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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Samurai, Zande Warrior, and Jacobites (by Samurai234)[]

In a field, a Samurai is meditating, unaware a Zande Warrior is watching him. Suddenly, the Samurai hears some noise. Wondering what it is, the Samurai grabs his Weapons and goes to investigate. He find the noises are coming from a Persian Immortal and a Highlander engaged in battle. The Highlander throws his Ball and at the Persian who rolls under it. The Persian grabs his Bow and Arrow and fires at the Highlander. The Samurai pulls out his Yumi and fires 2 arrows at the both the Persian and Highlander. He is about to fire a third, but another arrow hits him in the Helmet. They all turn to see the Zande Warrior holding his Botto and Pima. Realizing the weapon wouldn't do good against the warrior's armor, He pulls out his Kpinga and charges at the Immortal. As they close in, the Zande hurls his weapon at the Persian. He puts his shield to block the projectile, but it ends up rotating away from the shield and hitting the Persian in the chest, chipping his armor. The Persian Tries to get up, but the Zande comes in with his Makrigga and he thrusts into the Persian's shield, disarming him. The Persian unsheathes his Sword and slashes at the barbed spear, rendering it useless. The Zande pulls out his Shotel and the two begin dueling. However, they end up losing their swords after a fall. The Zande pulls out his Makraka while the Persian pulls out his Sagaris. As they swing, the Zande manages to knock the Axe out of the Persian's hands. The Zande prepares to lay the finishing blow, but the Persian manages to recover his spear and smacks the Zande in the head with the counter end. He then thrusts the spear through the Zande's heart, killing him. The Persian recovers his Sagaris and goes on to take on the Samurai and Highlander. Meanwhile, The Samurai, using his Naginata faces the Highlander who fires at him with his English Longbow, leaving a large hole in the armor. The Samurai charges at the Highlander, who quickly grabs his Lochaber Axe. He cuts the Naginata and cuts it in half. The Samurai manages to pulls out his Kanabo, and swings, damaging the Axe. Before he can finish him off though, the Persian runs up him and hits him in the back. The Samurai turn and hits the Persian in the side, crippling him. The Persian pulls out his guard's dagger, and tries to runs up to the highlander, but the Scotsman has unsheathed his Claymore and he cuts the Persian's head off. The Samurai comes back armed with his Katana and they enter a sword fight, During which they lock swords. The Highlander breaks the lock and quickly slashes the Samurai across the face, leaving a scar. He gets the Samurai in a headlock and tries to stab him in the neck, but the Samurai breaks the Lock and throws the Highlander to the floor. He then pulls out his Tanto and stabs the Highlander in the neck, ending his life. The Samurai, badly injured, leaves the area to relax.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Samurai emerged victorious mainly due to his extreme skill and dediction to both long and close ranged combat, with his strong armor protecting him from most blows. The Highlander came in second because although his armor could stop many attacks, the precision of the Samurai was too much for him to keep up with. The Persian came in third place because his bronze armor was weaker than that of the Samurai and Highlander, and the Zande came last thanks to his lack of effective armor and lack of armor-piercing weaponry.

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The battle has been declared unfair for the Immortals and Azande due to the superior metallurgy of the samurai and Jacobites.

Battle vs. Knight (by KevlarNinja)[]

In a forest, a knight is on his way to his Castle. Suddenly, an arrow flies past his face plate! He turns his head left, were the arrow came from, and sees a Immortal, yelling something in Persian. The knight charges on his horse towards the Immortal, and fires his crossbow, which hits the Immortal in the thigh. The Immortal runs back and picks up the rest of his weapons. He holds up his spear and hits the knight in the chest. This only manages to bend the tip of the spear and knock the knight on the ground. The knight grabs his Halberd from the side of his horse, and chops the spear in half. The knight tries to stab the Immortal, but he get's out of the way so the knight only manages to get the Halberd stuck in the trunk of a tree. Both warriors pull out there close range weapons and start to duel. The Immortal swings his Sagaris axe and the knights head, but it only gets it stuck. With his Falchion, the knight cuts the Immortals face. The Immortal knocks the sword out of the knights hand. The Immortal pulls out his dagger, and tries to stab the knight. The knight punches him in the face. The knight keeps doing this until the Immortals face is a bloody mess. The knight goes back on the horse and goes back on his way.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Knight was deemed victorious due to his superior armor and weaponry, as well as the fact that he had training at a young age. The deciding factor was that the Persian Immortal's bronze simply couldn't stand up to the steel and iron of the Knight's armor.

