I am Pre Vizsla of Clan Vizsla. Death Watch is here to save you from these intergalactic gangsters that threaten our great city. This is a war, and we will win. Join me, and let us defend Mandalore against criminals. We need action, not pacifism!
— Pre Vizsla

Pre Vizsla was a human male from Mandalore, who acted as the leader of the organization called "Death Watch". He planned on overthrowing the pacifistic New Mandalorian government, led by Duchess Satine, in an act to restore Mandalore to their warrior nature. He once allied himself with the Sith Lord Count Dooku, and another Sith Lord, Darth Maul, along with his brother, Savage Opress.

At one point, he managed to possess the "Darksaber", a lightsaber variant that was stolen by his ancestors, and was said to have consumed many lives of Jedi warriors. His attempts of villainy always failed, nearly. But he has proven himself to be a capable warrior, with great skills. However, his life ended when Darth Maul decapitated him in an act to take control of the Death Watch. Still, Darth Maul got control of the Death Watch, along with his Darksaber. But he will always be remembered by either the remaining Death Watch members, or the Mandalorian Super Commandos.

Battle vs. Spider-Man (Noir) (by Monkey Doctor 33)


Expert's Opinion

Vizsla's Darksaber and blaster pistols are fearsome weapons that could potentially kill any opponent within one blow. Spider-Man is no ordinary opponent, though. VIzsla's expert swordsmanship and utilization of weapons give him an advantage over Spider-Man Noir's archaic weapons. What left him defeated was the fact that he couldn't contend with Spider-Man's superhuman physicality. From his past battles, Vizsla was soundly defeated by both Jedi and Sith with superior strength and speed. And even with his armor and flamethrower, Spider-Man could easily contend them with his Spider-Sense which made Vizsla's life of hitting him even harder, leading Spidey into his victory.

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