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You love the cold, Victor. Even if you did bring her back, you'd end up destroying her. Because you love an idea, Victor. An obsession. And that I do understand.
— Batman

Victor Fries, also known as Mister Freeze, is a DC Comics supervillain and enemy of Batman. He is a Gotham City criminal obsessed with reviving his cryogenically frozen wife Nora who uses a freeze ray to commit crimes and further his goal.

Prior to his career of crime, Victor was a scientist that worked for Wayne Foundation. After his wife Nora fell terminally ill with a rare disease, Fries put her into cryo-stasis using company equipment, hoping to sustain her until a cure could be found. However, an accident occurred during one of his experiments to find the cure, resulted in Fries becoming engulfed in his own cryogenic coolants and was left for dead.

He eventually survived, but the chemicals had altered his body chemistry and his body temperature was lowered dramatically; he could now only survive at sub-zero temperatures. From then on, he became a criminal called Mr. Freeze with an obsession with cold and resurrecting his wife. Eventually, he became one of the core members of Batman's rogue gallery and a long-time resident of Arkham Asylum.

Battle vs. Elsa (by Battlefan237)[]

With the bat signal glistening in the sky, Mister Freeze, confused and irritated, wanders down the snow-covered streets of Gotham. Whoever this new criminal is, he must pay for stealing his motif of crime. However, as he approaches the city center, his anger slowly transforms to curiosity, for the quality of the snow and the cold is beyond excellent, even by his own twisted standard.

Meanwhile, right outside the ice castle, Elsa has just finished her song. Having just arrived in this city of madness for hours, Elsa cannot tell if she likes the place. The way she got welcomed was indeed far from pleasant, for as soon as she woke up, she found herself stuck in the crossfire between two groups of strangers, one of them were all dressed in circus costumes, while the other squad had their clothes painted in green and large question marks carved on their foreheads. In a sudden surge of anger and fear, she silenced them both with freezing winds conjured by her magic. A gigantic, mechanic bat also came to harass her after she froze the entire square to construct her palace, but Marshmallow easily tore the vehicle to shreds. Now with all of those noisy intruders taken care of and the castle built, she can finally sit down and enjoy her tranquility. As she sits down at the window and stares at the city skyline that is slowly succumbing to her cold, "Maybe this isn't a bad place afterall.“ She whispers to herself, and commences upon a small nap.

"Olaf, speed up, we have to find my sister before she starts something again." Shouts Anna, as she rushes down the frozen street of Gotham, trying her best to ignore all those people stabbing and shooting at each other on both sides.Olaf waddles waggishly behind her, narrowly dodging a punch from a half-frozen Dollotron.

"Come back, little snowman , come to daddy ! You will make a good toy for piggy ! I will make you perfect !" Professor Pyg roars psychotically, commanding his undead army to pursue the duo.

Just as the madman is about to throw a meat cleaver at Anna, a shot from Tommy Eliot lands on his arm, letting the poor disney princess survive through yet another psychopath's turf.

"Hey freak, this is my f**king territory, you and your swine robots get the f**k out of the Eliot family cemetry or else I will blow all of you apart."

"Hush, hush little baby ! Stop whining ! You are too imperfect to compete with me, I will make perfect as - " A large shard of ice falls from the sky, crushing both villains into pulp.

"Oh, no,no,no, oh my god . My sister, she.. she's into another of her episodes again ! We need to find her now, immediately, we can't let any more of these poor people die because of her ! " Anna shouts, desperately as she puts all of her strength into running towards the frozen castle.

The catastrophe in the proximity of the newly-built castle is more than astonishing, even to a man like Freeze. Dozens of bodies, frozen beyond recognition, are scattered randomly around the remains of what used to be Gotham library. From the purple suit and the question mark cane, Victor is able to spot two old acquiantances. "Finally, something delightful aside from this beautiful feeling of coldness. " Victor smirks, as he kicks aside Joker's corpse and continues his crusade.

What comes into his sight right after he reaches the castle's gate makes him shudder in his mechanical suit - the body of a familiar reptilian man is violently tossed out of the open gate by a monstrous being whose height nearly topples Giganta and sent flying right into the ruins of Iceberg Lounge, making a loud shattering noise as it destroys the frozen stage.