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The battle has been declared unfair for the Immortals due to the superior metallurgy of the knights.

Battle vs. Attila the Hun (by Jar teh marksman)[]

Attila the Hun: Blue Blue

Persian Immortal: Red Red

Attila is sitting on a horse, with a Hunnic warrior close by. 2 Persian Immortals come into sight, riding on a chariot. One Persian Immortal signals for the chariot to be stopped. He draws an arrow, and fires. It misses both of the warriors. Attila and the Hunnic warrior scream as they run down the hill, with the Immortals doing the same on their chariot. An Immortal draws his Sagaris, and slashes the charging Hunnic warrior in the throat. Blue

Attila quickly retreats back, but turns around and draws an arrow. The shot pierced the chariot driver's skull. Red

The chariot comes to a stop. The remaining Immortal hops off, grabbing a shield. He then brings out his Bow and Arrow. It slices Attila's arm, causing him to lose balance and fall off the horse. The Immortal rushes over to the fallen Hun, shield and spear at hand. Attila quickly realises what is going on, and scrambles to his feet. He pulls out the Sword of Mars. The Persian thrusts with the spear, however it fails, as Attila quickly side-steps. Attila rushes in, and with a fierce swing of the Sword of Mars to the shield, he knocks the Persian back. The persian quickly regains, and tackles Attila. Attila pushes the Immortal off, and pulls out his Scythian Axe. The Immortal brings out his Jambiya. The two continue to slash at each other, until the Persian gets behind the axe and slashes one of Attila's legs. Just as the Persian is about to deliver the final stab, Attila switches around the axe, and stabs the Immortal through the heart. Red

Attila cries out over his victory, and limps away.

Expert's Opinion[]

Attila won due to him being able to fire an arrow off horseback, was more powerful than the Immortal, and deadly accurate with the Composite Bow.

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The battle has been declared unfair for the Immortals due to the superior metallurgy of Attila the Hun.

Battle vs. Ninja (by Omnicube1)[]

No battle was written.


Expert's Opinion[]

While the ninja had superior stealth tactics, this was little help in an open environment when the Persian was easily able to dominate in head-on combat and use his superior strength and combat training to his advantage.

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The battle has been declared unfair for the Immortals due to the superior metallurgy of the ninja and invalid since the ninja was given a ninjato, a weapon they never used.

Battle vs. Roman Legionary (by Urbancommando77)[]

RC: 3

PI: 3

In a roman camp, three Centurions were feasting. One of them heard something strange. He looked outside of a tent to see a chariot. The Immortal on the chariot fired his bow, but missed. The centurion warned the others. They all grabbed their weapons. One of them grabbed two pilums. He ran outside and threw his pilum at the chariot driver, but missed, again. The Centurion shoved the pilum into the chariots wheel, tempararely stopping it. The centurion aimed the scorpion at the Chariot. The Immortal pulled the Pilum out of the wheel and started driving towards the Scorpion. The bow men jumped off the back and pulled his Spear out. The centurion fired the bolt into the chariot, flipping it over and killing the driver.

PI: 2

The Immortal saw the other Persian's chariot an jumped onto it. The Centurion pulled his Hasta out and charged towards him. The chariot scythe knocked him down. He squirmed around and saw the chariot coming back. He stabbed one of the horses, but it also killed him.

RC: 2

The Immortal jumped out of the chariot and pulled his Sagaris out. He saw another centurion out and charged towards him. The Centurion pulled his Dolabra out and struck the Immortal in the arm. He stabbed the Immortal in the back and cut his head off.

PI: 1

The last Immortal walked out of a tent, holding a blood-stained sword. The Centurion charged at the Immortal. But, the Immortal cut his neck.

RC: 1

The last Centurion pulled his Gladius and pulled his Scutum out. The Immortal pulled his shield out and charged at him. The Centurion stabbed into his shield and pulled it away from him. As he was pulling the shield off of his blade, the Immortal cut his legs. He fell, but countered by stabbing into his stomach. He stood up and pulled his Falx out. He cut him in the back and then cut him in the chest. He finished him with a swift stab to the neck.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Centurion was better suited to squad-on-squad combat and had superior weapons and armor than the Persian Immortal, giving him an easy win.

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The battle has been declared unfair for the Immortals due to the superior metallurgy of the legionaries.

