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Predators also known as, Yautja, Hunters and Hish, are an extraterrestrial species characterized by its hunting of other dangerous species for sport, including humans.

The Predators are a sentient, humanoid race that breathes an atmosphere similar to that of Earth's but possesses technology far more advanced beyond any known Terran artifice. The Predators stalk and kill their prey using an arsenal of highly advanced devices, such as active camouflage and energy weapons. The Predators claim their quarry's skull and spine as a trophy of sorts.

Capable of interstellar travel in starships, the Predators have hunted on Earth for centuries and have also had prior contact with the Space Jockeys. The creatures are also voracious meat-eaters. Predators are bipedal humanoids, physically distinguishable from humans by their greater height and faces, which resemble that of "a mutated crab". While generally uniform, the Predators' physical appearances can include a number of subtle variations.

While Predator heights vary, the typical height for a male is usually several inches over seven feet, though some grow as tall as eight feet or taller. Facially, the species has arthropod-like mandibles on their faces and long, hair-like appendages on their heads that are set into their ridged skulls. Predators' foreheads range in degree of steepness and shallowness. They can have a greater or lesser number of fangs, which can at times be piranha-like on the upper jaw.

The species' amphibian-like skin can range from light to dark coloration, be mottled or clear, and be dry or wet-looking and clammy. Their heads and waists can also vary in size, they can have broad or more narrow shoulders, can be more or less muscular in the physique. They also have sharp-clawed hands and feet. The species' blood is bio-luminescent phosphorus green in color.

Battle vs. Brotherhood of Steel (by Urbancommando77)

Predator: 5 BOS: 5

A group of BOS soldiers are walking through D.C. when they see a big ship land. One of them pulls out his plasma rifle and fires at one of the "things" walk out, but narrowly misses. The "thing" turns out to be a predator. The predator fires his plasma caster at him, killing him.

BOS: 4

The predator fires his caster again, but misses. One soldier pulls out his gattling laser and fires at the predator. Its so inaccurate that it misses all but six lasers. He charges at the predator and fires ten lasers into him. The soldier sees green stuff come out of the laser holes and realizes that its blood and fires six more lasers, killing him.

Predator: 4

The rest of the predators charge from the ship. One hurls a smart disk at a soldier, denting his helmet. The soldier throws his helmet but the predator throws another one at him but misses. The soldier fires his pistol at him sevaral times.

Predator: 3

A predator hurls his combi stick at him, killing him.

BOS: 3

The predator pulls out another combi stick and charges at the soldiers only getting killed just before he reached the soldiers.

Predator: 2

Another predator charges at them and stabs one and gets pelted, killing them both.

Predator: 1 BOS: 2

The last predator sees one coming at him firing his plasma rifle, missing most of the shots. The predator uses his wrists blades to smash the soldier's visor. The soldier fires two shots into the predator, who impales the soldier in the stomach.

BOS: 1

The last soldier runs into a ruined building and pulls out his combat knife. The predator follows him and once he found him, stabbed him but only dents his armor. The soldier cuts the predator in the chest. The predator stands up and stabs the soldier in the helmet, breaking it. The soldier throws his helm at the predator knocking him down. The predator looks at the helmet and throws it back. The predator stands up and impales him.

BOS: 0

The predator takes off his helmet and uses his med kit. As he walks to the ship he roars in victory.

Winner: Predator

Epxert's Opinoin

The predator had better weapons.

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Battle vs. Kraven the Hunter (by Godkombat21)

New York City-10:00 PM

Spider-Man lands in an ally way, coated with blood and human skulls. The sight made him want to vomit. He looked around and soon spotted the bloodied mask of whom he knew as The Green Goblin. Suddenly he sidestepped as a large hunting knife landed right in front of his head. Spider-man turned, and there out of the shadows emerged his familiar foe, Kraven The Hunter. "Well, well, Kraven, I never took you for someone whoed do this." "I'm a hunter not a murderer." Kraven responded. He then grabbed his other knife and attempted to slash Spider-man. Spidey avoided his swings easily. "Well, you know I really don't have time for this." Suddenly Spider-man's spider senses started going off. He looked up but was immediatly grabbed by a strange black creature without a face. It quickly dragged Spidey to the roof of the building as Kraven Picked up his knife he had thrown at Spider-man. Suddenly a second creature landed behind Kraven, it hissed and flashed it's claws before lunging at Kraven. Kraven wrestled the beast as it tried to inject it's second mouth into his skull. It lifted it's scorpion like tail ready to impale Kraven when three red dots appeared on it's head and in a blue flash, it's head exploded. Kraven looked up and standing on the edge of the roof was a creature with tribal looking metal armor and a mask. It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. "You! Spider-man, where is my prey?!" He demanded. The creature simply held up his decapitated head, with his mask still on. Rage filled Kraven as he clenched his fists. The Predator then jumped from the roof in front of Kraven. "I will have your head for this!" He yelled lunging at the Predator with his knives. The Predator extended his wrist blades and the two clashed blades. Kraven backed up for a momment and then jumped at the Predator. The predator rolled out of the way and Kraven ended up lodging his knife into the ground. The Predator took the chance and kicked Kraven with a massive amount of force. This was unexpected and knocked Kraven out cold. The Predator stepped over his incapacitated foe, pondering wheither or not to kill him right there. But it could tell this human was different from the others and thought he'd make a great hunt. He pressed a few buttons on his wrist as he prepared for transport.

The Savage Lands-9:30 AM

Kraven awoke with a throbbing pain in the back of his head. He looked around confused and dazed. The land was very on familiar. Suddenly he caught a scent, a certain scent that was very familiar. A red light then aimed at his head from out of the trees, he traced the smell and turned just in time to see the source of the light. He rolled out of the way just as a blue blast of energy shot at him. He looked towards the source of the fire but could hardly see anything. He looked closely, when he noticed movement. He reached into his vest, and soon discovered he still had his weapons. He pulled out his boomerang and tossed it into the distance. It's first run through, it didn't hit anything. But as it came back it struck something. Suddenly the cloaked Predator revealed itself. "There you are." Kraven said to himself, as he leaped towards the Predator. he tackled it as they both went tumbling off of the tree. The Predators stabbed his arm with his wrist blade. But Kraven didn't let go. He laughed to himself, "You'll have to do better then that if you want to shake off Sergei Kravinoff." The Predator then grabbed Kraven's arms and to his suprise it flung Kraven off of him. Kraven landed on his feet, but he was suprised by the beasts strength, not even Spider-man could shake Kraven off like that. The Predator then pulled out three shurikans and tossed them at Kraven. Kraven avioded them with little difficulty. The Predator reached to grab more when Kraven took out a whip and struck the Predators hand with it. The Predator grunted a bit with pain as it grabbed the gash on it's hand. He turned towards Kraven. "I must admit, you are trully a prey worth hunting, Your head will look wonderful on my mantle." The Predator growled and pulled out it's combi stick, and lunged at Kraven. Kraven avoided the multiple stabs but the Predator pulled back and swung at Kraven's feet, knocking him off balance. The Predator aimed straight for Kraven's heart, but Kraven intercepted it with his own spear. "Oh no you don't my friend." He said evilly.

