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The Pentagon Thief, real name Yuri Zavoyski, is an enemy character present in of the Zombie Mode Call of Duty: Black Ops. During the mid 50s, he was one of the scientists to join the Ascension Group, which was essentially the Russian equivalent of Group 935, which served as a secret research program to develop weapons for the German Reich. Originally, he was working with his co-scientist, Anton Gersh, to work on Project Mercury. Gersh decided that Yuri was not fit to work with him alongside Project Mercury, so he was instead sent to rocket research.

Yuri would begin to see children's toys around the Ascension rocket facility. After reading the diary of an Ultimis Richtofen, he started to hear Samantha Maxis' voice in his head. After several days, Samantha's voice managed to drive Yuri to insanity. She ordered Yuri to continue his work on Project Mercury, which he obeyed.

Yuri would later follow a demand to activate one of the Gersh devices, sending Anton Gersh and himself through the rift. Yuri arrived at the Pentagon, during the time that Ultimis had arrived. After releasing the zombies held at the Pentagon, Samantha pushed him forward in time, to thwart the survival of John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro and Robert McNamara, which happened the very next day. The four men were able to successfully hold off the outbreak at the Pentagon, and Yuri was subsequently arrested for his crimes, and later tortured to death by Cornelius Purnell, to get information out of him regarding the multiple timelines, Aether and Agartha, and the 2025 zombie outbreaks.

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Battle vs. George A. Romero (Call of the Dead) (by Sport Shouting)

The Pentagon Thief arrives after stealing a Winter's Howl and a Ray Gun. He hears a loud roar and tiptoes over to it. Romero comes charging after him. He uses his electrocution but it misses. The Pentagon Thief draws his Ray Gun. He hits George twice in the thigh and he screams in pain. The Pentagon Thief runs for cover as George limp-runs to him. George uses his freezing on the thief's leg. His left foot gets frozen as he begins to hop for cover. George laughs and charges. The Winter's Howl freezes George's face as he can't see and screams. The Pentagon Thief rushes behind him and blasts the shot at his back. As he fixes his face he frees his back and can't find the thief. He sees him running and electrocutes him. He falls in pain but soon gets up and limp-runs away. George charges with the Stage Light. He misses the thief on his first swing. On his second swing he slaps away the Winter's Howl. The thief stumbles and draws the Ray Gun. After 1 shot misses, George freezes his head then beats him repeatedly with the Stage Light to kill him. George roars and runs away. WINNER- GEORGE A. ROMERO

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The battle has been disregarded because the Pentagon Thief has been disqualified as a warrior.