"I have underestimated this new player. Fortunately, I have brought my own subzero army. " Freeze contemplates, as he orders his zombie minions to march forward and challenge the beast. The first two zombies bites the dust instantly, as Marshmallow stomps them into ashes. The third one gets lifted up quicky and tossed out of sight as well. The remaning ones, sensing that they are no match for this great beast, opens fire with their guns, freezing the lower parts of Marshmallow and temporarily restricting its movement. This allows Victor to gently walks past the ice giant and explores upstairs.

"Who are you ? And what have you done to Marshmallow ? " Asks Elsa, alertly, as she raises up her hands, putting up a defensive pose.

"Ah, Marshmallow, such a sweet name. It's a pity that it is bonded to such a ugly beast. Regardless, god do works in mysterious ways. You have taken Nora away from me, but now you are returning her to me, with a talent of cold, just like me. "

"I have no idea about what you are saying, but please get out of my castle and release Marshmallow from his pain. Or else I will hurt you , just like I hurt those people outside."

"Yes, yes , my princess of ice, I am leaving ,but you are leaving with me. Your power....beyond amazing. Your gene that brings you such talent, will definitely bring such talent to Nora. This time...this time....maybe I can finally find a cure for her condition ! " Yelling excitedly, Mister Freeze grabs Elsa violently by the arm, pulling her downstairs.

Enraged, Elsa shoots out a beam of snow from her hand, sending Freeze tumbling down the stairs. "Intriguing. The way you maneuver the cold is almost magical. But as a scientist, I have methods which are way more pragmatic." Freeze activates his gun, shooting out a ice pillar which pins Elsa onto the wall.

The paralyzing pain inflicted by Mister Freeze's killing tool soon overwhelms all of Elsa's senses, sending her into panic. "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! " The princess roars in agony, as she feebly shoots out disoriented beams of snow and ice particles from the tips of her fingers, trying in vain to resist the pressure of the ice. As Mister Freeze presses harder, the ice expands, covering more parts of Elsa's body and eventually veiling her face. The difficulty of breathing and the excruciating pain slowly pushes Elsa to a complete coma, as Mister Freeze grins devilishly.

"Time for you is now frozen. Your world will remain at absolute zero until I defrost you for operation. No pain. No sensation. No regrets. God, how I envy you. But soon, I will have no need to feel envious, for my Nora will be back, and Gotham is mine to rule . " Images of him as the warlord of the deserted Gotham with Nora as his queen flashes in his brain, as Victor laughs wildly, obviously oblivious about the changing weather outside the window.

"Ye fooled me before, lady ! But ye shall not fool ol' Stingaree twice ! For I, the king of seven seas, will behead you and feed your body to sharks !"

"I don't see any sharks around here, the sea's all frozen, how are you going to find them ?" Olaf asks, in bewilderment.

"Oh geez, can't we at least find someone with whom we can have a normal conversation ?" Anna sighes,as she recalls her previous encounters with the residents of this city - The man inside the courthouse brutally kicks her out apparently becasue frostbite on his hands bars him from tossing a coin and he can't answer questions without tossing coins, while the lady in the park seems more concerned with tending to her dying plants instead of having a meaningful conversation. The old man they met on the last street seemd nice enough at first sight, but after exchanging a few words, the puppet in his hands suddenly started to utter profanity and slap his face until he coughs out blood.

"Don't ignore me, I'm talking to you !" Captain Stingaree clutches Anna's neck, but is met with a nasty kick to his groin, as Anna, obviously fed up with the bullshit of this place, decides to stop wasting time with this pirate captain.The kick sends the deranged criminal kneeling down in pain and humiliation."Awww...that hurts...Even Batman hasn't done that to me ! You have brought the wrath of Captain Stingaree on you, lady ! I will blow up your brains - what's the hell is that ? " The sight that suddenly appears in the sky scares the crap out of the captain, forcing him to drop his pistol and retreat. Anna and Olaf are left terrified as well, for a snowstorm is being generated, all out of a sudden, and the presence of such storm is the indication of her beloved sister being in fatal danger.

As she makes her way close to the castle,however, her mood soon shifts away from worries for Elsa, for there are simply too many dead bodies, frozen and rigid, including children and women.

Mister Freeze's joy of victory is soon interrupted, as a wave of hailstorm bursts into the window, shattering the pillar and knocking the gun out of his hands.