Battle vs. Praetorian Guard (by Deathblade 100)[]

Praetorian: PurplePurplePurplePurplePurplePurple

Immortals: GreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen

Six Praetorian Guards stand around inside their campsite. One drawing back a Scorpion's string; the others holding a practice drill. A trundling sound fills the air as six Persian Immortals and their chariot arrive. The two forces face each other for a few seconds before the commander of the Persians, who is standing on the back of the chariot, yells out. Three of the Persians notch arrows to their bows and fire. The Romans see this and quickly form the Testudo formation. However, one Praetorian catches an arrow in his neck, hitting the carotid artery. Purple The Praetorian at the Scorpion loads a bolt and aims it at the chariot just as the vehicle drives past a Praetorian, slashing his leg. The Scorpion fires hitting the charioteer and causing the vehicle to flip, killing the charioteer instantly. Green

The Praetorians draw their Gladius swords and advance. A Persian draws his Sagaris axe and hacks at a Praetorian's neck. Purple A Praetorian tosses a Pilum at the Persians, killing one. Green A Praetorian throws another Pilum at a Persian and misses, before a Persian swing the counterweight of his spear into the Roman's head and plunges the tip into his heart. Purple A thrust from a Gladius cut the Persian spearman's joy short. Green

The chariot wounded Praetorian rises up from the dead Persian, before a thrust from an Acinaces took him in the neck. Purple A Persian runs back towards a dead comrade and grabs his Sagaris. A Praetorian unslings his Dolabra pick and hacks with the pick at the Persian axeman's chest, going through the ribs and into the heart. Green A Praetorian runs a Persian through with his Gladius. Green

The two Praetorians walk around looking for the last Persian Immortal. As a Praetorian looks around the chariot, the Persian Immortal leader emerges and drives his Acinaces through the Roman's Segmentata armour. Purple The last Praetorian and Persian engage in a duel with their swords, before the Persian leader trips the Praetorian. As the Persian prepares to strike the final blow, the Praetorian unsheathes his Pugio dagger and plunges it into the Persian's chest. Green

The Praetorian gets back to his feet and yells "For Rome!" in victory.

Winner: Praetorian Guard

Expert's Opinion[]

The Praetorians got this due to their superior metallurgy. While the Persians best weapon was their bow, the Romans just had the better technology.

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The battle has been declared unfair for the Immortals due to the superior metallurgy of the Praetorian Guard.

Battle vs. Mongol Warrior (by MilenHD)[]

In a harsh and rocky desert canyon,an lone Mongol is riding his horse and searching for a way out,but before he could escape the canyon,he heard not far away from him a wheels of chariot.The Mongol turned around and saw a Persian Immortal with his charioteer.The Mongol pulled his bow and aimed at the Persian,fired an arrow and hitting the chariot.

The Persian aimed and fired his own bow,missing the Mongol.As both were charging towards each other,the Persian raised his spear and tried to stab the Mongol but wounded his horse,forcing him to get down from the animal.As the chariot charged again,the Mongol raised his glaive and killed one of the horses and making the chariot to crash,The Mongol killed the charioteer with his glaive by stabbing him in the chest and aiming his attention to the Immortal.As both conquerors clashed,the Persian used the blunt end and broke the glaive in half and tried to stab the Mongol but missed.The Mongol Horsemen pulled his mace and swung it around,knocking the spear away and crushing the wicker shield like nothing.The Persian grabbed his sagaris and began dueling with the Mongol,and he even managed to pierce his leg with the spike.

As the Mongol,was screaming in pain,he swung his mace and smashed the scales,making few of them to fall down.As both warriors swung their weapons,the Persian hooked the mace away with his axe end and this forced the Mongol to get his ild out and as he slashed at the Persian,he sliced the sagaris handle in half.The Immortal pulled his acinaces and tried to stab the Mongol in the neck but missed.

As both warriors clashed,the Mongol got an upper hand and sliced the Persian's arm,as the Persian was shocked and scraming in pain,the Mongol decapitated him withone mighty swing.As he saw his foe death,the Mongol roared in victory "For the Khan".

Expert's Opinion[]

The Mongol was just too advanced and he had superior technology compared to the Immortals bronze and iron,also the horse archery replaced the chariots,which gave the Mongol Horseman an edge.

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The battle has been declared unfair for the Immortals due to the superior metallurgy of the Mongols.

