his axe, which Rena only barely managed to block, steel sparking and grinding against steel as it did.

Rena took another slash at Kusaka, this time, the blade struck Kusaka's hatchet, knocking it across the room. Rena advanced on Kusaka, nata raised. Kusaka got our a scalpel and awl and assumed a combat position.

Rena laughed at the feeble weapons her enemy wielded. She would end it on strike. Rena brought down the nata, aiming for Kusaka's head. However, Kusaka jumped back at the last minute, the blow only grazing his face, leaving a bloody gash.

Kusaka did not notice in his psychotic blood lust, thrusting the scalpel in his left hand into Rena's torso, before placing his right arm, in which hand he held the awl, around Rena, as though embracing her. As he did so, he thrust the awl into the place where the back of her neck met her head. The awl pierced through Rena's skull, into her brainstem, instantly shutting down her heart and breathing. Kusaka pulled the awl out of Rena's head as she fell forward at Kusaka's feet, dead before she hit he ground.

Kusaka walked into the on other room and picked up a hacksaw on the table next to "Yui" saying, "Not long now, Yui. I have the final piece. Then, you will finally come back to me".

WINNER: Kusaka Tatsuhiko

Expert's Opinion[]

Kusaka Tatsuhiko won this match because of his superior physical strength, killer instinct, and intelligence, which allowed him to outfight Rena and kill her without the slightest hesitation.

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Battle vs. Mitsuko Souma (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Six months after the end of the Higurashi Kaku OVA

Rena walked into an abandoned apartment in an abandoned ten-story block on "Battleship Island", nata at he side and a rifle she took from the psychotic villagers of Hinamizawa in her hands. Rena looked out the window and spotted a girl with a handgun in one hand and a kama scythe in the other. Suddenly, the girl raised her Colt M1911 and fired three shots, which narrowly missed Rena, cracking pieces concrete off the walls.

Rena raised her rifle and took aim at her attack, fire a shot, but missing. Rena worked the bolt as quickly as possible, before firing again as Mitsuko Souma ran for the cover of the building. Rena entered the stairwell of the apartment block and fired down the gap in the staircase, missing Mitsuko yet again, who fired several times, again, all missed shots.

Rena and Mitsuko exchanged fire several times, but by the time Mitsuko was half way up the stairs, both girls were out of ammunition. Instead, Mitsuko charged up the last few flights of stairs, kama in hand, and made a wide slash at Rena's throat. Rena dodged the attack and retaliated with her nata, grazing Mitsuko's side.

Furious, Mitsuko swung the kama downwards, trying the bury the blade in Rena's skull, but Rena jumped backwards and evaded the blow... but landed on a metal pipe lying on the ground, causing her trip on the pipe and fall on her back, dropping her nata in the process.

Mitsuko pressed her advantage, standing over Rena with her with her scythe at the ready. Rena grabbed the metal pipe on the floor and raised it in front of her, blocking the strike. Rena then got up and swung her pipe at Mitsuko, striking her in the jaw, breaking the bone and causing her to spit up blood. Rena the struck Mitsuko again, knocking her to the floor.

Rena retrieved her nata and stood over the wounded Mitsuko.

"If you want to kill someone....", Rena said darkly as she raised her nata, "You should be prepared to die yourself!"

Rena brought down the nata on Mitsuko's head, releasing a spray of blood as the blade practically split her skull. Rena pulled her blood-stained blade out of Mitsuko and walked away from the scene of carnage.

WINNER: Rena Ryuguu

Expert's Opinion[]

Rena won this battle because of her dominance of most of the X-Factors, particularly combat experience and physical strength. Her superior weapons also contributed to her victory.

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Battle vs. Mai Mashiro, Rio Miyaichi, and Satsuki Miya (by SPARTAN 119)[]

A dark alley somewhere in Tokyo, Japan

Satsuki Miya walked up to the severely wounded man lying on his back, all four limbs broken by a baseball bat wielded by her partner in crime, Kiyoshi Kakura. The rain poured down onto her victim, washing away the pool of blood he had exuded.

As he lay there, terrified, Satsuki took one final photograph of his terrified face before she got out a length of wire from her coat pocket and wrapped it around the mans neck. After about five seconds, the man's body went limp. He was dead.

Satsuki looked up at Kakura, expecting praise. However, instead, what she saw was a woman creeping up behind him, with a boxcutter in hand.

"Kakura-san!", Satsuki said, "Behind you!"

Kakura turned on the spot, just in time to see Rio Miyaichi slash at his neck with her boxcutter. Blood sprayed out of Kakura's neck. In less than a second, he collapsed to the ground, landing face down in a puddle of rainwater, dead.

