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Everything I did, I did for my country.
— Pol Pot

Pol Pot, born Saloth Sar, was the leader of the Khmer Rouge and one of the most ruthless and vicious dictators in modern history. Nearly 1.7 million people died from Khmer Rouge policies during Pol Pot's reign of terror in Cambodia.

After receiving a government scholarship to study abroad in Paris, Pol Pot spent most of his time being active in a Communist party rather than studying. A year after he returned to Cambodia in 1954. Cambodia won its independence from France, and this is when Pol Pot started getting involved with the Khmer People's Revolutionary Party (KPRP), the first Communist party in Cambodia. Pot rose to power in 1976 to become Prime Minster and, feeling that Cambodia was overpopulated, ordered hundreds of thousands to dig their own graves in shackles.

Pot's targets were those who were religious, minorities, and Western-influenced. In 1979 Vietnam invaded Cambodia and this left Pot struggling to cling to power, so he fled to the jungles in southwest Cambodia and Khmer Rouge's power plummeted. While the Khmer Rouge was reduced to a terrorist group, the United States and allies secretly funded the Khmer Rouge, hoping to remove Vietnam from Cambodia and returning Pol Pot as the leader of Cambodia. He died in the late 1990s, never brought to justice for his crimes against his own people.

Battle vs. Mao Zedong (by Goddess of Despair)

Pol Pot Red.png Red.png Red.png Red.png Red.png Mao Black2.PNG Black2.PNG Black2.PNG Black2.PNG Black2.PNG

Mao stands over a map of the region, planning out his soon to be launched invasion of Cambodia. Two soldiers stand outside of his room, armed with MP18s. A Chinese soldier patrols outside with his own MP18, and finally a Chinese light machine gunner sets up his ZB vz. 26.

Pol Pot and his four Khmer Rouge enter the area, one guerilla with an RPD. The patrolling Chinese soldier immediately is sprayed down. Black2.PNG The Chinese light machine gunner opens fire. Two Khmer Rouge parish before finding cover. Red.png Red.png

Pol Pot readied a Stick Grenade and hurled it at the window. The Chinese light machine gunner ducked and began to reload his weapon; a Khmer Rouge guerilla hurled a Stick Grenade. Within a moment he is engulfed in flame and shrapnel. Black2.PNG

The Khmer Rouge break from cover and move to the entrance of the building. One Khmer Rouge member kicks down the door, only to be pelted with gunfire. Red.png Pol Pot enters next, firing half of his Tokarev into the Chinese soldier. Black2.PNG

The second Chinese soldier fires two bullets into Pol Pot’s side, but the final Khmer Rouge member saves him by pumping the Chinese soldier full of lead. Black2.PNG

The Khmer Rouge member reloads when suddenly a door flings open and Mao opens fire with his own Tokarev, killing both the Cambodians. Red.png Red.png

Lowering his pistol, he sighed. He realized his invasion will have to wait…but at least the enemy leader is dead.

Expert's Opinion

Although Pol Pot's weaponry was more devastating, his troops' lack of training and experience hindered their ability to use them well. Mao's troops were experienced, trained, and Mao himself was a superior tactician.

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Battle vs. Fidel Castro (by ReyesRebels)

Pol Pot: Red.pngRed.pngRed.pngRed.pngRed.png

Fidel Castro: Blue.pngBlue.pngBlue.pngBlue.pngBlue.png

4 Tropas (troops) are moving through the forest. Fidel Castro is sitting in a car, smoking a cigar. He hears rustling in the forest. Pol Pot and 4 Khmer Rouge soldiers are sneaking up behind him. The Tropas see the enemy. One of the tropas opens fire with the Vz.61. Red.png Pol Pot turns around and shoots the tropas soldier in the head. Blue.png Castro hears all the gunfire and ducks down in his seat. Both sides keep launching torrents of gunfire until another Tropas soldier is shot. Blue.png Pol Pot and another soldier run into a cabin, near Castro’s car. A Tropas soldier throws an RGD-5 at Pol Pot. Pol Pot runs but the other soldier, distracted by the Tropas gunfire stays, he is blown up. Red.png A Khmer Rouge soldier pulls out a Soviet machete and sneaks up on a Tropas soldier. He slits his throat, Blue.png but immediatley has five rounds put into him by a Tropas soldier with an AK-47 Red.png Castro gets out of the car and runs to the cabin. In the woods, a Khmer Rouge soldier kills the last Tropas. Blue.png The Khmer Rouge sees Castro in the window and shoots at him, but Castro pulls out a vz.61 and shoots him. Red.png Pol Pot comes out of the shadows and attempts to kill Castro but castro turns around and fires the vz.61, it’s out of ammo. Pol Pot slashes Castro’s arm, but Castro, using the NR-40 parries an attack from Pol Pot and stabs him in the chest. Pol Pot kicks him in the leg then runs. Castro pursues him. Pol Pot chops at Castro, but Castro grabs his arm and snaps it, he then stabs Pol Pot in the throat. Red.png He slumps to the ground. Castro takes out a cigar, lights it and smokes it.

Expert's Opinion

Castro's victory was largely due to the reliability of the AK-47 assault rifle, which was something the Khmer Rouge simply couldn't overcome.

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The battle was declared invalid because Pol Pot was given a Stechkin automatic pistol, F1 grenade, and Soviet machete despite never using them, and a PPsh-43, a weapon that doesn't exist.

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