Battle vs. Viking (by Goddess of Despair)[]

The sun shines upon the grasslands, upon the bodies, upon the death. The lone Persian Immortal struts carnage, disgusted by all the mutilated bodies. What kind of barbarian would attack like this? The Immortal bent down and examined one corpse. “He’s Persian…” the Immortal thought to himself.

The Immortal turned the body, and revealed the man’s throat was cut, blood slowly dripping out of the wound. The Immortal looked down, disappointed. Suddenly he heard a rustling to his left, making him instinctively draw his bow.

The Viking entered the clearing, spear in one hand, axe in the other. Both of the weapons were bloodied. The Immortal readied an arrow and took aim at the barbarian. The shot flew through the air and hit the Viking’s shoulder.

The Viking threw down his axe and furiously tore out the arrow, which barely penetrated his chainmail. The Immortal reached for another arrow when unexpectedly the Viking hurled his spear, which slammed into the Immortal.

The Immortal fell to the ground, but quickly recovered .Scales were missing from his armor and his bow was broken in two. The Viking also began to close in with his great axe in his hands. The Immortal lifted a spear from the fallen soldier next to him as the Viking charged.

The Immortal thrusted at the Viking, who stepped back to avoid the thrust and tried to slam his great axe upon the Immortal’s head. The Immortal thought otherwise, and stepped to the side, avoiding the blow.

The Persian smacked the Viking with the blunt end of his spear, and then slashed at his hand, breaking the pole of the axe. The Viking shoved the Immortal back and unsheathed his longsword. The Immortal thrusted at the Viking, who dodged and split the weapon in two with a slash.

The Immortal, wielding his broken spear like a club, smashed the Viking’s head with it. The Viking’s helmet protected him for the most part, only it didn’t defend him from the ringing of the helmet upon being attacked. The Viking recovered and saw the Immortal had retreated to a broken down chariot.

The Viking pursued, but not before snatching a shield from a defeated warrior. The Immortal exited the chariot with a sagaris in one hand and his Acinaces in the other. The Viking charged, trying to ram the Persian with his shield.

However his plan backfired and the Immortal slammed his sagaris, piercing the shield and going partially into the Viking’s hand. The Viking roared in pain and kicked the Immortal, making him lose his grip on the axe.

The Viking slammed his sword into the ground, removed the sagaris and the shield from his arm, rearmed with his sword and charged at the Persian. The Viking swung high, but the Immortal parried and counter slashed, skimming the Viking’s cheek.

The Viking thrusted at the Immortal’s chest, damaging the scales even more. The Immortal responded by quickly thrusting his own sword into the Viking’s throat. The Persian tore out his sword and watched as the Viking crumbled to the ground, defeated.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Viking is a tough fighter, however the Immortal's superior ranged weaponry alongside better training gave him a victory. The Viking was mainly restricted to close range fighting, which hindered him. The Persian Immortal is the deadliest warrior.

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The battle has been declared unfair for the Immortals due to the superior metallurgy of the Vikings.

Battle vs. Rajput (by Deadliest9600)[]

The battle begins in a open field,the Rajput,Persian Immortal and their chariot drivers stare at each other until they signal to charge.The Persian Immortal fires an arrow at the Rajput chariot but it is too low and hits the ground but the second time around he hits the Rajput chariot driver in the temple with an arrow,killing him.The Rajput tries to gain control of the chariot but is struck by the Chariot Sycthe,causing the chariot to crash.The Persians circle around the wreckage when the Rajput emerges from the destruction and slings his Chakram disk at the chariot driver decapitating him.The Persian jumps out of the chariot and charges at the Rajput with his spear,but the Rajput blocks with his shield and pulls out his Aara(Fruit By The Foot Sword)and snags his leg causing him to fall,but the Persian gets up and hits the Rajput in the head with the spear's metal ball.The Rajput rolls back when the Persian thrusts his spear at him but it sticks into the ground as a result of the Rajput dodging,the Rajput throws his Aara sword aside and grabs the Khanda and rushes the Persian.The Immortal tries pulling the spear out of the ground but it is struck by the Khanda,splitting it intwo.The Persian grabs the broken spear head and slashes the Rajput's ankle,the Raput grabs his foot and kicks the Immortal in the face.The Persian gets up and runs to his wrecked chariot and grabs his shield and Sageras,he attacks the Rajput head on and strikes him in the head knocking his mask-helmet off,the Rajput uses the Khanda and cuts half of the Persian's sheild off.Realizing that it is now useless,the Immortal throws his shield to the ground and grips both hands on the Sageras and swings it at the Rajput.The Persian stabs into the Rajput shield and throws it aside,the Rajput swings his Khanda sword at the Immortal but he knocks it out of his and slashes at his back.The Rajput dodges the next swipe and pulls out two Katars and walks around the Pesian Immortal,he swings with the Sageras but the Rajput jumps back he swings again but the Rajput ducks and slashes his thighs,then the Persian switches to the axe side and slashes the Rajput's side,he then raises his Sageras going for a finishing blow when he is stabbed in the chest with the Katar,the Immortal coughs up some blood on the Raputs face making the Rajput squint his eyes then he is stabbed again in the neck with the second Katar.The Persian drops his weapon and falls to the ground,the Rajput raises his Katar and yells in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Rajput one strictly due to his strange weapons and battle style,the Persian Immortal was more used to fighting in a group of 10,000 men wheras the Rajput fought by themselves or in a group of 5 also due to the fact that the Rajput had their own style of marital arts that they blended in with their fighting.While the Persian Immortal was certainly a better chariot fighter it was the Rajput's strange array of weapons that did they're job that did the Persian in.

