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I, who am the prince of villainy, serve none! And now once the Cosmic Cube is mine, all that live shall pay me homage!
— Red Skull

Johann Schmidt, best known under the criminal alias of the Red Skull, was the child of a horribly abusive father who attempted to murder him the day he was born, accusing him of murdering his wife when she died in childbirth. Johann was saved by the doctor who delivered him, and when his father committed suicide the next day, the doctor delivered him to a local orphanage. His time in the orphanage was lonely and miserable, and he left to live on the streets of Germany at only seven years old. As he grew up on the streets, Schmidt spent most of his life serving time for various minor offences ranging from vagrancy to theft. When he was rejected by his first love, a Jewish woman named Esther, Johann flew into a rage and murdered her- discovering the thrill of violence and murder for the first time. When the Nazis came into power, Schmidt was working as a bellhop for a local hotel, where he first met Adolf Hitler. The Führer was enraged and yelling at the chief of the Gestapo, and during the exchange Hitler claimed that "I could teach that bellboy to do a better job than you!" When the two looked into each others eyes, Hitler could see that Schmidt was filled with the same hate and rage that he himself was, and Johaan knew that Hitler was a man he could see as a role model, and shape himself after.

Inspired, Hitler decided that he would make the boy the perfect Nazi, and took Schmidt under his wing. Hitler gave Schmidt a special face mask, and the Red Skull was born. An expert soldier and fighter, the Red Skull engaged in numerous missions for the Nazis during World War 2, constantly battling his nemesis and American equivalent, Captain America. Eventually, Red Skull renounced Hitler, considering him weak and undeserving to be the leader of the Nazi Regime. He continued to haunt Captain America and the Avengers with his super villain schemes, and every time he has died, he has returned, even more powerful and angered. During one of these revivals, he returned in a cloned body of Captain America, giving him the superhuman benefits of the Super Soldier Serum. Even when he remains dead, his legacy runs deep. His daughter, normally known as Sin, has previously taken up his title as the Red Skull, and she nearly brought about the end of all things when her quest to gain power lead to the release of Odin's brother, The Serpent. Most recently, the Red Skull has taken the brain of the recently deceased Professor X, gaining telepathic powers, as part of his plan to wipe out Mutants after witnessing them nearly destroy the world under the reign of Cyclops and the Phoenix Five.

Battle vs. Black Mask (by Godkombat21)[]


Winner: Red Skull

Expert's Opinion[]


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Battle vs. Viktor Reznov (by CuchulainSetanta)[]

Sgt. Reznov: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Red Skull: Red Red Red Red Red

Near the end of World War II, Sgt. Reznov and four Soviet soldiers have been sent to take out the infamous Nazi terrorist the Red Skull. Coming across his bunker, Reznov halts his men when he sees a Nazi guard at the entrance. Taking out his Mosin-Nagant rifle, Reznov aims at the guard's head and fires, dropping him. Red Down below, the Skull and three of his other bodyguards hear the shot and spread out through the base.

Entering, Reznov's team comes under fire by a Nazi on an MG-42. One soldier is killed while the others take cover, firing back with PPSh-41s.Blue One of the Soviets manages to hit the machine-gunner, and the team moves on, splitting up to search the base. Red Entering a locker room, two Soviets come across the Skull himself, armed with a "death ray" gun. Catching

them off guard, the Skull fries one before taking cover behind a locker door to evade the other's Tokarev fire. Blue Taking a gas mask out of the locker, the Skull tosses out a grenade containing his "dust of death". The second soldier has no chance, the skin on his head shrinking and turning crimson. Blue Walking out to see his handiwork, the Skull laughs and continues on, whistling to himself.

Meanwhile, in a large war room, Reznov and his last soldier are engaging in a fight with two Nazis armed with ray guns. Nodding to each other, both Reznov and the other soldier dive out at the same time, riddling the Nazis with bullets from their PPSh-41s. RedRed Getting up, Reznov turns to his friend, only to see the Skull slitting the soldier's throat with a trench knife. Blue Reznov shouts, pulling his machete out and charging the Skull. The war crim

inal dodges his slash, punching Reznov in the face with the knife's hilt before moving in to stab him. At the last moment, however, Reznov chops the Skull's hand off with his machete, before getting up and slicing him across the face. Red The Skull falls to the ground, dead, as Reznov raises his weapon with a shout of "Ura!!!"

