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Very well. Get your cousin out of here, girl. And if he comes to, remind him that the next time he poaches off the Capitol's land, I'll assemble that firing squad personally.
— Romulus

The Peacekeepers are a group of military police stationed throughout the nation of Panem. Trained and raised in District 2 (located in the south-west of the nation), the Peacekeepers employ brutal tactics and torture to regulate control. Often needlessly executing those deemed unfit by the Capital, the Peacekeepers are nonetheless an efficient method of controlling the population with fear and suppression.

This changes, however, when Katniss Everdeen inspires the people to rebel by trying to commit suicide during the Hunger Games. Despite the Peacekeepers' best efforts, minor skirmishes and riots erupt across the country. However, the Peacekeepers easily maintain their edge over the scared and ill-prepared rebels- until District 13 (thought to have been destroyed during a nuclear war with the Capital) frees Katniss during the 75th Hunger Games and inspires the people.

The Peacekeepers are forced to wage a full-scale war against the other Districts. They initially maintain an edge, but are slowly defeated across the Districts. The rebels finally lay siege to the Peacekeeper training facility in District 2, destroying it and all inside. The remnants of the Peacekeepers remain in the Capital, all but defeated as the rebels approach the city. The Peacekeepers, fighting alongside the hybrid beasts usually used in the Games, are soundly defeated by the rebellion during the siege of the Capital city.

Battle vs. Combine Civil Protection (by El Alamein)[]

Peacekeepers: WhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteWhite

Civil Protection: BlackBlackBlackBlackBlack

The ruined shell of a city echoed with the sporadic tatters of gunfire, punctuated by the occasional explosion and dominated by the ever-present whistling wind of despair that spun its way down the streets and alleys of a land once home to a burgeoning peoples. The once-vibrant cityscape was now a desolate, bleak wasteland. Homogenous tones of muted gray and dirty brown dotted the few buildings that clung to their last vestiges of pride and stood amidst the destruction--the rest was heaps upon heaps of rubble, ashen black strewn across an uneven ground pockmarked with craters. Tall pillars of smoke, testaments to the horrors that continued to plague the city, spiraled up ominously, reaching greedily upward and disappearing into the clouds. The only life left here was fiercely, desperately seeking to end all other.

Beneath the crumbling skeleton of a building in what used to be the business district walked five members of the Combine Civil Protection. Standing upright but advancing in a loose and undisciplined excuse of a formation, they made idle chatter, their hands resting on weapons that had been used primarily on defenseless targets. They stopped suddenly, though, and immediately took to a knee as a group of men clad in white suits turned the corner and took position on the opposite street. As the Civil Protection leader started to issue a verbal command, the five men in white--Panem's Peacekeepers--commenced an attack with a burst of fire from automatic weaponry. The Civil Protection members broke under the assault. Two of them gave half-hearted attempts to return fire while the rest dashed for cover inside the building. Seeing their comrades fleeing, the two Civil Protection members still in the streets got up to follow their squadmates. One of them didn't make it. Caught up in a hail of bullets, he jerked as the rounds tore through his body before dropping to the ground. Black

The Peacekeepers stopped firing and checked their magazines. The squad leader motioned for his men to advance, and they moved in a tight formation down the street, approaching the building. It was a large office building, several stories in height and with enough structural integrity to warrant its utility as a fortified position. Quickly sweeping into the doorway and into the lobby, the Peacekeepers immediately found themselves under heavy fire from the Civil Protection, who had taken up positions on the landings that overlooked the ground floor. One of the Peacekeepers was shot several times through but the rest of the squad was able to dig in behind cover. White The Civil Protection members continued to fire erratically as the Peacekeepers attempted to return fire.

Over the din of the gunfire sounded a whirring buzz that grew louder and louder. A Manhack, deployed by the Combine troops, tore its way through the lobby, clanging off of one of the walls and bouncing over a reception desk on its way over to the Peacekeepers. Panem's troops concentrated their fire on the approaching weapon, panicking as the blades swung closer and closer. Careening right into one of the Peacekeepers, it slammed into his torso and shredded through the armor, damaging itself irreparably in the process. Bleeding profusely, the Peacekeeper stumbled back and crashed hard into the wall behind him. At the same time, another Peacekeeper was shot through the head as the Civil Protection tried to capitalize on their advantage. White One of the two remaining Peacekeepers laid down covering fire while the squad leader moved over to check on the wounded soldier. The man was alive but his breathing was ragged and sharp.