The two began swinging their weapons at each other. Kraven tried to stabb down on the Predator's shoulder, but it avoided his attack and Kraven loudged his spear in the dirt. The Predator kicked the spear and snapped it off the spear head. Kraven grabbed at the Predator's combi stick. The Predator responds by stabbing Kraven in the side with it's wrist blade. Kraven grunted in pain and the Predator Kicks him against a tree. It attempts to stab him in the heart with the combi stick but Kraven grabs his weapon, as he keeps it a good distance away from his chest. The Predator pushes and edges closer to Kraven. Kraven looks over and sees the headless spear, he grabs it and stabs it's sharp edge into the predator's unarmored side. The Predator roars in pain as Kraven then punches it away from him, and leaps into the trees. The Predator stumbles around in the forest clutching it's side with pain. It reached into its armor and grabbed a syringe. It jabbed it into it's stomach and the hole in it's side begane to heal.

Kraven lept through the trees until he was sure he was far enough from the predator. He reached into his vest and pulled out a special potion. He gulped it down and his side healed almost immediatly. Kraven laughed to himself. This creature was unlike anything he had ever face, not even Spider-man would go so far as to try and kill him. But this thing, could think and strategize like a man, trully it was the ultimate prey. He lept through the trees to try and find it. The Predator roamed through the forest searching for Kraven. It's thermal vision couldn't detect moving target. Kraven watched the Predator out of it's vision. "Interesting, it thinks it's hunting me." He thought. The Predator thought it heard ruffling in the trees and fired it's plasma caster into the trees, but it hit nothing. Kraven noticed the weapon on it's shoulder and knew he had to get rid of it. He reached into his vest and pulled out his secret weapon, a hunting rifle. He aimed it carefully at the barrel of the plasma caster and fired. The bullet hit it's target and the Predators weapons sparked before it exploded. The Predator growled and ripped off the weapon as it looked up and saw Kraven aiming at it. It blocked the bullets with it's blades and tossed it's smart disk. Kraven ducked and avoided decapitation but it sliced the branch he stood on as it came back to the Predator. Kraven lands on his feet but had unintentionally tossed the gun when he fell. The Predator picks up the gun and breaks it in half. Kraven doesn't seem phased he simpley takes out a dart gun, and shoots out a few darts. The Predator blocks most of them but one strikes it in the neck. It's vision starts getting blurry as Kraven pulls out his hunting knives. The Predator pulls out the dart and extends it's blades. Kraven swings his knives but thanks to the poison he seems to be moving faster then before. Kraven smiles sinisterly as he slashes the Predator across the stomach. The Predator stumbles against a tree as the poison starts to wear off. "Be still beast, the noblest prey ends the hunt in silence dignity." Kraven says approaching. The Predator growls, this human believes it could hunt him? Unacceptable. Kraven lifted his knife ready to slit the Predator's throat. But the Predator quickly reaches into it's armor and slices Kraven wrist with it's shurikan.

Kraven yells in pain as the Predator finally recovers from the poison. In a fit of rage though Kraven punches the Predator with all his strength sending it flying through a tree. The Predator's thermal vision starts to fail, as it discovers that it's mask is now damaged beyond repair. It takes off it's mask and tosses it to the ground. "Ah, you finally show your face." Kraven says. The Predator pulls out more shurikans and toss them at Kraven. Kraven avoids them but the Predator jumps at him and kicks him to the ground. Kraven reaches in a pouch in his vest and pulls out some poison powder. The Predator prepares to stab Kraven but suddenly Kraven flings the dust into the Predator's face. The Predator doesn't inhale the dust, but it's face burned beyond belief. The Predator stumbled back in pain as it's vision was severly hindered. Kraven takes his chance and starts swinging his knives once again. He inflicts much more damage on the Predator, but the creature soon recomposes himself and starts fighting back. The two clash blades vicously, slashing at eachother and blocking the others weapon. Kraven then knees the Predator in the stomach, causing it to stumble over in pain. "You have been formidable prey, but no beast can best Sergei Kravinoff." Kraven said ready to slice the Predator in the back. The Predator looks up and slices Kraven in the leg, causing him to neal down in pain. The Predator then kicks him again against a tree, and grabs his throat. "This can't be happening to Sergei Kravin-" The Predator stabbs Kraven in the chest, stopping him mid sentence. Kraven stumbles over bleeding badly. He sees his knives on the ground and tries to crawl towards his weapons. The Predator yet again takes out his combi stick and jabbs it vicously into Kraven's back. Kraven goes limp with death as the Predator pulls out it's weapon. It then sticks it's hand into Kraven's spine and pulls out Kraven's skull, with his spine still attached. It then roars in the air in victory.

Winner: Predator


The Predator returned to it's ally way gazing at the fresh skull it just harvested. This human certainly was an amazing challenge, it had almost killed the Predator. The Predator thought, there must have been more humans like this one that would put up a challenge. It looked down and noticed a newspaper on the ground. It picked it up and examined the main headline, an article on The Avengers.

Expert's Opinoin


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Battle vs. Sangheili (by Wassboss)

An elite zealot is escorting a prophet across a barren wasteland, making sure he does not get into trouble. The two alien species make thier way across the wasteland, rocks and dead trees littering the place. It has the distint aroma of rotting fleash and it's not long before they come across a mangled corpse, unrecognisable as it has been blown apart. The prophet floats over to dead body investigating it, curious as to what this being is. The Elite growls something in sanghelli but the prophet puts his hand up to silence him. Slowly a trio of red circles appear on the back of the prophet's head, forming a triangle. The elite jumps forward to save him but he is too late as the prophet's head explodes, his body falling to the floor. The zealot stares at the body of his spritual leader and shouts in anger. Suddenly he realies that the thing that killed him might still be thier and jumps to the ground a long red laser flying over his head as he does.

The Zealot gets up and turns round and spots a predator standing in the middle of the wasteland about 20 feet from where he is standing. He tries to fire his mask laser again but the elite pulls out his concussion rifle and fires off three shots pushing the predator back and giving him some minor burn wounds. The predator again tries to fire his mask laser but once again is pushed back by the elite's concussion rifle rounds. The zealot flips open the top of the rifle and puts in another mag which gives predator the chance to close the distance. The zealot franticly fires his concussion rifle but the predator dodges them all with ease. He fires his plasma caster at the elite but because he is not aiming it only scrapes the elites cheek. The elite still roars in pain and throws away his now empty concussion rifle and takes out his plasma rifle and fires off a burst of plasma balls, managing to strike the predator in the arm a couple of times. The predator just shurgs it off and fires his plasma caster again but the elite dodges to the side.

He fires off more rounds from his rifle but he unfortunatly fires for too long and the rifle overheats, causing him to clutch his hand in pain, dropping the plasma rifle as he does. The predator takes advantage of this and throws a smart disc at him but the elite chucks a plasma grenade at the predator at the same time. The two projectiles collide in midair, the plasma grenade sticking to the smart disc. The two expolde in mid air doing nothing to help hurt the other. The elite throws another grenade and the predator jumps to the side, the grenade detonating harmlessly behind him. He throws a smart disc and scrapes the zealot's leg, slicing through the armour and drawing blood. The elite winches in pain and takes out his energy sword, igniting it as he does. The predator slides out his wrist blades and the two begin dueling with the elite having the advantage due to his size.

With a quick fluid movement tthe elite grabs the predator by his neck and holds him up above him. He slowly pushes his sword into his stomach, the fleash melting away around it. The predator screams in pain and fires hsi wrist blade, hitting the elite in the eye. The elite lets go of the predator and for a few minetes he stands upright not falling down. But soon his huge body crashes to the floor, never to stand again. The predator pulls the energy sword out of his stomach, winching in unbearbale pain. He tosses it aside and limps off, hunched over to get help. Winner Predator.

