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Yeah yeah yeah. As my grandmother once said to me: (unintelligible) She was mad too.
— Ninja

Ninja is a short-tempered, rash, hot-headed ninja in training. One day the evil conqueror, O-dor, captures Ninja's master Sensai. Ninja goes after O-dor with the intent to rescue Sensei and encounters a few Ranx guarding his chain-bound master. He quickly defeats the Ranx and cuts the chain, and sending Sensai free but then, a large dragon pops out of the earth. Ninja kills it by stabbing it in the neck, and a large red rage stone hovers over the creature's mouth. Despite his Sensai's warnings an encaptivated Ninja grasps the rage stone, and goes into a fit of berserk rage, and flies into Sensai, knocking him into a flat, sharp rock, decapitating him. Shortly after regretting what he did, Sensai reappears as a translucent apparition.

He tells Ninja that his grasp of Sensai being dead astounds him while implying to Ninja, that it was stupid to not listen to him. He then goes on to explain that there are more Rage stones and that they would be crucial to Ninja's quest of defeating O-Dor.