Up on the landing, the Civil Protection soldiers were driven into a battle frenzy. Two of them pulled back and took to the stairwell, intent on engaging the Peacekeepers on the ground floor. With their submachine guns out, they sprinted down the stairwell and turned the corner, only to run into a Peacekeeper with a flamethrower. One of the Civil Protection members froze in shock while the other turned to run back up the stairs, but it was too late. In an instant both were engulfed in a cone of flame that fanned up the narrow stairwell. It sucked the oxygen out of the air and cooked the two Combine soldiers slowly, melting their organs on the inside while scorching their extremities on the surface. In a matter of seconds that lasted for an agonizingly torturous eternity, the Peacekeeper's victims had collapsed to the ground, charred beyond recognition. Black Black

The Peacekeeper's squad leader had extracted the blades of the Manhack from his injured soldier's body and started to drag him from cover, intent on evacuating him from the building. Using the flamethrower as a distraction, he had managed to move his soldier almost through the doorway when he noticed one of the Civil Protection soldiers aiming down with a large energy orb pointed his way. The squad leader dived out of the way moments before the dark energy ball crashed into the downed Peacekeeper. In an instant the man was consumed by the energy, seemingly disintegrating before his horrified leader's eyes. White Unloading his P90's magazine at the Combine soldier, the Peacekeeper advanced up to the stairwell under his own covering fire.

The Combine Civil Protection soldiers retreated deeper into the rooms of the upper level of the building, disappearing right as a hail of gunfire chased them. The Peacekeepers advanced, drawing their pistols for the close confines of the office rooms. Entering a cubicle-coated maze of an office, the flamethrower-wielding Peacekeeper was instantly downed by several shots from a USP-toting Civil Protection member. White The Peacekeeper squad leader returned fire with his Vector pistol, hitting his opponent through the cubicle walls and injuring him. In a rage, he advanced, following a trail of blood as the wounded Civil Protection soldier crawled, dragging himself and trying to find better cover that didn't exist. Kicking his downed opponent hard in the ribs, the Peacekeeper followed up with two smart shots to the back of the Combine soldier's head. Black

Suddenly a heavy blow cracked the Peacekeeper across the back of his legs and sent him crashing to the floor. Springing back up and whipping out his shock baton, he glared menacingly at the Civil Protection squad leader, who brandished his stun baton. It glowed with electric power at the tip. The Peacekeeper gave a forward jab, but this was easily dodged. Raising his hand high for an overhead strike, the Civil Protection soldier was quickly countered by a kick to the stomach by the Peacekeeper, sending him stumbling back a few steps and crashing over a cubicle wall. As the Peacekeeper advanced, the Civil Protection soldier charged forward, diving low and tackling the Peacekeeper to the ground. Pinning his opponent, the Civil Protection soldier mercilessly landed blow after blow on the Peacekeeper's head. After a few strikes it was clear that the man was dead, but still the harsh attacks continued. White Finally, standing up, breathing heavily, the Civil Protection soldier stood up in the dark office. Raising his stun baton high in the air, he bellowed in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

The Peacekeepers had better training and were more disciplined, which definitely dragged out the fight, but the Civil Protection's superior combat experience, coupled with a greater tactical versatility offered by the Manhack and a technological edge with their Dark Energy weapons, enabled them to triumph over their more organized opponents.

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Battle vs. Caesar's Legion (by MovieStuff65)[]

“Listen – what if Kamala actually doesn’t win California and it actually ends up going to Yang. I’m just saying, take that with how he handled COVID in 2020 as Secretary of-”

Beast throws up his hands in exhaustion as Cfp, clad in a long-sleeved maroon t-shirt, rambles on. “Enough Cfp! We are not re-litigating the Byrd timeline anymore! Pressley won the primary, give it up!”