Satsuki was shocked, Kiyoshi Kakura, the man she had come to see as a brother, was dead.

"No, this is all wrong", Satsuki said, "Kakura always told me, the chance of rain in the weather forecast was a code for the chance of success... and today it was 100%. This can't be happening!"

Rio Miyaichi ignored Satsuki's delusional monologue, and lunged at her with her boxcutter. Satsuki jumped to the side, avoiding the strike, before grabbing Kakura's baseball bat and swinging it at Rio.

The bat connected to the serial killer's torso, knocking Rio on her back. Satsuki then held onto the bat with one hand and got out her camera to photograph the last expression on the face of her victim.

But something was wrong. Rio Miyachi displayed not a look of fear, but a sadistic grin. Rio pulled a syringe out of her coat and slammed it into Satsuki's thigh, injecting her with a fast-acting sedative.

Satsuki Miya collapsed to the ground a Rio got up, before grabbing her by the hair and cutting her throat with her boxcutter.

Satsuki Miya eliminated

After making her kill, she got out her phone to call her "clean-up" specialist, Reina Enmeiji. But before she could, she heard a female voice speak from behind her.

"Excellent work, Rio", the voice said, "You will be the star of my Machiya-kun's latest cinematic masterpiece"

Rio turned to face a girl about the same age as her previous girl she had killed, as well as a boy about the same age, holding a camcorder.

"And now, for the final act, the ultimate ironic twist- the after killing one murderer with a love of the camera, the vigilante serial killer dies at the hands of another!", Mai Mashiro said with an evil laugh.

Mai produced an extendable nightstick from her jacket, and, with a flick of her wrist, she extended the weapon to its full length, before lunging at Rio.

Rio Miyaichi evaded Mai's first strike- just from the speed at which she struck, Rio knew this was no amatuer. Lacking a decent parrying weapon at the time, Rio grabbed the lid of a nearby trash can and used it as a shield, blocking Mai's next attack which glanced off the lid with a loud "CLANG".

Mai then made a downward strike, laughably easy to avoid. Maybe this girl wasn't as skilled as she thought. Rio only realized why this attack was so easy to block when she felt a sharp pain in her chest.

While Rio had blocked low, she left an opening for Mai's second weapon, an awl, which she produced from her left sleeve, and thrust up, under the trash can lid-shield Rio was using. The spike of the awl easily went between Rio's ribs. Mai forced Rio to the ground and stabbed her again and again, spraying blood everywhere.

After brutalizing Rio with over 30 thrusts of the awl and several strikes to the head with the nightstick, Mai Mashiro rose from Rio's mangled body, blood covering her practically from head to toe.

She then put away her weapons, walked up to Tomohiro Machiya as she said, "Did you capture me beautifully?"

"As always", Tomohiro said.

Mai then kissed him passionately, still steeped in the blood of her victim, as she took the memory card from his camera. For Tomohiro, there could be no greater thrill, no greater turn-on, then the watching Mai create her murderous works of art, and immediately followed by the taste of her blood-stained lips. Little did Tomohiro know, this taste of the sick pleasure he now indulged in would be his last....

A few days later, the woods, Hinamizawa, Japan

Branches caught on her clothing or scratched against her skin as Rena Ryuguu ran as fast as she could through the woods, before picking up following an old dirt road. Hot on her heels were a pair of mysterious figures in oni masks similar to those used by in the Hinamizawa temple.

Mai Mashiro gave chase after the girl, their chosen victim for their latest snuff film, "The Curse of Oyashiro-sama". After hearing rumors of the cursed village, Mai and Tomohiro agreed it would make the perfect backdrop for their latest "masterpiece".

Rena Ryuguu ran out of the woods, into a junkyard, where the trail ended in an old pit that had become the Hinamizawa town dump. Rena ran around a massive heap of garbage and past a bunch of old cars. Behind an old stack of empty wooden crates she found it, a the abandoned van that had become her hideout and home base for her "treasure hunting" in the dump.

Rena entered the van and grabbed a nata she had found in the dump, she had used as a "treasure hunting tool", as well as, though no one else knew at the moment, the murder weapon in the death of Satoko's abusive uncle.

Tomohiro Machiya stood on top of a broken-down car as he filmed Mai Mashiro advanced through the junkyard, a flaming torch in one hand and a meat cleaver in the other. Suddenly Rena sprang from the abandoned van swung at Mai. The hunter had become the hunted.

Rena swung her nata at her Mai, who attempted to parry with the torch in her hand. The strike knocked the torch from her hand, where it was extinguished as it hit the ground. Mai rapidly slashed into the night, but Rena' whose eyes were accustomed to the dark of night, was able to evade Mai's strikes.

