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I am Moon Knight. The bearer of the mantle of Khonshu. Khonshu the justice bringer. I am vengeance.
— Moon Knight

Moon Knight, real name Marc Specter, also known under the identities Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, and Mr. Knight, is a superhero that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Moon Knight is the avatar of Konshu, the ancient Egyptian god of the moon, who resurrected him to protect the innocent.

Believing Marc to be weak in spirit, Konshu made a psychic link with him when he was a boy and chose him to be his future avatar. Shortly after, Marc would discover that a close family friend, Rabbi Yitz Perlman, was in reality a Nazi deserter and secretly a serial killer of Jews named Ernst. Ernst tried to kill Marc, but he managed to fight him off and escape. Perlman escaped afterward. Traumatized by the event, Marc developed a dissociative identity disorder, resulting in the identities of Steven Grant and Jake Lockley emerging as a result.

As an adult, Marc served in the US Marine Corps and CIA before becoming a mercenary. Marc would eventually be hired by Raul Bushman as part of his raid on an ancient Egyptian dig site. When Bushman killed the lead archaeologist, Peter Alraune, to find an Egyptian pharaoh's tomb, Spector punched Bushman to protect Alraune's daughter, Marlene. Furious, Bushman mortally wounded Marc and killed the entire team except for Marlene, Merc’s friend Frenchie, and a villager who was willing to tell him the secret of the tomb. The team laid Marc underneath an idol of Konshu and left him for dead.

Sensing his chance, Konshu contacted Marc, offering to save his life in exchange for his service. Marc accepted and was at last transformed into Konshu’s avatar, the Moon Knight.

Battle vs. Azrael (by MovieStuff65)[]

No battle will be written

Expert's Opinion[]

People believed that while Moon Knight was by far the more stable and intelligent mind, as well as being a more nimble fighter, he couldn't compete with Azrael's no-holds fighting style and his lethal arsenal of weapons. 

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