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You didn't see that coming?
— Quicksilver's last words

Pietro Maximoff was a native of the Eastern European country of Sokovia who grew up with his twin sister, Wanda. The country, which was embroiled in constant war and strife, became the base of operations for a Hydra cell operated by Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, who recruited Pietro and Wanda to take part in a series of tests involving the Scepter. The tests gave the twins superpowers. While his sister Wanda received a number of mental abilities, Pietro acquired the ability to move at supersonic speeds and other physical features.

When Hydra fell, the twins joined the A.I. Ultron to continue their quest for their revenge on Tony Stark, but eventually switched sides and helped the Avengers when they discovered Ultron's true intentions. Pietro fought in the Battle of Sokovia alongside the other Avengers, but later sacrificed his life to protect Hawkeye and a civilian boy named Costel, much to the grief of his sister.

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