Rena then made a two-handed slash from top left to bottom right. The end of her blade cut into Mai's throat in a spray of blood. The snuff filmer fell to her knees, then face down on the ground. For good measure Rena swung her nata downwards, practically splitting Mai's skull.

Rena then raised her nata and turned to face Tomohiro Machiya. The sight of Rena silhouetted against the full moon terrorized Machiya to the core. His grip on the camera slackened, and it fell to the ground, the lens shattering. Tomohiro was too scared to feel any embarrassment as he felt his bladder release in shock. Machiya turned and ran, fleeing back through the woods.

He had to have run about half a kilometer before he stopped. He was sure he had lost his would-be victim turned into his attacker, but, as he stopped, he thought he heard one extra step behind him. Machiya turned to see a dark figure behind him, but it did not appear to be the girl that killed Mai.

Instead, the dark figure appeared to downward-curving horns sprouting out of its head. Machiya ran even faster. Was he having hallucinations, or was everything that had been said about the town, the curses, the demons, the murderous cults... was it all true?.

Machiya ran out of the woods, onto a country road with a single light of a phone booth. In his paranoid state, all fear of being arrested for his own crimes was eclipsed by the terror of whatever lay beneath the surface of this town. As he was about to pick up the receiver and call the police, Machiya felt something in his arm.

Looking down, he saw the veins in his arms wriggling as though something was crawling inside him. Then, Machiya felt the sensation in his neck. Machiya scratched and scratched, keeping going even as blood began to flow. He had to get these parasites out of his body. After a couple minutes, Machiya began to feel lightheaded, and collapsed, having literally cut his own throat with his fingernails. Machiya never knew he had contracted a little known disease known as Hinamizawa Syndrome.

WINNER: Rena Ryuguu

Second: Mai Mashiro

Third: Rio Miyaichi

Fourth: Satsuki Miya

Expert's Opinions[]

Rena won this battle because, of the four, she had the most experience in an actual fight. Mai, Rio, and Satsuki had only killed unsuspecting, unarmed victims. Another factor were Rena's superior weapons. For second place, Mai's superior weaponry allowed her to outfight the stealthier, more experienced Rio, in spite of her advantages. Satsuki was the most inexperienced of the floor, and thus placed last.

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Battle vs. Harry Warden (by Pygmy Hippo 2)[]

Hinamizawa Village, Japan

Night of the Cotton Drifting

11:00 PM

While most of the village was at the festival, two people stayed at home and made a phone call with each other. The tone of the conversation was obviously friendly at first but devolved into the descriptions of the murders of several people, Keiichi Maebara, Mion Sonozaki, and Sarah Mercer. The two villagers were bot murdered with a pickaxe, the girl stabbed in the chest and the boy in the head before their hearts were cut out and placed in chocolate boxes.

The visitor was found with a broken arm and her head smashed in with a blunt object before her body was cut up and left in her temporary home's fridge. They both agreed to meet at a currently unoccupied part of the village and it would soon be clear why as two figures with murderous intent walked up to the site. The girl in white clothes and a chef hat flipped her Zippo lighter off and pulled out her nata with her hacksaw in a temporary sheath on her back.

The man wore all black with a mining helmet and blinding light, gripping his pickaxe tightly with both hands while his nailgun and bowie knife stayed at his hips. "I was almost worried you were going to keep trying to pass your lies off on me." Rena Ryugu spoke with a bitter tone despite her deranged smile as Harry Warden marched towards her at a steady pace. "But at least you're an enemy who admits his true nature, now let me help "reunite" you with your love." The cleaver girl laughed maniacally as she rushed towards the murderous miner who barely blocked the nata's swing with his pickaxe's head.

Harry freed one hand and swung his fist at Rena's head but she easily dodged and once more, put him on the defensive as he blocked swing after swing of the blade before getting another opening. The murderous miner's arm collided with the cleaver girl's stomach and knocked her on her side onto the ground as he raised his pickaxe and brought it down on the dirt path. Ryugu had rolled out of the way and slammed her nata's blunt end onto Warden's back who took the blow and ripped his weapon out of the ground before going for another blow.

Rena dodged again but this time used the opening caused by her foe staggering forwards from the force and brought her weapon's blade down on the handle, the wood was cut through like butter by steel. The cleaver girl attempted to hack into the murderous miner's face next but he managed to hold the nata back with what little remained of his pickaxe, the two head points and a stick. Warden reached for his waist and Ryugu didn't notice in the struggle before a nailgun was pressed up to her shoulder and the trigger was pulled.