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The battle has been declared unfair for the Immortals due to the superior metallurgy of the Rajput.

Battle vs. Housecarl (by MovieStuff65)[]

Huscarls: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue

Immortals: OrangeOrangeOrangeOrangeOrange

A lone Immortal stands on the deck of the trieme. After our failed attempt on Greece, maybe this land will give us great resources. He gestures to the other four Immortals to land. One blows a horn, and the other massive Persian warships go to a halt. The five men land on the beach, breathing in the salty air. However, they have been spotted from a Saxon fort, and the garrison leader has sent five Huscarls to arrest the strange men. The leader kneels down on a rock, clutching his Dane Axe in his hand. He sends two of his men forward while the other three remain behind rocks in case of retaliation. The Persians see the approaching men and draw their bows. Before he could react, an Immortal shot one Huscarl in his neck, killing him. Blue The other Huscarl raises his shield as the other four arrows thud into it. The Huscarl pulls out a throwing axe and manages to hit an Immortal in the chest, knocking him backwards. As he gets up, another Huscarl chucks another axe into him. The weapon land sin his head, and he falls back with a moan. Orange The other three Huscarls catch up to the other one and charge, yelling fierce battle cries as they charge towards the Persians. One Immortal hides behind his wicker shield, but the Huscarl's longsword easily slices through it, and he follows up with a quick thrust into the Immortal's chest. Orange Suddenly, a spear point prods through his chest, killing him instantly. Blue The Immortal yanks the spear out and swings the ball point into an approaching Huscarl's head, dazing him. He tries to perform another thrust, but the Huscarl barely manages to parry it with the handle of his Dane Ax. He then performs a mighty chop, with the bit slamming into the head of the Immortal. Orange He turns and swings the axe around, but the Immortal quickly ducks and stabs his Acinaces into his gut. Blue The lead Immortal blocks a slash from a Long Seax, but his wicker shield simply can't take the punishment. The shield collapses, and the blade continues to hit the bronze scales of the Immortal. However, the scalse hold and the Immortal plants the pick of his Sagaris into the skull of the stunned Huscarl Blue The lead Huscarl sees his comrade fall. He disarms the Immortal he is fighting of his shield and hacks his longsword into his head, decapitating the Persian. Orange The other Immortal runs to the Huscarl, slamming his Sagaris into his side. The chainmail holds, but it still sends him to the ground. The Huscarl grabs a nearby rock and throws it at the Immortal, stunning him. Searching for a weapon, he grabs another larger stone and bashes the head of the Immortal, slamming the rock into his head. He runs over and grabs a Spear. He then thrusts it into the Persian's chest, impaling him on the spear. Orange Panting, the Huscarl lets out a yell of victory before beginning the slow process of collecting weapons and walking back to the fort.

WINNER: Saxon Huscarl

Expert's Opinion[]

The Huscarl curbstomped his opponent because of all his weapons being made of a superior metal, and his much larger size allowed him to attack his opponent with more force.

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The battle has been declared unfair for the Immortals due to the superior metallurgy of the housecarls.

Battle vs. Order of Assassins (by Goddess of Despair)[]

Persian Immortal Blue Blue  Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Hashashins Red Red Red Red Red Red Red

The Immortals are on high alert. They have been informed that their king himself has come to see his new soldiers. Seeing their king approach on the horizon, the Immortals prepare to look their best.

