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How the little piglets would grunt if they knew how the old boar suffered!
— Ragnar Lodbrok's last words

Ragnar Lodbrok or Lothbrok was a Viking raider who lived in the early 800s AD. Norse sagas state that Lodbrok was briefly declared king of much of Denmark and Sweden, and claimed to be descended from Odin himself. Ragnar made himself well known and feared in civil wars in Denmark, and by raiding France.

Lodbrok first raided France in the 845 with a fleet of 120 ships and an army of 5000 men. Lodbrok took advantage of the shallow draft of the Viking longship, using rivers as transport corridors and avoiding conflict with Frankish heavy cavalry. Ragnar's Vikings attacked a number of cities in northwestern France, including Rouen and Carolivenna. Ragnar then raided the Abbey of St. Denis, driving the soldiers guarding the Abbey to flee their posts by executing prisoners in front of them. Ragnar then sailed up the Seine to Paris, where he held the city for ransom, and received 7000 pounds of silver in exchange for sparing the city. Ragnar died soon after, however, when he was shipwrecked on the coast of England and taken captive by King Aelle of Northumbria. Aelle ordered Ragnar executed, according to legend by being thrown into a pit filled with venomous snakes. Aelle, however, would pay dearly for the execution of Ragnar.

Ragnar's sons, Ivar the Boneless and Halfdan Ragnarsson, and Ubbe Ragnarson, led an invasion of England known as the Great Heathen Army. The Great Heathen Army took the city of York, and captured Aelle, executing him a particularly brutal manner known as the "Blood Eagle", which consisted of cutting open the victim's chest and tearing out his lungs, positioning them in a manner that resembled the wings of an eagle. Ragnar's raids in France also left the legacy of a number of Vikings who settled in the area, becoming known as the Normans, whose greatest claim to fame would come 200 years later with the conquest of England by William the Conqueror in 1066.

Battle vs. Arminius (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Arminius: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Ragnar Lodbrok: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Ragnar Lodbrok and five Vikings through into a dense forest. Suddenly, a whooshing sound was heard, followed by the screams of a dying man. One of Ragnar's men was run through the chest by a thrown framea. Darkred

The rest of the Vikings drew their weapons and turned towards the place where the spear had come from. Facing them were five Germanic tribemen, led by Arminius. Ragnar and the other Vikings shouted with rage, hurling axes and spears at the Germans. Most of the weapons bounced off the German's shields, but one of the axes caught a Germanic tribesman in the forehead, killing him instantly. Blue

The Vikings then charged at Arminius and his Germans, swords, spears, and axes in hand. One of he Vikings was cut down in the charge, however, by plumbata thrown by a German soldier, which caught him in the chest. Darkred

The two groups of warriors collided in a clash of steel. Ragnar swung his massive Dane Axe, cutting the head off a German tribesman's framea, before decapitating the Germanic warrior as he tried to draw his sword. Blue

Meanwhile, a Germanic warrior knocked the helmet off a Viking with a spiked club, and then brought the club down on Viking's head, smashing his skull in. Darkred

A Viking came up behind the German club-wielder, however, and thrust his spear through him, impaling through the chest. Blue

Ragnar and the his last surviving soldier faced off against Arminius and his last surviving man. The Germanic warrior made his first move, throwing his framea at Ragnar, who dodged the spear. The two Germans charged at the Vikings. Arminus' last soldier faced the last surviving Viking, and raised his shield high, but the Viking suddenly changed the direction of his spear thrust and went low.

The Germanic warrior, however, made a powerful slide with his sword, slicing the head off the Viking's spear. The Viking tossed away the useless shaft and drew his sword. The two warriors clashed, blades striking against shields, until the Germanic Warrior found an opening and thrust low, under the Viking's shield, killing him. Darkred

Ragnar, meanwhile, charged at Arminius, swinging his Dane Axe wildly, forcing Arminus to retreat backwards, cornering him against a tree. Ragnar took a mighty vertical swing at Arminius and hit.... only the tree, embedding the blade in the wood.

Arminius had jumped to the side and seized his opportunity to thrust his sword right through Ragnar's chest. Blood flowed profusely and the Viking warrior fell the the ground, dead. Darkred

Arminius and the the other Germanic warrior raised their swords in victory.