Harry watched her fall back, screaming in pain with a nail in her bleeding arm, before dropping the improvised tool and going in for the kill with his signature weapon which found itself stuck on its counterpart. The cleaver girl yanked the pickaxe out of the murderous miner's hands with her nata before winding him with a punch to the gut and yanking his mask off. In her haste to get a death blow, Warden had gripped her good arm before she could get that fatal swing and squeezed the wrist until she was forced to let go of the blade.

Both had lost their signature weapons but Rena noticed that Harry, no, Axel Palmer, had taken out his bowie knife with a sadistic look in his eyes that told her that her death would not be quick. The murderous miner had given her enough time to pull out her hacksaw and kept the blade from stabbing her with her body cutting tool, luckily, the cleaver girl appeared to be matching her foe's strength. Ryugu kicked him in the shin, making him wobble unsteadily from the force, before Warden attempted to disembowl her, once more, her speed narrowly saved her life.

Both weren't used to these blades but Harry kept her blocking until he got the opportunity to tackle her to the ground and was going to drive the bowie knife into her heart before Rena's hacksaw sliced into his chest. The cleaver girl started cutting deeper and applied more pressure as the murderous Axel actually yelled in pain for once as he was being carved open. Warden finally knocked the blade out of her hands and away from him but before he could use the knife on Ryugu, she retrieved her nata an slashed the side of his head and knocked him off her.

Rena got up to see if her foe was still alive and noticed that the helmet had only made her cut a shallow one, something that morbidly amused her, before Harry lunged at her legs on his knees. The murderous miner missed and landed on his wounded chest which stung from contact with the dirt and the cleaver girl stomped hard onto his hand and grinded it into the path with her boot. Ryugu merrily walked over to a nearby house as Warden got up filled with rage and found his pickaxe again which he threw in a vain attempt to hit her which merely landed in the sliding door.

Harry painfully got back to his feet to retrieve his signature weapon and kill this victim who was mocking him with every action and scanned the living room for any sign of Rena which there wasn't. The cleaver girl's shadow was visible through the bedroom door and Axel the slasher carefully approaced the entrance before yanking it open and bringing his pickaxe down with full force. "You're going to be a really bloody Valentine's gift!" Warden got his weapon stuck in an alarm clock and dresser as Ryugu lazily dodged and stepped out of the room as he struggled furiously to free it until he noticed a gasoline can and fluid on the floor.

And she tossed a Zippo lighter behind her.

Rena barely got away with that and managed to avoid getting lit on fire but the explosion knocked her face-first in the dirt as Harry came stumbling out in complete agony as the flames roasted his already wounded flesh. The murderous miner rolled around in a panic and finally put the flames out before the cleaver girl's nata slammed onto his hand and hacked it off. Warden was just an extremely terrified Axel at this point with a clearly deranged Ryugu pulling his helmet off as she knneled over his torso with a smile as sharp as her raised blade.

"You know, I do feel bad for killing her but I needed to see if you could actually feel the pain you caused Rena, Rika,...and Satoko. You're a bad person, Axel, not only do you only care about killing people under the guise of your local legend to keep your girlfriend to yourself but then you won't even acknowledge it. How pathetic to see you squirming and begging for your life, there's got to be something wrong with your head like miss Takano's notebook showed Hinamizawa's problems...SO I'LL OPEN IT AND FIND OUT!"

Axel Palmer screamed in horror right as maniacal laughter and Rena swinging the nata onto his forehead filled the last moments of his life, causing crimson fluids to flow onto the dirt path. The cleaver girl kept on hacking away at his head as she and her weapon got increasingly more bloodstained until she could not only see both halves of his head but the ground underneath. Finally satisfied with her atonement for her friend's deaths, she lay on her back and relaxed for a moment as her injuries ached before the Okinomiya police cars pulled up to a horrorshow...

Winner:Rena Ryugu

Expert's Opinion[]

Rena Ryugu is victorious in this battle of killers influenced by local beliefs due to a better primary and secondary weapon along with being more experienced and smarter in tactics. Harry Warden's only advantages were a better special weapon and slightly better physicality although strength was still close and he was definitely slower.

Rematch Information[]

The original battle was much better than the first fight of the season and had several great votes. While it is fondly remembered as one of the closest fights on the wiki, Harry Warden never used improvised dynamite and the Higurashi Outbreak and Kai timelines don't really work together for Rena Ryugu.

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Battle vs. Fuminori Sakisaka (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Rena Ryuguu walked into a mysterious house in a neighborhood in Tokyo. The house appeared to be abandoned, the storm shutters were always close, and a faint but foul smell like rotting meat emanated from the place. Rena decided to investigate the house, ringing the doorbell and getting no response, she entered the house.

