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Let's keep our boots polished, our bayonets sharpened, and present a picture of force and strength to the Red Army. It's the only language they understand and respect.

The Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, or Red Army for short, was the paramilitary force that fought for communist control of the Russian Empire. From its early beginnings in the Russian Civil War, the group evolved into the standard fighting force of the Soviet Union.

The red symbolizes the blood shed by workers who fought against capitalism. Under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin and his associates, they were able to defeat the White Movement, Russian Provisional Government, and other Allied forces and preserve the communist state.

The low point in the early ages of the Red Army was during their service in World War I against the Central Powers. Due to the poor economy and industry, many soldiers would go without rifles and used knives, pistols, axes, or even their own bare hands. Vladimir Lenin immediately withdrew troops and turned into a neutral nation.

However, during World War II the Soviet Union was again pitted against their rival, Germany. Now with a stabilized economy and training from stronger generals and commissars, the force evolved into an effective fighting force that helped bring the end to Nazi tyranny.

During the Cold War, the Red Army became a standing army, policing Soviet satellites. Once the Soviet Union fell in 1991, so did the Red Army which was replaced by Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Battle vs. United States National Guard (by Omnicube1)[]

No battle written


Expert's Opinion[]

This was a very close battle. Both sides had great rifles and near-equal training. What tipped this battle in the National Guard's favor was having better Snipers and Sidearms.

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Battle vs. Marine Raiders (by Goddess of Despair)[]

The firefight continues till eventually there is no gunfire on the roof and both sides regroup to discover both have lost a man in the gunfight. Marines-8 Red army-8

The marine leader gives his satchel charge to his lieutenant and says “Get through a wall somewhere and locate the general while we try to lower the opposition, John, Miller you guys go with him.” The marines follow the orders and the team at the entrance begins to enter the base. The marines end up nearing the center of the building and as a submachine gunner is taking point a red army soldier hearing the footsteps of the marines sprays wildly from behind a wall with his ppsh and kills the marine taking point.  The red army soldier enters the hallway with his gun raised and shot at the nearest marine killing the him before he met his demise from the rest of the group. Marines-6 Red army-7

Meanwhile 4 of the red army soldiers are setting up sandbags inside their base when an explosion destroys the wall next to them and kills 2 of them. Marines-6 Red army-5

The red army soldiers turn to kill the ambushers and kill the lieutenant who couldn’t draw his M1911 before the red army soldiers gunned him and one of his men down.  The red army soldiers fall victim to the last marine in their group. Marines-4 Red army-3

Miller looks down at John who lies dead and he closed John’s eyes to show his respect to the man. He then began to search for his other comrades. The other marine team is clearing the area when they enter a long hallway with 2 red army soldiers hiding behind sandbags. The marine leader in the back yells “Get in cover!” but was too late. One red army soldier throws a Molotov at the marines which set one on fire and the other gets killed by the other red army soldier with a svt. Marines-2 Red army-3

The marine leader goes around the corner his team came and looked at the corpses of his comrades then hears gunshots. He thought the red army soldiers were engaging his other team and he left the safety of the corner  and he shot at the red army soldiers and killed one with his garand while the others whereabouts he was certain. He stopped shooting and as the red army soldier popped up a burst of machine gun fire sent him back to the ground. Then Miller walked up and enspected the sandbags and both the red army soldiers were dead. The marine leader sprinted towards his comrade.

Marines-2 Red army-1

Suddenly Miller feels tremendous pain from his back and falls down while the red army leader stood over him with his bloodied NR-40. The marine leader yelled “NO!” and tried to shoot his garand but it was empty. He tried to reload but decided the red army leader was to close and he charged at the hostel and he hit the red army leader with the butt of his garand and dropped his rifle in favor of his ka-bar. The red army leader slashed at the marine who parried and counter slashed at the red army soldier who dodged the attack and kicked the marine leader back. The red army leader charged the marine leader and the two exchanged blows until a gunshot is fired and the red army leader falls to the ground. The marine leader looks at the corpse then at were the shot came from. Miller grinned “Guess you owe me one now sarge?” He then coughed, leaned back and the marine leader tried to talk to him to no avail. The marine leader closed Miller's eyes, took his M1911 and then searched the base for the general. Marines-1 Red army-X

Winner: Marine Raiders.