He looks around, fidgeting in the comfortable silence. Beast raises an eyebrow, and nods at a black and red folder. “Thinking about coming out of retirement again?”

“I’ve given it some thought.” Cfp says, with a noticeably noncommittal shrug. “As much as I love Ice-T Puppy Incorporated, we’re not nearly as productive as I’d like.”

“Still can’t believe you sold us out for a cushy corporate job.”

“Good God, you’re almost as bad as-”


Cfp smirks and gulps back the rest of his beer. He stands and picks up the empty cider bottle Beast had been drinking from, dropping both in the recycling bin by his desk. Cracking his neck, Beast also rises and reaches for his green hoodie. He pulls it over his body before offering his hand to Cfp.

“It’s been nice catching up, but I’ve got a bureau meeting to go to.”

The former bureau lets out a chuckle as he returns the gesture. “That’s something I haven’t missed about this place. The private sector is somehow much more relaxing.”

“Fascist pig.”

“Dirtbag commie.”

The pair laugh, Cfp opening the door for Beast. The latter walks out, nodding his head towards the blonde teenager at the desk. Just as he gets to the elevator, two men in all white armor and black helmets barge forward.

“Stay where you are sir.”

Cfp walks out of his office as Beast and his assistant back away from the Peacekeepers. “What the hell is going on?” The soldiers give a hasty salute at Cfp, before one of the approaches. “Sir, a swarm of hostiles are attacking the building right now. We’ve been ordered to keep you here for safety.”

Cfp barks orders as they walk into his office, taking a position looking out the window to the White Collar district. “We’ll need more guards. Beast and I will be fine for the moment, hurry up and get us out of here.”

The Peacekeepers salute and leave the office. Cfp looks at his assistance and gestures to the stairs. “Mrs. Chase, please escort Beast out of the building at once.”

“A please would be nice.” She says, putting on a baseball cap and disappearing at once.

Beast shudders. “It’s much more surprising to see her do that in person.”

Cfp mumbles a reply.

As Beast joins Cfp by the window, he looks over at the folder again. “Is this..”

Taken aback, Cfp shakes his head. “What? Even I’m not that reckless. Who would stage a fight in the middle of the city like that?”

“Yeah, that’d be dumb.” Beast says with a chuckle as he walks out of the room.

“But anyway, no. No, this is something else…”

In an abandoned building – at least, abandoned now thanks to his frumentarii slaughtering its inhabitants – Vulpes Inculta watches the horde of Caesar’s Legion overwhelm Ice-T Puppy Incorporated. Even if he hadn’t been hired to, the wrath of Caesar would’ve fallen upon this display of corrupt wealth eventually.

A Legionnaire storms into Vulpes’ command post and kneels. “Sir, we have broken through its outer defenses. Our men are inside the building now.”

“Where is Cfp?”

“From what we can gather, he’s still on the top floor.”

Vulpes nods and picks up his Ripper. “Understood. Time to get him out of that office; use the howitzer.”

The Legionnaire nods and sprints out of the room. Vulpes looks one last time out the window, where he knew Cfp was watching the battle same as he.

“Let’s get you down here with the rest of us.”

Six Peacekeepers march into Cfp’s office and stand at attention. The one from before steps forward as Cfp and Beast look at them.

“Sir, they have infiltrated the building. We believe it best for you to stay here until help arrives.”

“Yes, I suppose that’s-”

A deafening blast interrupts their conversation, just as the window of Cfp’s office shatters into pieces. An explosion sends all of them to the floor, looking at the gigantic hole where Cfp’s wall once was.

“Is everyone okay?”

The Peacekeepers immediately stand up, with several going to the window to return fire. The lead officer offers his hand to Cfp, beckoning the two users to the exit.

“We need to leave now, sir.”

Cfp nods, and the group quickly begins to travel down the stairwell. As they walk down floor by floor, the sounds of gunfire and fighting carries on faintly in the background.

On the second floor, a squad of Legionnaires burst into the stairwell on the bottom level.

“Get the degenerate! He belongs on the cross!”

The lead Peacekeeper officer shoves Cfp and Beast onto the second floor, before whipping his rifle around and firing a burst at the Legionnaires. The rounds bounce harmlessly into the ground, and he gestures for his team to move with him.

