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The Mistress of one kingdom calls out to her nation. The Mistress of another sends out her own command.
— The narrator as the Black and Red Queen Mothers readied their troops

The Red Queen Mother is a major character in the comic book Alien: Genocide. She was a red-skinned Queen Mother and the leader of the one and only known rebel Xenomorphs called the Red Xenomorphs, who waged war on the 'pure' Black Queen Mother and her faction. As a Queen Mother, the Red Queen Mother is taller, smarter, and physically stronger than average Queen or Empress. Among Xenomorphs she is an abnormality, as both red-skinned Xenos and Queen Mothers are very rare.

The Red Queen Mother was killed, along with brood, when Daniel Grant and a squad of Colonial Marines decided to destroy her hive with a nuclear strike to distract the Black Xenos in order to steal the Black's Royal Jelly, which they planned to synthesize and sell as a drug. The few Red Xenomorphs that survived were killed by the Marines, rendering them extinct.