Expert's Opinoin

The predator won because he was used to fighting much harder enimes with less provisions and becuace of his more reliable weapons.

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Battle vs. Samus Aran (by Wassboss)

Samus exits her ship. She has been drawn to this planet in search of a mysterious stranger who summoned her here for an important job. She carefully looks around checking for danger. She has been tricked like this before and is very cautious. She slowly makes her way across the desert. She keeps her arm cannon poised and ready to fire at all times. Little does she know she is being watched...

Predator is hiding behind a rock ready to attack. He has summoned samus to this planet as he believes she will be a good challenge. He peers over the rock and watches her making her way across the desert slowly and cautiously. He aims his plasma caster at samus and fires. Unfortunately for him he misjudged his shot and it flies past samus missing her by a long shot. Samus turns as quick as a flash and scans the area but predator has already hidden himself again. Sensing all is not right she switches on her X-ray visor.

She scans the area again and sees predator through the rock. She then switches off her x-ray visor and starts to charge up her arm cannon. Predator peers back around the rock again and sees her aiming straight at him. He jumps out of the way just as she fires the ball of energy obliterates the rock. He fires several quick burst shots at samus who easily dodges them. She then fires back with her arm cannon one of them hitting predator and sending him flying back.

Predator picks himself up unharmed but his plasma caster has been destroyed. He snarls angrily and charges at samus. Samus unfazed fires a missile right at predator’s mid section. Predator just jumps over the missile and pulling out his combi stick thrusts it down at samus’s chest. Fortunately for samus her armour protects her and glances off her. She punches him in the face with her arm cannon and he stumbles back. She then slides out her plasma whip and swings it around in a threatening matter. There is a slight pause before she charges full pelt at predator.

Predator dodges to the side and samus gose shooting past him. She stops and turns around and hooks predators leg with her whip. She yanks back and he trips up falling to the ground the plasma whip causing him excruciating pain. He thrusts his combi stick forward again and it shatters the glass off her visor and nearly hits her in the face. She is so shocked by his accuracy she loosens her grip with the plasma whip. Predator seizes his chance and yanks down on the whip sending samus crashing to the floor.

He towers above her the combi stick in hand. Samus looks up and sees the sharp end of the staff inches away from her face. Thinking quickly she punches him in the face with her arm cannon and pushes him off her. She then slides out her plasma whip and lasso’s the combi stick yanking it out of his hands. Predator lunges forward but samus get him with a boot to the face. She hurls the stick far into the distance and turns just as something slices through her plasma whip.

Samus looks at predator who is holding another smart disc. He throws it at her and it scrapes her arm cutting through the armour and leaving a shallow cut in her arm. She winches in pain as predator ready’s another smart disc. Not wanting to be hit again she fires an ice beam at predator freezing the smart disc and his hand. Predator tries to pull the disc off but he just can’t. Samus slides out the rest of her plasma whip and smacks predator round the face with it sending him stumbling back.

Predator retracts his wrist blades and jumps at samus swinging forward trying to hit her. Samus dodges the attack and tries to hook predator’s leg but predator jumps over it and plunges the wrist blade downwards but it glances off her armour. Samus then smacks predator round the face with the arm cannon sending him flying back. He lands on his feet right next to his combi stick. He picks it up and formulates a plan.

Samus switches to her missiles and fires a cluster of them catching predator off guard and sending him sprawling. Predator fires his wrist blades at samus then holding the combi stick tightly in his hand runs at samus. The blades bounce off her armour but predator thrusts the staff through her newly formed visor going right though her head killing her. She slumps over dead on the ground and predator roars in victory. He then takes her helmet as a trophy and walks off. Winner predator

Expert's Opinion

While samus’s armour did protect her from predator’s long range weapons his superior training in close range and his ruthlessness helped him win the day.

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Rematch vs. Samus Aran (by Lasifer)

Samus wins. The battle will be up eventually...

Expert's Opinion

Please consider a contribution to why Samus Aran won.

Rematch Information


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Battle vs. General Grievous (Legends) (by Wassboss)

General Grievous and 4 battle droids are walking through the crippled city of Moscow. Grievous has heard rumors that thier has been a resistance in this city and he is here to stomp it out. Something moves in the shadows and grievous immidiatly opens fire on it but all his shots miss. The driods all copy thier leader and open fire on the shadow. Its not long before the body of a predator falls out of the shadows, full of blaster holes. (5-4)

Grievous pumps his fist in the air but his victory is short lived. A pair of predators appear behind the group and open fire on them, killing two of the droids. (3-4)

Grievous puts his blaster rifle away and swaps it for four blaster pistols, quadrupling his firing speed. The predators are not prepared for this and are forced to retreat. However one of them is struck down by one of the droids, who gets a perfect headshot on the predator. (3-3)

The remaining predator runs off into a alleyway and grievous orders one of his droids to give chase. The droid dissapears round the alleyway corner but is soon sent flying back by a net. It smashes him into the wall and slices him into several large chunks. (2-3)

Greivous takes out a thermal detonator and throws it into the alleyway. The explosion goes off and the body of a predator is sent flying out, smashing against the same wall the driod was seconds before. (2-2)

Thinking the battle is over, grievous puts away his pistols and he and the droid head back to base. Little do they know that a predator is watching them from the roof of a house. Sliding out it's wrist blades it leaps from its perch, heading straight for grievous. The droid looks up and sees his superior in danger and lunges forward, putting himself between the predator and grievous. The predator smashes into him and stabs him multiple times in the head, untill the droids body lies broken and still. (1-2)

Grievous iginites his lightsabers and chops the predator to pieces, all with out batting an eyelid (Cause he's a cyborg). (1-1)

Grievous looks around for any more predators and sees one standing right in front of him, in the open. Grievous charges at his opponent, twirling his lightsabers around in a show of skill. The predator takes out a smart disc and throws it at the droid general. Grievous easily slices through the disc and continues charging at the predator. The predator is shocked by this and only just manages to slide out his wrist blades before grievous is upon him. He dodges several slices from the lightsabers before ducking down undernieth and stabbing grievous in the left leg. Grievous laughes at this attempt and decapiates the predator. (1-0)

Grievous roars in victory and stands in a fighting position for several minutes, incase any more predators come. Satisfied that they are all dead, he sheathes his lightsabers and begins to make his way back to base.


Expert's Opinion

The reason General Grievous won was because of his ruthlessness and better experiance fighting tougher foes.

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Battle vs. Sixsix (by Wassboss)

Six-six lands on an unfamiliar planet after receiving a mysterious call telling him to kill a mysterious being that has killed many people. Being a bounty hunter he asks no

questions but was baffled by the fear in the caller’s voice. He starts up his jetpack and flies around the plant scanning the area for danger. Meanwhile down below predator is

aiming his plasma caster at six-six. He lines up the shot and fires but six-six sees the projectile and dodges it just in time. He unholsters his energy pistol and fires back

narrowly missing predators head. Predator fires again but six-six easily avoids it and fires another two shots from his pistol destroying the plasma caster. He then fires a

barrage of bullets forcing predator to take cover behind a rock.

Predator pulls out a smart disc and throws it at six-six but he manages to destroy it with his energy pistol. He then fires a small cluster of missiles sending predator flying.