Rena's nose was assaulted by a strong smell like rotting meat and saw that the walls, the floors, the ceiling, even the furniture were all covered in streaks random paint colors, mostly greens and yellows, as though the place had been painted by a madman. Whats more, Rena saw a trail of a thick mucus-like fluid along the floor, as though a giant slug-like creature had been crawling through the building. In the kitchen, Rena thought she could hear sounds like... the sqeulching noises such a creature would make.

Rena felt a chill go down her spine as she walked into the kitchen, drawing her nata as she went, clutching the blade with both hands. She walked into the doorway to the kitchen, looking into each of the corners, there was a trail of mucus, but the thing that had been in the room had moved on. In front of the refrigerator were several bones of unknown origin. The refrigerator door was marked with the same mucus as the floor. Rena slowly opened the door...

And let out a scream of horror as she saw what was inside. Chopped up pieces of human flesh, a severed hand that was in the center of the lower shelf, surrounded with intestines like some grisly sort of garnish, as well as a partly-consumed head that from what was left of it, look male, and numerous other body parts were inside the refrigerator.

"Who ever lived in this house was a cannibal... or wait, what about that mucus... was the thing in this house... not human...", Rena thought.

Rena's thoughts were interrupted by the same squelching sound she heard earlier.... was right behind her. Rena turned, nata in hand, to see a terrifying creature, that looked like an amorphous blob of flesh, with numerous tentacles and a mouth lined with razor sharp teeth.

Rena raised her nata and struck the creature several times, determined to end its life. The nata sliced deep into its flesh, severing a tentacle, wounding it but not killing the creature. Suddenly, the door to the house opened and Rena heard footsteps behind her, followed by a male voice yelling "What did you do to my Saya!"

The wounded creature responded in a high-pitched, scratchy voice that sounded like words, though Rena could not understand them. Rena turned just in time to block a strike from a butchers knife by a man in his early 20s.

Fuminori Sakisaka saw a nata-wielding monster standing over the bleeding body of Saya, who looked completely human to him. Saya had lost an arm and had several gashes across her chest and face. "What did you do to my Saya!?", Fuminori yelled.

As Saya responded, "Don't worry, I'll regenerate from these wounds within a couple minutes".

Fuminori charged with his knife at the amorphous blob of flesh and tentacles that was Rena Ryuguu. The monster used the nata in its hand to block his strike. Fuminori made another thrust, but the creature countered, creating a shallow gash in his side, before making downward strike that Fuminori blocked, but his knife was knocked away.

Rena kicked away the knife and charged at the maniac... and his pet... thing had tried to kill her. The man retreated, opening a side door in the hall, which appeared to lead into a garage. The man came out armed with a long-handled axe. Fuminori swung his axe at Rena, but missed, smashing a hole in the wall and break knocking out a metal pipe. The pipe appeared to be old and disconnected as it fell out of the wall without spraying any water.

Fuminori made a downward swing at the "monster" armed with the nata, knocking the weapon out of its tentacle. The creature recoiled as Fuminori took a second swing, wounding, but not severing it arm.

Rena screamed in pain as the axe struck her upper arm. Thankfully, the blade had only cut through the flesh, but it had broken the bone. As the axe hit, Rena dropped her nata, which Fuminori kicked away. Rena ran back, towards the kitchen, but tripped over the metal pipe. Rena grabbed the pipe with her good hand and blocked an axe strike, before rolling backwards into the kitchen and getting up.

The Fuminori rounded on the pipe-wielding "creature", raised his axe. The creature went in, aiming a blow with the pipe at his exposed face, but missed, instead hitting him in the chest, breaking a rib. Fuminori ignored the pain and swung his axe down on the closest thing the "creature" had to a "head". The "monster" that was actually Rena Ryuguu fell to the floor, dead.

As Fuminori stepped over to his prey, Saya got up, her wounds healed. "See?", she said smiling, "I'm just fine."

Fuminori then retrieved his butcher's knife and began to prepare "dinner".

Expert's Opinion[]

While Rena Ryuguu was strong for her age, Fuminori was considerably older and physically larger than her. This allowed him to physically overpower her in melee combat, giving him the victory.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Kotonoha Katsura, Shion Sonozaki, and Yuno Gasai (by SPARTAN 119)[]

A few weeks after having fled Sakakino after murdering Sekai Saionji, Kotonoha Katsura walked into the small town of Hinamizawa, carrying her only possessions in one suitcase, most of its taken up by a few weapons and the severed head of Makoto Itou.

