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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. 26th of July Movement (by Mexican spider)[]

The battle starts with 5 OAS members walking through a valley. A 26th of July movement crawls up a mountain and aims his Springfield . He points it to the head of one of the OAS. He takes the shot and hits him strait across the head. O.The OAS rake cover while the rest of the 26th run up the hill. They start firing at the OAS. one of the OAS members takes the MAS-49 and aims it at the 26th sniper. He shoots the gun and the sniper falls down the mountain.he then shoots a 26th through the chest. M-26-7. a 26th of july soldier runs down the mountain firing the M2. One of the OAS members takes out the MAS-38 and sprays bullets into the body of the 26th wielding the M2.M-26-7.While he is reloading a 26th member picks up his fallen comrade's M2 and shoots the OAS member through the mouth. O.A OAS member takes out the LeMat,, switches it to shotgun, and shoots the 26th member. M-26-7.A 26th member fires his Star-PD from the top of the hill and shoots one of the OAS members.O. He then takes out the M2 and shoots the 2nd to last member. O. Then, the OAS leader switches his LeMat back to normal and shoots the 26th on the mountain. M-26-7. Then he walks around the mountain to find the 26th that fell down the mountain. He sees him lying down face first and points the LeMat at his head. Right as he is about to fire, the 26th member turns around wielding the Ithaca and shoots the OAS leader. O. He then yells "PATRIA OR MUERTE!" in the air. he starts to limp away.


Expert's Opinion[]

While OAS' weapons granted more mobility, this was only one weapon factor, and the Cubans outclassed them in all ranges with most all other weapon factors.

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Invalid due to buffing. The 26th of July movement was from 1955-1965, and the Star PD was produced in 1975. Further, it appears that MS has ignored voting in this match, as a history check shows the OAS ahead, as does comment voting.