WINNER: Arminius

Expert's Opinion[]

Arminius took this battle because mainly due to tactics. Arminius used ambush tactics and field fortifications managed to defeat three of Roman legions, the best trained soldiers of his time. Ragnar's slighly superior weapons and even his superior armor could not cancel out this great advantage.

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Battle vs Richard the Lionheart (by BattleGames1)[]

Grey x 10 - Richard the Lionheart

Blue x 10 - Ragnar Lodbrok

Richard and his foot soldiers could not believe their eyes at the sight that beheld them at the top of the hill. It was all in shambles, the coastal village. Rooves and walls were punched through with holes; the bodies of men, women and children were scattered all over the area - some breathing but expiring fast, and others just completely slashed open. Some fires were raging as well, even the monastery had smoke emanating from its stony structure.

One of Richard's men pointed to the Viking longboat that was docked nearby and because it was a fair distance away, the Viking raiders were hard to make out... but Richard could make out one Viking warrior with a fancier-looking helmet helping out his fellows with the loot. "It appears that the legendary raider Ragnar has shown himself" he muttered to himself. He noticed that the Vikings were in a hurry. Indeed the messenger that brought himself to Richard's knees while out of breath said that he got out just as the Vikings started pillaging the monastery.

Looking to his men, Richard ordered them to stay in their usual tight formation as they prepared to strike. He ordered his crossbow wielders to fire upon the Vikings before the charge.

Down by the ship, Ragnar and his men were scurrilously transferring the loot from the monastery to the ship. There was lots of chatter and laughter among them knowing they've lived to fight another day... but Ragnar himself noted that the loot they gathered was very meagre in comparison to their prior raids. He thought to himself 'I guess that is what happens when Mommy drained England to pay for your bail, King Richard' and with a chuckle, he tossed the last bag of coinage up into the ship.

When suddenly, an arrow darted through the air and pierced the bag while it was near the ship, the bag's contents spilling out all over the ground. Ragnar and his men acted on the defence as a couple more arrows darted towards them. All the Viking men raised their shields and lucky they did for they blocked the arrows from getting through.

Raising their shields to see the crossbowmen and foot archers reload but the rest of the English infantry advancing towards the village, Ragnar and some of his men took up their weapons and started charging at the soldiers.

As the crossbowmen shifted themselves towards the centre, a flurry of arrows started coming their way - Ragnar had some of his archers fire off their own volleys hoping to take out the competition. Fortunately, their own shields blocked the barrage. One of them even had the benefit of Richard personally standing in front of him to take the blow. Turning back to his companion, Richard himself said "Don't be scared of any foe. You're backed by the Trinity" before turning to face the front.

The English managed to get themselves near one of the workshops before Ragnar and his men finally made contact with them. Some of the men struggled to keep their shields up while keeping their other hand on their own weapons to counter. Richard, feeling adventurous and empowered, lowered his shield and charged towards one of the Vikings harassing his soldiers. The Englishman stumbled to the side as Richard engaged his foe with his battle axe. Although the Viking swung his axe against Richard's stomach, Richard didn't stumble backwards allowing him to swing down his axe on the opponent's shoulder close to his neck (Blue x 9).

With no time to waste, Richard barked for his men to get behind cover before the Viking archers struck back. The English archers broke formation with the square of infantrymen and attempted to hide behind some haystacks. Unfortunately for one crossbowman who tripped over while carrying his kit, he was shot by a Viking archer who managed to get a lucky strike in the eye slits (Grey x 9). Seeing red from his fallen comrade, an English archer stepped out and aimed for one of the Viking archers on the boat. Although another Viking arrow managed to pierce his hauberk, the archer was able to fire off his own shot and kill the archer back (Blue x 8).

Ragnar tossed aside his English opponent when he saw this and with frenzied rage, rushed towards the archer. The archer tried to run back but he was too slow and Ragnar managed to throw one of his smaller axes into the archer's back. Before Ragnar could run up and finish the job, he was pushed onto a wall by an infantrymen with a fauchard. Staggering onto his feet and unsheathing the other small axe, Ragnar faced down his opponent and the two clashed blades.

