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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Jacobites (by MilenHD)[]

With a quiet field in England, surrounded with forest nearby, a Norman soldier was returning to his camp, while he scouted the area and little did he know that he know, his camp is near the Scottish border. Near to the woods a highlander was approaching him and as lift up his longbow and fired a arrow at the Norman and pierced his shoulder, making the Norman back few feet.

The Norman, hid behind a tree and as he pulled the arrow, he loaded his composite crossbow and fired his bolt at the Highlander, missing him narrowly and loaded his crossbow again, but before he fired his bolt, the Highlander missed his shot and The Norman missed too. After that, the Highlander started charging at the Norman holding his Lochaber axe and the Norman showed himself holding his spear and shield in position to attack, but the Highlander changed it as he smashed the shield and slashed at the Norman missing him narrowly, but he still received a trust at the leg. The Highlander sliced the spear with his lochaber axe, the Norman backed aside and grabbed his Dane axe. As both warriors connected their blades with each other and produced a little bit of sparks. As both warrior still fought on and on, until the Highlander tried to block the Dane axe blow and his lochaber was sliced in two.

The Highlander pulled his claymore and as he gave a mighty war cry, he sliced the axe in half with his two handed sword. The Norman's last weapon was his smaller broadsword and he bravely pulled it and he started dueling with the Highlander and his claymore. While the Highlander's claymore is slower and was blocked twice by the Norman's sword, the Highlander trust it into the ground and pulled his own broadsword and both clashed in equally fast match of broadswords.

As both of the warriors fought each other without exhausting themselves, but in the end the Highlander blade struck true, beheading the Norman and he sheathed his sword. as he grabbed and raised his claymore, he yelled "Scotland!!!!" in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

While the match was a tie, I decided the Highlander to win due to having better weapons and he was suited for 1 vs 1, while if the battle was large scale, the Norman might have gotten the advantage, but in the Highlander's superior weapons, armor and his x-factors won him this battle.

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Battle was declared unfair and invalid due to the huge gap in technology between the warriors and that the Jacobites were given an English longbow, a weapon they never used.