Expert's Opinoin[]


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Battle vs. Chinese People's Volunteer Army (by Battlefan237)[]

Red Army: RedRedRedRedRed

Chinese PVA: OrangeOrangeOrangeOrangeOrange

Five Red Army soldiers got lost in a remote forest located in far east . The forest, however , was the base camp of a group of PVA soldiers. One PVA soldier who had been assigned to keep guard of the site so that he could inform the rest when any possible threats emerged. The soldier, who had just noticed the Red Army group, quickly kept the outlook of the Russians in mind and rushed back to the camp . ‘班长,附近来了一队可疑的人。【Captain, a group of suspicious men has just came into the woods.】’ The head PVA ordered every PVA to stay ready for a possible threat, he himself took out a binocular that were taken from a US scout , and scanned through the woods. Meanwhile, the head Russian gazed at the footstep left on the mud by the PVA scout, and decided to follow them. That's not very long before they encountered with two PVA soldiers, one armed with an rifle, the other one was on SG 43 machine gun, at the backside of the PVA camp. One Chinese immediately grabbed up his Mosin-Nagant and pointed it at the Russians. 'О нет, мы сталкиваемся с некоторыми враждебными партизанами!【Oh no, they are hostile!】' A red army soldier took out his pistol, but he wasn't quickly enough for the Chinese machine gunner who reacted quickly and opened fire with his SG43 and sprayed down the pistol manRed. Other Russians sheltered themselves behind stones and large rocks. One sprayed his PPSH41 at the Mosin-Nagant PVA soldier and killed him instantlyOrange. The Chinese captain heard the noise and quickly rushed into the camp and led two Chinese soldiers to assist the machine gunner. The Russian head was an experienced warrior who had fought in many battles-- this gave him the ability to remain calm and carefully observed the whole battlefield by using a pocket mirror to reflect. In this way, he caught the clear location of the machine gun. He lit and a Molotov Cocktail, quickly threw it onto the hill. The cocktail which precisely landed behind the gun caused the Chinese man to burn. With fire flaming all over his body, the gunner screamed and jumped up as soon as the head Russian aimed his Mosin-Nagant at him and shot his chestOrange. 'Да здравствует ленинская!【Long live Lenin!】' yelled the head Russian. He led his fellowmen into the camp. The Chinese captain had just witnessed the death of the gunner, being furious, he asked his men to hide behind one camp and prepare to launch a sudden attack against the Russians. Two Russians were busy dealing with their own 1910 type machine gun and installing it in the center of a small square , so the head decided to enquire into the camp with the PPSH41 man. The PPSH41 man took a glance at the tent, signaling the head that nothing was wrong. Then, a Chinese armed with a PPS-43 emerged from the back and yelled ‘去死吧!【Die!】’ The poor Russian had no chance to fire back, only to be shot downRed. The head Russian tried to defend himself by grabbing up his mosin, but that couldn't match with the Chinese when the PVA captain revealed the sniper function of the same type of rifle. He shot the Red Army leader in right in the head from the other side of the tent, causing the Russian to fall downRed. The Chinese marched back to reoccupy the camp. When they arrived at the square , the machine gun had just been put up. The Russians opened fire with the M1910 . The Chinese captain quickly dodged by bending behind a rock. One of his fellow men received ten shots and got slaughtered under the massive bullets rainOrange. The other one threw out a M-24 and bombed the machine gun apart alongside the gunnerRed. The captain and his last man quickly dashed towards the last Russian who'd been reloading his rifle. Realizing that he's at a bad position, he ran away into the woods. The two Chinese pursued chasing. The Russian found a perfect place and aimed his Mosin at the m24 Chinese who forgot to take caution. The bullet whipped across the air and hit the PVA soldier in the chest. He gasped and kneeled down, coughing out bloodOrange. The Russian the reloaded the gun, but was shocked on the fact that the Chinese captain was missing. He became anxious. He scanned the woods by using eyes in haste, hoping to find the captain. What he didn't know was that the Chinese captain had already snuck behind him while all his attention were focused on the m24 PVA man. ‘看这儿,洋鬼子。【Look here, foreign scum.】’ The captain yelled and shot the Russian in the back with his tt-30 pistolRed. Witnessing the Russian falling down the rockhill, the PVA captain smiled and shouted ‘胜利了!【Victory!】’ loudly.

Winner:Chinese People's Volunteer Army

Expert's Opinion[]

Though the Red Army were more experienced warriors, not only did their weapons pulled them back in this battle, but their lack of fighting against guerillas gave the Chinese PVA credits to launch unexpected attacks. Also, the Chinese had faced tougher enemies than them. So that resulted in the victory of Chinese warriors.

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