As the fight was happening, Richard himself assisted another of his men in taking down a raider - striking his axe down at the man's legs while the footman finished things off with a decapitation (Blue x 7). Richard then went over to another duel but before he could interfere, he saw the archers fire from the boat towards his and his infantrymen's position. Seeing the archers huddled up near the haystacks, Richard shouted at them "Strike like a cobra! Make it for the hills!". Although he felt comforted by his square defence formation earlier, he knew that the couple of archers on the boat were going to be a menace so the archers had to move.

Ragnar concluded his duel with the fauchard-wielding soldier by kicking the man against the wall and when the soldier was stunned, took off his helmet and stabbed the man in the face (Grey x 8) but not before telling him "I'm sacrificing you to Odin, while drinking horns of mead!". Although he got blood on his face, Ragnar felt like he could still keep going. Licking his lips, he set his sights on Richard but before he could charge towards him, he could see the archers bolting for the hills out of the corner of his eyes. Looking back at Richard he said "I'll come for you next..." before rushing towards the archers.

The melee between the remaining Englishmen and Vikings led to a lot of traded blows and clashed metal but no-one making any headway - the Vikings were using their shields and light armour to dodge the Crusader strikes from the fauchard and longsword, while the bigger tougher brutes in the suits used their own armour to the advantage. Eventually, the Vikings had to leg it away from the fight hoping to use the town ruins to their advantage.

Meanwhile the crossbowmen tried to reload and aim their crossbows hoping to cover the two archers that bolted for the hills. One of them, with rather shaky confidence, stepped out and aimed directly for one of the archers on the ship. Holding his breath, the archer fired... and the shot connected, causing the Viking to fall off the boat and onto the water (Blue x 6). The crossbowman went back to his colleague who had just finished loading in his arrow onto the bow. He was confident enough to step out and do some more damage but before he could, a Viking spear was violently thrust into his back (Grey x 7). Impulsively, the crossbow fired but the arrow flew into a random direction away from the Viking. The other crossbowman dropped his bow and charged at the assailant with his own sword drawn while shouting "For the Lord!"

The Viking heard the charge and, after letting go of the spear, countered with his own shield slam, sending the footman to the ground. Taking the spear out of his latest victim, the Viking proclaimed "For the Allfather!" before thrusting it towards the man's face. Luckily for the Englishman he was able to roll out of the way and kick the Viking man and sending him down onto the floor. The Englishman tried to get up onto his feet but unfortunately the Viking man was quicker and despite the crusader crawling towards a corpse hoping to use it as a shield, the spearman came down on him like a tonne of bricks (Grey x 6).

The Viking archer left alone on the ship decided enough was enough and he was going to get a piece of the action... but before he decided to do that, he took aim at Richard who was still going at it in a duel with another Viking raider a little further away from the dock - near the monestary in fact. Repositioning himself towards the gangplank, the archer fired his shot. Alas the arrow missed and landed near the Viking raider's feet. The berserker turned his face back to the ship but before he could yell at the archer, an axe blade was embedded in his neck (Blue x 5). Richard himself then took off for the boat.

Meanwhile on the hill, the two archers readied themselves to hail fire on the ship hoping to snipe out the Viking man. One archer managed to fire on the ship but the other one was keen enough to see Ragnar come charging at them so he turned to fire his arrow at him. Ragnar held up his shield and let that take the brunt of the damage... and yet the force was great enough for him to land backwards down the hill, out of the archer sight. Of course Ragnar held himself steady, discarding the shield and crawling low among the grass and using the low height to hide himself. The archers continued to fire off their shots at the ship as they saw Richard race towards it, some of their arrows tearing at the sails.

Sneaking up behind the archers, Ragnar leapt up and threw his remaining axe squarely landing a hit on the head of one of them (Grey x 5). As the archer fell to the ground, the other archer tried to aim for a headshot but was too slow as Ragnar tackled him to the ground. Scrambling to get up, Ragnar crawled over to the fallen archer and dug out the axe from the flesh before standing over the remaining archer. As the archer moaned and struggled to get back on his feet, Ragnar towered over him and basically taunted the man saying "Your king threatening me like this is very bold... for a weak king!" before swinging his axe down and once again slamming the blade onto the face (Grey x 4).