He flies down and sees predators body crumpled over a log. He turns to fly off but is struck in the back with a smart disc which cuts through the jet pack with ease. He attempts

to regain control of the jet pack but is forced to crash into the rocks below. Predator runs over to the rocks and sees six-six trying to regain his balance. He charges at him

but is soon sent sprawling by another cluster of missiles.

Predator grabs his Combi stick and jumps at six-six hitting him round the face with it. Six-six tries to grab the staff out of his hands but predator stabs him in the arm. Six-

six winches in pain and kicks predator in the face stunning him. He then, as fast as lightning, yanks the staff from his hands and throws it aside. He then turns his hands into

buzz saws and jumps at predator. He however dodges the attack and retracts his wrist blades and they duel for a while. Predator gets the upper hand and knocks six- six to the

floor holding the blade against his throat. Six-six drives the buzz saw into predator’s leg causing him to lose his hold on him. He then pulls out an energy grenade and throw it

at predator before leaping behind a rock for cover.

Predator manages to get out of the initial blast but is knocked off his feet by the shockwave. Six-six walks over too him and holds his buzz saw up high ready to slash predators

neck with. However just as it is about to hit predator he blocks with his wrist blade. He stands up off and they continue their duel. This time however six-six badly injures

predator by plunging his buzz saw into his thigh. He is about to finish him off when he is hit square in the forehead by the wrist blade, his body crumpling in a heap on the

floor. Predator yells in victory and slowly limps away.


Expert's Opinion

Predator won because of his intense training and his skill in melee and ranged combat.

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Battle vs. Blitz (by Richard Starkey)

Blitz and 4 of his siblings were on the hunt. One of them chirped an alarm, but it was too late, as a cloaked predator shot a plasma caster shot, hitting one of blitz's

sibling's in the eye. (4-5)

The predator looked up from his kill, only to see blitz blowing him in half with a single electron sphere. (4-4) Four other predators uncloaked and the battle began, a predator

cut one of Blitz's brood down with a smart disc throw. (3-4) But in turn a meteor blast electsilenced a predator forever. (3-3)

Blitz's sibling roared in victory, but while he wasn't looking a combi stick to the back silenced him forever. (2-3) A cloaked predator stabbed another sibling in the back, but

with his last breath, the sibling stabbed back, killing both. (1-2)

The last two predators had blitz cornered, but has one moved in for the kill, blitz disappeared in a shower of sparks, the closest predator shook violently as he waselectrocuted. (1-1)

The last predator looked around, Blitz was gone! He took a step back and found himself impaled on bliz's claws. (1-0)

Blitz tore the dead predator off his claws and gave a bloodthirsty screech of victory.


Expert's Opinion

Blitz won the fight because of his superior defense and far superior weapons compared to the Predator.

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Battle vs. Meta (by BeastMan14)

The Meta advanced on a destroyed warthog with three dead UNSC soldiers in it, their heads taken and the experimental AI they were guarding destroyed. He looked around, then reached for the back of the hog, hoping to find the cause of the attack. Suddenly, a massive spear soared by his hand and the Meta turned around to find a massive alien creature, as big as an Elite, standing there, wrist blades drawn. Out if nowhere, a beam from a blaster on it's shoulder hit Meta head on and sent him hurdling across the field. The creature pounced, blades at the ready, only to get a faceful of bullets from an a magnum pistol, damaging the creatures mask. Enraged, the Predator tossed aside its mask revealing its ugly face, and tossed its smart disc at the Meta who used his TDU unit to dodge the disc, and then let loose with his Assualt rifle, blowing a series of shots into the predators chest, who in pain crumpled to the ground, seemingly dead. Suspicious, Meta ripped the turret off the warthog, and walked up to the Predator's body. Out of nowhere, the Predator stabbed Meta in the leg, then flipped him over. Meta growled, then cut loose with the Gatling gun, blowing huge chunks out of the Predator's body. Defeated, the Predator fell against a rock, pulled out his gauntlet, and activated the self destruct sequence, and roared right before the Meta cut his head off with the brute shot. In a burst of speed, the Meta ran as fat as he could go before the gauntlet exploded into a nuclear fire, the mere force of it sending him hurtling off a cliff to a painful, but survivable fall. Triumphant, he held up the predators mask and synced his helmet with its targeting system before heading off to find the locations of the other freelancers and their valuable AIs.

Expert's Opinion

The Predator was too much of a close-ranged fighter to be a threat against Meta. Meta's superior guns, explosives, strength, and vitality were too much for the Predator to overcome, making this an easy win for him.

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Battle vs. Commander Shepard (by Appelmonkey)

No battle written


Expert's Opinion

Human ingenuity and far better technology were perhaps the main reasons why Commander Shepard came out on top in this clash of the armored foes. He swept the weapon edges and had a lot of experience fighting against similarly equipped foes which cancelled out the more brutal and animalistic style of the Predator as well as the tech possessed by it.

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Battle vs. Ghost Recon and Alcatraz (by Weew1213)

1234= Ghost Recon

The Predator wakes up to find himself in his ship.

He then looks up to see orders from one of the Elders that reads: On Terra, there is a Terran who has special abilities, your hunt begins now.

The predator looks around to see Earth, a bit far away but, no matter. He turns on his ship and flies towards Earth. It gets closer and closer and the cloaking device for the ship is turned on. As it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it starts to burn up like marshmallow roasting over a fire. As it gets closer to the ground, it gets in the hotter and hotter in the cockpit.

A couple looks at the sky to see something burning up.

“Hey. a shooting star, make a wi- that’s not a shooting star, it’s a meteor!” one of them say as they get up and run to their car to try to get away from the blast radius.

They jump into the car and the man stabs his keys into the socket where it goes and turns on the car. He starts to drive away as fast he can and waits for the boom. He look back to the object about the ground and waits for the boom; nothing happens. He keeps constantly looking behind him for something to happen. He stops the car and reverses the drive. Once he gets back to where they were, he goes over to where the meteor would’ve most likely landed, and the ground is not at all disturbed or destroyed. He shrugs it off, and chuckles "Must be the beer." He then, walks back to his car and drives his beloved girlfriend home, which is near the disease ridden New York City.

The predator's eyes follows the car until-

We will only tell you one thing to help you with your hunt: he resides in the jungle. Find him and prove your honor. The Elder commands.

The predator looks around to find this "jungle", he sees the destroyed/disease ridden New York City and a bit more to the right is the jungle. The second he saw it, he sprinted and jumped with as much speed as he could muster. Running through anything that got in his way.

Alcatraz wakes up to find himself slumped against a tree.

He looks around to see a lot of his weapons he has used, near him. He picks them

up and his suit straps them on him. He slides the M12 Nova into the holster on his waist. He picks up his SCAR and begins to walk until he hears a familiar sound; a chopper! He begins running toward the sound, trying to follow where it’s going.

Kozack is asleep in the chopper until Ghost Lead wakes him up.

“Kozack, wake up, it’s time for the mission briefing.” Ghost Lead says as he taps him on the shoulder.

As soon he does that, Major Scott Mitchell, on a screen in front of them, starts talking; “Alright, gentleman, you’re going to find a soldier named Alcatraz and take him down. Alcatraz is a supersoldier, he has a nanosuit, that allows him to be armored or camouflaged, he’ll be hard to take down. You will be given a UAV to give you aerial support and provide information as you go along, a Drone, sensor grenades, magnetic vision, thermal vision, and active camouflage. Now, get ready to move your almost at your drop off point.”

