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Tissaphernes had not fled at the first charge, but had instead charged along the river through the Greek peltasts. However he did not kill a single man as he passed through. The Greeks opened their ranks and proceeded to deal blows and throw javelins at them as they went through.
— Xenophon

The Peltasts were mercenaries or Greek soldiers who served alongside the regular infantry or hoplites in combat. Armed with ranged weapons such as slings, short bows, and most often javelins, the Peltasts would often stay behind the main troops and let loose their weapons upon any that attempted to flank them. 

The Peltast soldier type is believed to have originated on the Thracian coast, and were often shown to be hired by various cities on the coast. However, as the Peltasts were hired further and further inland, they became more prominent in all kinds of Greek warfare. The Peltasts as warriors became most prominent during the 4th century BCE, where they were shown being used by many Greek generals alongside their main hoplite warriors. 

Peltasts were not very well armored, but they easily made up for it with their quick speed. Often the peltasts were placed on the sides of the phalanx, where they would unleash their javelins and slings onto the charging infantry, then retreat to safer distances if they got too close. 

Battle vs. Mayan Soldier (by Yetimonster)[]

The battle begins as a Thracian Peltast scouts out an open plain. Nearby, a Mayan makes his way up a partly collapsed temple. Once he is halfway up, he spots the Thracian. The Mayan places a spear in an Atlatl and hurls it at the peltast. Below, the Thracian hears the flying spear, but cannot see it as his vision is obscured by the sun. Suddenly the spear lands in the Thracian's sheild. The Thracin yanks the spear out, and spots the Mayan on the temple steps. The Mayan hurls another spear, hitting the Thracian in the stomach. The Thracian is knocked on his back. The Thracian removes the spear, and makes his way twoard the temple. As the Thracian goes up the steps, the Mayan stuffs a poison dart into a Blowgun. The Mayn shoots the dart at the Thracian but misses. The Thracian begins chaseing the Mayan up the steps, as the Mayan continues to shoot darts at him. The Thracian chucks his Javelin, but the weapons misses and goes over the temple, whizzing by the Mayan. The two eventually meet at the top of the temple. The Thracian arms himself with a Rhomphaia, and slashes at the unarmed Mayan. The Thracian knocks the Mayan to the ground, and attempts to lay in the finishing blow, but the Mayan rolls out of the way, and grabs a Knife. the Mayan stabs the Thracian twice in the torso, unnarming him. The Thracian then grabs his mace and knocks away the knife. The Thracian attempts to strike again, but his blow was met by the Mayan's war club. The mace is knocked down the temple steps, and the Mayan slashes across the Thracian's shest, leaving a deep wound. The Mayan attempts to finish off his opponent, but the Thracian grabs a Sica, and hooks the war club in it. The Mayan is caught off guard, and the Thracian manages to slash the mayan's neck, killing him instantly. As his foe drops to the ground dead, the Thracian raises his weapons and shouts in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

The superior weapons of the Peltast, as well as his specialized training, earned him victory.

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Battle vs. Scythian Warrior (by The Deadliest Warrior)[]

A Thracian Peltast creeps through the forest, javelin in hand, on the watch for a meal for the evening and any potential enemy soldiers. He finds the threat in the Scythian infantryman walking by, who holds his bow in his hand. The Thracian throws the javelin but misses.

Startled, the Scythian looks wildy around, drawing out an arrow and notching it to the blowstring. Seeing the Thracian, he lets loose an arrow but the Thracian holds up a small round shield and the projectile bounces harmlessly off. The Thracian leaps over a boulder and charges the Scythian, who barely has time to pull out his sagaris before the Thracian slashes at him with his rhomphaia. The Scythian clutches a wounded arm and angrily whacks the Thracian in the shoulder, also drawing blood.

Both warriors back up a few paces and stare the other down. Charging one another again, the Scythian flips the Thracian onto his back, knocking the Rhomphaia away. The Thracian fumbles in his belt pouch and pulls out his sica sword, while the Scythian holds a spear high in the air. As he plunges it down, the peltast rolls to the side and slashes at the spear embedded in the soft earth with his sword, cutting it in two.

The Scythian resorts to using his dagger while the Thracian takes out a large heavy mace. A heavy swing breaks the Scythian's right leg and the infantryman cries out in agony. He limps forward, punching the peltast in the face, and lunges forward with his dagger. The blade goes quick and deep into the Thracian's unprotected neck, and the peltast drops the mace, stunned, and falls to his knees. The Scythian whips the dagger out of his adversary's neck and just as quick, plunges it into his chest. The Thracian slumps over on his side, dead. The Thracian gives a cry of pain, rage, and victory, and limps off into the forest.

