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You will be purified.
— Palutena

Palutena is the Goddess of Light, rightful ruler of Angel Land, and patron deity of and mother figure to Pit. She is kindhearted and benevolent, as opposed to the cruel and malevolent Medusa. Though she usually does not fight herself, she assists Pit in his fight against Medusa's forces by granting him the power of flight and acess powerful magical attacks.

During Galeem's invasion, Palutena was one of the fighters who tried to stop the entity, but ended up being vaporized and imprisoned to be used as a mold for its spirit controlled copies. Palutena was eventually freed, and assisted her fellow fighters in defeating Galeem and his dark counterpart, Dharkon.

Battle vs. Sophitia Alexandra (by IceLoverMei)[]

Song: Dynasty Warrior 4 - Long Time Ago

At Palutena Room

Palutena: *Looking at her mirror, Sensing something wrong*

Pit: *Arrive* Lady Palutena, You got to see what one of the guard doing. *See Palutena* Lady Palutena, Are you alright.

Palutena: I'm fine. I just got a bad sense at Earth. I fear one of holy warrior mind is under threat of a demonic force.

Pit: Who is she?

Palutena: From what I learn, Her name is Sophitia Alexandra, She appear in many battles in search of a evil sword, Who controlling her mind.

Pit: Man, Sound dangerous. Maybe I can help.

Palutena: I wouldn't do so Pit. Sophitia is a very strong fighter who could take down even the strongest of warriors. It up to me to go there and confront her myself.

Pit: Alright then. But becareful.

Palutena: I'll be fine. I'll see how the guards doing once I return. *Teleport away*

At the Thesmophoros' Imperial Garden

Sophitia: *Slashing her sword around, Training for an upcoming battle*

Palutena: *Appear behind Sophitia* Sophitia

Sophitia: *Turn around* What, Who are you?

Palutena: Don't be afraid, I am here to clear your mind. *Ready her gears*

Song: Soul Calibur III - Fearless Eyes 


Palutena: No where to run *Fire Autoreticle at Sophitia*

Sophita: *Blocking with Elk Shield* Are you a goddess? If so, Forgive me for this. *Begin slashing Omega Sword at Palutena*

Palutena: *Dodging slash, Reflecting it with Mirror Shield*

Sophitia: Gah! Didn't expect you to be so quick.

Palutena: You must lay your sword down. I don't want to do more damage then what your mind is going through.

Sophitia: I must do what I can. I must keep Pyrrha safe. *Keep slashing at faster rate*

Palutena: GAHHH So be it then. I will clear your mind. *Blast light*

Sophitia: AHHHH *Cover eyes*

Palutena: *Fire Explosive Flame at Sophitia*

Sophitia: OW *Fall but get up* I must not fall.

Palutena: *Continue firing Explosive Flames at Sophitia*

Sophitia: *Keep on blocking with Elk Shield while backing up* GRRRRRRR *Kick Palutena, Sending her upward*

Palutena: GAH *Land down* I must end this. *Fire Black Hole to force Sophitia close*

Sophitia: WHAO *Get sucked forward and quickly slash at Palutena, Kicking and jumping upward* This is for Pyrrha! *Launch sword at her*

Palutena: *Quickly send Mega Laser before getting hit* GAHHHHH *On my knees*

Sophitia: *Taking Heavy Damages* AHHHHHHHHHH! *Get launched, Breaking some stones*

*Smoke clears*

Sophitia and Palutena: *Both on their knees, trying to stand*

Sophitia: Ahhh *Fall down, Knocked out*

Song: Soul Calibur III - Healing Winds 

Palutena: *Walk to Sophitia* You fought well for a warrior. *Put hand on Sophitia head, Helping her heal her mind* We will make sure Pyrrha will be safe. We will keep a fateful eye on both of you. *Pick up her staff and head out*

Sophitia lye down as Palutena and the Angel Solders keep their eye on the family, Making sure they go on to the right path against the dark forces of the Soul Edge.

Expert's Opinion[]

Despite Sophitia god-like skills and manover to help her in the match, To the point of even matching up Palutena skills, Palutena manage to hold more then what Sophitia got. Because of this, Her move are more harder to handle comparing to Sophitia despite Sophitia giving her all. Sophitia might been in a long line of battles under the Soul Calibur name, But comparing to someone who more goddess then ever, Palutena was too much for Sophitia to handle.

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