The Major’s screen turns off and they all get up and 30k opens both doors. They get the snap hooks connected to their uniforms, grappling lines drop, and they hook themselves up.

"Get ready.... drop! Go! Go! Go!" One of the airman orders as he gestures the group to drop. They then, all slide down the lines and rotate themselves into position on the ground.

"Predator, this is Hunter, do you eyes in the sky to see what's in front of us?" Ghost Lead calls in on the radio.

"Hunter, this is Predator, you've got a couple of mercs, hanging around in a camp a few clicks north. Keep them alive or take 'em out, your choice but, if they interrupt your mission, you know what to do." Predator responds.

"Understood, Predator." Ghost Lead replies, then he turns to his team, "Let's get moving, camo up!" He commands his team.

They begin moving towards the camp.

A few hours later...

"Why do I feel like that we're being watched?" Pepper whispers.

"Yeah, why is that?" Kozack concurs.

"We're being watched by our eyes in the sky, you idiots!" 30k yells in a whisper-like voice.

"No, by something else." Pepper replies as he looks around. "Kozack, throw a drone up." Pepper orders.

Kozack does as he is told and starts to control it. "If I see anything, you'll see it tagged." Kozack announces. He controls the drone and moves it around the area. Looking in different spots, different places, and such. But, when the comes to a tree in the shape of a V, for some reason, Kozack is drawn to it, he keeps looking at it. As he keeps looking at it, something begins to reveal itself and it looks as if ants or termites or some other insect was just, eating away at something which, slowly reveals something else. Some creature, cocks its head and something on its shoulder starts charging up. Kozack tags it and just as he does, the screen becomes static.

"What did you tag? Why is only one hostile tagged-" Lead pauses, "he's on the move and he's moving fast! Let's move it, double time!" Lead orders his team as he gets up and goes into a sprint.

His team follows in behind him.

"Kozack, do you got another one of those drones for the mercs?" Pepper calls in on the radio.

"I brought another, just in case.” Kozack calls back on the radio.

Kozack follows Lead until he sees him stop.

“Why did you stop? We had it!” Kozack demands.

“Shut your mouth!” He then, points to the mercs in front of him, “Mercs.”

“Oh.” Kozack replies.

“You got another drone? Pop it up.” Lead orders.

Kozack then, throws the drone up and tags every merc he sees.

“Setting up the Single Shot.” Kozack lets the whole squad know and he, then tags 4 mercs and waits for some of the mercs get away those four and also, waits, for everyone to get into position to take out their targets.

“In position.” 30k tells Kozack on the radio.

“In position.” Pepper confirms.

“Waiting for your shot.”  Ghost Lead lets Kozack know.

Kozack lines up his shot and takes down his target; his squad does the same with their targets.

With the Drone still in the air, he tags the next group of four mercs and they take them down as well. As they move onto the final group, they see that 3 of the mercs have been impaled with harpoons.

“What the-” Before Pepper can finish the hear a roar from behind.

They turn around to see the creature reveals itself once more, cocking it’s head to its right. Then, they hear a boom of a sniper, they turn around and see a merc dropping right in front of Kozack’s feet.

The tension in the air so thick that nothing could cut it, none of the squad could breathe easily.

“Which one should we take out? Masked Bob Marley or Alcatraz?” 30k asks.

“Tag them both and once that happens, Pepper and 30k take the shot to take them both out.” Ghost Lead whispers in the comms.

With a single button, the drone tags both of them, and both 30k opens fire. Pepper then, fires a round into Alcatraz’s armor; he responds with a bullet of his own to Pepper and he drops. “Man down! Pepper’s down!” Ghost Lead calls on the radio, “Predator, this is Hunter, Pepper’s down! We’re going after the target and a new one, we’re splitting up!”

“Kozack, follow Alcatraz, 30K and I will take down Mr. Marley here! Go!” Ghost Lead orders.

Alcatraz sprints away from the group and Kozack follows; the predator jumps away, 30k and Lead follow. Kozack keeps following him until for some reason, the tag disappears. He stops in front of a ledge and keeps turning in circles. But, when he turns back to the ledge, Alcatraz reveals himself with a HMG. Kozack opens fire upon Alcatraz but, Alcatraz just stands there.

Inside of his suit, he smiles because he turned on Armor mode, not noticing his energy bar, he lets Kozack keep firing at him until he feels a slight pain in his right abdomen. Angered by this, he shreds Kozack with his HMG and just drops the HMG. He then, sprints over to where the dreadlocked creature is. In a secluded area of the jungle…

30k and Ghost Lead get the same thing, the tag disappears for some reason, they keep their heads on a swivel. Just as Ghost Lead turns his head, it is blown to smithereens by the predator’s plasma caster.It then, walks in front of 30k, fully visible, and then disappears. He starts firing, and hears a branch break to the right of him, so he immediately shoots in that direction and keeps turning until he hears a roar in pain; he stops firing. He moves foward to investigate. He hears a branch break behind him and he strikes the predator with the butt of his Stoner 93. He goes to strike the stunned yautja but, it is grabbed and thrown away. The predator then, kicks 30 into a tree. 30 then, gets up and punches the predator a couple of times before he misses one time and it costs him his life; the predator stabs him with his wrist blades and lifts him off of his feet. He then, drops him and leans down to make his skull a trophy. He grabs 30’s neck but, Alcatraz drops right in front of the predator, holding his Marshall. He then points it at it but, it is then knocked out of his hands he then, pulls out his Mk.60 but, that is knocked out as well. Once that happens and he is then stabbed by the predator in the gut and he drops to the ground. The predator roars in victory. As he leans down, he hears an electric sound and Alcatraz rolls out of the way.

The predator cocks his head to the side then, takes off his mask, and also takes off of his plasma caster and then, roars at Alcatraz.

“You are one ugly, motherf**ker!” Alcatraz yells through his suit.

The predator and Alcatraz clash with each other and have a match of strength. Hands pushing against one another until one gets weaker and weaker; and the predator is losing this battle of strength with him on one knee, Alcatraz punches hims so hard, half of the yautjas jaws break. Alcatraz takes out his M-12 Nova and shoots him in the chest multiple times. Alcatraz begins walking away until he hears some beeping, he looks back at his near-dead foe. The predator stops pressing his buttons on his wrist gauntlet and laughs and then, dies. Alcatraz hears beeping which, he begins running as fast as he can, sliding under fallen trees, jumping over obstacles, trying to get away as far as possible. Looking behind him he sees an explosion and turns on Armor mode to protect him from the aftershock. The aftershock launches him into a branch but, doesn’t kill him. He gets off of the branch and looks behind him. Nothing.

He then, opens communication; “The job is done.”

“Excellent.” A mysterious voices replies on the radio. “Now, get ready for your next fight, I'm not going to give this contract, somebody else will. It’s against a guy named Noble Six..."

Expert's Opinion

Ghost Recon's technology was advanced yes but, it could not keep up with the Predator or Alcatraz. Another mistake is that they split up in the fight, which was not smart. The predator also had technology and weapons that could not keep up with Alcatraz. The only weapon/technology that was just as advanced as Alcatraz was the Plasma caster but, predator took it off due to his honor code.

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Battle vs. Judge Dredd (by BeastMan14 and Thundrtri)


Winner: Judge Dredd

Expert's Opinion


To see the original battle, weapons and votes, click here.