Hastily reaching for his weapon, Mister Freeze stares in horro at Elsa, who descends from the stairs, eyes corsucating with rage. Hardly has Freeze regained his balance when a deluge of icicles is launched towards him. Although the ice shield constructed by his gun is able to block most of them, several still end up punturning his suit. Finally coming to the realization that he is no match for the power of this woman in front of him, Freeze grinds the shield into a mist of ice, thus blurring his presence and paving way for his retreat.

However,the loud step from Marshmallow, who has broken freeze from the shackles of ice and taken down most of the remaining zombies with sheer brute force, disillusions Fries with his dream of a grand escape.Turning back to face the queen of snow, all Mister Freeze can do is helplessly shooting out concentrated beams of ice at the approaching Elsa, which all melted into water and snow after reaching the area around her. For all of his life, Freeze has never encountered anyone or anything so frigid and cold.

Let the storm rage on,the cold never bothered me, anyway." Says Elsa, as she closes her distance with the criminal,grabbing the barrel of the ice gun and casually putting it out of function by covering it with a crust of ice. Mister Freeze is left stunned and terrified,as the snow storm generated by Elsa shatters the walls of the palace and sends him airborne."It's funny how much I was scared of you when you first entered my home.It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small.And the fears that once controlled me now can't even get to me at all." Elsa laughs,as Mister Freeze ascends into the sky, becoming smaller and smaller as the wind of ice continues to lift him.

"This power...this cold that well exceeds the creations of my decades of researches.....what....what are you ?" In despair, Mister Freeze yells out a question which also happens to be the last sentence in his life.

"My name is Elsa, the former Queen of Arendelle. My power of cold flurries through the air into the ground and my soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around.The feeble energy of cold you and your little device contrive is pathetic,at best." Elsa shouts back in defiance, as she sends Mister Freeze crashing onto the ground, creating a small explosion as the impact pushes the suit to implode,ending this terror of Gotham once and for all.

Winner : Elsa


The ruins of Gotham City "Anna, are you sure this is the right thing to do ? Afterall, she is still your sister and the legitimate queen of the kingdom. "

"You have seen the piles of bodies, Olaf. If Elsa were still able to get her powers and emotions under control, we wouldn't resort to such extreme method. However, the chaos and destruction caused by her is becoming more and more unmanageable. Therefore, I have no choice but to do this, for the safety of us and the safety of all mankind. "

"Then there comes another question - how are we going to do that ? We can't put her down by ourselves, she has the power to take on our entire kingdom. "

"That's why we haven't left this frozen city yet. I have already contacted a man that is more than suitable for a task like this. The best we can find out there. Someone that has battled aliens and gods . With the help of that man, I am sure we will be able to settle this, once and for all - "

The imposing body of Marshmallow emerges from the horizon before Anna can finish her words. Olaf, more fearful than ever, cowers behind her as usual, but Anna stares at the beast, firmly and calmly, for she has noticed that the beastly creature isn't coming for them, instead, it is running away from someone else.

An enlarging hole created by the combination of gasoline bombs and plasma flamethrower on the creature's stomach soon confirms her speculation. Bemoaning in pain the creature collapses down, as the snow that composed its husk began melting away.More tiny holes pop out on various parts of its enervating body,as the Terminator's dual M4A1 exhaust yet another magazine.It doesn't take long for the man to extirpate the last bits of the beast's life with a swift decapitation conducted via his energy lance.

"Perfectly done, Mister Wilson. No wonder they all say that you are the best one out there. Based on the efficiency and skills you have just demonstrated, now I have even more faith in you.Although I still feel the need to warn you that my sister's power is nothing to be underestimated. Even Elsa herself isn't fully aware of the limitation of her magic.Therefore,it is probably in your best interest to take a more meticulous approach,or else you might meet the same end as these dead men around us.Once you have succeeded,you will be bounteously awarded, in other words, you will find youself in an entire house made out of gold and diamons derived from the treasures of my kingdom, after I become the one and only rightful heir for the throne...."

Winner : Elsa

Expert's Opinions[]

Despite the fact that Mister Freeze is certainly way more experienced and competent as a warrior, his lack of raw power results in his defeat.

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Battle vs. Doctor Octopus (Comics) (by Battlefan237)[]

Dark Side Club , DFederal

"Riddle me this,what is cold and grumpy and defeated by a disney princess ?"

