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Battle vs. Gilgamesh (by MilenHD)[]

The Battle starts as Odysseus and some of his crew member's boat,landed at abounded island.Odysseus jumped from the boat and spoke:

"My man,I think this is not Ithaca.Ithaca is not that rocky"

And he replied with:

"Farewell,we are going to make a camp to rest this night,the sea is dangerous in the dark night"

And Odysseus heard a sound and went to see what's going on,after some steps he climb a small rovk and saw two big and dark haired humans-Those were Enkidu and Gilgamesh.With no time to waste Odysseus pulled his bow and aimed at Gilgamesh,but after he released the string Enkidu jumped to save Gilgamesh,but he was pinned in the neck by the arrow.Seeing that Enkidu died,Gilgamesh turned and threw a javelin against the Ithacan king,missing him by few inches.Than Gilgamesh rushed at Odysseus with his spear.

Seeing the charging Gilgamesh,Odysseus threw his own javelin,missing Gilgamesh.Than his fired some arrows only piercing Gilgamesh's cow hide shield,but not hurting the Sumerian king.Than Gilgamesh striked Odysseus,but Ody blocked with his shield the blow and he pulled his battle axe and swung it several time at Gilgamesh,only making a horrible hole in gilgamesh's copper helmet.The Sumerian king stabbed his opponent with his spear in the leg,only to get his spear cutted in half,same as his cow-hide shield.But Gilgamesh pulled his mace and his stoke the shield denting it so hard,that even Odysseus arm was broken.Seeing that he is dealing with an super-human,Odysseus tried to take the mace by cutting the handle but,he wounded Gil's right arm making him to lose the mace.

Gilgamesh got really tired from the axe,and pulled his khopesh in his left arm,and began swinging it at Odysseus and he hooked Ody's axe,right from his arms.Beign shock by this weapon Odysseus had no chance except to pull xiphos,and both began dueling,with Odysseus more carefull because of his smaller blade.After having a brutal back and forth fight,Gilgamesh sliced Odysseus's leg,than he grabbed him by the neck,only to get stabbed in the stomach by Odysseus xiphos.The Sumerian king grab his wound,giving Odysseus a chance to kill him.

Then Odysseus charged and sliced Gilamesh's throat,killing him instantly.Seeing he is killed Odysseus roared in victory and raised his xiphos,and took Gil's khopesh as trophy.

Expert's Opinion[]

While Gilgamesh was physically stronger and was better melee fighter,Odysseus better tactics and ranged combat,and better armor won this battle in the "Bronze Age version of Brains vs Brawns".

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Gilgamesh was given a "Sumerian khopesh," a Sumerian spear, a Sumerian javelin, and a bronze mace, none of which he ever used.