Battle vs. Jiralhanae (by Urbancommando77)

No battle written.

Winner: Tie.

Expert's Opinion


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Battle vs. Fulgore (by MilenHD)

Ultratech's Factory

As the Ultratech's factory was abounded and the jungles became to swallow it, Fulgore was searching for Jago, who was here a day or two. As Fulgore was walking on the upper steel floor of the factory, now covered by vines and moss. At one of the pipes, the Predator was sitting and he noticed Fulgore walking beneath him. The Predator scanned him with his bio mask and prepared to fire his plasma caster and as he fired it, he managed to knock Fulgore on the ground.

As the cyborg got on his feet, he sensed the plasma caster and step aside. After the plasma missed him, he activated his cloak device, which Predator was forced to show up and jump from the pipe to the steel floor covered by moss and vines, and as he was holding his spear gun ready for anything Fulgore may throw at him. In the next split seconds, Fulgore emerged from his cloak device and fired his eye lasers, which burned the Predator's arm. Enraged, the Predator fired his spear gun, and all of the spears bounced off Fulgore's metal body, meanwhile Fulgore fired his energy bolts, but Predator dodged them and as he got close, he slashed with his wrist blades, making a small scratch on Fulgore's surface.

Fulgore slashed with his plasma claws, destroying the Predator's bio mask and as Predator took it off, he showed his real face and roared at Fulgore. The cyborg didn't show any emotions and as he kicked and performed his axis slash on Predator, making his chest to bleed. The Predator fired his plasma caster, knocking down Fulgore from the metal floor and landing on the concrete floor, covered a little bit with grass and dirt. As Fulgore felt down from such a high place, he created a small crater in the concrete and as he got up, he activated his "Instinct Mode" and began to charge his reactor gauge.

As the Yautja jumped from the second floor, he landed on Fulgore and managed to got his blades stuck in the cybrog's metal shoulder, the cyborg grabbed the Yautja's arm and throat and threw him away and he fired his energy bolt again, this time hitting and destroying the plasma caster. As the Predator charged and slashed few times at Fulgore, who blocked all of  his attacks, except in the end the Predator kicked  the cyborg and Fulgore has finally charged his reactor gauge and fired it at Predator, who jumped and his back was burned very bad and half of his back was missing and bleeding.

Fulgore decided to go and finish the Yautja once and for all. As he came close and grabbed the Predator by the throat and as he prepared to do his final blow, he heard a beeping sound. As he looked at the Predator's wrist blades arm he saw a self-destruction device. With no time to waste Fulgore threw the Predator away and took cover behind the walls.

The next moment there was a big bang and as Predator died, Fulgore raised both of his arms in victory.

Expert's Opinion

Fulgore's superior weapons and superior body were able to stomp Predator, who only had superior stealth.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Voldemort (by MilitaryBrat)

Voldemort is walking in the forbidden forrest with his death eaters, preparing to attack Hogwarts when suddenly a Death Eater falls. Dead. Another Death eater is suddenly impaled by the Predator's wrist blades. The blades are the only thing visible of the Predator until he uncloaks himself. Voldemort says to his death eaters to let him take care of this thing. He yells "CRUCIO" and the Predator is writhing in pain. The Predator sees Nagini ready to attack him and kills her with his plasma cannon. Voldemort is angered by this and fires a multitude of curses at the Predator which ends with "AVADA KEDAVRA!!!!!!". Voldemort proceeds to the school.


Expert's Opinion

While Predator had a wide array of equipment designed for hunting, and remarkable stealth, this was a nearly effortless win for Voldemort as he could instantly kill the alien hunter with the instant death curse.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle was declared invalid for neglecting to give Voldemort his wand.

Battle vs. Deadpool (by Flare-Rex)

Deadpool is walking in the jungle

Deadpool:Wait, why am I here exactly?

Voice Box #1: We're on Deadliest Warrior, Wade

Deadpool: I thought that show was cancelled...

Voice Box #2: This is a fanon wiki

Deadpool: Oh! That makes sen-

A blue blast of plasma barely misses Deadpool, surprised, he pulls out his twin MP5k sub-machine guns


Predator: -low growl-

Deadpool: It's the f*cking Predat-

Suddenly, the Predator appears and throws his javelin at Deadpool, implaling him to a tree

Deadpool: OW! Dude, that is not cool!!!

Predator walks up and pulls out the javelin, letting Deadpool fall to the ground

Predator then proceeds to try ripping out Deadpool's skull, what he recives: a somersault kick to the lower jaw

Deadpool: Let's clarify something: I'm EXTREMELY hard to kill, so good luck trying to take my skull

Deadpool and Predator get into a fighting stance

Deadpool pulls out his katanas and swings at predator

Predator blocks with his wristblades, and swings

Deadpool: Wow! I think I know someone like you

Deadpool stabs his swords into the ground and takes out his M4

Deadpool: EAT LEAD, B*TCH

Predator goes invisible, Deadpool looks around confused

Deadpool: Where the f*ck are you?

He fires his M4 in every direction, one bullet hitting the Predator

Predator: *roars in pain*

Deadpool: There you are

Predator moves while still invisible

Deadpool pulls his swords from the ground

Predator shoots his shoulder cannon and Deadpool blocks with his swords

Deadpool: Try not to suck!

Predator stabs Deadpool from behind with his wristblades 

Deadpool: Cock-shot!

Deadpool kicks Predator in the groin andthe blades come out of his chest

Deadpool regenerates

Predator throws his disc and Deadpool dodges

Deadpool teleports and Predator is now confused

Deadpool reaches into his majic sachel and takes out a Mossberg 500

Deadpool: Peek-a-boo, I kill you!

Deadpool fires a buckshot into Predator's leg

Predator takes out a medkit and stabs it into himself

Predator gets ready to fire a plasma shot at Deadpool

Deadpool takes out a throwing knife and throws it into the cannon

Deadpool: Boom!

The plasma cannon explodes in Predator's face, blowing him in half

Deadpool: CHIMI F*CKING CHANGAAAASS!!! Back to you in the studio, Tom!

WINNER: Deadpool

Expert's Opinion

Although Predator has dealt with very tough opponents, Deadpool could take all his punishment and give just as much

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle was declared unfair because Deadpool was given a bag of holding with an infinite amount of weapons.

Battle vs. Terminator (The Terminator) (by Imhungry4444)

No battle was written.

Winner: Predator

Expert's Opinoin


To see the original battle, weapons and votes, click here.


The battle was declared invalid because the Terminator was given a "Colt .45 longslide Auto", a weapon that doesn't exist.

Battle vs. John Rambo (by Wassboss)

Rambo is trekking through an alien forest. He can’t remember how he got here but he knows he was brought here by something. He has his AK-47 in hand at all times and never puts it down. Suddenly a plasma blast hits the ground it front of him leaving a hole. He looks up and sees predator sitting on a branch the plasma caster aimed at him. Rambo fires his AK at him catching the predator off guard making him fall out of the tree.

Predator lands perfectly and fires again but rambo easily dodges and opens fire hitting predator in the shoulder. Predator doesn’t even register the pain and fires his plasma caster obliterating the assault rifle. Rambo whips out his colt M1911 and loads up a magazine. He then stops in his tracks and points the pistol straight at the plasma caster. He fires one shot and the caster explodes, but predator is unshaved. He pulls out his combi stick and jumps at rambo who fires again hitting him in the stomach.

