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Battle vs. William Wallace (by MilenHD)[]

It was a misty day as usual near the shores of Scotland. William Wallace heard that a man from the North had come to their lands. William and few Highlanders came to see the invaders, as Ragnar and a much larger group of of Norse warriors were standing there. As Ragnar saw them and spoke to them-"You are the Highlanders, the locals of this area right?"

And William answered them-"Yes indeed, and who is asking and why did you come here?"

Ragnar said clearly "We are the Vikings of the Norse, we had come to loot and pillage.", but William Wallace answered him "You will attack a smaller group, let us fight one on one, since we are both the leaders, if I win you shall search for other lands to pillage, if you win you can pillage."

Ragnar smiled a little bit and answered " Well you are going to die after all" and threw his spear at William, missing him narrowly. Than William started spinning and threw his ball & chain, but it didn't even got close to Ragnar. Ragnar than pulled his sword and shield and charged at William, who's got his trusty targe and war hammer and as both warriors clashed, Ragnar's sword did nothing to William's targe, but with great force William Wallace slammed his hammer, destroying Ragnar's shield. As William swung his hammer again, Ragnar ducked the swing and with a slash of his sword, he knocked the war hammer away.

William raised his shield and blocked the blow of the sword, and he pushed Ragnar, piercing his shield spike into his stomach, wounding him. Ragnar grabbed his bearded axe and managed to smash William's targe. William after all pulled his claymore and with just one swing, he knocked both of Ragnar's weapons. Ragnar raised his dane axe and charged at William.

Both giant axe and sword clashed at few times, with both warriors been equal in this battle. As both the Highlanders and Vikings were cheering their leaders, in a sudden moment William pierced Ragnar's abdomen, and with last breath Ragnar said -"Long I hjave waited to see Valhalla."

As William pulled his claymore, and yelled "SCOTLAND!" as the Viking moved their leader dead body and retreating slowly, while the Highlanders were yelling in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

While Ragnar Lodbrok had the experience and better long range weapon, William Wallace arsenal for melee was just superior in a close battle of the Bane of Nations, William Wallace won over the viking raider.

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The battle has been declared invalid because William Wallace was given a claymore, a weapon he never used.