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Now, watch me trap a spider in a web of my own -- a web made of my new-found arms! Your strength is merely that of a spider, but mine is the energy of an atom, born of a nuclear accident!
— Otto Octavius

Otto Octavius or Doctor Octopus is a mad scientist and one of Spider-man's oldest and most iconic villain. Like most supervillains, Doc. Oct has a rough childhood during which he was abused by his dad and bullied by his peers. However, unlike most supervillains, Doc. Oct didn't let these things push him to commit evil deeds, at least initially. Instead, Otto worked hard and became a brilliant and respected scientist. He also invented a set of advanced mechanical arms controlled by the his brain to assist him in research. Just as things started to get better, an accident happened during one of his projects, which led to a radiation leak and caused an explosion. Otto survived and discovered that the explosion had fused his mechanical arms to his torso, and that he was now able to telepathically control his new arms. His mental stability was also severely damaged by the explosion. With this newfound ability and newly-formed mindset, Otto turned to a life of crime and came into constant conflicts with Spider-man. Otto would later form and lead the first incarnation of Sinister Six - a team consisting of Spidey's most deadly enemies such as Vulture, Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter. Otto would also clash with other superheroes such as Avengers and the X-men on occasion, while usually appearing as a foe for Spider-Man.

Battle vs. Evil Cole MacGrath (by MovieStuff65)[]

No battle written.

Expert's Opinion[]

Evil Cole had more variety, more power, and more experience with his powers, sealing an easy win.

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Battle vs. Mister Freeze (Comics) (by Battlefan237)[]

Dark Side Club , DFederal

"Riddle me this,what is cold and grumpy and defeated by a disney princess ?"

"Riddler, go fuck yourself ! And by the way, that isn't even a riddle." Says Mister Freeze,as he pounds the table repeatedly, trying to sound intimidating."It's been more than a year since I lost to that bitch and you people are still making fun of me for it.Can't you just move on and stop laughing like a bunch of lunatics everytime I visit this bar ?"

The crowd, however,remains laughing. "A bunch of lunatics ? Nice choice of words you've got over there, Victor ! Aren't we all lunatics already ? HA !" Says the Joker,after taking a sip at his cocktail.On his right, sits the Penguin,who cuts in the coversation by explaining to Freeze that he has to fight and defeat someone else,someone else notable,to stop them from joking about his defeat at the hands of Elsa.

"Come on, Oswald,I thought you were better than this. When it comes down to it,had you not lost your place to the Red Hood,all of us wouldn't have been drinking at this shithole.This place is too hot for me,and the hygiene is terrible as well."

"Well, my lounge is modeled after an iceberg - the habitat of penguins,so it's natural for you to feel the low temperature.And this place's modeled after the bar owner's habitat,so naturally he places a firey pit down in the foundation.As for the food, since they are either seasoned with parademon bodily fluids or heated with anti-life cooker,what can you expect ?"

"Darkseid has heard you,earthmen !" The bartender yells."Speak ill about Apokoliptian cuisine again and you will find yourselves sanctioned,Omegally.Your soul will burn for eternity in the fire pits,overwhelmed with notthing but loneliness,alienation,fear, condemnation,guilt and despair ! As all that are meaningful to you fade into lies and empty husks !"

"Aw, come on,Big D,haven't the souls of us all been burning in this "federal" place for eternity ? Plus, your omega thing doesn't even work here.If you keep threatening customers like this, none of us will come again,and then no one will be bringing you information about those who are in charge.Word of advice for you - just be a bit nicer and make some improvements,at least add some staff.Heard you have talked to Luthor about bringing in one or two waiters,a talk show host and several strippers for entertainment.That actually sounds pretty nice.But even if you add all those people to the staff, people still won't like this place if you continue refusing to take criticism and make improvement about the food.Then once again you'd be left alone, with no informants. "

"Alright, Darkseid IS ..... going to update this pub to meet the federal healthy standard !" Responds the bartender,as he crushes another parademon head with his palm to squeeze out the sauce inside so that he can make another drink."I need them to bring Kanto here as well.He's always been better at cooking this."He thinks to himself,just as he is about to hand out the drink, the window of the pub is suddenly shattered,as one,two and four robotic arms launched into the room,hurling the Joker and the Penguin over the table.

"You,Dan Turpin ! Hand backthe device immediately or you will face the retribution from Doctor Octopus !" Yells the mad scientist, as he crawls towards the counter, carelessly wiping aside tables and chairs. Before he can launch another strike, Victor, annoyed by the doctor's mood-ruining presence, opens fire with his gun, completely freezing one of Otto's robotic arms instantly.

Hardly has Otto realized what has happened when Freeze swings his gun forward, smashing the frozen arm into pieces like a popsicle.

"Fascinating piece of technology, but still no match for my flexible extentions. " Says Otto, as he assaults Freeze with another arm, sending the man flying towards a corner. "Now, prepare to meet your end ! " Grabbing up two tables with his arms, Otto tosses the objects towards Freeze, who in return immediately forms an ice shield in front of him with his weapon, blocking the tables.

Infuriated, Otto marches towards the shield, destroying it with brute force provided by the tentacles and proceeding to knock the weapon out of Freeze's hands. Victor quickly reached inside the belt of his suit for his grenades, which he subsequently threw at his enemy.