Rambo discards his pistol and pulls out his bow firing a volley of arrows all of them missing their target. However they distract him long enough to allow rambo to escape. Predator follows rambo’s tracks cautiously as he could be anywhere. Rambo watches him from the bushes and quietly pulls out his bow. He loads up his last arrow and aims at predators head. However predator hears rustling and turns to block the arrow with his wrist blades.

Rambo screams and runs out pulling out his hunting knife and leaping at predator. He grabs the combi stick out of his hands and throws it aside. He lunges forward and stabs predator in the thigh. Predator knees rambo in the face and retracts his wrist blades. He stabs forward but rambo somehow parries the blades. He tries to stab forward but predator grabs his arm and tosses him aside.

Rambo gets up fuming with rage. He doesn’t like to be treated like trash. He yells and charges full pelt at predator who fires his wrist blades at him scraping his face. Rambo is in such a rage he doesn’t even care and jumps on predator trying to stab him. Predator pushes him away and pulls out a smart disc. He throws it decapitating rambo without even batting an eyelid. He bows too his fallen opponent and walks off.


Expert's Opinion

Predator’s toughness and array of alien technology helped him triumph over the rambo’s human toughness and human weapons.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle was declared invalid because John Rambo was given an AK-47, a weapon he never used.

Battle vs. V (by JWarrior89)

High Chancellor Adam Sutler slumped to the ground, dead. Peter Creedy lowered his revolver, and looked up at V, who stood motionless.

"Now that that's done with," he said, "Its time to have a look at your face. Take of your mask."

"No." V replied.

Creedy indicated the two soldiers on either side of V, who nodded, and slowly approached him. One of them cautiously reached out for V's mask. In a flash of steel, V drew a pair of knives and sliced the soldiers' necks. As the men fell to the ground, he quickly sheathed his knives and stared at Creedy. Creedy's guards raised their guns, backing away slightly.

"Defiant to the end, eh?" He said, "You won't cry like him, will you? You're not afraid of death. You're like me."

"The only thing that you and I have in common Mr. Creedy is we're both about to die." V replied.

"How do you imagine that's going to happen?" Creedy snickered.

V opened his mouth to answer... but stopped. What appeared to be a red laser was aiming from seemingly thin air behind Creedy and his men, and it was pointing right at the back of Creedy's head. With everyone's attention focused on V, he was the only one who noticed it.

"I thought so." Creedy scoffed, apparently misunderstanding V's silence. He aimed his revolver. "Kill hi-"

A blue and white flash erupted from the source of the red laser, and Creedy's head exploded in a shower of blood. A couple of his men cried out in surprise as they spun around, looking for the source of the blast. Even as V pulled out his Beretta 92FS, a pair of shurikans came flying out of nowhere, hitting two of the men right between the eyes. The remaining troops opened fire, spraying the entrence with a hailstorm of bullets. V saw what looked like the shimmering transparent outline of a man leap aside. He heard what sounded like a blade being drawn, and the figure lunged forward. One of Creedy's men cried out as he was impaled, his blood coating the jagged blade piercing his chest. As the soldier was lifted off the ground, V turned and ran down the hallway to his right. He could hear the sounds of gunfire and frantic screaming growing fainter, until they suddenly stopped.

In an abandoned tunnel in the London Underground, Evey stood next to a train filled with explosives. V had prepared it in order to destroy Parliament, as he had promised to do one year ago tonight to the people of London. However, before he had gone to meet Creedy, he had left it to Evey, giving her the choice of whether or not to use it. She sighed; she new what had to be done, yet why was it still so hard to make the decision? Suddenly, she heard the sound of hurried footsteps echoing through the tunnel, growing closer. As she took a step forward, V suddenly ran through the doorway.

"What are-!?" Evey gasped, but V interrupted her.

"You have to leave, now!" He said, quickly.

"Why? What's happened?" she asked, worried.

"No time," V said, "someone, or something, is coming this way. You need to-!"

"Look out!" Evey cried suddenly, pushing V aside. There was another blue flash, and Evey was blasted backwards, a gaping hole in her chest.

"EVEY!!!" V cried out in horror. He spun around; the shimmering outline of the man from before stood before him, just barely visible. As V watched, the figure decloaked... he didn't know who it was, but he did know one thing: he wasn't human. He had the appearance of both a tribal warrior and a creature from a science fiction novel, with a metalic mask obscuring his face. V pulled out his Beretta and fired several shots, but the Predator lept aside, behind the train car. As V approached, the Predator leaned out and threw a plasma granade at him. V flung himself back to avoid the blast. As he got to his feet, he aimed his Beretta again, waiting for the Predator to lean out. Nothing happened. Breathing heavily, V slowly moved forward. Reaching the end of the train car, he spun around the corner... but there was no one there. Fearing he might be cloaked again, V moved backward, eyes and ears open for the slightest sound or movement. As he moved along the length of the train, he heard a slight whining sound. He didn't stop, or give any visible indication he noticed the noise, but kept moving slowly along the platform. The moment he heard the plasma caster fire, he lept out of the way of the blast, spinning around and firing his Beretta again at the top of the train. The Predator jumped to the side to avoid the gunfire. Pulling out a shurikan, he threw it at V, knocking the Beratta out of his hand.

V immediately drew his Heckler & Kolch MP5A3 and fired at the Predator, who ran along the top of the train. Once he was far enough away, he lept off, landing on the platform. Aiming his plasma caster, he fired a blast at V, who lept aside. Taking out another plasma grenade, the Predator threw it, but V, aiming carefully, fired with his Heckler & Kolch, blowing it up in midair. The Predator was thrown back from the explosion, landing on his back. As he got to his feet, V aimed his gun and pulled the trigger, but a click told him he was out of ammo. The Predator, seeing this, aimed his plasma caster, but it refused to fire as well; the explosion from the plasma grenade had damaged it beyond repair. Growling, the Predator tore of the plasma caster and threw it to the ground. This battle would be decided up close.

The Predator slowly removed his mask and tossed it to the floor. Looking straight into V's eyes, he roared, his four-pronged mouth open wide, and armed his wrist blades. V tossed his gun aside as well and drew his twin knives, twirling them as he did so. With another roar, the Predator lunged forward, as V did the same. The Predator swung one of his blades, but V easily dodged the strike and sliced the Predator across the stomach. Roaring in pain, the Predator stabbed at V with the other blade, but V blocked it with one of his knives, stabbing the other one into the Predator's side. Enraged, the Predator slammed his head into V's, causing him to recoil. The Predator lunged forward, attacking furiously with his arm blades, but he couldn't seem to land a hit on V, who nimbly avoided every strike, slicing the Predator several times with his knives. Suddenly, the Predator caught a lucky break, and with a roar, sliced V across the stomach with one of his arm blades. V gasped and stumbled back. The Predator moved forward, ready to finish him, but V suddenly raised his head, and threw one of his knives at the Predator, striking him right between the eyes. Without a sound, the Predator fell backward, dead, to the floor.

Breathing heavily, V removed the breastplate he had hidden under his clothes and tossed it aside. If he hadn't been wearing it, that strike from the Predator might have been fatal. He glanced at his fallen opponent, then at Evey's body, then at the train. It appeared the decision would be his after all...

V pulled the switch to start the train, then quickly got off. As the train began to move, he took one last look at Evey's body, placed lovingly among a bed of roses. In the next car lay the body of the Predator; V may not have known who or what it was, but he knew that no one must know of his existence. As the 1812 Overture began playing on the loudspeakers, he silently turned and left.