Kotonoha walked up to the Furude Shrine and took a look around, noticing the the Saiguiden, the shed used to the store the ritual items for the temple, which was normally locked, was open. Kotonoha walked inside, and gasped in horror at the site of numerous weapons and implements of torture- spiked balls, metal cages, racks, scythes, and numerous other horrifying artifacts.

"You know", a voice said behind Kotonoha, "It is said that those who enter the shrine with out permission are cursed by the shrine god, Oyashiro-sama."

Kotonoha turned to face Rena Ryuguu, who was holding something behind her back. Rena revealed the item she was carrying to be nata, a sharp, machete-like blade.

"I have spoken to Oyashiro-sama", Rena said, "He told me... TO KILL YOU!!"

Kotonoha laughed and got out her chainsaw, revving it up, starting the blade spinning.

"Bring it on!", Kotonoha exclaimed, charging at Rena and slashing with the chainsaw. Rena blocked the blade with her nata, causing the blade to rebound. Luckily for Kotonoha, the chainsaw did not hit her, instead flying out of her hands, over her head.

Kotonoha got out her hacksaw and knife, and dodged a lethal downward strike from Rena's nata. Kotonoha struck back with her kitchen knife cutting Rena's hand and causing her to drop the nata. Rena dodged a hacksaw strike to her through an a thrust with the kitchen knife, before she sidestepped a slash and drew her baseball bat, laughing maniacally.

Rena struck Kotonoha with the bat from behind, knocking her forward, right into a wooden board covered in foot-long metal spikes. The spikes pierced Kotonoha's torso and head, killing her.

Rena retrieved her nata and walked out of the shed. In rectangular arch, or torii of the shrine, stood a girl with pink hair and a katana in hands. The girl said "YOU!, You tried to steal my Yuki-kun from me! DIE!!!!"

Yuno Gasai ran at Rena, with her katana in hand, and took a rapid vertical swing at her, which Rena blocked with her nata. The two blades clashed, sparks lighting up the night. Rena swung at Yuno, cutting off a finger and causing her to drop the weapon.

In her psychotic rage, however, Yuno did not notice the pain in her arm. She drew her hatchet and used it as a hook to disarm Rena of her Nata. Rena got out her baseball bat and took a swing at Yuno.

Yuno, however, dodged, and struck Rena in the top of the head with her hatchet, embedding the weapon in her head, killing her instantly.

Yuno Gasai pulled out her hatchet from Rena's body and retrieved her katana. Suddenly, Yuno heard someone approach from behind. She turned around, swinging her sword as she did. The syringe of Hinamizawa Syndrome in Shion Sonozaki's hand shattered.

Shion jumped backwards and drew her sword, slashing at Yuno with her sword, cutting a gash in her torso. The gash, however, was very shallow, and Yuno again seemed to ignore the pain. Shion made another powerful strike. This time, there was a spray of blood. Yuno's left hand was severed.

Like a PCP addict, Yuno ignored the pain and drew her hatchet and swung it at Shion, but Shion sidestepped and drew her spiked whip, striking Yuno twice across the back, tearing chunks of flesh of as it struck. Even someone as psychotic as Yuno couldn't ignore the pain now.

Shion grabbed Yuno and wrapped the whip around her throat and tightened it around her neck. The spikes dug into her Yuno's neck, causing her to bleed profusely. After several seconds, Yuno succumbed to combined blood loss and strangulation.


  • 1st: Shion Sonozaki
  • 2nd: Yuno Gasai
  • 3rd: Rena Ryuguu
  • 4th: Kotonoha Katsura

Expert's Opinion[]

Rena Ryuguu defeated Kotonoha Katsura because, while Kotonoha's chainsaw looked formidable, the weapon would easily rebound, harming the user if blocked by a weapon such as Rena's nata. Kotonaha's kitchen knife and hacksaw were also outclassed by Rena's secondary weapon, the baseball bat. However, Rena's arsenal was inferior to that of Yuno Gasai and Shion Sonozaki as they had katanas, actually designed for use as a weapon, unlike the nata, which was intended as a tool. This was not helped by the fact that Rena's other two weapons, the glass shard and the improvised firebomb were determined to be of little use.

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Rena and Shion had fought before in certain routes of Higurashi. Kotonoha was also disqualified as a warrior.

Battle vs. Harry Warden (by Pygmy Hippo 2)[]

The Hinamizawa junkyard was mostly peaceful at this time as Rena Ryuguu was treasure hunting with Keiici Maebara and Mion Sonozaki had come along just to make sure that nothing went wrong. There were bodies showing up with their hearts torn out and tiny puncture wounds and one person, miss Takano had even been decapitated. "So, you don't think it's Oyashiro's Curse this time, Rena?" Keiichi asked.