In another area of the town, a Viking raider and another fauchard-wielding man were duelling it out - the Viking axe slashing and parrying the blade of the fauchard. The duelling became very intense as the berserker kept pushing forward and forcing the slower crusader to take steps back. It got to the point where the crusader was tired but the Viking was prepared to keep on going. Feeling driven by the power of Christ, the crusader made one final move and as the Viking man leapt forward to try and put all their force into the smash, the crusader thrust his fauchard forward with all his might, planting it deep in the Viking's chest past the gambeson (Blue x 4).

Meanwhile, Richard boarded the longboat and found the Viking archer there armed with his shield and now a sword. Staring down his opponent, Richard offered the Viking one chance "Tell Ragnar that if he quietly surrenders, you can all sail back north with his barbarian goons or else I'll tear down his legacy and leave it ruins". The Viking man simply stood there and huffing himself up. Richard, deciding that he would now require the use of his sword, dropped his battle axe and unsheathed his own holy sword. The Viking man charged with his sword and the two engaged in a pitched duel trading more slow and heavy wood-scratching blows. Eventually Richard is able to get the upper hand over his more inexperienced swordwielding opponent and with one final slash aimed at the man's torso, Richard was able to kill the archer (Blue x 3) and send him also flying out of the ship and onto the dock.

Unfortunately for him, he looked over to see Ragnar finish off his two archers. As Ragnar retrieved his bloody axes, he looked over at the boat and saw the single figure of a well armoured man stand atop it. "Well well well, King Richard..." he mutters to himself before rushing down the hill and calling to his two remaining men to head for the forest. The two men - who had been running around and dodging the crusaders swinging with their sword and fauchard for a while - followed their leader's lead and bolted for the trees. Richard ran down as fast he could from the longboat and yelled out to his men to pursue them. The three crusaders then chased after the Vikings with Richard coming up close behind them.

As soon as they got to the woods, the warriors discarded their shields knowing that their pieces were too cumbersome when moving into the woods. The 4 men traipsed very slowly in a line with Richard at the back. The four of them carefully looked around them noting the points of the wooded area where they suspect the Vikings could take cover in. The rustling of leaves in the distance also kept them alert.

Soon, one of the Englishmen tapped a tree with his fauchard but in such a manner the staff dropped to the ground. Taking advantage, a Viking berserker jumped down from the trees and swung his axe at the unlucky mam, bashing away at his neckpiece until blood spewed out from the mail (Grey x 3). The other Viking berserker and Ragnar simultaneously leapt out and slammed into the armoured men with their weapons (Ragnar his axes, the other berserker his sword). To Richard's surprise, all three of the Vikings looked like they discarded their clothing and armour, leaving only their shields and arms. The Vikings didn't care as they felt really high from the rush of adrenaline - all they cared about was that their speed and dedication would get them far. They dodged every swing and blow that Richard and his men dealt. Eventually it got to the point where the king acceded into letting himself and Ragnar duel it out themselves without interference. Richard chased Ragnar deep into the forest following his trail.

The two-vs-two fight that Richard left behind was just as brutal as the duels in the village but this time, the two Englishmen worked together to defeat their opponents. Using their thick armour to their advantage, one of the men threw themselves at their opponent and although the Viking facing that man dodged the throw and leapt up for the kill, he was too slow to realise that the other soldier struck him in the back with his sword (Blue x 2). The other Viking opponent jumped onto the back of the soldier but the two of them fell backwards onto the ground. The heavy armour of the Englishman pinned the Viking to the ground and as he struggled, the other crusader slowly but surely got back onto his feet and carried his sword over. With the trap set, the crusader rolled out of the Viking's way and as the Viking gasped for air, the crusader slammed his sword into the Viking's chest (Blue x 1). The crusader standing helped his fellow up. "Let us follow our highness and see if he needs help" he said. His friend replied "We need to move quickly..." but his sore leg meant the fast walking was going to be a bit impossible. Nevertheless, the duo trudged forward into the wilderness.