Winner: Sgt. Reznov

Expert's Opinion[]

This was a very heated battle, as is to be expected when dealing with a Nazi like the Red Skull. However, the Skull got more than a few votes, due to his high-tech arsenal. When it came down to it, though, what really put Reznov on top was his single minded determination to wipe out the Nazi scourge.

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Battle vs. Niko Bellic (by Wassboss)[]

Niko bellic is walking through New York City, minding his own business. He is still in shock after his battle with the very irritable black man and always carries a weapon on him. Little does he know he know he is being stalked...

Red skull moves without a sound, sticking to the many alleyways and shaded areas of New York. He has the MG-42 in his hands and the ray gun holstered by his side. He watches as niko enters a shop and waits for him outside. He aims at the door, poised and ready to attack.

Meanwhile niko has just brought some cigarettes and is about to leave when he sees red skull through the shop window. He pulls out his shotgun and loads it with bullets. Red skull wonders what is taking so long and looks through the window. He sees niko aiming his shotgun at him. Before niko can react red skull quickly switches his aiming position and fires.

Niko jumps to the floor and the glass around him shatters. He waits till the gunfire stops then peeks over the top of the little cover he has. He quickly fires, without aiming, and misses red skull by a long shot. He is drove back down when red skull fires again. He peeks up again and this time aiming lands a direct shot on the MG shattering the barrel and rendering it useless.

Red skull cusses under his breath and unholsters his ray gun aiming at niko. He fires disintegrating the shotgun in his hands. Niko pulls out his pistol and fires hitting red skull in the arm. Red skull shouts in pain and fires the ray gun again but niko dodges and it hits a dustbin behind him, reducing it to dust. Niko fires once again this time hitting red skull in the hand making him drop the ray gun which niko then shoots to make sure he can’t use it again.

Niko smiles thinking he has won. But he has not counted on the insanity and determination of his opponent. Red skull snarls and lunges forward trench knife in hand scraping niko’s hand. He then uses the knife to wrench the gun out of niko’s hand and kicks him in the face with the brass knuckles on the handle of the knife. Niko stumbles back and takes out his baseball bat.

For a tense moment the both stand opposite each other, not moving eyeing each other up. Red skull makes the first move lunging forward knife in front of him. Niko swings the baseball bat but red skull dodges and stabs niko in the stomach badly injuring him. Niko yelps in pain and pushes red skull away. He looks down and sees that he is bleeding profoundly.

Red skull laughs and lunges forward but this time niko is ready and waits until red skull is too near to avoid his swing and, taking a stance like a professional baseball player, swings the bat. Red skull is not able to dodge this swing and is hit square in the face sending him sprawling to the floor. Niko looks at red skull but he does not move. Thinking he has won niko starts to limp away but the fight is far from over.

Red skull awkwardly stands up and leaps at niko knocking him to the floor causing him to drop the baseball bat. Niko punches red skull in the face and then kicks him momentary stunning him. Niko then gets up and runs back to his car. Red skull gets up and follows him smiling. Niko opens his boot and pulls out his RPG-7. He then runs into a abandoned theatre and waits for red skull.

Red skull walks into the theatre and sneaks around trying to find niko. Suddenly he is hit in the face by niko and falls to the floor. Niko runs out the front door and, turning around, aims at the front doors. Red skull gets up and runs up to the front door. He opens it and sees niko standing RPG in his hands. He turns and runs back into the theatre and niko fires, the grenade hitting the side of the theatre causing it to collapse.

Niko sure that red skull is dead drops his RPG and starts to walk home. Just as he gets out of sight the rubble starts to move and red skull emerges from the derbies. He smiles evilly and, pulling out a strange canister heads straight for niko’s house.

Later that evening niko is lying in bed trying to get too sleep after his eventful day. Suddenly he hears the sound of something opening. He opens his eyes and looks over the bed and sits up in shock. A wired gas is filling up the room. Niko jumps up and tries to open his bedroom door but it has been blocked from the outside. Niko struggles with the door but it just won’t open. But by now the gas is upon him and he suffers a terrible fate.

