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NO! I'll take him! I'll take all of you! I'll feast on your flesh as I feed on your fear... Or... you'll just leave us be... I will take him. Only him, and I will have my long rest and you will all live to grow and thrive and lead *happy* lives, until old age takes you back to the weeds.
— Pennywise

An eons old eldritch being with no true name, It arrived on Earth in a comet, in what would eventually become Derry, Maine. Awakening every 27 years, It would awaken, killing and eating whatever lived above until it became satisfied and went back to hibernating. Over time, as people began to populate Derry, It's influence caused the inhabitants to become hateful and apathetic, turning a blind eye to the series of violent deaths and disappearances. Every cycle would begin with a violent crime or accident that left many dead, and at some point It began to take a preference towards the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. One tribe of Natives used the Ritual of Chud, a magical act that would supposedly contain It, but Pennywise easily overcame the spell and killed the natives responsible.

In 1988, Pennywise's spree of violence would find some opposition when it killed and took the body of Georgie Denbrough, whose brother Bill began searching for alongside his friends Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, and Stan Uris. Ben Hanscom, the new kid in town, discovered the strange tragedies and violence in Derry and began to connect it back to Pennywise, working with the boys, Mike Hanlon and Beverly Marsh, a fellow outcast and mutual crush of both Ben and Bill. Deemed "The Losers", the group became the new targets for Pennywise, and they finally trace its lair to an abandoned house on the outskirts of town. The initial incursion failed, with Pennywise injuring Eddie and nearly killing the rest of the Losers, and the group would briefly fracture until Pennywise kidnapped Bev and brought her to his lair underground.

While the remaining Losers returned to the house and defeated Henry Bowers, their bully who Pennywise had brainwashed into a minion to attack the group, Pennywise attempted to scare Bev into submission, but was forced to use the Dead Lights to render her catatonic. The group was able to snap Bev out of it and overcame their fears, forcing it to retreat and begin it's hibernation early, though they vowed to return and kill It for good when It awoke again.

In 2016, Pennywise was awoken when a group of thugs beat Adrian Mellon and his boyfriend Don Hagarty before tossing Adrian over a bridge, where a waiting Pennywise killed him in front of Don. Mike, who stayed in town to keep his memories, calls the Losers back to Derry, though Stan commits suicide rather than face the clown again. Hoping that the Ritual of Chud would work if the group fully believed in it, Mike had everyone collect a token from their past and head back to Pennywise's lair. Despite the groups's full belief, the ritual fails again and Pennywise, now resembling it's true form of a giant spider, attacked them and forced Mike to admit the truth.

Thrown into nightmarish traps, the Losers escape and battle Pennywise, with Eddie wounding it to save Richie from the Dead Lights and ending up impaled in the process. As he dies of his wounds, Eddie realizes that Pennywise needs fear to power itself, and the group stands up to It, insulting it until it shrinks into a small blob that Mike kills by tearing out it's heart, ending it's reign of terror and freeing Derry.

Battle vs. Amahl Farouk (By BeastMan14)[]


Expert's Opinion[]


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Battle vs. Skitzo (by MLPlover2011)[]

Pre Fight[]

It was a dark and stormy night it looked quite peaceful in Derry. One kid was having fun playing in the park until suddenly a red balloon appear out of nowhere and was floating around in the wind. The child saw the red balloon and begins to follow it. The kid kept following until under a tree there was a black sun bear sleeping. The kid decided to ignore the red balloon and goes up the sleeping bear, this was Skitzo. Skitzo woke up and sees the child, the kid showed Skitzo the red balloon as the kid is running towards the balloon, Skitzo decides to follow the kid. 

After 2 minutes of chasing the balloon the kid bumped into some random scary clown. This was Pennywise, Skitzo finally sees the clown and just watches the kid trying to get the red balloon from Pennywise. The kid thinks the clown is friendly as it tries to grab one balloon from Pennywise suddenly Pennywise opens his mouth wide while saying "YOU'IL FLOAT TOO" and bites the kids head off and while Skitzo was watching his eyes turned red and he begins to smile he slowly approaches Pennywise with a knife and gets ready for battle.