"Riddler, go fuck yourself ! And by the way, that isn't even a riddle." Says Mister Freeze,as he pounds the table repeatedly, trying to sound intimidating."It's been more than a year since I lost to that bitch and you people are still making fun of me for it.Can't you just move on and stop laughing like a bunch of lunatics everytime I visit this bar ?"

The crowd, however,remains laughing. "A bunch of lunatics ? Nice choice of words you've got over there, Victor ! Aren't we all lunatics already ? HA !" Says the Joker,after taking a sip at his cocktail.On his right, sits the Penguin,who cuts in the coversation by explaining to Freeze that he has to fight and defeat someone else,someone else notable,to stop them from joking about his defeat at the hands of Elsa.

"Come on, Oswald,I thought you were better than this. When it comes down to it,had you not lost your place to the Red Hood,all of us wouldn't have been drinking at this shithole.This place is too hot for me,and the hygiene is terrible as well."

"Well, my lounge is modeled after an iceberg - the habitat of penguins,so it's natural for you to feel the low temperature.And this place's modeled after the bar owner's habitat,so naturally he places a firey pit down in the foundation.As for the food, since they are either seasoned with parademon bodily fluids or heated with anti-life cooker,what can you expect ?"

"Darkseid has heard you,earthmen !" The bartender yells."Speak ill about Apokoliptian cuisine again and you will find yourselves sanctioned,Omegally.Your soul will burn for eternity in the fire pits,overwhelmed with notthing but loneliness,alienation,fear, condemnation,guilt and despair ! As all that are meaningful to you fade into lies and empty husks !"

"Aw, come on,Big D,haven't the souls of us all been burning in this "federal" place for eternity ? Plus, your omega thing doesn't even work here.If you keep threatening customers like this, none of us will come again,and then no one will be bringing you information about those who are in charge.Word of advice for you - just be a bit nicer and make some improvements,at least add some staff.Heard you have talked to Luthor about bringing in one or two waiters,a talk show host and several strippers for entertainment.That actually sounds pretty nice.But even if you add all those people to the staff, people still won't like this place if you continue refusing to take criticism and make improvement about the food.Then once again you'd be left alone, with no informants. "

"Alright, Darkseid IS ..... going to update this pub to meet the federal healthy standard !" Responds the bartender,as he crushes another parademon head with his palm to squeeze out the sauce inside so that he can make another drink."I need them to bring Kanto here as well.He's always been better at cooking this."He thinks to himself,just as he is about to hand out the drink, the window of the pub is suddenly shattered,as one,two and four robotic arms launched into the room,hurling the Joker and the Penguin over the table.

"You,Dan Turpin ! Hand backthe device immediately or you will face the retribution from Doctor Octopus !" Yells the mad scientist, as he crawls towards the counter, carelessly wiping aside tables and chairs. Before he can launch another strike, Victor, annoyed by the doctor's mood-ruining presence, opens fire with his gun, completely freezing one of Otto's robotic arms instantly.

Hardly has Otto realized what has happened when Freeze swings his gun forward, smashing the frozen arm into pieces like a popsicle.

"Fascinating piece of technology, but still no match for my flexible extentions. " Says Otto, as he assaults Freeze with another arm, sending the man flying towards a corner. "Now, prepare to meet your end ! " Grabbing up two tables with his arms, Otto tosses the objects towards Freeze, who in return immediately forms an ice shield in front of him with his weapon, blocking the tables.

Infuriated, Otto marches towards the shield, destroying it with brute force provided by the tentacles and proceeding to knock the weapon out of Freeze's hands. Victor quickly reached inside the belt of his suit for his grenades, which he subsequently threw at his enemy.

With the help of his arms, Otto easily deflected two grenades, sending them flying out of the pub's window. Seeing his efforts rendered futile, Freeze plunges himself forward, directly smashing the final grenade onto Otto's cyborg body.

"Fool ! You're going to hurt yourself as well ! " Otto shouts, as the grenade takes effect, freezing area where the control center of his arms sits.

"You are the ignorant one here. You may call yourself Doctor Octopus, but those fancy little tentacles of yours, as you have already mentioned, are mere extentions. They do not define who you are, and they do not compensate for your own, human weakness. Me, on the other hand, is quite different. I control the cold, and the cold is a part of me, too. Me and the cold, we are always together. " Swiftly grabbing up a bottle of beer and pressing open the armor's helmet, Freeze drinks the beverage, and proceeds to spit it out at Otto's head in the form of a sub-zero mist, literally freezing his enemy's brain.

