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My own soul is my most faithful friend. My own heart, my truest confidant.
— Babur, founder of the Mughal Empire.

The Mughals were Islamic conquerors of India who ruled from 1526-1858. These warriors subdued the Indian Sub-continent, bringing with them not only a new faith, but new weapons and ways of war, which where mixed with those of the land they conquered. In the land of a million gods, in the birthplace of Buddha, the scimitar of the Middle East went hand in hand with the War elephant of the deep east.

From musketeer ground troops and Armored cavalry to War elephants that bore cannons on their mighty backs, the Mughals where a force to be reckoned with.

Battle vs. Norman Soldier (by Goddess of Despair)

The forest is coated in activity. A lone Mughal, venturing away from his camp, readies his composite bow. Ahead of him, a deer was grazing. Taking aim, the Mughal readied an arrow. Before letting it loose, a rustling in the bushes to his right gained his attention.

Turning, he sent an arrow into the bush. A roar followed, and out came a Norman soldier, spear in one hand, axe in the other. His eyes full of anger, he hurls his spear at the Mughal. The Mughal was knocked to the ground, dropping his bow.

The Norman prepared to slam the Mughal with his axe; however his target had drawn his Tulwar sword. He swung the blade at the Norman’s leg, drawing blood. Raising his sword, the Mughal prepared to decapitate the Norman, however he was shoved before he could swing his weapon.

Drawing his own sword, the Norman eyed the Mughal angrily. The Mughal swung first, parrying the Norman’s longsword. Slashing with his own sword, the Norman did little damage the plated mail of the Mughal. Next, the Mughal slashed the Norman’s chest, doing just as much damage as his adversary did to him.

The Norman shoved the Mughal again, but the Mughal quickly recovered and slashed at the already injured leg of the Norman. As the Norman fell to his knees, the Mughal sliced open his throat, causing blood to pour out of the wound.

Winner: Mughal

Expert's Opinion

Although the Norman's armor protected him better, he was worn down far faster than the Mughal was. Adding in his heavy weaponry and he was no match for the Mughal.

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Battle vs. Landsknecht (by Kaiser of Metcalfer99)


Winner: Landsknechts

Expert's Opinion


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Battle vs. Roman Legionary (by Goddess of Despair)

Roman Centurion Red.png Red.png Red.png Mughal Blue.png Blue.png Blue.png

The wind fell silent upon the frontier. The only noises to be heard were that of insects that prowled the forest and the Centurions huddled around a small fire, speaking of their feats of bravery against the barbarians. The talk however, brought more attention than they wished. The Centurions would have to prove what they said was no lie, but in fact truth as the Mughals descended upon the camp.

The Mughal leader led the way for his troops. Their army crippled, their supplies drained, the three were in desperate need of food. Slowly drawing an arrow from his quiver as he watched from the bushes he took aim at one of the Centurions. Suddenly, the wind picked up moments before he released the shot.

The arrow flew towards the Centurions, but blew off course and went straight into the fire. The Centurions quickly scattered like ants, searching about for their weapons. The Mughal leader curses under his breath and orders his troops to charge while plotting another shot.

The first Centurion grabbed his scutum that rested alongside a small stump and raised it in time to block a slam from a khanda. He shoved back the Mughal and unsheathed his gladius. The Mughal turned and slashed at the Centurion’s knee, forcing him to the ground. The Centurion however, returned the favor and thrusted the gladius into the Mughal’s leg.

The Centurion tore out the gladius and sliced twice at the crippled leg, severing it from the body. The Mughal screamed in pain and fell, face first, into the dirt. The Centurion smiled for a moment before a sudden arrow soared into his eye socket. Red.png The Mughal loses consciousness and dies shortly later. Blue.png

The Mughal leader smiles at his shot before directing his attention to another Centurion who is combating his other companion.  The Mughal had out his Sainte spear and blocked a slash from a gladius before hitting the Centurion with the blunt end of his spear. The Centurion spat out a tooth and slashed once more with the gladius. Suddenly an arrow sliced part of his hand, causing him to drop the gladius. He had no time to react before the Mughal thrusted his Sainte spear into his side, twisted the blade as he removed it from the Centurion’s body. Red.png

The Mughal leader felt his quiver for another arrow when suddenly an arrow flies by and slices the string into pieces. He lowered the bow and felt on the ground for his katars as the Centurion fired another arrow, this one missing and hitting a tree behind him. The Mughal leader called to his ally, who rushed to engage the Centurion. The Centurion dropped the bow and grabbed a dolabra with his right hand, and a scutum in his left hand. He charged at the Mughal, stopping in time to block a thrust with his scutum. Before the Mughal could react he slammed him in the throat with his dolabra. Blue.png

The Centurion tore out hit dolabra and watched the Mughal leader approach, a katar in each hand. He switched his left katar from single blade to three blades, single blade to three blades, but this did little to intimidate the Roman who slashed with his dolabra in an arc. The Mughal leader backed away in time to dodge the attack and he went on the offensive. He thrusted with his right hand, injuring part of the Centurion’s wrist.

The Centurion dropped his dolabra in pain and shoved the Mughal back with his scutum. He clutched his gladius with his bloodied hand and unsheathed it. The Mughal managed to stand as the Centurion slashed his cheek and followed up with another shove with his scutum. He fell back words, slamming his head on a tree behind him. The Centurion hacked away at the Mughal leader, reducing his face to mush and blood. Blue.png

The Centurion examined his hand, it was bloodied, but he can survive. He sheathed his sword as the sun rose behind him, bringing light once more upon the Roman Empire.

Expert's Opinion

The Centurions were able to win this fight thanks to superior training, teamwork, expereince, and weaponry. The Mughals are good combatants, but the Centurions brought about one of the most well remembered empires in history.

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The legionary was given a bow, a weapon they never used.

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