Redcoat is a historical term used to refer to soldiers of the British Army because of the red uniform worn by the majority of regiments. From the late 17th century to the early 20th century, the uniform of most British soldiers, (apart from artillery, rifles and light cavalry), included a madder red coat or coatee. From 1870 onwards, the more vivid shade of scarlet was adopted for all ranks, having previously been worn only by officers, sergeants and all ranks of some cavalry regiments.

The red coat has evolved from being the British infantryman's ordinary uniform to a garment retained only for ceremonial purposes. Its official adoption dates from February 1645, when the Parliament of England passed the New Model Army ordinance. The new English Army (there was no 'Britain' until the union with Scotland in 1707) was formed of 22,000 men, divided into 12 foot regiments of 1200 men each, 11 horse regiments of 600 men each, one dragoon regiment of 1000 men, and the artillery, consisting of 50 guns. The infantry regiments wore coats of Venetian red with white facings. However, the uniforms of the Yeoman of the Guard (formed 1485) and the Yeomen Warders (also formed 1485) have traditionally been in Tudor red and gold and indicate that the tradition of English Infantry wearing red coats may long predate the formation of the New Model Army.

From an early stage red coats were lined with contrasting colours and turned out to provide distinctive regimental 'facings' (lapels, cuffs and collars). Examples were blue for the 8th Regiment of Foot, scarlet for the 33rd Regiment of Foot, yellow for the 44th Regiment of Foot and buff for the 3rd Regiment of Foot. An attempt at standardization was made following the Childers Reforms of 1881, with English and Welsh regiments having white, Scottish yellow, Irish green and Royal regiments dark blue. However some regiments were subsequently able to obtain the reintroduction of historic facing colours that had been uniquely theirs.

British soldiers fought in scarlet tunics for the last time at the Battle of Gennis on 30 December 1885.

Many of the people the Redcoats fought included the french, the Jacobites, and probably the most famous of all, the american troops during the battle for Independence.

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Battle vs. Ottoman Janissaries (by Samurai234)

Redcoats: Red Red Red Red Red

Ottoman: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

In old century Turkey, a small group of British Redcoats are approaching a small city and are preparing to fire a Cannon. Meanwhile, in the city, a small group of Janissaries are relaxing after a hard battle. After the cannon has been loaded, The redcoat commander yells "Fire!", and with that, The Cannon's fuse is lit and the Cannon blows. The Jannissaries hear the explosion and look around for any intruders. The flying Cannonball hits one of the Jannissaries, killing him.

Redcoats: Red Red Red Red Red

Ottoman: Blue Blue Blue Blue

The redcoats enter the city and the two sides scramble. During the struggle, One of the Jannissaries manages to take out one of the Redcoats with his Matchlock musket.

Redcoats: Red Red Red Red

Ottoman: Blue Blue Blue Blue

He tries to reload, but is almost shot by a Redcoat with his brown bess. he retreats into an abondoned building, but the Redcoat spots him, and throws a grenade in the room, killing him.

Redcoats: Red Red Red Red

Ottoman: Blue Blue Blue

The Redcoat tries to reload his musket, but hears a hissing noise. he turns back and sees an ottoman grenade, which blows up.

Redcoats: Red Red Red

Ottoman: Blue Blue Blue

The last three redcoats walk up toward a hill, when suddenly something hits one of the redcoats and kills him.

Redcoats: Red Red

Ottoman: Blue Blue Blue

The two redcoats turn and sees an ottoman with an abus gun. he tries to fire the gun again, but the redcoats take him out first with thier muskets.

Redcoats: Red Red

Ottoman: Blue Blue

The two redcoats walk across the field, looking for more enimies, but another Jannissary strikes one of them with his Ottoman axe.

Redcoats: Red

Ottoman: Blue Blue

The Redcoat commander quickly mounts a bayonet on his musket and engages the Jannissary in battle. The Jannissary tries to strike the Redcoat, but is promptly stabbed by the redcoat's bayonet.

Redcoats: Red

Ottoman: Blue

The Last Janniassry runs toward the redcoat, Yataghan sword in hand. The Redcoat drops his musket and pulls out his Military sword. the two warriors clash sword, each trying to gain an edge. the battle eventually heads over to a cliff. The Janniassry swings, but the redcoat ducks and stabs the Jannisarry in the stomach. He kicks the Jannissary's dead body, and the ottoman solider falls to his Death.

Redcoats: Red


The Redcoat raises his sword in the air and yells "For Great Britian!".

Expert's Opinion

The Redcoat won because of his superior musket over the arquebus and strict military training.