Fortunately for Richard, he was able to find a conveniently placed clearing where he thinks Ragnar led him to. Bad news though; Ragnar was nowhere to be seen. Richard lowered his axe and shouted for Ragnar's name. "You're a wannabe, mon ami, kneel down and honour me!" he added when he shouted to the tree tops. Naturally, Ragnar taunted back "I'm not a linguist, but I think the King of England should probably speak English!" having noticed that Richard's speech had a hint of Breton to it. Richard himself struck back with "You might have the axe, but I make a body spray!" Silence. Then Ragnar said in a booming voice "You want to battle me? Take off the tin shirt. I'm here in my birthday suit, going berserk!" and with that last word, Ragnar rushed out from beside Richard and swung his axe at him. Instinctively, Richard swung his sword to block the axe... and in doing so also scraped the edge near Ragnar's face. This made the Viking really angry and thus he tried to bash the King's head in with his shield. The helmet however protected Richard's head well enough so that he just jerked his head and made him stumble backwards for a while until Ragnar switched to his axe once more. As Ragnar readied his swing, Richard lifted up his own arm to block the move. The block was only effective for a few seconds because Ragnar lifted his axe arm again and attempted another swing. Again, Richard blocked the move with his arm but even with the mail, it still felt painful.

Then on the third attempt at a powerful axe swing, Richard punched Ragnar in the chest, causing the Viking to stumble back and wheeze before Richard himself swung his longsword around and, with such force behind it, swiped at the neck... essentially decapitating the Viking (Blue x 0) and fulfilling his earlier threatening promise. As Ragnar's body fell to the ground, Richard walked up to the severed head and taunted it with "I guess I will announce at the next of your Things that I've chopped through you like a boneless animal".

The two remaining foot soldiers eventually joined Richard in the clearing. Seeing his colleagues still alive, Richard decided to bend down on his knees and pray to the Lord Almighty. The two crusaders followed suit and together, they all thanked God for granting them the strength and courage to defeat the Scandinavian menace.

Expert's Opinion[]

The experts agreed that although the scenario helps Ragnar out for a while due to the enclosed nature of the field, Richard's win was secured by his superior weapons and armour as well as his slightly superior X-Factors, especially when you consider that he and his men have got greater tactics and professional training than the Vikings.

If you think this battle is unfair in any way, shape or form, please feel free to ask me for permission to rematch this.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. William Wallace (by MilenHD)[]

It was a misty day as usual near the shores of Scotland. William Wallace heard that a man from the North had come to their lands. William and few Highlanders came to see the invaders, as Ragnar and a much larger group of of Norse warriors were standing there. As Ragnar saw them and spoke to them-"You are the Highlanders, the locals of this area right?"

And William answered them-"Yes indeed, and who is asking and why did you come here?"

Ragnar said clearly "We are the Vikings of the Norse, we had come to loot and pillage.", but William Wallace answered him "You will attack a smaller group, let us fight one on one, since we are both the leaders, if I win you shall search for other lands to pillage, if you win you can pillage."

Ragnar smiled a little bit and answered " Well you are going to die after all" and threw his spear at William, missing him narrowly. Than William started spinning and threw his ball & chain, but it didn't even got close to Ragnar. Ragnar than pulled his sword and shield and charged at William, who's got his trusty targe and war hammer and as both warriors clashed, Ragnar's sword did nothing to William's targe, but with great force William Wallace slammed his hammer, destroying Ragnar's shield. As William swung his hammer again, Ragnar ducked the swing and with a slash of his sword, he knocked the war hammer away.

William raised his shield and blocked the blow of the sword, and he pushed Ragnar, piercing his shield spike into his stomach, wounding him. Ragnar grabbed his bearded axe and managed to smash William's targe. William after all pulled his claymore and with just one swing, he knocked both of Ragnar's weapons. Ragnar raised his dane axe and charged at William.

Both giant axe and sword clashed at few times, with both warriors been equal in this battle. As both the Highlanders and Vikings were cheering their leaders, in a sudden moment William pierced Ragnar's abdomen, and with last breath Ragnar said -"Long I hjave waited to see Valhalla."

As William pulled his claymore, and yelled "SCOTLAND!" as the Viking moved their leader dead body and retreating slowly, while the Highlanders were yelling in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

While Ragnar Lodbrok had the experience and better long range weapon, William Wallace arsenal for melee was just superior in a close battle of the Bane of Nations, William Wallace won over the viking raider.

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The battle has been declared invalid because William Wallace was given a claymore, a weapon he never used.