The Hashashins follow the king slowly from behind.  They see the Immortals over the horizon and decide that this is their last chance to eliminate the king.  Readying an arrow, a Hashashins launches the projectile into a guard’s throat. The other Hashashins ready projectiles and the king’s guard rushes to defend Darius.

The Immortals saw the king getting ambushed and quickly grabbed nearby weapons and rushed towards the woods, hoping they could defeat the assassins. A Hashashins sees the Immortals coming and fires an arrow at one, which is blocked by a shield. Suddenly an arrow hits his stomach, causing him to fall off his tree branch. Slamming into the ground, the arrow dug deeper into the Hashashin.  Red

The Persians advance under the cover of their archers. The archers, confident in their comrade’s abilities, have little worry other than firing their bows. Suddenly a khanjar thrusts into an archer’s chest. The Hashashin yanked out the blade as the second archer took an arrow out of his quiver. He lifted his bow as a throwing knife flew at him, slicing the string. The Hashashins sprinted at the Immortal, who side stepped out of the way of the khanjar and dug his arrow into the Hashashins’s throat. Red He walked to his comrade and helped him up. The injured Immortal opened his mouth to speak but his eyes suddenly widened, gasping he fell to the ground, victim of the poison.  Blue

The archer retrieved his allies bow, determined not to let it go to waste. He wondered how well his comrades were doing without his support.

The Immortals saw their king who quickly commanded them to destroy the assassins. The Immortals scanned the treetops when a knife rams into one’s eye. Blue

An Immortal lifted and hurled his spear in the knives’ direction; the spear knocked a Hashashin out of the tree. He crashed to the ground, roaring in pain from the spear. His screams were silenced moments later by a sagaris.  Red

The Immortal retrieved his spear, when an object caught his eye. He turned as a knife flew past him, grazing his cheek. The Hashashins turned and ran into the brush, pursued by an Immortal.  The assassin drew his scimitar as the Immortal closed in with his sagaris.  The Immortal slashed overhead with his axe, but the Hashashin dodged the blow and slashed at the Immortal shield, cutting halfway through the wicker. The Immortal kicked the assassin back and smashed the axe into the Hashashins’s shoulder. Red

The Immortal tore out his axe and turned to be greeted with an arrow in the throat. Blue

The Immortal archer continued his rain of arrows into the treetops, when an arrow flew back form the woods, meeting its mark on the archer. Blue

The Immortals watch the trees carefully, studying all movement. Motion on a branch to his right catches the eye of the Immortal, and he throws his spear, only to see a bird fly off the branch he moves towards the brush to retrieve his spear as his fellow Immortals follow him, when suddenly a Hashashins drops down and decapitates the Immortal in the back. Blue

The second Immortal turned with his sagaris and striked diagonally, cursing the man as he ripped his blade out Red, he turned towards his ally who had drawn his acinaces and dueled with a Hashashin. The Hashashin swung high with his scimitar, but the Persian parried and counter striked at the Hashashins’s head. He missed his target but was unashamed since he instead hit the Hashashins’s throat. Red

The final two Hashashins ready knives and throw several of the projectiles at the Immortals, none of which kill. The Persians slowly advance behind their shields, close enough for one to retrieve his spear. The Hashashins run out of knives and carefully draw their khanjars. The two separated, as did the Immortals. The first Hashashin runs into the open and yells at an Immortal, who quickly turns and charges. The Hashashins runs past his ally as the Persian throws his spear, impaling the fleeing assassin’s leg. As the Immortal ran to retrieve his weapon the second Hashashin emerged from a bush and slashed the Immortal with his scimitar. Blue He turned to his ally and proceeded to help him up when he is interrupted by a blow to the head. Red The Immortal kicks the Hashashin down, crushing the injured one under his friend’s weight. The Immortal then crushes the final assassin with his axe. Red

Expert's Opinion[]

What gave the Immortals the advantage here was the superior short range weaponry. The Immortals could keep up at long range with their bow and hit harder up close with the spear and sagaris. The Hashashins also were not nearly as experienced as the Immortals; they have fought far longer than the Hashashins, who would often die for their cause. The fight was close, but in the end the Immortals are the deadliest warrior.

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The battle was declared invalid because the Hashashin were given throwing knives, weapons they historically never used.