"Oh no, this isn't anything like Oyashiro's work. This seems more like someone's killing people." Rena answered her friend. "Yeah well, can you stop talking and just get that Colonel doll you want? It's getting dark!" Mion was getting on edge and was starting to wonder why she hadn't called her sister or Kasai over, especially as this was where the bodies were found. "Wait, Keiichi. I think I need to go get my nata for this." Ryuguu went to get her nata from the broken-down bus.

"Alright, Mion, should I go with Rena?" "Yeah, don't worry, I can handle some lunatic with a pickaxe." As Maebara walked off, Sonozaki thought of how that didn't add up either. This wasn't a mining town so why would-a sudden rustling caught her attention. It was further into the junkyard. "Alright, Rena this isn't the time to fool around."

The rustling happened again, closer this time. "Rika, Satoko, if it's either of you-I'm gonna-" She felt a presence behind her. "Oh what, you thought I needed help sis?" Mion turned around to not see Shion Sonozaki but a massive figure clad in black with a mining helmet and a pickaxe. She barely had time to scream before the pickaxe stabbed into her chest and she was lifted up.

The blinding light burned her eyes but Harry Warden heard voices before dropping the dying girl. There were more victims for Tom's alter-ego and he intended to kill them as well. Little did he know, he wasn't the only killer in the junkyard. "Did you hear that? Mion's in trouble!" "No Keiichi, she's dead." "How could you-" Maebara saw Harry looking at them with his pickaxe dripping with blood.

"You monster!" He gripped his baseball bat tightly but Warden threw his pickaxe, catching him off guard. The boy died with a look of shock on his face and gurgled on his own blood. "Keii-Keiichi?!" Rena Ryuguu looked in pure terror at her dead friend, it was bad enough that Mion was gone but him? But just as soon as those blue eyes filled with pain and terror, it turned to rage. "You're going to pay for that."

Harry pulled out his shovel and began to lumber towards her but she surprised him with her sheer speed as she swung the nata repeatedly. Luckily, one strike hit his helmet and he was tough enough to take the other blows but he still recognized the disadvantage he was at in this duel. He took a wide swing with his weapon but Rena dodged it with ease. However she wasn't prepared for him swinging it into her side afterwards.

The blow wasn't with the metal but it still hurt a lot but Ryuguu ignored it and swung the nata at Warden's leg before he could stab down on her face. The man stumbled bacwards and dropped the weapon before getting stabbed in the torso by the nata. "That's what you get for killing my friends!" What she wasn't prepared for was him pulling the weapon out and gripping her throat in an attempt to strangle her.

"Get off me!" Rena punched him with enough force to break the light and knock him down. She still had trouble seeing but picked up Keiichi's baseball bat before running back to her bus. Harry got up again and got his pickaxe from Maebara's corpse before going into the shadows. "Where is it-ah, here it is!" She set the timer to a minute before climbing out and going for one of the outskirts of the junkyard.

Ryuguu pressed the start button before seeing dynamite hurtling at her. She screamed before leaping out of the way. The explosive went off but luckily didn't reach the firebomb as it had fell out of her grasp. She looked up to see Warden raising his pickaxe. She barely blocked his strike with the bat and thought that Satoko was going to be extremely angry at her for that, if not Satoshi's ghost.

"But wait, why am I worrying about that now?" Rena thought before she squealed in terror as Harry then tore the baseball bat out of her hands but his pick was stuck in it. He flipped it around. However in that time, the girl had gotten a metal pipe and smashed the man's hand. As he stumbled back again, she ran off again to get her nata. "30 more seconds, just gotta survive that long, Rena."

She was determined to kill Warden but when she turned around with her nata, he was right there. However the wooden shaft of the mining tool stood no chance against the metal blade and he lost most of the weapon with only the pickaxe head left. The man swung it into Ryuguu's shoulder, causing her to yell out in pain and drop the nata. He pulled it out again but the girl swung the pipe into his weapon, disarming him.

He gripped her by the throat before tossing her but realized that she had put something on him. He looked down to see her firebomb on his chest before exploding into flames. Rena Ryuguu laughed insanely at the death of her enemy but mainly out of relief only to see the burning man walk towards her with her own nata. She stared in horror but noticed the man was starting to topple over. Harry Warden collapsed dead, his helmet just missing her head by inches.

Rena yanked the nata out of his hands before heading over to Keiichi's body and started to cry. What was she going to say to Rika and...Satoko that her nii-nii was dead? Ryuguu just got up and went back to her bus to rest before breaking the bad news.

