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We conquer from above.
— Parabat's motto

1 Parachute Battalion, nicknamed Parabat, is the only full-time paratroop unit of the South African Army. It was established on 1 April 1961 with the formation of the Parachute Battalion.

In 1960, volunteers taken from the South African Airforce (SAA) send to RAF Abingdon to train as parachute instructors. These volunteers, along with 2 Mobile Watch formed the nucleus of 1 Parachute Battalion at Tempe in Bloemfontein in April 1961. The first paratroopers were volunteers taken from the Permanent Force, but they would later take from the Citizen Force aswell.

1 Parachute Battalion first saw action in 1966 where they participated, with the South African Police, against insurgents in South West Africa. Afterwards, they participated in minor operations in Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). The unit's most notable operation was in the South African Border War, where they relieved a group of San fighters from SWAPO forces.

Today, the unit primarily focuses on peacekeeping operations in Africa.

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Battle vs. Russian Airborne Forces (by Samurai234)[]

Russian Airborne Troops: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Parabat: Green Green Green Green Green

In a small area near South Africa, five Parabat soldier are checking out the area, having been alerted about a possible air attack. The leader has a BXP sub machine gun, one is hiding in a hut with a Truvelo Sniper Rifle, another is armed with a R4 Assault Rifle, and the last two armed with grenade launchers. Suddenly, a airlane flys overhead and drops off five Russian Airborne Troops. The commander has an AEK-971, two soldiers have OTs-02 Kiparis sub machine guns, one has a Saiga Shotgun, and the last one has a RGS50M grenade launcher. The Parabat sniper aims his rifle at a Russian and fires, tearing him in half and causing his body parts to fall. Darkred (4-5) As the Russians land, the one who with the RGS50M fires a grenade at the hut, and blows up the sniper. Green (4-4)

The rtwo sides then enter a firefight. During it, one Parabat soldier is blown up by a Russian with his OSV-96 Anti-Material Rifle. Green (4-3) Realizing their losing men fast, the Parabat leader tells him men to fall back. As they retreat, one soldier fires his R4 assault rifle and takes out a Russian. Darkred (3-3) However, he is taken out by a Russian with a AEK-971 assault rifle. Green (3-2)

The Russian approach a abandoned factory, with one covering the commander. A parabat soldier armed with a M79 grenade launcher fires at him, and blows him up. Darkred (2-2) However, as he tries to reload, another Russian armed with a Saiga shotgun walks up to him and blows his head up. Green (2-1)

Meanwhile, the Parabat leader, who is now armed with a Milkor MGL hears the sound of foot steps. He fires off all the grenade and kills one of the two Russians. Darkred (1-1) The Russian commander pulls out his Makarov and fires at the Parabat leader, who fires back with his Star Model P. Eventually, they both run out of ammo. The Parabat leader tries to punch the Russian commander, but the Russian blocks it, and throws him to the ground. Unaware to him, the Parabat leader manages to grab his Star Model P and shoots the Russian in the heart, killing him. Darkred (0-1)

The Parabat leader then mourns the loss of his men and exits the factory.


Expert's Opinion[]

This was a very close battle. While the Russian Airborne Troops had slightly better training, this was only a tiny edge, allowing the Parabats' more accurate weapons to rake in a win.

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Battle was declared invalid due to the Russian Airborne Troops being given weapons they did not use.