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I'm here to drink tea and kick butt... and I'm all out of tea.
— Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I was the daughter of King Henry and the queen of England during the late 16th century.

When the world was threatened by a zombie apocalypse and the transformation of nearly everything into a hostile creature, history teacher Hubert Beasly travelled the globe, collecting DNA of various historical heroes, including Elizabeth, to create clones of them to save the world.

Elizabeth wields a minigun and often acts as fire support for her fellow heroes as well as healing through her British Flag which was fused with the spirit of Mother Britania. She is very well mannered and polite, even in battle, though this doesn't stop her from making a small quip or one-liner while smoking a cigar.

Battle vs. Heavy (TF2) (by Affectos)[]


Winner: The Heavy

Expert's Opinoin[]


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