Winner:Rena Ryuguu

Expert's Opinion[]

In this duel of maniacs, Rena Ryuguu came out the victor due to her deadlier primary weapon, additional melee weapon, speed, and experience. While Harry Warden had a better secondary weapon, was stronger and tougher as well as being smarter it wasn't enough against someone who could kill him quicker and had the skills to do so. Their explosives were evenly matched as power matched portability but Rena's final advantage was her greater knowledge of the environment.

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Battle used a composite version of Harry Warden as well as giving him dynamite, which he never used. Battle used a composite version of Rena Ryugu as well.

Battle vs. Chris Walker (by Pygmy Hippo 2)[]

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Jason will wake up after the bloodshed ensues."

"And then what? He kills the victor and we have to subdue him? An animatronic rabbit and a faceless man against that...freak!"

"I will deal with him, Afton. We don't need him alive, we just need to free Krueger from his brain. Then our plans can be set into motion."

Camp Crystal Lake, New Jersey, 12:00 AM

The abandoned camp was filled with noise as someone rummaged through a cabin but it wasn't the resident slasher. A girl in a chef's outfit looked through old drawers hoping to find something to explain why she wound up here. The last thing she saw was a tall man dragging her away to here. The place was called Camp Crystal Lake but what significance did it have? Rena Ryuguu picked her nata up and went to find another cabin.

Little did she know that another visitor was approaching quickly. The blood-stained soldier lumbered through the fog, his chains the only sound he was making until he noticed that the cabin's lights were on. A yellow rabbit had let him out, told him that some evil was here for him to contain. "We have to contain it." Chris Walker picked up his pace and slammed against the door.

Rena yelped as the whole structure shook. She went into the bathroom and locked it even though the sound of the door breaking didn't help her paranoia. "Who's there?" She whimpered the words before hearing heavy stomps marching to her location. "I'm coming. You won't have to kill yourself." The door splintered but held up to the first blow.

The next revealed Chris' massive form who was then forced back by some furious swipes of a nata. His own blood spilled onto him and the ground but he eventually blocked a strike with the chains on his wrist and picked up the girl before throwing her out a window. "Feisty little pig." Walker ran up to the window before going through it.

The glass barely bothered him but his target's dissapearance did. Ryuguu put her arm back in its socket before pulling some glass out. "If I can't take him in a head-on fight..." She looked around and saw her improvised firebomb as well as a metal pipe. Taking both, she climbed onto some old planks, noting that some were weak.

"Hey, over here!" The inmate looked up at the maniac and immediately got up on the planks, only to fall through them and fall deep into the forest. Rena nimbly moved down and searched for Chris but couldn't find him. "Not going to die before I contain every last one of you freaks." She turned and swung at him, knocking his head to the side but he simply broke the metal pipe.

Ryuguu ran until she accidentally triggered a snare trap leaving her dangling. "No more escape." She immediately pulled out her nata again and sliced it off her but found herself looking at Walker's boots. The soldier stomped down but she rolled over and slashed his leg. He growled in pain and sent her backwards with a single punch.

She quickly recovered however and fled to another cabin. "You're not leaving this place." Chris pulled out an iron pole and stomped off to the cabin. Rena made sure to lock all of the doors before setting her timer to fifteen seconds. She left her hat on top of a chair, hoping the weak distraction would be enough.

A body flung through the window hitting the chair before Walker burst through the door and stabbed the hat. "What the-" He smelled gasoline and started to rush out before being sent flying by the explosion. He rolled around on the beach to put the flames out before getting smashed by a baseball bat. "It's not enough my friends get killed, is it? Now I have to put down another monster? Die! Die! Di-" A pole pierced Ryuguu's stomach, causing her to drop the bat. As she toppeled backwards, he stood up and reached down to make sure she was dead.

Before he could rip her head off, she hacked into his arm. Rena tried to pull it out but it was stuck in his bulk. He angrily picked her up and ripped her torso off. Chris fell over and gasped for air. The fight took a lot out of him. "Wait.." Chris Walker could barely make out a new figure in the darkness. One wearing a hockey mask and wielding a machete.

Winner:Chris Walker

Expert's Opinion[]

Chris Walker had a better mid and long range weapon along with being stronger and tougher. Rena Ryuguu's better short and special weapons along with her speed and surprising degree of experience made her a difficult opponent. However in the end, Chris didn't need a weapon to kill unlike Rena and his training made up for his weaker experience. He was also unlikely to be tricked due to his true sight.

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The fight used a composite version of Rena Ryugu from multiple timelines.