"So, what is this device he's been talking about, Turpin ? " Inquires Freeze, as he pushes aside the corpse of Octavius.

"A motherbox. " Replies Darkseid. "Otto Octavius and his allies stole it from me. "

"Stealing from you hasn't been exactly that easy, you have certainly gone soft. Pity. " Comments Freeze.

"Don't be too harsh on Big D, Freeze. He was still in a coma, recovering from his fight with that giant half-octopus, half-man, half-bird monster and its army of fish boys. Octavius here has obviously taken an interest in the device and tried to connect it to his tentacles to empower them. Unfortunately for him, Big D here, despite in such a state, has sensed the box from afar. Since Big D was still in the process of recovery, he paid our pal Bane to steal it back. Bane did succeed in bringing it back and ended up opening a gym with an Australian person usng Big D's funds. " Says the Joker.

"Enough said. The bar's closing now, for a private meeting. " All in a sudden, Darkseid announces. Hearing this piece of news, the customers are obviously unhappy. But one after another, they leave. For even in DFederal, Darkseid is still Darkseid.


"So, how was your meeting with the new friends ? " Darkseid asks, calmly, to Luthor, who sits at the center of the now-closed pub, alone, but still in his clean suit.

"The Cabal ? Personally, I would not necessarily call them friends. My interest is aligned with the interest of them, on some aspects, and this is where it ends. As for this meeting, they were attempting to recruit a new member, which has nothing to do with our operation. As of now, the activites of the Cabal run in parallel with those of our own. Both can proceed without mixing with each other. " Luthor responds.

"Good. Now, we shall move the focus of this discussion to our own project. After reclaiming the Mother Box, I have constructed a plan to break away from this place, and I order you to help me through it. "

"Your obsession with escaping from the federal is damaging your judgement. As I and many others have tried, there is simply no way to escape outside. Even the mighty Darkseid yourself have stated that the power of Omega-Beams and Anti-Life Equation are child's play compared to what those in power are capable of. I respect your enthusiasm and tenacity, Darkseid, but I decline your request."

"Logical, practical but limited by your human imagination, as always. This is why you never succeed in surpassing the Superman, even though he is an intelletually and emotionally inferior entity. The escape I am refering to at this point, is not leaving the Federal. Our physical forms, unfortunately, will still be trapped in this plain of existence after our project. But our minds, or our souls, will be surfing freely on a brand new plain of existence dominated by us. The entrance to this new dimension will be kept hidden inside this place, right under the prying eyes of those in powers and their collaborators. From their point of views, we are still slaves, pitted against each other in everlasting battles to entertain them. But in reality, our minds have already escaped. "

"And how exactly will we establish this new dimension ? "

"The answer is right in front of us, actually. The Mother Box's ability to interact or even gain control over other devices is not limited by the reality it is placed in. Octavius, despite from another reality, has at one point succeeded in connecting mother box to his robotic tentacles. Judging from this piece of information, I believe it is also possible to connect machine from the Federal to it. As you have already known, those in power here sometimes uses highly advanced virtual reality devices to create virtual dimensions where fight between selected residents are held. Some of the dimensions created are as large as an universe, or a multiverse, based on my experience. If we were to take control of one device with the mother box and free it from their supervision, then we will be able to construct our own virtual dimensions, in which we can set our minds free. The Battle Dome is one of such devices, but it is heavily guarded and impossible to gain access to. Recently, however, I have heard about a new generation of small-sized, goggle-like devices being introduced. They are designed for the sole purpose of saving space and boosting efficiency. The Federal population has been imploding and those in powers want more fights, with some of them demanding more simulated fights to make the terrain a bit more colorful. With the help of these devices, simulated fights can be held more frequently and with lesser space requirement. These devices are newly-created and in the process of being tested. I have already acquired the information that a test fight for these devices will occur. I want to infiltrate and gain access to one such device. To do so, I have already planted my agents inside those collaborators who will be assisting the test fight. But to complete the project, I require your help, for according to my knowledge several talents under your payroll have the right powers for this operation. "

"Very detailed explanation, mighty Darkseid. I will see what I can do for it. " Replies Luthor, with a grin on his face.

Expert's Opinion[]

Freeze wins because of his more versatile powerset as well as better body armor, higher intellect and longer attack range.

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