With the help of his arms, Otto easily deflected two grenades, sending them flying out of the pub's window. Seeing his efforts rendered futile, Freeze plunges himself forward, directly smashing the final grenade onto Otto's cyborg body.

"Fool ! You're going to hurt yourself as well ! " Otto shouts, as the grenade takes effect, freezing area where the control center of his arms sits.

"You are the ignorant one here. You may call yourself Doctor Octopus, but those fancy little tentacles of yours, as you have already mentioned, are mere extentions. They do not define who you are, and they do not compensate for your own, human weakness. Me, on the other hand, is quite different. I control the cold, and the cold is a part of me, too. Me and the cold, we are always together. " Swiftly grabbing up a bottle of beer and pressing open the armor's helmet, Freeze drinks the beverage, and proceeds to spit it out at Otto's head in the form of a sub-zero mist, literally freezing his enemy's brain.

"So, what is this device he's been talking about, Turpin ? " Inquires Freeze, as he pushes aside the corpse of Octavius.

"A motherbox. " Replies Darkseid. "Otto Octavius and his allies stole it from me. "

"Stealing from you hasn't been exactly that easy, you have certainly gone soft. Pity. " Comments Freeze.

"Don't be too harsh on Big D, Freeze. He was still in a coma, recovering from his fight with that giant half-octopus, half-man, half-bird monster and its army of fish boys. Octavius here has obviously taken an interest in the device and tried to connect it to his tentacles to empower them. Unfortunately for him, Big D here, despite in such a state, has sensed the box from afar. Since Big D was still in the process of recovery, he paid our pal Bane to steal it back. Bane did succeed in bringing it back and ended up opening a gym with an Australian person usng Big D's funds. " Says the Joker.

"Enough said. The bar's closing now, for a private meeting. " All in a sudden, Darkseid announces. Hearing this piece of news, the customers are obviously unhappy. But one after another, they leave. For even in DFederal, Darkseid is still Darkseid.


"So, how was your meeting with the new friends ? " Darkseid asks, calmly, to Luthor, who sits at the center of the now-closed pub, alone, but still in his clean suit.

"The Cabal ? Personally, I would not necessarily call them friends. My interest is aligned with the interest of them, on some aspects, and this is where it ends. As for this meeting, they were attempting to recruit a new member, which has nothing to do with our operation. As of now, the activites of the Cabal run in parallel with those of our own. Both can proceed without mixing with each other. " Luthor responds.

"Good. Now, we shall move the focus of this discussion to our own project. After reclaiming the Mother Box, I have constructed a plan to break away from this place, and I order you to help me through it. "

"Your obsession with escaping from the federal is damaging your judgement. As I and many others have tried, there is simply no way to escape outside. Even the mighty Darkseid yourself have stated that the power of Omega-Beams and Anti-Life Equation are child's play compared to what those in power are capable of. I respect your enthusiasm and tenacity, Darkseid, but I decline your request."

"Logical, practical but limited by your human imagination, as always. This is why you never succeed in surpassing the Superman, even though he is an intelletually and emotionally inferior entity. The escape I am refering to at this point, is not leaving the Federal. Our physical forms, unfortunately, will still be trapped in this plain of existence after our project. But our minds, or our souls, will be surfing freely on a brand new plain of existence dominated by us. The entrance to this new dimension will be kept hidden inside this place, right under the prying eyes of those in powers and their collaborators. From their point of views, we are still slaves, pitted against each other in everlasting battles to entertain them. But in reality, our minds have already escaped. "

"And how exactly will we establish this new dimension ? "

"The answer is right in front of us, actually. The Mother Box's ability to interact or even gain control over other devices is not limited by the reality it is placed in. Octavius, despite from another reality, has at one point succeeded in connecting mother box to his robotic tentacles. Judging from this piece of information, I believe it is also possible to connect machine from the Federal to it. As you have already known, those in power here sometimes uses highly advanced virtual reality devices to create virtual dimensions where fight between selected residents are held. Some of the dimensions created are as large as an universe, or a multiverse, based on my experience. If we were to take control of one device with the mother box and free it from their supervision, then we will be able to construct our own virtual dimensions, in which we can set our minds free. The Battle Dome is one of such devices, but it is heavily guarded and impossible to gain access to. Recently, however, I have heard about a new generation of small-sized, goggle-like devices being introduced. They are designed for the sole purpose of saving space and boosting efficiency. The Federal population has been imploding and those in powers want more fights, with some of them demanding more simulated fights to make the terrain a bit more colorful. With the help of these devices, simulated fights can be held more frequently and with lesser space requirement. These devices are newly-created and in the process of being tested. I have already acquired the information that a test fight for these devices will occur. I want to infiltrate and gain access to one such device. To do so, I have already planted my agents inside those collaborators who will be assisting the test fight. But to complete the project, I require your help, for according to my knowledge several talents under your payroll have the right powers for this operation. "

"Very detailed explanation, mighty Darkseid. I will see what I can do for it. " Replies Luthor, with a grin on his face.

Expert's Opinion[]

Freeze wins because of his more versatile powerset as well as better body armor, higher intellect and longer attack range.

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