Skitzo starts off with a knife and tries to stab the dancing clown to the chest. Pennywise makes a laugh and kicks Skitzo to a tree. IT grows it's arms and hands very large as Skitzo stabs one of IT's hands causing Pennywise to start bleeding and doing a demonic scream. Skitzo does a loud and scary roar with lots of teeth and tendrils coming out of it. 

IT grabs Skitzo's knife and tries to shove it into his stomach, IT keeps stabbing the bear over and over again until suddenly Skitzo's eyes glow brighter red and grabs Pennywise's arm and tears it off causing the clown to scream. Pennywise runs away pretending to be scared just to go for a sneak attack. Skitzo thinks he won until somehow a red balloon out nowhere showed up and popped on Skitzo's Head. Skitzo wipes the balloon off as Pennywise starts creating some shapeshifts and illusions. 

Pennywise shapeshifted as a Ink Demon named Bendy and he has a knife, he tried to start stabbing Skitzo over and over again. Skitzo grabbed the knife as his hands were bleeding a little he threw it away and try to rip apart the fake Bendy but suddenly Pennywise switched into Cuphead and started shooting at Skitzo. Skitzo gets up and smacks the Pennywise Cuphead around. The fake Cuphead landed to a tree. IT lifts up the tree branch and slams it on Skitzo. Skitzo slices the tree in half and turns into a puddle of ink. Cuphead didn't see Skitzo as Skitzo comes from behind and stabs Cuphead to the back causing Pennywise to bleed. IT returns to its normal clown form and kicks Skitzo to the stomach. 

Skitzo punches Pennywise to the face. Pennywise than grabs Skitzo and pummels the bear to the ground. Pennywise even sends Skitzo to a abounded house as Skitzo looks around and grabs a crow bar and starts searching for the clown. IT is hiding around somewhere suddenly a 4 years old girl out of nowhere saying "Help Me!" and Skitzo's emotions didn’t even change at all. He tried to murder the little girl as he knew it was Pennywise. The fake girl screamed and laughed at the same time and on the mirror shows Pennywise. Skitzo than shatters the mirror into pieces as he is growing a hatred towards the clown. 

Skitzo's eyes were glowing red and looks for Pennywise with so much anger. Pennywise was laughing constantly as Skitzo heard it and finally found IT. Pennywise suddenly bites Skitzo's arms off as Skitzo begins to regenerate his lost arm. Skitzo than opens his mouth wide and uses tendrils to try to pull him in. After 12 seconds later of struggling Pennywise finally broke free from it and dropkicks Skitzo to the chest. 


Skitzo smashed through a wall and looks into a box. The box had many weapons inside. Skitzo picked up a axe and gets ready. Suddenly a random zombie came from behind and Skitzo whacks the zombie with the axe. 

The zombie was somehow a illusion from IT. Skitzo started doing a random dance causing many flames around the room. Even some pitch forks were moving around. Skitzo did it just to surround the room and waits for IT to show up. Suddenly a shapeshifted bat flies in the flaming room as IT when back into its clown form. 

The fight was getting very brutal as Skitzo shoves the axe in IT's forhead trying to make it bleed. IT's head showed a crack and IT managed to heal it up. Pennywise pummeled Skitzo to the ground and tries to bite Skitzo to the neck. Skitzo shot lasers to IT's eyes causing them to burn. Pennywise grabbed the axe and pounds the bear with it over and over again brutalizing him as well. 

Suddenly Skitzo found a silver sword and stabs IT to the chest with the sword. IT was screaming in pain and Skitzo found a way to get rid of IT for good. Skitzo begins pulling IT into himself, IT was struggling and trying to get away from the bear. Half of IT's body is absorbed into his body. IT tried to attack Skitzo but it got absorbed too. After a few seconds later Skitzo finally fully absorbed Pennywise into himself.

Skitzo was somehow back where he was before as the place he was sent to was a illusion. His red eyes went back to normal as IT was defeated for good. 

Expert's Opinion[]

Skitzo has no fears and no weaknesses but both are there haxes are even. It was a brutal match but the edges Skitzo has gave him the win.

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