Expert's Opinion[]

The superior melee capabilities of the Scythian warrior, coupled with his more resilient armor, led him to victory.

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Battle vs. Incan Soldier (by Cfp3157)[]

As the final rays of sunshine filled the sky, the Peltast brushed off the scraps of an early breakfast off his tunic. Glancing at his javelin, he stood up and stretched. The Peltast put out his fire and folded his bedroll, and walked to his viewpoint.

Sent forward as a scout, he had been observing the Incan invasion army for almost a week. Primitive weapons and armor, albeit very disciplined- an easy victory for his countrymen. Satisfied, he began to write the final piece of his report.

The Incan hunter stalked to the edge of the scout's camp, bolas in hand. He prepoed his first, gently swinging it around inthe air. Breathing in, he chucked it at the Peltast.

The Greek, having heard a gentle whooshing sound, quickly rolled away. The bolas harmlessly flew over his head and into the brush behind him. Drawing his Xiphos, he saw the Incan hunter hasitly throw another one. This time, he made his mark.

As the balls entangled his legs, he stumbled down to the ground. The Incan charged, yelling a battlecry with his axe in hand. Startled and surprised, the Peltast swiftly slashed the chord apart. The Peltast kicked his foe away, and sprinted towards his javelins.

He thrust the first at the Incan, who rolled to avoid the strike. With enough distance, he slung the javelin. The dart clipped the Incan's armor, but fell ontothe ground with a thud.

Equipping his wicker shield and another javelin, he charged forward. Shoving the Incan into a tree, he leaped back and thrust forward again. Dodging his attack, the Incan chopped his axe into the shaft, ruining the weapon.

He continued to attack, hacking into the shield with all his might. Yelling defiantly, he gave a final chop and sent the Peltast flying back. Drawing another bola, he threw it around the Peltast's legs again. Entangled and without another weapon, he crawled towards his abandoned sword and turned his back to his foe.

The Incan's axe fell swiftly, finishing off the Peltast and ending the skirmish.

Expert's Opinion[]

While the Inca's bolas weren't as lethal as the javelins, it provided the Incan with many more opportunities in battle. The peltast's sword was a more lethal weapon as well, but it hindered him as extra equipment with his shield and javelins. Ultimately, the Inca's armor combied with his more versatile equipmet got him an edge.

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Battle vs. Kern (by SkullinBones1)[]

Location: Cisalpine gaul.

Five men walked along a narrow river in a valley. They were scouting and checking out the area for the advancing army of their kinsem nearly forty miles to the south. The land was foreign, but was fairly pleasant. The weather was cool, much more comfortable then the herid rocky deserts of their homeland. They were greek Skirmishers known as peltasts.

But what they didn’t know was that they were being watched. To their left, hidden in the shrubbery and weeds, were skulking guerrilla soldiers. They were hags from hell, the chaos makers of ireland. They were Kern, and these new men were walking in their territory.

“Sairdseant (Sergeant)” one man whispered to his right. A well armed commander to his right shuffled over to his position. “Tha cuid aca taobh na h-aibhne (There are some men by the river). The Helmed leader got into position, allowing himself to see the Pelsast. “ Cò th 'annta? Ceiltich, Gauls (Who are they, Celts, gauls?)” he asked. “ Chan eil boillsgeadh ann, ach tha e coltach gu bheil iad sabaid (No clue, But they seem to be combatives)” he said in repose.

The commander sat crouched in the bushes with his men for the next few moments. He thought about it for a moment, before acting. “Bidh sinn a ’toirt ionnsaigh. Cuir na fir an gnìomh (We attack, call the men into action)”. Over the course of the next minute, the Kern grabbed their equipment. They began to stalk, trekking along the ridge. They came to a small grassy patch, not far past the location were the Peltast now were.

Ther Kerns prepared, the groups of them bringing up their bows and knocking their arrows. The leader, dressed in his helmet, drew his silvery sword. “Deiseil, Tarraing, fuasgailte! (Ready, Draw, Loose!)” He shouted. With this shout, the Peltast were made aware of the Kern. They looked over, seeing these foriegn barbarians loosing arrows at them. The great missiles flew through the air. One arrow struck down a Peltast nearly instantly, it lodging itself into his left eye socket. Another was pierced in the thigh, causing him to scream.