With a battlecry, the six Legionnaires chase up the stairs after them.

Peacekeepers: White x 6

Caesar’s Legion: Red x 6

The Legionnaires exit the stairwell and enter the main interior, where office cubicles have been abandoned by their employees. Several small offices split off from the room, and they see the six Peacekeepers digging into form a defensive perimeter.

With a burst of gunfire, the Legionnaires startle the unprepared Peacekeepers. One aims his Assault Carbine at the group, and several rounds slam into the exposed side of a Peacekeeper. Blood bursts out from his crisp white uniform, and he collapses to the ground with a grunt. White

The Peacekeepers scramble for cover, one blindly firing his P90 at the group. A Legionnaire lurches as a round slams into his unguarded knee, crouching in pain. Exposed from cover, another Peacekeeper aims his rifle and polishes him off with shot to the neck. Gripping his neck in vain, the Legionnaire collapses, leaving a gradually growing pool of blood on the ground. Red

The fighting slows to a halt as both sides find adequate cover, with the Legionnaires splitting up into the separate offices while the Peacekeepers kick over desks and cubicle walls for cover.

One Legionnaire unsheathes his machete, nodding at the Praetorian Guard leading them. The superior nods in return, and the Legionnaire activates his Stealth Boy. Practically invisible, the Legionnaire quietly moves towards the Peacekeepers. The remaining Legionnaires provide covering fire, pinning their opponents down as they gradually advance forward.

The cloaked Legionnaire arrives behind the group of Peacekeepers, his machete drawn. He sneaks up behind the rearmost Peacekeeper, and slams the blade into her neck. Gurgling on blood, she collapses as the Legionnaire unholsters his pistol. White

Surprised at being outflanked, the Peacekeepers fire towards the source of the noise. The Legionnaire chuckles to himself, as they completely miss him. He smartly fires two rounds from his pistol, the bullets slamming into the face mask of a Peacekeeper. He launches backwards, shards of black glass and blood flying from his face as he dies. White

“Dammit, we can’t see him. Flush him out!”

A Peacekeeper, wielding a flamethrower, quickly lets out several bursts of flame. Sweeping the fire all over the area, she let out a satisfied grunt as the Legionnaire decloaked and started flailing around. Screaming, he dropped to the ground in an attempt to extinguish the flames. Another Peacekeeper quickly unloaded his submachine gun into him, emptying the remainder of his magazine into the dying soldier. Red

Distracted, the Peacekeepers were barely prepared for the advancing Legion. The men quickly rushed the death squad, trading cumbersome rifles for their sidearms or blades. One Legionnaire quickly vaulted over a table, landing a swift kick into the chest of a Peacekeeper. The Peacekeeper tosses aside his rifle in favor for his baton, swinging it open and jabbing forward. The electrified tip connects, but the Legionnaire powers through with several vicious machete swings. He tackles the Peacekeeper to the ground, chopping at the hand holding the baton.

He unholstered his pistol, prepared to execute his victim, until the flamethrower wielding Peacekeeper lit him alight. Vicious until the end, he kills the soldier he had pinned as the flames eat them both. Red White

“We have to fall back!”

The two remaining Peacekeepers fall back, one letting out a final burst of flames to cover their escape. The Legionnaires duck down to avoid the blast, blindly firing their weapons at the fleeing foes. Busting down an office door, the Peacekeepers enter the cafeteria. They hide behind counters, waiting for the Legionnaires to join them. The female Peacekeeper tosses her empty flamethrower aside, and draws her pistol.

The Legionnaires enter the room to a hail of gunfire from the Peacekeepers. Two roll out of the way, but the third is riddled with bullets. Red Both Legionnaires return fire, but one of them runs out of ammunition. He looks at his leader, and pumps his arm against his chest.

“Ave, true to Caesar.”

“Ave, amicus.”

He unsheathes his machete and lets out a vicious battle cry. He charges forward, giving no quarter as he sprints towards the Peacekeepers. The two empty their magazines into him, and he gives one last defiant shout before falling in front of them. Red

Distracted, the Peacekeepers temporarily look up from their sights only to receive a hail of gunfire. The last Legionnaire peppers the subordinate with his submachine gun, the rounds piercing her helmet and sending her to the ground. White.