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Battle vs. Musketeers (by KevlarNinja)

Musketeer: 1234

Redcoats: 1234

Out in a field, a small group of British Redcoats are marching. They see a group of French Musketeers up a hill. They shout and wave at them to get there attention to ask for directions. The Musketeers see them and have no idea what the Redcoats are saying. The leader shouts in French that there trespassing on French land, but the Redcoats don't know French. One Musketeer aims and fires his Musket at a Redcoat.

Redcoats: 123

The Redcoat leader shouts "Were under attack! Ready your arms.....and fire!" The Redcoats fire a volley of Brown Bess rounds. Most of them miss, but one hit's a Musketeer in the forehead.

Musketeer: 123

The Musketeers run back to there small fort up the hill. The Redcoats run after them. A Musketeer fires a Wheellock pistol, but it just grazes a Redcoats shoulder. As the Redcoats close in, one lights a Grenade and throws it. It blows up and kills a Musketeer.

Musketeer: 12

The Grenade Redcoat runs inside, but, in a twist of fate, is blown to bits by a French Grenade.

Redcoats: 12

The remaining Redcoats run inside. The one with the graze wound corners a Musketeer. He pulls out his Flintlock Pistol and fires, but it just bounces off the Musketeer's Plate armor. The Musketeer chuckles as he walks up to the Redcoat, about to pull out his Rapier. But before he can, the Musketeer pulls out his Military sword and cuts of the Musketeer's head and says "Laugh at that, you (expletive)."

Musketeer: 1

The Musketeer leader sneaks behind the Redcoat and shoots him in the head with his Wheellock.

Redcoats: 1

The Redcoat leader shouts at the Musketeer. They start to duel, the Redcoat fighting with his Brown Bess Bayonet and the Musketeer with his Rapier sword and his Main Gauche Dagger. The Redcoat stabs the Musketeer in the leg. The Musketeer knocks the Brown Bess out of the Redcoat's hands and stabs him in the chest with his Rapier.


The Musketeer raises his sword in the air and shouts "Vive la France!" He then walks away, limping.

Winner: French Musketeer

Expert's Opinion

The Musketeers beat the British Redcoats because of their more accurate primary weapon and because they had actual armor that offered protection against up-close weaponry.

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Battle vs Hessian (by MilenHD)

Hessians: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Redcoats: Red Red Red Red Red

It's been 5 days since the hired Hessian soldiers killed the problematic American rebels and they haven't got their rewards for doing it and they decided to ask the British whats going on. As they were travelling to the nearby cabin, where they saw inside 5 Redcoats planning their next attack and suddenly the door burst open and one of the Hessians shouted with anger

"wo ist unsere Belohnung für mich Rebellen gereinigt zu haben" (Where is our reward? we slayed the rebels!")

As one of the Redcoats turn his head, he said in English hoping the Hessians will understand their language,

"We are not the ones who give the rewards, ask our general, which his camp is south from here."

The Hessians were having none of it and one of them fired their rifle, killing one of the Redcoats in the head.Red

The Redcoats fired their flintlock pistols wounding two of the Hessians and as the Hessians got away from the cabin, they were met with volley of muskets, shooting down one of wounded Germans.Blue

The Hessians retreated, but the Redcoats followed them at the field, and all of the British man put their bayonets, ready for anything that the Hessians are going to do, as he saw one of the Hessian he fired at him, but missed him narrowly and the Hessian charged at him with his longsword and the Redcoat found his belly pierced.Red

The next two Redcoats were searching for their third member, who was attack by two Hessians wielding axes, but he fired his pistol killing one of them, then grabbing his fallen comrade gun and stabbing the other Hessian in the heart.BlueBlue

As they found their third member they, decide to find and kill the mercenaries. As they were searching the field, it was getting darker and the wounded Hessian was still able to walk found his other ally and they too went to meet the Brits. The British Redcoats saw them and two of them pulled their officer swords and the other one charged with his bayonet at his gun tip, the Hessians holding their axes charged at them two, except the the wounded one fired his pistol piercing the Brit's heart.Red

Than both groups charged at each other and started dueling. It wasn't long until somebody drew first blood and that were the Hessians, which one of them decapitated one of the British Redcoats, not long after his teammate to kill him with a stab from his officer sword.RedBlue

As the captains remained one on one, the circled each other, and the Hessian stroke first with his axe missing narrowly the Redcoat. He swung his axe few times, managing to dominate against the Brit, but the Redcoat stroke first and sliced the handle in two. With no time to waste, the German pulled his longsword and managed to parry a strike from the officer sword's blade, and as he parried the blade, the strike for and final time, piercing the Brit's abdomen and pushed the dead Britishman body away.Red

The Hessian raised his fist and shouted his war cry in victory.

Expert's Opinion

The Redcoats may have better superior experience, as fought around the globe, but the Hessians were more durable, they have better weapons, have equal training as the Redcoats and are much more brutal.

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