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How can there be any delights there?
— Nader's response when he was told there was no war in paradise

Nader Shah, full name Nāder Šāh Afšār, ruled as Shah of Persia, and was one of the most powerful rulers in Iranian history. Because of his military genius, as evidenced in numerous martial encounters during the Naderian Wars, such as the battles of Herat, Mihmandust, Murche-Kort, Kirkuk, Yeghevard, Kheiber Pass, Kernal, & Kars, some historians have described him as the Napoleon I of Persia or the second Alexander. Nader Shah was a member of the Turkic Afshar tribe of northern Persia, which had supplied military power to the Safavid state since the time of Shah Ismail I.

Despite being outnumbered six to one, Nader Shah crushed the Mughal army in less than three hours at the huge Battle of Karnal on 13 February 1739. After this spectacular victory, Nader captured Mohammad Shah and entered with him into Delhi. When a rumour broke out that Nader had been assassinated, some of the Indians attacked and killed the Persian troops. Nader, furious, reacted by ordering his soldiers to plunder and attack the city. During the course of one day, 20,000 to 30,000 Indians were killed by the Persian troops, forcing Mohammad Shah to beg for mercy.

Battle vs. Napoleon Bonaparte (by Impaler5150)[]

The battle begins with Nader Shah scouting out his vast territory. Napoleon and 4 of his French soldiers are seen by Nader and 4 of his Persian soldiers. Then, gunfire erupts. Napoleon's soldier fires a Wheelock pistol, killing one of Nader's soldiers (5-4). Nader's pistol wielding soldier fires off his Arabian flintlock pistol, killing the Wheelock pistol bearer(4-4). Napoleon, seeing the armies collide, stabs Nader's right hand man through the corradit artery with the rapier (4-3).Nader counters with a Persian shamsir saber with a stab to Napoleon's right hand man (3-3). Napoloen's musketeer, hiding behind a tree, exchanges fire with the Persian, wielding a Persian musket. Both men hit each other, killing each other with textbook head shots (2-2). Nader kills of Napoleon's remaining soldier with a stab to the chest with his Khyber knife (1-2). Napoleon, still on horseback, retaliates by slashing the neck of the remaining Persian soldier, running away (1-1). Napoleon gets off his horse and now faces off with Nader. After parrying with their respective knives, each leader stabs the other. But Nader charges at Napoleon, but Napoleon knows Nader's coming, so he spins around and slashes Nader's throat, killing him instantly (1-0). Napoleon, wounded and all, gets on his and gallups away, finally conquering all of what was Nader's lands.

Expert's Opinion[]

While both were comparable to one another, Napoleon had modern weaponry and more ambition than Nader, thereby winning him the battle.

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