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The Normans came over, lance in hand, burning and trampling down every thing before them, and cutting off the Saxon dynasty and the Saxon nobles at the edge of the sword; but the right of petition remained untouched.
— Caleb Cushing.

The Normans were the people descended from Norse Vikings who in the 10th century founded the Duchy of Normandy, a fiefdom of the Kingdom of France. Their identity emerged initially in the first half of the 10th century, and gradually evolved over succeeding centuries. Although quickly adapting to the customs of their subjects, the Normans still retained many of the traits of their Viking ancestors. They displayed an extreme restlessness and recklessness, a love of fighting accompanied by almost foolhardy courage, and a craftiness and cunning that went hand in hand with outrageous treachery. In their expansion into other parts of Europe, the Normans compiled a record of astonishingly daring exploits in which often a mere handful of men would vanquish an enemy many times as numerous. An unequaled capacity for rapid movement across land and sea, the use of brutal violence and a precocious sense of the use and value of money were all traits that characterized the Normans. 

They played a major political, military, and cultural role in medieval Europe and even the Near East. They were famed for their martial spirit and eventually for their Christian piety. They quickly adopted the Romance language of the land they settled, their dialect becoming known as Norman or Norman-French, an important literary language. The Duchy of Normandy, which they formed by treaty with the French crown, was one of the great fiefs of medieval France. The Normans are famed both for their culture, such as their unique Romanesque architecture, and their musical traditions, as well as for their military accomplishments and innovations. Norman adventurers established a kingdom in Sicily and southern Italy by conquest, and a Norman expedition on behalf of their duke led to the Norman Conquest of England. Norman influence spread from these new centres to the Crusader States in the Near East, to Scotland and Wales in Great Britain, and to Ireland. 

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Battle vs. Mughal Soldier (by Goddess of Despair)[]

The forest is coated in activity. A lone Mughal, venturing away from his camp, readies his composite bow. Ahead of him, a deer was grazing. Taking aim, the Mughal readied an arrow. Before letting it loose, a rustling in the bushes to his right gained his attention.

Turning, he sent an arrow into the bush. A roar followed, and out came a Norman soldier, spear in one hand, axe in the other. His eyes full of anger, he hurls his spear at the Mughal. The Mughal was knocked to the ground, dropping his bow.

The Norman prepared to slam the Mughal with his axe; however his target had drawn his Tulwar sword. He swung the blade at the Norman’s leg, drawing blood. Raising his sword, the Mughal prepared to decapitate the Norman, however he was shoved before he could swing his weapon.

Drawing his own sword, the Norman eyed the Mughal angrily. The Mughal swung first, parrying the Norman’s longsword. Slashing with his own sword, the Norman did little damage the plated mail of the Mughal. Next, the Mughal slashed the Norman’s chest, doing just as much damage as his adversary did to him.

The Norman shoved the Mughal again, but the Mughal quickly recovered and slashed at the already injured leg of the Norman. As the Norman fell to his knees, the Mughal sliced open his throat, causing blood to pour out of the wound.

Winner: Mughal

Expert's Opinion[]

Although the Norman's armor protected him better, he was worn down far faster than the Mughal was. Adding in his heavy weaponry and he was no match for the Mughal.

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Battle vs. Winged Hussar (by MilenHD)[]

The battle starts not far away from a Norman village,alone Norman is riding throught the area with his spear and shield in hands.About 50 feet away is a Winged Hussar,who is completly lost.As he rides a few feet,he see's a warrior who looks kinda familiar.The Hussar dismounted his horse and tried to snipe him,with his Polish crossbow.After he fired the bolt,it hitted the Norman's shield,alerting him.The Norman jumped from his horse and fired his crossbow,but didn't pierce the Hussar armor.

Than both warriors mounted their respectful horses and charged against each other.As they chaged both aimed their spear and lance at each other,with the Hussar's kopia hitting and breaking as it hit the Norman's shield,making him to fall from his horse.The Norman got up as the Hussar charged with his nadziak,but the Norman threw his spear making the Hussar also fall from his horse.As he tried to get on his horse,he got shot in the leg by another bolt,stoping him from mounting his horse.Than he charged with his broadsword and shield at the Hussar,but the Hussar swung his nadziak as he camed closer,missing him by few inches,the Norman responded by hitting the Hussar's cuirass,making absolutely nothing,Than the Hussar swung his nadziak,and made the Norman fall at his back,and the Hussar tried to crush his skull,but the Norman,seeing he lost his sword,he pulled his seax and sliced the Polishman's jaw,making him step away.

The Hussar swung with full power,crushing the Norman's shield and his nadziak got stucked in the wooden planks of the shield.Than the Hussar pulled his szabla,but the Norman camed fast and managed to pierce the Hussar's armor,making a minor penetration and getting on his seax a little bit of blood,but the Hussar managed to push away the seax,but the Norman was this time closer to his sword,and he grabbed it and began offensive slashes at the Hussar.

Than both warriors clashed with their swords,the Hussar made some slashes,but they were ineffective against the chainmail,but after 10 minutes of sword dueling both were tired,but the Norman managed to slamm his broadsword at the helmet knocking it.Than the Hussar with his final breath sliced the Norman's throat making fountain of blood.As he saw the Norman falling down dead,the Hussar raised his fist and shouted "Polska" in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

While the Norman was better melee fighter,the Hussar's superior armor and advantage at close and long gave him the victory,plus he was specialist in horseback combat.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Jacobites (by MilenHD)[]

With a quiet field in England, surrounded with forest nearby, a Norman soldier was returning to his camp, while he scouted the area and little did he know that he know, his camp is near the Scottish border. Near to the woods a highlander was approaching him and as lift up his longbow and fired a arrow at the Norman and pierced his shoulder, making the Norman back few feet.

The Norman, hid behind a tree and as he pulled the arrow, he loaded his composite crossbow and fired his bolt at the Highlander, missing him narrowly and loaded his crossbow again, but before he fired his bolt, the Highlander missed his shot and The Norman missed too. After that, the Highlander started charging at the Norman holding his Lochaber axe and the Norman showed himself holding his spear and shield in position to attack, but the Highlander changed it as he smashed the shield and slashed at the Norman missing him narrowly, but he still received a trust at the leg. The Highlander sliced the spear with his lochaber axe, the Norman backed aside and grabbed his Dane axe. As both warriors connected their blades with each other and produced a little bit of sparks. As both warrior still fought on and on, until the Highlander tried to block the Dane axe blow and his lochaber was sliced in two.

The Highlander pulled his claymore and as he gave a mighty war cry, he sliced the axe in half with his two handed sword. The Norman's last weapon was his smaller broadsword and he bravely pulled it and he started dueling with the Highlander and his claymore. While the Highlander's claymore is slower and was blocked twice by the Norman's sword, the Highlander trust it into the ground and pulled his own broadsword and both clashed in equally fast match of broadswords.

As both of the warriors fought each other without exhausting themselves, but in the end the Highlander blade struck true, beheading the Norman and he sheathed his sword. as he grabbed and raised his claymore, he yelled "Scotland!!!!" in victory.

Expert's Opinion[]

While the match was a tie, I decided the Highlander to win due to having better weapons and he was suited for 1 vs 1, while if the battle was large scale, the Norman might have gotten the advantage, but in the Highlander's superior weapons, armor and his x-factors won him this battle.

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Battle was declared unfair and invalid due to the huge gap in technology between the warriors and that the Jacobites were given an English longbow, a weapon they never used.