The Peltast reposed quickly, those able to attack launching a volley of Javelins and sling stones towards the Irishmen. The Javelins fell short, but the Sling stone struck hard. The stone planted itself into the Kerns face, bashing his face in with a smash. He fell to the ground, tumbling down the hill. The Kern then loosed another volley, but these arrows stuck only in shield fronts. A Sling stone was launched towards him, the stone cracking open another Irishman across the face.

The Kerns, now panicked, bolted back past the ridge. They ran down towards a thicket of shrubs and trees. The Peltast ran after, making it to the ridge. But as they made it over, they found a single straggling kern. As they ran, a single arrow flew forwards. This missile struck one of the Peltast in the throat. But before he could knock another arrow, a javelin sunk into his chest.

The Peltast leader, enraged, ordered his men. “Σχεδιάστε σπαθιά και σκοτώστε τα χαστούκια (Draw your swords and prepare to slaughter the hags)” he grunted. The peltasts walked into the shrubbery, splitting into two groups. The leader and the wounded went off by themselves, while another walked off alone.

As the lone man pushed through the bushes. His sword was ready and he was looking out ahead of him. But, sadly for him, he didn’t notice the Kern coming up from behind. Then, quite suddenly, the Kern grabbed the peltast around the mouth and sank his dagger into the mand throat. The peltasts thrasted and struggled, but his life was already gone. The Kern walked off, noticing the shuffling of the other Peltast to his left.

The other 2 Peltast pushed through the brush until they came out to the other side of the brambles. They looked around, but didn’t see anyone.  At that moment, a Kern lept from the shrubs. He fell upon the wounded Peltast, Burying his dagger into his back. But before he could recover and attack again, the leader had lunged at him. The leaders Falcata flew through the air, chopping into the throat of the. The Kern fell backwards, his head toppling from his shoulders.

The leader looked around again, now seeing the last Kern standing nearby. This last Kern was carrying a Short cruciform sword, with a round shield in the other. The Peltast readied his sword and shield.

The Peltast lunged forwards, hacking wildly at the Kern. Each strike came down at the Kern, but even strike was deflected and blocked by the Peltasts round shield. While the Kern was back peddling, he tripped over a stone. He fell backwards, hitting the ground. The Peltasts rose up his sword and swung down. But the Kern rolled out of the way. The peltasts sword stuck itself in earth, leaving the Peltast open to attack.

The Kern chopped at the shin of the Peltast, leaving a gnarly gouge. The Peltast screamed out and pain, and the Kern rolled out of the way. The Kern was back on his feet, and he took advantage of the moment. He slashed at the Peltast with his sword, the strike deflecting off the Peltasts shield. But as the Peltast blocked the strike, he moved his shield out of the way leaving. This left and opening for the Kern, who then slammed his shield into his ribs.

With a sickening crack, the wooden shield smashed into the Peltasts ribs. He fell backwards, hitting the ground with a thud. He slashed at the Kern, making one last attempt at salvation. But alas, it was in vain. The Blade flew wide, getting blocked by the Kerns sword. The Kern then kicked hard into the man's hand, knocking the blade away to the right.

The Kern then planted his booted foot onto the base of the Peltasts broken ribs, and thrust down into the Peltasts throat. With a sickening crunch, the blade punched into his neck. He then yanked out the sword. The Peltast gargled and gasped for air, trying his hardest to survive. But this too was in vain, his life slipping away into the darkness.

The Kern the pulled back and sheathed his sword. His group was dead, and he knew an enemy army was coming. He cried out into the air the words “Faugh A Ballagh” before beginning the trek back to camp.

Expert's Opinion[]

While the Peltasts were an effective unit, they simply lacked the materials to steal the win. While they did take the majority of weapon edges, they lost in the slot were they needed it most. Both units were primarily ranged units, and the Kern stole the edge in ranged tools.

This was made even worse when considering tactics. The Peltast were trained as a unit who fought in battles, acting as a group to slow down incoming enemies. Kern of the other hand were used to picking off enemies in skirmishes, and their tactics reflect this. So in the end, the Kern take the 2 big winning edges. So in the end, the Kern are the most likely winners.

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Battle vs. Balearic Slinger (by Lunathemoon123)[]


Expert's Opinion[]


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