Meanwhile outside red skull watches and the gas seeps out of the open window. Smiling to himself he gets up and walks away.


Expert's Opinion[]

Red skull won because of his amazing arsenal of weapons and because of his determination to kill and maim.

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Battle vs. Indiana Jones (by Thats random369)[]

Indy: 123456 Red Skull: 123456

Red Skull and 5 nazis are breaking into an ancient viking tomb in Norway in search of an ancient crystal that will be able to power their "Death Ray" Gun. The nazis break open the casket, Red Skull grins as he takes the crystal out of the rotting corpes' hand. Suddenly he hears a whip crack through the air. "I'd put that back if I were you." says a voice. The skull turns to see Indiana Jones and 5 OSS members.

"No one threatens me!" yells Red Skull. Red Skull signals something to one of his nazis, the nazi shoots at Indy with his P38. Indy dodges and shoots the Nazi directly inbetween the eyes with his python.

Red Skull: 12345

Red Skull screams in anger, "Time to even the odds!" and with that the red skull riddles a OSS with a hail MP28 bullets.

Indy: 12345

The Nazis and OSS spread out through out the cave. A nazi pursues Indy shooting his shoulder causing him to drop his python. Indy grabs his shoulder and takes cover behind a tombstone.

When the nazi gets to the tombstone Jones is not there. The puzzled nazi gets choked from behind by Jones with his whip.

Red Skull: 1234

Meanwhile, Red Skull puts crystal in his death ray and shoots a OSS agent in the head with it instantly disintigrating him.

Indy: 1234

A nazi is taking cover behind a large stone waiting for some one to walk by. He readies his wealther P38 and jumps from his cover, but it is another nazi. The other nazi tells the gunman to move along and sets a dust of death box (set with a detonater) and starts to move along but once he has his back turned he gets his legs shot out by an OSS with a MP40. The rookie OSS shoots the nazi in the stomach, thinking it o be an insta-kill. The nazi (knowing he wont survive) pulls out the detonater and presses the button, killing him and the OSS.

Red Skull: 123

Indy: 123

An OSS mounts his Lewis on a flat rock and keeps his eye open for any nazis, after a minute or two a bullet whizzes past his head. He looks to see the nazi with the P38 aiming his pistol for another shot. The machine gunner mows down the nazi with ease. The OSS smirks, but his pride is cut short by a stab to the neck with a trench knife.

Red Skull: 12

Indy: 12

The nazi knifer smiles and starts chuckling at his stealth, but the cocky nazi fails to notice an RPG rocket heading right for him. At the last minute he spots the rocket and barely gets out of its way fast enough. The seriously injured nazi crawls to his MG 42 and shoots the RPG rocket when its fataly close to the shooters face, blowing him to bits. The nazi then goes to regroup with his leader.

Indy: 1

Meanwhile, Jones finds one of his fallen comrads and finds a machete and sheath. He takes it and moves along. Red Skull and his final nazi minion head threw a dark tunnel, the farther they go the darker it gets. When it is near pitch black, Red Skull lights a match so he and the nazi will be able to see, but the nazi in on the ground with a slash to the neck.

Red Skull: 1

Red Skull runs to the end of the tunnel to where Jones had dropped his python. "That thing belongs in a museum, not a gun!" says a voice. Red Skull turns to see Jones standing there. Jones grabs the death ray and punches the skull in the face. Red Skull shrugs it off and roundhouse kicks Jones in the side of the head, knocking him to the ground. "Did you really think you could stop me, the greatest super soilder to ever live!" taunts the skull. "Lets see if a super soldier can survive a bullet to the head." says Jones who frantically grabs his python and shoots Red Skull in between the eyes.

Red Skull:

"This will look great in a museum." says Jones as he gets to his feet and takes the crystal out of the death ray.

Winner: Indiana Jones

Expert's Opinion[]

Red Skull may have been stronger but Indiana Jones was no stranger to supernatural enemies and pulled through with his better sanity and deceptive nature.

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