At the entrance to the Underground, V watched as Big Ben and Parliament were engulfed in a series of massive explosions, destroying the symbols of British tyranny, as well as the bodies of his enemy, and the love of his life.

"Remember, remember, the 5th of November..." he whispered to himself.


Expert's Opinion

Please consider a contribution by writing an expert's opinion as to why V won.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle was declared invalid because V was given firearms despite never using any.

Battle vs. Duke Nukem (by Lasifer)

No battle was written.


Expert's Opinion

While Duke had quite a heavy hitting arsenal, Predator was able to withstand most of Duke's attacks, and had much more advanced weaponry of his own. That, along with his incredible stealth and sharp wrist blades, won him the day.

To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle has been declared invalid for giving the Predators a mask laser, a weapon they never used.

Battle vs. Piraka (by Tomahawk23 and Thundrtri)


Winner: Predators

Expert's Opinion


To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


Battle was disregarded due to giving several Priaka powers they don't have and leaving out other powers they do have

Battle vs. Mandalorian (Legends) (by ToxicWarrior)

Two Mandalorians,and his Wardroid,Are hunting for bounties,Then three Predators see him and goes into active camo,the Wardroid see through its active thermal vision,and shoots,the Mandalorians both shoot,as they are shoting a Predator sneak and stabs the Mandalorian with his Claws,as he is doing that the Mandalorian drops his pistol,the pistol drops and shot the Predator in the chest,the Predator drags the Mandalorian to a bush and use the Smart disk to cut the head off,and adds it to his collection,The predator heals then goes to battle the wardriod turns,and they uses many there weapons,The predator use the smart disk and the Predator use his Disintegrator and Ripper and shots it many times to make sure it has died,he smirks,The wardroid use his rockets,blaster,and flamethrower and shots a predator dead,the predator grabs his dagger,shuriken,maul,plasma caster,whip,and all remaining equipment and use them all on the wardroid,the mandalorian also use the last of his ammo,and throws his beskad,and axe,The mandalorian trys his last Assault,it was out the predator grabs the dagger and throws it hitting the mandalorian who falls, the predator walks to the dead predator and turns the self destruct on,he walks to and almost cuts his head but the mandalorians jumps and stabs him,and pull it up and kills the predator.He yells "MANDALORE!"

Expert's Opinion


To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle was disregarded because the Mandalorians were given a handheld flamethrower and a variety of grenades they never used.

Battle vs. Thrud the Barbarian (by Mr Snuglepuff)

It was a common day at the Hobbit’s Armpit. Patrons were joking and drinking as the waitresses took trays filled with drinks. At the bar sat Thrud the Barbarian, his massive form on the stool. His Ax resting next to him, as his hand held a goblet of beer.

Suddenly, there was a strange sound outside, like if a tornado was actually falling from the sky. “What is going on?” asked one of the bar’s patrons, his sword at his scabbard, he approached the door and opened. Outside he saw a scene that filled him with awe, a massive metal ship of some sort had landed right on the street in front of the Hobbit’s Armpit Tavern, a door opened at the side of it as a ramp was extended towards the ground.

“What is that?” asked another patron, this one with a bow and a quiver full of arrows on his back, as he stood behind the other. Suddenly something came out flying from the opened door of the metal flying ship, as an extended Combi stick pierced trough both patrons, and they fell down dead on the floor. The Combi Stick still impaled in them.

Then, on the Hobbit’s Armpit’s opened door, stood the Predator. The heat vision function of his bio mask helmet scanning the place, noticing how everyone there had a sword, or an ax, or some weapon of some sort; except for the Barman and the three waitresses. The intergalactic hunter knew well who its targets were. He took out his whip, his wrist blades extending from the wristlet on his other arm.

Every Patron of the bar saw the massive figure of the Predator, blocking the only way out. They took out their weapons, helmets and shields, “Get him!” yelled one with a massive broadsword and a jeweled helmet. He was the first to die as the Predator slashed him in half with the dented whip. More patrons ran towards the Predator, only to meet their doom as the predator pierced trough their armor with the wrist blades, or wrapped his whip around their necks, only to pull it a second later, cutting their heads straight off. Seeing the carnage, some of the patrons decided to just hide under the tables, hoping to survive this somehow. One of them even went over at the bar, talking to Thrud in panic. “Thrud! Look at that! Do something!”

Thrud punched the man on the face, sending him flying several feet away with his teeth out of his mouth and his nose caved in his face. “Shhh. I’m drinking.” said Thrud, as he downed another beer.

As the Predator slashed at the last patron that faced him, cutting him in half with the whip, he saw the massive figure sitting at the bar. He saw the massive Ax next to it. He knew he had found a worthy prey.

The Predator reached down at the Combi Stick, still impaled on the two patrons, and shortened it, causing the bodies of the Patrons to fall down on the floor, and fastening it on his belt. He then gripped the whip more firmly and slashed at Thrud’s back, but the massive figure was unharmed.

Thrud felt something touch him lightly on the back, so he stood up and turned around. “Who interrupts me while I have my beer?” he said.

The Predator looked at Thrud, he knew he was in front of a mighty prey. He must be if he was unharmed from his whip. He slashed at Thrud again with his whip, wrapping it around Thrud’s wrist.

Thrud just looked at his writs and pulled, causing the Predator to loose his footing and stumble towards the big Barbarian. Thrud then punched the Predator on his face, denting the Predator’s helmet, causing him to loose his grip on the whip, as it fell on the floor.

The Predator was suddenly blinded as the helmet made short circuit, he took it off as it was useless now. His face terrified everyone that was still alive at the tavern as the Predator gave out a great roar. The Predator ran towards Thurd, his Wrist Blades ready to strike.

“By the sacred jockstrap of Robert E. Howard you'll pay for this, Hellspawn!" Thurd then grabbed his ax and swung it at the Predator, cutting off the arm that had the Wrist Blade, it rolled out and under a table where the last surviving patron was hiding.

The Predator’s bright green blood splattered over the floor. Thurd swung his ax again, but the Predator now regarded him with more respect and started dodging him, waiting for an opening.

The patron hiding under the table looked at the Predator’s severed hand, and decided to peek his head out of the table. “Is it over?” he said. They were the last words he uttered as Thurd’s axe slashed his head cleanly trough, as he missed the Predator yet again.

Finally, as he had managed to put some distance between him and Thrud, the Predator reached for his Combi Stick with his remaining arm, extended it to full length yet again, and hurled it at Thrud like a javelin.

Thurd just swung his axe, deflecting the Combi stick to a side.

The door to the kitchen opened, and out came the new busboy hired by the owner of the tavern. “I just finished cleaning the dishes and…” was the last thing he said as the Predator’s deflected Combi Stick impaled itself on his chest.

Then Thrud flung his axe downwards, cutting the Predator in half from top to bottom. The two halves of the dead Predator fell on the ground, as Thrud’s axe was stained with its greenish blood. “That’ll teach you.” said Thrud, as he walked back towards the bar, sat down, and finished his beer.

Winner: Thrud the Barbarian.

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The battle was disregarded because the author used a sock account to vote on it.

Battle vs. Urdnot Wrex (by BeastMan14)


Winner: Urdnot Wrex

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The battle was declared invalid because Wrex was given an M-8 Avenger and M-100 grenade launcher, despite never using them.

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