“Profligates like you belong on the cross! Face me coward.”

The Legionnaire roars as he draws his pistol and machete, advancing forward. Pinned down, the Peacekeeper drops his own rifle in favor of his baton and pistol. He rises up and returns fire, hitting the Legionnaire in a gap in the shoulder, before feeling the impact of another round slam into his wrist.

The bullet tears through his arm and throws the pistol from his grip. Twirling his baton, he shoves the table he’d been using as cover forward. The table barely stops the Legionnaire as he vaults over it, only to get a swift whack in the face. He briefly recoils, leaving time for the Peacekeeper to thrust it forward.

The electricity barely phases the Legionnaire when he swings his machete, with the Peacekeeper blocking the blow with a wild defensive swing. The Legionnaire pushes, shoulder tackling the Peacekeeper.

He falls onto the ground, swinging his baton in horizontally to keep distance from the Legionnaire. Sparks fly as the Legionnaire instinctively leaps back to avoid them, before closing the gap and swinging his machete down.

The fragile blade collides with the baton as it falls, breaking apart upon impact. The Legionnaire looks stunned at his broken baton, before receiving a critical blow across the face. His helmet flying off, the Legionnaire barely raises his arms in time to block another blow from the baton.

Unlike before, the electric tip shocks the battle-hardened soldier. As he jolts in pain, the Peacekeeper lands another firm blow on the Legionnaire’s knee. Collapsing to the ground, the Legionnaire falls after a decisive blow to the skull. The Peacekeeper continues to smash the baton against his opponent, staining his crisp white uniform red. Red

“I think that’ll do it.”

The Peacekeeper turns to see Cfp glancing out from his hiding spot, clumsily holding the dropped Peacekeeper’s pistol. The soldier nods and puts away his baton. Cfp hands the sidearm to the officer, and begins to walk away without a second glance at the carnage around him. “On second thought, go ahead and make sure.”

Cfp sits at his desk, calmly looking over a white manilla folder. Across from him sits a man in a filthy white t-shirt and military fatigues. Cfp finishes reading and puts the folder down.

“Caesar’s Legion has officially been demoted from White Collar to Blue Collar.”

The man nods. “Looks like those bastards got what was coming to them.”

“Of course Mr. Boone. If you decide that you’d like them to go down further, I can arrange another “match”.”

“I’ll see what I can scrounge up and let you know.”

“Naturally. Craig, it was a pleasure doing business.”

The pair shake hands before the man stands up and walks out, putting his sunglasses and red beret on as he leaves. Cfp trades the white manilla folder for a black and red one. He looks out the window, noting internally the construction that had already repaired his wall and the crews outside clearing the rubble from the battle.

He smiles with content, before a phone call labelled "BC-159" began to ring. Putting the folder down with a frustrated sigh, Cfp breathed in and put on his happy voice.

"Jason, a pleasure to hear from you. I understand your living arrangements aren't quite like Wayne Manor. Why don't you swing by the office and we can discuss what Ice-T Puppy Incorporated can do for you?"

“Why should I except this failure, Vulpes?”

Caesar lashes out with a punch to his subordinate’s gut. In their newly assigned barracks in the Blue Collar district, Vulpes grits his teeth through the pain and stands silent beneath the berating.

“Not only did you fail to take your objective, but you retreated! An absolute disgrace. I ought to let Lanius tear you limb from limb in front of the rest of the Legion!”

“Surely that won’t be necessary…” A voice quietly states from the shadows. Vulpes and Caesar looked to their new ally, flanked by his metallic, blue masked lackey.

“Vulpes is not at fault here.” The man chides, his face a mystery behind his stone mask.

“I have an idea on how to use him yet.”

Expert's Opinion[]

The Peacekeepers, with exception to experience and melee proficiency, were able to surpass Caesar's Legion on almost every level. Whether it came to firepower, speed, armor, or even basic training, the Peacekeepers had the Legion outgunned on every aspect except in a fist fight, which hardly matters in a battle with assault rifles and machine guns.

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