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The image in Manila of an NPA guerrilla is still largely that of a University of Philippines dropout hustling an assortment of dumb peasants.
— Foreign Affairs

The New People's Army (NPA) (Filipino: Bagong Hukbong Bayan, BHB) is the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), who wish to overthrow the Philippine government and establish a Maoist communist regime. They are one of the key figures in the ongoing CPP-NPA-NDF rebellion, which is one of the longest ongoing communist insurgency in the world. The NPA was established on March 23, 1969, following the splinter of the Communist Party of the Philippines' Lava and Guerrero factions, by communist activist Jose Maria Sison and former Hukbalahap member Bernabe Buscayno. The NPA has since waged a guerrilla war based on the Maoist strategy of protracted people's war.

They were first composed of peasant farmers and intellectuals who wanted to create an agrarian revolution that would challenge the oligarchs. Many NPA outposts were strewn all over Luzon and Visayas with the intent of creating a loose collection of socialist communities that strove to be independent from the Philippine government. It was in the 70s-80s where the NPA reached the height of their power. With (alleged) support from China and North Korea, they created a campaign of terror attacking police stations and military outposts in rural areas. Their greatest feat happened in 1989, when they successfully assassinated U.S. Army Colonel James "Nick" Rowe, an elite American commander and founder of the U.S. Army Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) course. Since then, the United States and the European Union have designated the CPP-NPA as "foreign terrorist organizations" in 2002 and 2005.

During the new millennium though, agrarian reforms were enacted that tried to fix the problems that the NPA was fighting for, though they failed to satisfy the NPA. It was around at this time when the NPA started to turn against each other as well, and leaders such as Kintanar, Reyes, Filemon Lagman and Arturo Tabara were assassinated by fellow Communists. To keep their numbers strong as the NPA drew closer to their end, the insurgents started decieving rural children to add into their numbers, and enticing leftist college students specifically those from the University of the Philippines.

Battle vs. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (by Goodboy12)[]

New People's Army: Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred Darkred

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam: Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow

In a humid Sri Lankan jungle, five LTTE soldiers are walking on a short path. Not knowing that five NPA members are hiding in the dense forest on the right of them. An NPA soldier raises his CAR-15 and aims down the sight. He finds the enemy captain and fires. Yellow The remaining four LTTE look around in horror. One pulls out a Type 56 from the jungle to the left of them. He fires into the trees and hits one enemy. Darkred The NPA retreat toward the beach. The LTTE go to the same place, but by staying on the path.

Soon, the NPA realize they are being followed. They get their Minimi set up, facing the LTTE. They begin firing at them. It hits no one. All of a sudden, one of the NPA's mouth's drops open. Two MGL rounds hit the sand and blow up. Darkred Darkred Now realizing only 2 NPA are left alive, the four LTTE rush into the trees. One is a little slow. He soon feels a huge pain from a Thumper. Yellow

The MGL man is still at the end of the beach. He goes up the path. An NPA member is going to the same area. He aims down his M1911 and presses the trigger. Seeing he only wounded him, he fires again.Yellow Meanwhile, on the other side of the forest, the LTTE with the Type 81 is looking through the jungle. A Thumper round lands near him, but fails to kill him. He hears a reload sound. Of an M79. Running through the jungle, he catches up to his target and shoots. Darkred Facing the way he came, he now walks slowly backwards, until bumping into the enemy's M1911. Yellow

The last Sri Lankan pulls out his Mk 2 and finds the last NPA. They fire at each other until the Mk 2 runs out of ammo. An M1911 bullet hits the LTTE, but he is not dead. He runs away. The Filipino thinks he has won. Soon, on the hill above, he sees the LTTE with the MGL. He says "நிசே ட்ரை" to himself and fires, smoking his enemy. Darkred He drops the MGL and walks away.

Expert's Opinion[]

The reason why the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam won is because even though the NPA had the edge in the X-Factors, the LTTE had better weapons, especially the MGL, which secured their victory.

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Battle vs. Abu Sayyaf and Waray-Waray Gangs (by LokoDito)[]

It was night time in Poblacion District, Davao City and in a warehouse were three men strapped into chairs. The warehouse were also filled with masked gunmen carrying all sorts of weapons. The three men who are bound inside were visibly beaten up by their captors. They do not know what was happening, but it was obvious that this was not their lucky day.

And then, an old ugly geezer went inside the warehouse. He had an old wrinkly face that looked like he was drunk as fuck, and he walked... ehem... staggered in the warehouse in a slow and unergentic fashion. It was the President of the Philippines itself, Rodrigo Fucking Duterte. As he walked, he kept murmuring like a retard, "Putang... ina... I hate... drugs..."

The men bound swallowed in fear and sweated as the President came closer to them with an entourage of other masked men. These guys were the dreaded Davao Death Squad; policemen acting as part-time thugs for Duterte. If tonight couldn't get any worse, the appearance of this psycho meant they were now in REALLY big trouble.

"Mga putang ina kayo..." Duterte said like a half-wit as one of the cops gave him a stool to sit. "Akala nyo makakatakas kayong mga salot sa lipunan. Daghang salamud jud didto sa mga tumulong ha akon na police. Akon mga anak talaga ay maasahan."

"Ikaw putang inang NPA ka," Duterte said as he pointed out to one of the bound men. The latter wore a black shirt, camo pants and facepaint taht had colorful Soviet symbols that looked like they were drawn by elementary school children. "Kung babae ka lang ay dapat binaril ka na sa puday at tinahi yung bala sa loob para di ka na magkalahi pa. Sge lang, balls mo nalang punteryahin ko."

"'Kaw naman Abu Sayyaf. Putang ina moring demonyo ka," Duterte said as he pointed out to a Moro insurgent who was also bound. He wore military fatgiues but had a blue turban-slash-mask that hid his face. "Pakainin kita ng hamburger ngayon putang ina mo. Tingnan natin kong masasalba ka pa ng propeta mong si Muhammad Ali. Libing kita ngayon kasama mga patay na baboy. Gusto mo?"

"Toh rin isang salot," Duterte said as he faced the last third bound man in the warehouse. The guy was carrying military fatigues as well, but had a bullcap on and a neckerchief that hid his mouth. "Kayo talagang mga Waray-Waray. Kala nyo mababangis kayo. Excuse me ha. Napatay ko na yung kalahi nyong si Espinosa. Nahuli ko narin yung putang Kerwin nayun."

"Uh sir... Diri po Waray yung mga Espinosa" The Waray gangster suddenly interrupted.

"Shatap!" Duterte again said like a dumbass, as he backhanded the latter. "Don you distorb may wanderfol spich ha!"

The President then stood up and told his men to get these scums off their bindings, and offered them their weapons. "Okay. Akala talaga nyo mas astig kayo. Mas astig pa pulis ko. Eto sila walang sinasanto. Kahit sundalo o bata pinapatay nila. Kung anuman mga karumal dumal na punyeta ang mga pinaggawa nyo. KAYA KONG TAPATAN YAN! Sge, tanggalin ang mga tali nila. Kung sa palagay nyo magagaling kayo, subukan nyo ako ngayon. Sinu man makapatay sa akin bibigyan ko pabuya na P50 million pesos."

All the criminals and terrorists drew their guns and opened fire, cutting the fat bastard in half. The fight was on! But whoever wins, the Filipinos definitely are the true victors.


Expert's Opinion[]


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